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					                                            Owners Who Won Stakes Races at Keeneland
Ackerley Brothers Farm (Robert and Lee Ackerley)                  2001 Royal Chase for the Sport of Kings–NSA-1,        Blazing Meadows Farm, LLC (Timothy E. Hamm)
    2001 Overbrook Spinster–G1, Miss Linda (ARG)                         Pompeyo (CHI)                                  and Rick Claypool
Agnew, Dan J.                                                     2001 Sycamore Breeders’ Cup, Rochester                    2009 Appalachian–G3, Afternoon Stroll
    1986 Spinster–G1, Top Corsage                                 2002 Sycamore Breeders’ Cup, Rochester                Blinkers On Racing (Scott Sherwood), William
Aitken, Louis F.                                                  2005 Sycamore Breeders’ Cup–G3, Rochester             Strauss and Robert Butler, et al.
    1979 Ben Ali–G3, Kodiack                                      2007 Rood & Riddle Dowager, Omeya (CHI)                   2011 Beaumont–G2, Turbulent Descent
Akuma Stable                                                      2008 First Lady–G1, Forever Together                  Bloomsbury Stud (Lord Howland, et al)
    1981 Lafayette, Grey Bucket                                   2008 Lexus Raven Run–G2, Informed Decision                1997 Jenny Wiley–G3, Thrilling Day (GB)
Alexander, Emory G.                                               2009 Jenny Wiley–G2, Forever Together                 Bluebird Stock Farm
    1987 Ashland–G1, Chic Shirine                                 2009 Vinery Madison–G1, Informed Decision                 1944 Lafayette, Poco Mas
Alexander, Helen C.                                               2009 Grey Goose Bewitch–G3, Winter View               Blue Goose Stable (Mrs. C.V. Whitney)
    1987 Phoenix, Diapason                                        2009 Thoroughbred Club of America–G2,                     1992 Transylvania, Casino Magistrate
Alexander, Helen C. and Helen K. Groves (2)                              Informed Decision                              Blyar Stables (Ray Bauch)
    2010 Juddmonte Spinster–G1, Acoma                             2010 Pin Oak Valley View–G3, Fugitive Angel               2007 Giant’s Causeway, Forest Code
    2008 Pin Oak Valley View–G3, Acoma                       Bacharach, Burt                                            B M H Stable (Robert McMahan, et al)
Alexander, Helen C. and Helen K. Groves                           1996 Commonwealth Breeders’ Cup–G2,                       2000 Ben Ali–G3, Midway Magistrate

Revocable Trust (2)                                                      Afternoon Deelites                             Bollero, Lois
    2001 Warfield, Connected                                 Baker, Robert C., David Cornstein, William L. Mack             1985 Ben Ali–G3, Bello
    2001 Fayette–G3, Connected                                    2002 Coolmore Lexington–G2, Proud Citizen             Bomar Stable
Allen, Earl                                                  Barnett Stables, LLC (Michael A. Barnett)                      1940 Ashland, June Bee
    1966 Ben Ali, Swift Ruler                                     2002 Thoroughbred Club of America–G3,                 Bomze, Richard
Allen, Joseph (3)                                                        French Riviera                                     1992 Elkhorn–G2, Fourstars Allstar
    1997 Ashland–G1, Glitter Woman                           Barton, Bruce and Alvin Haynes                             Bonnie Heath Farm (Bonnie and Kim Heath)
    1997 Palisades, Starry Dreamer                                1999 Bryan Station (1st), Pratella                    and Robert Schaedle III
    2006 Rood & Riddle Dowager, Louve Royale (IRE)           Bayard, Mr. and Mrs. James A.                                  2001 LG&E Forerunner, Kalu
Allen, Joseph and L. Don Mathis                                   1983 Ben Ali–G3, Aspro                                Booge, Alan and Pauline Deakins
    1992 Ben Ali–G3, Profit Key (dh)                         Bayard, Mrs. and Estate of James A.                            1994 Appalachian, Bedroom Blues
Allshouse Racing Stable, LLC (Brad Allshouse)                     1984 Ben Ali–G3, Aspro                                Bowles, C.F.
