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									                                         Teambuilding Exercise
You will need a box of straws and a roll of masking tape for this exercise.

Divide the group into groups of approximately 6 people per group. If there are enough people, try to divide the
members into as many as three or four groups. Do this in a manner which will separate people who are sitting
beside each other. The “counting off” of each person is a good method for this, i.e., get the Participants to count
themselves into groups 1,2,3,4 etc.

Explain to the entire group that they will be supplied with straws and masking tape, which they will use to build the
tallest straw and tape tower.

However, each straw will cost the team $5,000 each and each piece of tape will cost the team $10,000. The winning
team will be the one that builds the tallest, most stable structure, which costs the least amount of money.

Allow each team only a few minutes to discuss building designs, and then have each team designate one person
who will inform the suppliers (you, the Consultant or Teacher) of how many straws and pieces of tape they will need
to build the structures. The teams can ask for additional supplies after the building starts. Only supplies, which are
in “perfect” condition, can be returned at the end of the building period.

Record the number of straws and pieces of tape that each team requests to start building their towers. Have each
team start building their towers at the same time.

Once each team has their supplies, have them start building their towers. Allow them 10 minutes to build their
structures. Provide a count down to the end of the building period, and indicate that unused materials should be
returned, BEFORE the building period is over.

Once the ten minutes have passed, stop the building. Do not allow any building to continue after the time period has

Once the building is complete, and the excess supplies have been returned, inspect each of the structures and tally
the cost of each structure. Based upon both of these criteria, determine who is the winner of the “contest.”.

You can discuss topics, such as the following, with the company members:

1. Did the final straw structure look exactly like the initial plan?

2. How did the cost of the materials determine the shape of the structure?

3. Do they think they could have built a better structure if they had more time to plan? More time to build? More
   time to experiment with the straws and tape?

4. When building the tower, did the Participants find that one person was always “in charge” or were there times
   where everyone had a chance to provide input into the process?

5. Did everyone in the group participate in the exercise?
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