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									Secure Your Laptop: Secure Your Privacy

Laptop computers still top the list of expensive personal items that are
stolen most often (approximately 300,000 laptops are reported stolen in
the U.S. each year). Because they are lightweight, easy to conceal, and
valuable, they're coveted. Because they often accompany their users to
public places – coffee shops, conference halls, hotels, etc.—they're
difficult to keep track of. Laptops are often stolen from vehicles parked
in parking lots, in meeting rooms/classrooms, and even out of unoccupied

If your laptop contains important or private information for yourself or
your business (including passwords, email addresses, banking information,
financial documents, scanned receipts, copies of contracts, or even
intellectual property), it's worth securing.

Versa Products, Inc. – the manufacturer of the popular Ultra Flat Wall
Mount Computer Station, also produces a product to help you prevent theft
or undocumented access of your laptop. The locking laptop drawer, which
retails for under $120, is made from high quality American steel and
mounted to a premium ball-bearing track that allows the drawer to retract
completely under your desk or other work surface. In its extended
position, it couldn't be more user-friendly, giving the user an extra
"mini desk" perfect for ongoing use. The drawer locks with a steel key
and has a hole in the back designed for cable management so that the
laptop can charge or remain plugged in even when it is being stored.

Suddenly, having a laptop is actually more secure than a desktop

If you're interested in other security options for computer equipment,
Versa has you covered. A high-quality manufacturer of computer furniture,
the company is known for its innovation and superior product line.
Everything from locking wall mounts for laptops or desktop keyboard to
easy-to-store sit-to-stand mobile carts and LAN racks. They also design
heavy-duty computer racks for server rooms and security hubs. Clients
include hotel chains, universities, casinos, offices, elementary schools,
hospitals, mobile ER centers and even our very own U.S. military. Versa's
products carry a lifetime warranty and all products – regardless of
quantity or weight—ship for free in the contiguous United States.

With laptop theft on the rise, the statistics are paralleling the
increase of laptop use in the workplace and in educational settings.
Versa Product's laptop drawers can be installed on almost any existing
desk—if you're not sure about yours, you can call and ask a customer
service rep who will let you know if your existing desk is compatible to
the product before you buy it—and is becoming increasingly popular in
dorm rooms, bullpen areas, and medical exam rooms. Just as many people
lock up valuables at home, installation of laptop drawers on home
computer desks in den and home offices is also increasing. Not only are
they ideal in theft prevention, they also secure your privacy and prevent
children from using your laptop to access the internet unsupervised. And
you'll never again have to worry about misplacing your laptop bag at home
or forgetting to charge your battery. Not only will your laptop be
protected against theft, you won't run the risk of it being bumped or
kicked or knocked off a table. What will they think of next?

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