    2009 Fort Harrod, Gangbuster                             Bayview Stable                                                 1959 Lafayette (2nd), Chuckabuck
Alston, James O.                                             (Mrs. Frances Williams and Bentley Smith)                  Bowling, Carl and Vickie L. Foley, et al
    1968 Bewitch, Royality Note                                   1986 Breeders’ Futurity–G2, Orono                         2005 Darley Alcibiades–G2, She Says It Best
Amerman Racing Stables                                       Beal, Barry, D. Wayne Lukas, Edward A. Cox Jr.,            Boyce, Inc., N & M and Frank Clumsky
(Mr. and Mrs. John Amerman) (4)                              L.R. French                                                    1988 Commonwealth Breeders’ Cup, Calestoga
    1999 Vinery First Lady, Happyanunoit (NZ)                     1991 Ben Ali–G3, Sports View                          Bradley, E.R.
    2000 Elkhorn–G3, Drama Critic                            Beal, Richard T. and Lana Ramsey                               1940 Blue Grass, Bimelech
    2001 Lane’s End Breeders’ Futurity–G2, Siphonic               2004 Vinery Madison, Ema Bovary (CHI)                 Bradley, Fred F.
    2005 Central Bank Transylvania–G3,                       Bear Stables, Ltd. (Danny Dion)                                2010 Sycamore–G3, Brass Hat
          Chattahoochee War                                       2009 Phoenix–G3, Fatal Bullet                         Braly Family Trust (Tom and Marilyn Braly)
Amling, Jeffrey                                              Bee Bee Stable, Inc. (John Bush)                               2010 Central Bank Ashland–G1, Evening Jewel
    2000 Stravinsky, Steal a Heart                                1985 Phoenix, Harry ’N Bill                           Brandy Hills Farm (Robert Levine)
Ammerland Stud (Dietrich Von Boetticher)                     Belair Stud                                                    1985 Ashland–G2, Koluctoo’s Jill
    2010 Transylvania–G3, Nordic Truce                            1938 Breeders’ Futurity, Johnstown                    Brandywine Stable
Amos, Don                                                    Bell III, John A. (3)                                          1966 Spinster, Open Fire
    1999 Beaumont–G2, Swingin On Ice                              1983 Bewitch–G3, Try Something New                    Brazil Stables (Paul K. Sorren)
Anstu Stables, Inc. (Stuart Subotnick)                            1983 Spinster–G1, Try Something New                       1995 Queen Elizabeth II Challenge Cup–G1,
    2001 Franklin, Deeliteful Irving                              1988 Spinster–G1, Hail a Cab                                    Perfect Arc
Appleton, Arthur I. (4)                                      Bell, Junius W.                                            Brisbine, Elizabeth J.
    1973 Blue Grass–G1, My Gallant                                1942 Ben Ali, Steel Heels                                 1979 Spinster–G1, Safe
    1995 Beaumont–G2, Dixieland Gold                         Benitez, Melvin A.                                         Broccoli, Mr. and Mrs. Albert
    1996 Lafayette–G3, Wire Me Collect                            1992 Lexington–G2, My Luck Runs North                     1985 Spinster–G1, Dontstop Themusic
    1997 Keeneland Breeders’ Cup Mile–G3, Wild Event         Benjamin III, et al, E.V.                                  Brolite Farm
Arindel Farm (Alan Cohen)                                         1972 Fayette, Chou Croute                                 1944 Phoenix, Roman Sox
    2007 Bewitch–G3, Safari Queen (ARG)                      Bensinger, Mr. and Mrs. Robert                             Brookmeade Stable
Arnemann, Jurgen K.                                               1982 Lafayette, Jungle Blade                              1961 Spinster, Bowl of Flowers
    1995 Blue Grass–G2, Wild Syn                             Bentley, Gregory S.                                        Brophy, B. Giles, William J. Condren,
Aron, Janice and Robert                                           1998 Royal Chase for the Sport of Kings–NSA-1,        Joseph M. Cornacchia
    2001 WinStar Galaxy–G2, Spook Express (SAF)                          Clearance Code                                     1991 Blue Grass–G2, Strike the Gold
Arraras, Jose                                                Berger, Robert B.                                          Brown, J. Graham (7)
    1991 Fort Springs, Trans Caribbean                            1998 Appalachian, Halo River                              1957 Spinster, Bornastar
Asbury, Dr. Eslie                                            Biggs, Kaaren and M. Hays                                      1958 Spinster, Bornastar
