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					                                                 Project Fact Sheet
                                         Minnesota Justice Information Services

MNJIS Reports on Demand (MROD) is a report-generating tool that provides Minnesota’s criminal
justice practitioners with a consistent and user friendly method for obtaining information on a
specific individual. It significantly reduces report preparation time and improves user efficiency.

The Gap
Minnesota criminal justice agencies long reported to the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension (BCA)
their interest in finding an efficient method for compiling justice information on a specific individual
from the Court’s system in a clear, consistent, easy-to-create and read report.

Following the court’s conversion to the Minnesota Court Information System (MNCIS), corrections
staff identified a significant increase in the time and effort involved in generating bail studies, pre-
sentence investigations, and sentencing guidelines worksheets. To improve this situation, the
Minnesota Counties Computer Cooperative (MCCC) developed a product that allowed its
corrections members to view and print MNCIS data in a concise, consolidated, easy-to-read format.
The MCCC product became a great asset and time saver for corrections staff.
However, the MCCC was not able to make its product available to the additional criminal justice
professionals who requested it. As a result, the Criminal and Juvenile Justice Information Task
Force requested that the BCA’s Minnesota Justice Information Services (MNJIS) section make this
functionality available to all criminal justice professionals including law enforcement, city and
county prosecutors, public
defenders, court personnel and                  Becoming an MROD User
corrections staff.                    If your agency is interested in becoming a user of the MROD
                                      tool, go to the BCA’s Catalog of Services web page at
The Solution                
The BCA obtained a grant to           to begin the process. The BCA Service Desk (651-793-2500,
purchase a license for the            888-234-1119 or will work
MCCC product’s source code,           with agencies to ensure they have the following in order to
and created the MROD tool.
                                      access the MROD tool:
MROD provides printable
                                               Access to the CJDN network.
comprehensive reports of data
                                               A user agreement with the court for access to the
available from the Court’s case
                                               Court’s data.
management system
                                      The data available to each agency is based on permissions
(MNCIS/Odyssey) via their
Court Integration Services web        granted by the Court. Not all agencies have equal access to
service.                              the data.

Minnesota Justice Information Services (MNJIS) 1430 Maryland Ave. E., St. Paul, MN 55106 651-793-2500 
                                                    Version 2 March 2011
MROD Frequently Asked Questions
  Q.      Is training available?
  A.     A PowerPoint presentation and User Manual are available on the MNJIS Launch Pad at: You will need a user name and
  password to get the training and manual. If you don’t have access, contact your agency
  administrator or the BCA Service Desk.

  Q.     Who do I contact if I don't understand the data that is returned?

  A.    Definitions from the Court for most data returned in the MROD report are available in the
  MROD User Manual. Additional questions regarding MNCIS data should be directed to:

              Service Desk at the State Court
              Phone: 651-556-8040

              Clearly state in your email or to the person on the phone the following:

                         Your county, agency name and contact information
                         Detailed description of the question
                         MNCIS case number (if applicable)

              If the details are not provided, response will be delayed and more information may be

  Q.     Is there a cost to my agency to access the tool?

  A.    As long as your agency has the ability to connect to the CJDN network there is no additional
  cost to your agency.

  Minnesota Justice Information Services (MNJIS) 1430 Maryland Ave. E., St. Paul, MN 55106 651-793-2500 
                                                      Version 2 March 2011

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