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					The following new position is available at UCS Technology Services. For more information, please
refer to the attached Hiring Requirement Form.

                                     Helpdesk Consultant
Company               UCS Technology Services
Division              Customer Services, Helpdesk
Reporting to          Edwin Govender
                       The purpose of this job is to provide support and assistance to UCS Software
Strategic Objective
                       clients, using appropriate solutions that satisfy client needs and UCS
of the Role

Location              Braamfontein
Vacancy Type          Permanent
Closing Date          23 July 2010

Should you be interested in the position, please email a copy of your CV to Prinessa.Moodley@ucs- .


Job Title:        Helpdesk Support Consultant

Reporting to: Edwin Govender

Location:         Braamfontein

Purpose of the Job

The purpose of this job is to provide support and assistance to UCS Software clients, using appropriate solutions
that satisfy client needs and UCS methodologies.

Outputs to be delivered

                    Outputs                      Weighting                  Standards                   Rating
                                                    %                                                    1-5

1.   Provide support to clients                      50%          -   Respond as per SLA
                                                                  -   Logs , Queries and
                                                                      complaints resolved speedily
                                                                      as per SLA
                                                                  -   Investigates problems and
                                                                      suggests possible solutions
                                                                  -   Gives good input and detail
                                                                      diagnostics when escalating
                                                                      to 3 level support as per
                                                                  -   Ensures that all interactions
                                                                      with the client are
                                                                      professional and positive
                                                                  -   Follows up on all outstanding
                                                                      queries and update logs on a
                                                                      regular basis as per severity
                                                                  -   Ensure all calls have a
                                                                      meaningful detailed root
                                                                  -   Taking ownership and
                                                                      responsibility of a log
                                                                  -   In Depth Knowledge of
                                                                      Client’s individual solution

2.   Function as part of a team                      20%          -   Assist co workers readily
                                                                  -   Escalate where appropriate
                                                                  -   Regular contact with staff,
                                                                      colleagues, management,
                                                                      clients and internal
                                                                  -   Escalate potential problems
                                                                      to relevant parties
                                                                  -   Suggest possible solutions
                                                                      and ideas to relevant parties

3.   Root cause analysis for UCS clients             10%          -    Ensure all calls is updated
                                                                       with root cause detail
                                                                  -    Weekly Analysis of calls to
                                                                       establish trends and root
4.   Training mentoring and coaching                 10%          -    Assisting agents readily
     colleagues                                                   -    Available to assist colleagues
5.   Achieving Divisional and personal goals         10%          -    As per agreed goals set

Tasks to be performed

Output      Provide remote support to clients
  1.       - Provides helpdesk support service
           -    Investigates reasons for problems and solves them for clients
           -    Follows up on all outstanding queries timeously within as per SLA with clients
           -    Analyzing and solving problems
           -    Troubleshooting and establishing hardware issues
           -    Ensuring customer satisfaction
           -    Provide input for more pro-active support (i.e. repetitive problems).
           -    Update logs with progress of solution / investigation on regular basis
           -    Escalate old calls within the department
           -    Update each log with a root cause detail
           -    Ensure that call category is appropriate to the call description
           -    Ensuring that the log is resolved even after escalating to the programmer.
           -    All relevant information must be supplied when calls are escalated to 3 level
           -    Detailed resolution to be provided on log

Output     Function as part of a team
  2.       -  Provides input, assistance and guidance to other customer services staff when required
           -    Communicate within UCS Software escalated issues.
           -    Shares work-related knowledge and experience
           -    Responsible for personal development and career progression with regards to knowledge of
                system; procedures and practices

Output     Root cause analysis for UCS clients
  3.       -    Ensure all calls is updated with a root cause
           -    Do a weekly report to identify trends and root causes of the trends
           -    Do in depth investigation and follow up to obtain the root cause of a problem

    Output   Training mentor and coach colleagues
      4.     -   Assisting with training
             -   Be available to assist colleagues

    Output   Achieving Divisional and personal goals
      5.   -   As per agreed goals set

Knowledge required to do the Job

-     Understanding of the systems architecture and the UCS standards
-     Knowledge of system/industry best practice
-     Understanding of the client’s core business culture and needs
-     Knowledge of software development methodologies
-     Understanding of Quality Management
-     Understanding of UCS admin requirements and system solutions
-     Good understanding of Helpdesk trends and tools in the industry
-     Good understanding of industry practices i.e. ITIL

Skills / Abilities required to do the Job

-     Communication skills
-     Time management skills
-     Oral presentation
-     Written communication skills
-     Analytical and problem solving skills
-     Ability to conceptualise, interpret and document solutions for customer needs
-     Database query language (SQL)
-     Have a good understanding of the architecture and business rules of the clients
-     Be able to do cell support
-     Be able to do on-site support
-     Well spoken
-     Telephone etiquette

Personal Attributes required for this Job

-     Team Player
-     High stress tolerance
-     Dedication
-     Flexible/adaptable
-     Professionalism
-     Approachable
-     Passion for customers

Experience & Qualifications

- 3 - 5 years experience in Helpdesk;
- In-depth understanding of the Helpdesk customer services;
- Good understanding of the UCS software services in various retail verticals specifically furniture
- Formal relevant qualification will be an advantage
- ITIL qualification will be an advantage

Job specific requirements

- Requires flexibility to work long hours and be available at all hours including weekends
- Requires attendance at frequent internal and external meetings


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