    1955 Ashland, Insouciant                                      2001 Storm Cat, Miss Seffens                              1960 Breeders’ Futurity, He’s a Pistol
Ashbrook Farm (Glen S. Bromagen)                             Billips, Robert C.                                             1962 Ben Ali, Run For Nurse
    2007 Lane’s End Breeders’ Futurity–G1, Wicked Style           1987 Alcibiades–G2, Terra Incognita                       1964 Fayette, Swoonen
Askew, Mr. and Mrs. J.D.                                     Birch, Dr. A.L.                                                1965 Ben Ali, Gallant Romeo
    1962 Lafayette, Dontstopnow                                   1956 Ben Ali, Timely Tip                                  1965 Phoenix, Gallant Romeo
Attfield, Roger L., Michael Canino                           Blass, Patricia (4)                                        Brown, Mrs. Joe W. (3)
and William Werner                                                1972 Breeders’ Futurity, Annihilate ’em                   1975 Phoenix, Delta Oil
    2002 Bewitch–G3, Sweetest Thing                               1973 Bewitch, Me and Connie                               1978 Ben Ali–G3, Prince Majestic
Augustin Stable (George Strawbridge Jr.) (14)                     1976 Ben Ali–G3, My Friend Gus                            1982 Fayette (2nd)–G3, El Baba
    1996 Transylvania, More Royal                                 1976 Bewitch (2nd), Fun and Tears                     Bruder, Michael J.
    2000 Sycamore, Crowd Pleaser                                                                                            2003 Fayette–G3, M B Sea

   Rev. 8/4/11                                            2011 Fall Keeneland Media Guide | Stakes Winners Statistics                                             107

                                                      Owners Who Won Stakes Races at Keeneland
          Brumfield, Viola                                            Carrion, Jaime                                             Clay, Catesby W.
               1974 Ashland (1st)–G3, Winged Wishes                       1999 Walmac Int’l Alcibiades–G2, Scratch Pad                2010 Bourbon Stakes–G3, Rogue Romance
          Brushwood Stable (Elizabeth Moran)                          Castleton Lyons Farm (Shane Ryan)                          Clay, Charlton
               2009 Juddmonte Spinster–G1, Mushka                         2010 Shadwell Turf Mile–G1, Gio Ponti                       1956 Alcibiades, Leallah
          Buckland Farm (Thomas M. Evans)                             Castleton Lyons Farm                                       Clay, Robert N.
               1992 Commonwealth Breeders’ Cup–G3,                    (Todd Renner and Shane Ryan)                                    1989 Ashland–G1, Gorgeous
                     Pleasant Tap                                         2007 Woodford Reserve Bourbon, Gio Ponti               Clements, Miss Louise
          Buckram Oak Farm (Monsour Fustok) (3)                       Castletop Stable (Morton Topfer)                                1968 Spinster, Sale Day
               2002 Perryville, Najran                                    2009 Giant’s Causeway, Diamondrella (GB)               Cloonan, Michael P. (3)
               2003 Phoenix Breeders’ Cup–G3, Najran                  Cavanaugh, Marguerite                                           2000 Nureyev, Morluc
               2003 Lane’s End Breeders’ Futurity–G2, Eurosilver          1999 LG&E Energy Forerunner, Marquette                      2001 Nureyev, Morluc
          Buhl, T.D.                                                  Cella, Charles J. (2)                                           2002 Shakertown, Morluc
               1944 Breeders’ Futurity, Air Sailor                        1996 Hopemont, Thesaurus                               Clover Racing Stable (Barry Irwin, lessee)
          Busching, Tony and Cal Bernstein                                1997 Forerunner–G3, Thesaurus                               1992 Forerunner–G3, Free At Last
               1977 Ashland–G3, Sound of Summer                       Celtic Pride Stable                                        Cody, James B.
          Bushwood Stables                                                1998 Toyota Blue Grass–G2, Halory Hunter                    1993 Breeders’ Futurity–G2, Polar Expedition
          (B. Johnson, K. Barth and C. Dwyer) (2)                     Centaur Farms, Inc. (Vernon H. Heath)                      Cohen, Ben
               2007 Ben Ali–G3, Jade’s Revenge                        and Dan Lynch                                                   1973 Lafayette, Mr. A.Z.
