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									                                          JOB DESCRIPTION
                             IT Technician/Demonstrator- HSS / Psychology

Job Title:                       Technician/Demonstrator

Department:                      Psychology

Job Reports To:                  Senior Technical Officer, Psychology

Location:                        Park Square

Post Number:                     NARG3629
Pay Point:                                                                   £20,409      to          £23,661
To prepare, operate and maintain laboratory equipment and develop materials for teaching, research and
consultancy purposes in the Psychology Laboratories and other relevant areas.
To contribute to a comprehensive technical and demonstrating support service for the Department’s facilities.

To undertake any other reasonable duties as requested by the Senior Laboratories Technician and Head of

Key Elements (please tick as appropriate)
1. This post has MANAGEMENT RESPONSIBILITY                                          YES          NO
2. This job requires SAFEGUARDING                                                   YES          NO
3. This is a KEY POST (i.e. must have nominated deputy)                             YES          NO

Principal Accountabilities

Student Labs

        Demonstrating during student practical sessions (use of Psychology specific software, cognitive and
         biological psychology equipment, running experiments with detailed guidance);
        Supervision of labs and ensuring adherence to Health and Safety policy and departmental guidelines;
        Provide training to students on dedicated systems with the labs inlcuding postgraduate students;
        Provide some training and advice on statistical tests to students.


        Provide IT support and advice to Psychology staff, including advice on new hardware and software;
        Assist staff with the preparation of teaching and research material;
        Provide informal training on new equipment and software;
        Provide first line support for staff in relation to teaching requirements;
        Maintain equipment within the department.


        Undertake any personal & professional updating as required and agreed with the line manager and
         Head of Department
        Undertake any other reasonable task as allocated by the Head of Dept or line manager.
        Support departmental and University activities such as open days

Nature and Scope
The post holder will support all aspects of the department’s practical work, in particular student practical
sessions in the computer labs. The work also includes preparation and support for the teaching and research
work of the academic staff. Given the opening hours of the Psychology Labs during term time, the post holder
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                                       JOB DESCRIPTION
                          IT Technician/Demonstrator- HSS / Psychology

will be are expected to have a flexible approach to working their hours and are expected to cover practical and
support sessions during the times students have access to the labs, this will include working beyond 5.00 pm at
times. The post holder will be expected to provide student technical and statistical support outside term times
including summer holidays.

HERA Competencies

The role holder will be expected to:

       communicate with staff and the public about basic subjects relating to the psychology labs,
        equipment and software that require little further explanation;

       receive, understand and convey information that needs more careful explanation or
        interpretation for others (e.g., SPSS software, research methods);

Team Working

       support and encourage others in a team and help to build co-operation by setting an
        example and showing a flexible approach to delivering team results;

       contribute to building team morale as an active participant in the team;

       help the team focus their efforts on the task in hand and motivate individual team members;

Liaison and Networking

       carry out standard day to day liaison using existing procedures in order to ensure
        dissemination of information in the right format to the right people at the right time (e.g., ISD,
        LRC, Exams Office where appropriate);

       build relationships and contacts to facilitate future exchange of information;

       keep people informed to ensure co-ordination of effort and that work is done effectively;

       actively work as part of a network to the benefit of the University;

Service Delivery

       deal with internal or external contacts who ask for service or require information typically
        involving routine tasks with set standards or procedures;

       create a positive image of the institution by being responsive and prompt in responding to
        requests and referring the user to the right person if necessary;

       understand and explore the needs of students and staff and adapt the service accordingly to
        ensure the usefulness or appropriateness and quality of service (content, time, accuracy, level
        of information, cost);

Decision Making Processes

       make collaborative decisions with others and play a role in contributing to others’ decisions.
        Outcomes of decision making will have a moderate effect on the University.

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                                     JOB DESCRIPTION
                        IT Technician/Demonstrator- HSS / Psychology

Planning and Organising Resources

      plan, prioritise and organise their own work and resources to achieve agreed objectives on a
       daily basis;

      plan and manage small projects related to research or preparation of materials for research
       and teaching, ensuring the effective use of resources;

      receive information from and provide information to others to complete their planning;

      monitor progress against the plan;

Initiative and Problem Solving

      resolve standard problems, within pre-defined measures following guidelines and with
       reference to others;

      recognise when the problems needs to be referred to others;

Analysis and Research

      establish the basic facts in situations which require further investigation and inform others if
       necessary (e.g., logging of IT or Health and Safety problems with the help desk)

      analyse routine (mainly statistical) data or information using predetermined procedures and
       gathering the information from standard sources;

      work accurately to complete tasks precisely as specified;