               2008 Fort Harrod, Jade’s Revenge                           2006 Shakertown–G3, Atticus Kristy                     Colpitt, Mr. and Mrs. C.H.
          Bwamazon Farm (Millard Waldheim) (12)                       Centennial Farms                                                1981 Phoenix (1st), Turbulence

               1955 Breeders’ Futurity, Jovial Jove                       1985 Alcibiades–G2, Silent Account                     Columbine Stable (Andrea S. Pollack)
               1963 Bewitch, Royal Bund                               Chandler, John A., Audrey Otto, C.R. McGaughey III              2010 Dixiana Breeders’ Futurity–G1, J.B.’s Thunder
               1967 Breeders’ Futurity, T.V. Commercial                   1999 Three Chimneys Spinster–G1, Keeper Hill           Columbine Stable (Andrea S. Pollack)
               1967 Lafayette, T.V. Commercial                        Chasing Dreams Racing 2008, LLC                            and Kitchwa Stables (John Greely IV)
               1971 Lafayette, Busted                                 (Robert Brewster)                                               2000 Phoenix Breeders’ Cup–G3, Five Star Day
               1972 Alcibiades, Coraggioso                                2009 Dixiana Breeders’ Futurity–G1, Noble’s Promise    Combs, Brownell (5)
               1977 Lafayette, Fiddle Faddle                          Cherry, Martin L.                                               1936 Ashland, Myrtlewood
               1977 Phoenix, It’s Freezing                                2005 Juddmonte Spinster–G1, Pampered Princess               1936 Keen, Myrtlewood
               1978 Bewitch, Twenty One Inch                          Cherry Valley Farm (Seth W. Hancock) (2)                        1941 Special Event, Miss Dogwood
               1979 Lafayette, Raised Socially                            1984 Queen Elizabeth II Challenge Cup, Sintra               1943 Breeders’ Futurity, Durazna
               1982 Breeders’ Futurity–G2, Highland Park                  1985 Bewitch–G3, Sintra                                     1943 Phoenix, Miss Dogwood
               1983 Lafayette, Freezing Rain                          Chowhan, Naveed                                            Combs II, Leslie (3)
          Cain Hoy Stable (4)                                             2004 Darley Alcibiades–G2, Runway Model                     1957 Alcibiades, Moon Glory
               1955 Blue Grass, Racing Fool                           Christiana Stable (Jane duPont Lunger) (4)                      1967 Alcibiades, Lady Tramp
               1957 Ashland, Jota Jota                                    1982 Blue Grass–G1, Linkage                                 1978 Alcibiades–G2, Angel Island
               1959 Ashland, Hidden Talent                                1989 Appalachian, To The Lighthouse                    Combs II, Leslie & Equites Stable
               1963 Ashland, Sally Ship                                   1990 Ashland–G1, Go for Wand                           (J.J. Jackson, et al)
          Calabrese, Frank C.                                             1990 Beaumont–G3, Go for Wand                               1983 Alcibiades–G2, Lucky Lucky Lucky
               1994 Lafayette–G3, Exclusive Praline                   Circle E Racing (Lee Einsidler)                            Condren, William J.
          Calumet Farm (20)                                               2009 Maker’s Mark Mile–G1, Mr. Sidney                       2000 Fort Springs, Tru Bull
               1937 Ben Ali, Count Morse                              Circle M Farm (4)                                          Condren, William J. and Joseph M. Cornacchia (2)
               1937 Lafayette, Chic Maud                                  1947 Ashland, Cosmic Missile                                1995 Lafayette–G3, Mr. Greeley
               1938 Blue Grass, Bull Lea                                  1949 Keeneland Sale Filly, Roman Zephyr                     1995 Lexington–G2, Star Standard
               1940 Breeders’ Futurity, Whirlaway                         1970 Ben Ali, Gallant Moment                           Condren, William J., Georgia Hofmann,
               1940 Phoenix, Easy Mon                                     1970 Breeders’ Futurity, Man of the Moment             and Joseph M. Cornacchia
               1943 Blue Grass, Ocean Wave                            Claiborne Farm (23)                                             1997 Ben Ali–G3, Louis Quatorze
               1945 Ben Ali, Pot o’ Luck                                  1955 Alcibiades, Doubledogdare                         Cono LLC, Charles
               1947 Ben Ali, Pot o’ Luck                                  1956 Ashland, Doubledogdare                                 2006 Stonerside Beaumont–G2, Diplomat Lady
               1947 Blue Grass, Faultless                                 1956 Breeders’ Futurity, Round Table                   Conover, Lucille and George Bolton
               1948 Ashland, Bewitch                                      1956 Lafayette, Round Table                                 2003 Madison, A New Twist
               1948 Ben Ali, Fervent                                      1956 Spinster, Doubledogdare                           Conrad, Stanley (2)
               1948 Blue Grass, Coaltown                                  1957 Phoenix, Bandit                                        1964 Spinster, Old Hat
               1948 Phoenix, Coaltown                                     1958 Lafayette (2nd), Bagdad                                1965 Fayette, Old Hat
               1951 Ben Ali, Wistful                                      1963 Breeders’ Futurity, Duel                          Conway, F. Thomas and Jack Conway
               1952 Ashland (2nd), Real Delight                           1965 Alcibiades, Moccasin                                   2010 Toyota Blue Grass–G1, Stately Victor
               1952 Phoenix, Hill Gail                                    1966 Bewitch (1st), Shore                              Cooke, Jack Kent
               1968 Blue Grass, Forward Pass                              1967 Phoenix, Moccasin                                      1995 Green River, Antespend
               1978 Blue Grass–G1, Alydar                                 1968 Breeders’ Futurity, Dike                          Copeland, Dreabon
               1980 Ashland (2nd)–G2, Sugar and Spice                     1983 Breeders’ Futurity–G2, Swale                           1970 Bewitch, Fancy Road
                                                                                                                                 Corrado, Al and Mark
               1982 Fayette (1st)–G3, Rivalero                            1987 Breeders’ Futurity–G2, Forty Niner
                                                                                                                                      1997 Bryan Station, Cut the Cuteness
          Campbell, Jerry                                                 1988 Lafayette, Forty Niner
                                                                                                                                 Cottrell Sr., Raymond H. (2)
               1994 Alcibiades–G2, Post It                                1994 Elkhorn–G2, Lure
                                                                                                                                      2003 Transylvania–G3, White Cat
          Canonie Jr., Tony & Tony Canonie Sr.                            1994 Palisades, Thread
                                                                                                                                      2004 Forerunner, Prince Arch
               1991 Thoroughbred Club of America–G3, Avie Jane            1997 Toyota Blue Grass–G2, Pulpit
                                                                                                                                 Courtlandt Farm (Donald A. Adam) (4)
          Canonie Jr., Tony, Tony Canonie Sr.                             1999 Seattle Slew (2nd), Conserve
                                                                                                                                      2003 Queen Elizabeth II Challenge Cup–G1,
          and K.E. Hoffman                                                2000 Maker’s Mark Mile–G2, Conserve
                                                                                                                                            Film Maker
               1997 The Minstrel, G H’s Pleasure                          2003 Storm Cat, Remind
                                                                                                                                      2003 Bourbon County, Commendation
          Carey, Thomas M. (2)                                            2006 Jenny Wiley–G2, Wend
                                                                                                                                      2005 Bryan Station, T.D. Vance
               1994 Forerunner–G3, Jaggery John                           2010 Doubledogdare–G3, Haka                                 2009 Doubledogdare–G3, Indescribable
               1997 Hopemont, Reformer Rally                          Claiborne Farm and Adele Dilschneider (3)                  Covello, James, Judy Hicks and Kathryn Nikkel
          Carl, William A. (4)                                            1998 Fayette–G3, Arch                                       2011 Central Bank Ashland–G1, Lilacs and Lace
               1991 Green River, Shes Just Super                          1998 Seattle Slew, Buff                                Cox Jr., Edward A. (2)
               1992 Palisades, Shes Just Super                            2003 Raven Run–G3, Yell                                     1986 Ashland–G1, Classy Cathy
               1997 Green River, Runaway Dream                        Clarke, Harvey A.                                               1986 Beaumont, Classy Cathy
               2003 Jessamine County, Galloping Gal                       2009 Pin Oak Valley View–G3 (2nd), Eye of Taurus

              108                                                  2011 Fall Keeneland Media Guide | Stakes Winners Statistics                                            Rev. 8/4/11

                                           Owners Who Won Stakes Races at Keeneland
C.P.C. Racing (Carl P. Cullotta)                             Dilschneider, Adele B. and Claiborne Farm                  Evans, Robert S.