Work Environment

      work in an environment which is relatively stable and has little impact on the role holder or the
       way in which work is completed (Psychology labs and Support Office)

Pastoral Care and Welfare

      show sensitivity to those who may need help or, in extreme cases, are showing signs of obvious
       distress and initiate appropriate action by involving relevant people;

      be aware of when situations are more serious and will then involve appropriately skilled

Team Development

      advise or guide Psychology staff on standard information or procedures (e.g., use of software
       and some psychometric tests)

Teaching and Learning Support

      deliver teaching or training to introduce students to standard information or procedures (use
       of Psychology lab equipment, Psychological and statistical software, etc. – this may be
       through classroom practical sessions, induction or demonstrations at Open Days and Taster

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                                   JOB DESCRIPTION
                      IT Technician/Demonstrator- HSS / Psychology

Knowledge and Experience

      apply a working knowledge of Psychological theory and practice (normally gained through a
       degree in Psychology), sharing this knowledge with others as appropriate;

      demonstrate continuous specialist development by acquiring relevant skills and

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                                                                  Person Specification

                                        Essential Criteria                                 Desirable Criteria                                Evidence
                                                                                                                                  (Indicate were evidence will be
                                                                                                                                          assessed from )

                         Honours degree in Psychology or related discipline                                                     Application Form

                         Knowledge of: statistical techniques and research             Knowledge of basic networking           Application Form
   Knowledge              methods; relevant computer software (e.g., SPSS,               and computer systems                    Interview
                          psychometric tests, SuperLab)

                         Experience of using statistical software in research;         Experience of supporting                Application Form
   Experience                                                                            research facilities in an               Interview
                                                                                         educational institution or
                                                                                         relevant industry-based

                         Ability to work independently and solve problems              Facilitation and presentation           Application Form
Skills/abilities/co       effectively                                                    skills for academic audiences           Interview
  mpetencies             Ability to communicate information effectively and            Ability to provide help with basic
                          being sensitive to the requirements of students and            Prolog programming
                          staff                                                         Ability to develop, manage and
                                                                                         maintain efficient record
                                                                                         keeping systems relevant to
                                                                                         laboratory use
                         Customer-focussed approach to dealing with students                                                    Application Form
   Personal               and staff                                                                                              Interview
   Attributes            Personal organisational and time management skills

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Equality Statement
The University of Bedfordshire is fully committed to the principles of equality in all its actions. Members of the University’s
community are expected to respect and value individuality, differences and diversity; and work with others in an inclusive
and consultative manner. A commitment to equality of opportunity for all individuals irrespective of their age, belief,
disability, gender, race, religion or sexual orientation is at the core of what we do and members of the community must
actively promote a positive non-discriminatory work and learning environment for fellow staff and students. Employees
should demonstrate an understanding of the University’s commitments to equality and diversity as an integral part of the
university’s core values and be able to identify and challenge discrimination, harassment, prejudice and inappropriate

Health & Safety Statement
All employees are required to ensure that all duties and responsibilities are discharged in accordance with the University’s
Health and Safety (H & S) at Work Policy. They should take reasonable care for their own H & S and that of others who
may be affected by what they do or do not do. Staff should correctly use work items provided by the University, including
personal protective equipment in accordance with training or instructions.

Environmental Statement
Employees must make proper use of any equipment and systems of work provided and take all reasonable steps to ensure
that control measures are properly used. Employees must work with their Line Managers to ensure that an inventory is
retained of all hazardous substances in the office that could be released into the environment. Employees are expected to
identify operations that use significant amounts of energy, with a view to reducing consumption. This includes identifying
operations that use resources, such as paper, and review the need for the current level of consumption, identifying savings
where possible. Employees are expected to identify waste streams with a view to recycling and reuse, minimising office
energy use in heating and lighting.

Note: the content of this Job Description does not preclude other work required by the faculty department. Details
of accountabilities will be discussed at annual reviews.

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(I confirm I have been briefed on the requirements of this Job Description and other related documents)

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(I confirm I have briefed the Post Holder on the requirements of this Job Description and other related documents)

Nominated Deputies (if applicable)
As a KEY POST at least one nominated deputy must be identified. The Job Holder must confirm that the Nominated
Deputy(ies) receives a copy of, and is briefed on this Job Description.

Name of Nominated Deputy: -------------------------------------------------- Signature: --------------------------------- Date: ----------------
(As the Nominated Deputy for this post, I confirm I have been briefed on the requirements of this Job)
If there are more nominated deputies, they should sign further copies of this Job Description.

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