    2000 Perryville, Smokin Pete                             (Seth W. Hancock) (2)                                          1989 Commonwealth Breeders’ Cup, Sewickley
Cragwood Stable (Mrs. Charles W. Englehard)                       1999 Transylvania, Good Night                         Falls Racing Stable (Jack Denholtz
    1971 Breeders’ Futurity, Windjammer                           2009 Fayette–G2, Blame                                and Buddy Palter)
Craig, Sidney H. (2)                                         Dixiana (8)                                                    2001 Palisades, OK to Dance
    1993 Spinster–G1, Paseana (ARG)                               1939 Phoenix, Torchy                                  Fares Farm, Inc. (Issam M. Fares)
    1996 Three Chimneys Spinster–G1, Different (ARG)              1947 Breeders’ Futurity, Shy Guy                          2011 Hilliard Lyons Doubledogdare–G3,
Crimson King Farm (Peter W. Salmen Sr.)                           1948 Keeneland Special, Shy Guy                                  Embur’s Song
    1961 Lafayette, Crimson Satan                                 1949 Ben Ali, Shy Guy                                 Farish, William S. (10)
C R K Stable (Susan Searing)                                      1950 Ashland, Wondring                                    1973 Fayette, Chateauvira
    2007 Buffalo Trace Franklin County, Stylish Wildcat           1958 Ben Ali, Safe Message                                1978 Breeders’ Futurity–G2, Strike Your Colors
Croll Jr., Warren A.                                              1969 Breeders’ Futurity, Hard Work                        1980 Alcibiades–G2, Sweet Revenge
    1994 Blue Grass–G2, Holy Bull                                 1981 Fayette–G3, Ironworks                                1987 Beaumont, Fold the Flag
Crum, D., D. Elser, J. Riccelli, R. McDonald                 Dixiana Stables, Inc. (William Shively)                        1992 Ashland–G1, Prospectors Delite
and Dallas Stewart                                                2009 Beaumont–G2, War Kill                                1995 Fort Harrod–G3, Dove Hunt
    2001 Raven Run, Nasty Storm                              D J Stable (Len Green)                                         1997 Beaumont–G2, Make Haste (dh)
Dance, Brian S.                                                   1991 Ashland–G1, Do It With Style                         2004 Ben Ali–G3, Midway Road
    2001 McConnell Springs, Freon Flyer                      Dogwood Stable (W. Cothran Campbell) (8)                       2004 Fayette–G3, Midway Road
Daniel, Mr. and Mrs. T.M.                                         1971 Alcibiades, Mrs. Cornwallis                          2005 Thoroughbred Club of America–G3, Reunited
    1952 Ashland (1st), Free For Me                               1989 Forerunner–G3, Luge II                           Farish, William S. and Edward J. Hudson (3)

Darby Dan Farm (4)

                                                                  1990 Blue Grass–G2, Summer Squall                         1994 Bewitch–G3, Freewheel
    1962 Breeders’ Futurity, Ornamento                            1991 Fayette–G2, Summer Squall                            1996 Green River, Parade Queen
    1962 Spinster, Primonetta                                     1992 Phoenix Breeders’ Cup, British Banker                2000 Valley View–G3, Good Game
    1963 Blue Grass, Chateaugay                                   1996 Beaumont–G2, Golden Gale                         Farish, William S., Edward J. Hudson,
    1974 Ashland (2nd)–G3, Maud Muller                            2005 Perryville–G3 (Presented by Budweiser Select),   and Edward J. Hudson Jr.
Darby Dan Farm (Daniel M. Galbreath)                                     Vicarage                                           1987 Lafayette, Trick Card
    1988 Queen Elizabeth II Challenge Cup–G2,                     2011 Commonwealth–G2, Aikenite                        Farish, William S. and Joseph Jamail
           Love You By Heart                                 Doi, Hajima                                                    1999 Ben Ali–G3, Jazz Club
Darby Dan Farm (Daniel Galbreath/Joan G. Phillips)                1976 Fayette (2nd), Yamanin                           Farish, William S. and William S. Kilroy (2)
    1990 Queen Elizabeth II Challenge Cup–G2,                Doubledown Stables, Inc. (Richard Templer)                     1993 Fayette–G2, Grand Jewel
           Plenty of Grace                                        2009 Rood & Riddle Dowager, Black Mamba (NZ)              1993 Lexington–G2, Grand Jewel
Dario, B.A. (2)                                              Double Eagle Stable (R.S. Rittenberry)                     Farish, William S., W.T. Webber Jr. and
    1971 Ben Ali, Great Mystery                                   1983 Fayette–G3, Cad (dh)                             J.A. Elkins Jr. (3)
    1971 Phoenix, Great Mystery                              Drake, E. Gay (2)                                              2003 Ben Ali–G3, Mineshaft
Darley Stud Management (5)                                        1966 Lafayette, Quick Swoon                               2005 Ben Ali–G3, Alumni Hall
    1992 Fayette–G2, Barkerville                                  1967 Fayette, Swoonaway                                   2005 Fayette–G3, Alumni Hall
    1994 Hopemont, Claudius                                  Drymon & Greenslit                                         Farish Jr., William S., G. Bolton, and J. Reynolds
    2006 Vinery Madison–G3, Dubai Escapade                        1969 Ashland, Double Delta                                1997 Bewitch–G3, Cymbala (FR)
    2008 Ashland–G1, Little Belle                            Dubb, Michael                                              Farmer, Tracy (2)
    2009 Central Bank Transylvania–G3, Stormalory                 2009 Woodford–G3, Silver Timber                           2004 Perryville, Commentator
Darpat Stables, S. L. (Dario Hinojosa)                       Dubb, Michael and High Grade Racing Stable                     2006 Commonwealth Breeders’ Cup–G2, Sun King
    2005 Rood & Riddle Dowager, Briviesca (GB)               (Peter Randazzo) (2)                                       Ferrari, Bruno (Walnut Hill Farm) (3)
Davis Jr., Doug and Michael Davis                                 2010 Shakertown–G3, Silver Timber                         1960 Alcibiades, Little Tumbler
    1964 Bewitch, Missisippi Mama                                 2010 Woodford–G3, Silver Timber                           1961 Fayette, Zumbador II
de Kwiatkowski, Henryk (9)                                   Durant, Tom R.                                                 1966 Fayette, Yumbel
    1985 Lexington, Stephan’s Odyssey                             2008 Phoenix–G3, Sing Baby Sing                       Fike, Mildred
    1985 Queen Elizabeth II Challenge Cup,                   Dweck, Raymond                                                 1987 Thoroughbred Club of America,
           Contredance                                            2002 Nureyev, Manofglory                                         There Are Rainbows
    1986 Queen Elizabeth II Challenge Cup–G3, Lotka          Eagle Mountain Farm (V. N. Green)                          Fink, Morton (2)
    Kennelot Stable (Henryk de Kwiatkowski)                       1974 Breeders’ Futurity–G3, Packer Captain                2010 Phoenix–G3, Wise Dan
    1988 Forerunner–G3, Posen                                Eaglestone Farm (William A. Marquard)                          2010 The Greenbrier Fayette–G2, Successful Dan
    Calumet Farm (Henryk de Kwiatkowski)                          2001 Commonwealth Breeders’ Cup–G2, Alannan           Fipke, Charles E. (3)
    1995 Transylvania, Crimson Guard                         Eberts, Don                                                    2003 Shadwell Turf Mile–G1, Perfect Soul (IRE)
    1996 Bryan Station (1st), Mariuka                             2002 A.P. Indy, Dixie Tactics                             2004 Maker’s Mark Mile–G2, Perfect Soul (IRE)
    1997 A.P. Indy (2nd), Mariuka                            Edelen, C. Gary and Fred Preuss Jr. (2)                        2010 Grey Goose Bewitch–G3, Lady Shakespeare
    1997 Nureyev, Sesaro                                          2005 Woodford, Sgt. Bert                              Firestone, Bertram R. (3)
    1998 Shakertown, Sesaro                                       2006 Woodford, Sgt. Bert                                  1976 Blue Grass–G1, Honest Pleasure
DeMarco, Julian and Richard DiSano                                                                                          1977 Ben Ali–G3, Honest Pleasure
                                                             Eldon Farm Racing Stable (Robert L.S. Nelson) (2)
    2001 Maker’s Mark Mile–G2, North East Bound                                                                             1981 Breeders’ Futurity–G2, D’Accord
                                                                  2004 Royal Chase for the Sport of Kings–NSA-1,
Denemark, Mrs. Emil (2)                                                                                                 Firestone, Mrs. Bertram R. (5)
                                                                         Hirapour (IRE)
    1950 Lafayette, Mals Boy                                                                                                1975 Alcibiades–G3, Optimistic Gal
                                                                  2005 Royal Chase for the Sport of Kings–NSA-1,
    1951 Blue Grass (2nd), Ruhe                                                                                             1976 Ashland–G3, Optimistic Gal
                                                                         Hirapour (IRE)
Denlea Park Ltd. (Kim Butenhoff)                                                                                            1976 Spinster–G1, Optimistic Gal
                                                             Ellis, J.C.                                                    1982 Bewitch–G3, Expressive Dance
    2003 Rood & Riddle Dowager, Spice Island                      1949 Phoenix, Miss Neal
Derby Daze Farms (Gail Gee) and Mark Hoffman                                                                                1989 Bewitch–G3, Gaily Gaily
                                                             El Peco Ranch                                              Firestone, Mathew K. (2)
    2009 Ashland–G1, Hooh Why                                     1963 Ben Ali, Decidedly
Derby Lane Farm (Roger D. and Beth McDaniel),                                                                               1994 Jenny Wiley, Misspitch
                                                             Elzemeyer, E.E.                                                1996 Bryan Station (2nd), Vice On Ice
James D. Tom, Marette Farrell and Joan Scott                      1975 Fayette, Warbucks
    2010 Vinery Madison–G1, Dr. Zic                                                                                     First Klass Stable, LLC (George Krall)
                                                             Ernst, A.C. (2)                                                2006 Lexus Raven Run–G2, Leah’s Secret
Devereux, T.F. (3)                                                1943 Ben Ali, Aletern
    1969 Fayette, Royal Harmony                                                                                         Fisher, Mary V. (3)
                                                                  1944 Ben Ali, Alquest                                     1957 Breeders’ Futurity, Fulcrum
    1970 Fayette, Royal Harmony                              Evans, Bart B.                                                 1960 Ben Ali, Fulcrum
    1971 Fayette, Royal Harmony                                   2010 Jenny Wiley–G2, Wasted Tears                         1961 Ashland, Goldflower
                                                             Evans, Edward P. (2)                                       Fisher, Susan B.
                                                                  1994 Green River (1st), Christmas Gift                    1980 Bewitch, Jolie Dutch
                                                                  2007 Ashland–G1, Christmas Kid

   Rev. 8/4/11                                            2011 Fall Keeneland Media Guide | Stakes Winners Statistics                                              109

                                                     Owners Who Won Stakes Races at Keeneland
          Five D Thoroughbreds (William R. Dobozi)                    Gallagher, Mrs. James H. (2)                               Grant, Hugh A. (2)
          and Wind River Stables (Evan Trommer)                            1982 Alcibiades–G2, Jelly Bean Holiday                    1962 Alcibiades, Abrogate
              2010 JPMorgan Chase Jessamine, Kathmanblu                    1984 Thoroughbred Club of America, Bids and Blades        1964 Lafayette, Loom
          Flaxman Holdings, Ltd. (Alois Jurt)                         Galvin, Fergus                                             Gray, Tom (2)
              2003 Jenny Wiley–G3, Sea of Showers                          2007 Vinery Madison–G2, Mary Delaney                      1949 Breeders’ Futurity, Oil Capitol
          Flay, Bobby, Robert E. Masterson                            Gann, Edmund A.                                                1949 Keeneland Sale C&G, Oil Capitol
          and Barry Weisbord                                               2003 Toyota Blue Grass–G1, Peace Rules                Great Lakes Stable
              2006 Giant’s Causeway, Gilded Gold                      Garber, Gary M.                                                1958 Ashland, Ramadel
          Flint, Inc., Bernard S. and Mike Palmisano                       1998 Coolmore Lexington–G2, Classic Cat               Green Hills Farm Inc. (Leo Liaskos)
              1984 Lexington, He Is A Great Deal                      Gehl, A.P. and D.H.                                            2010 Rood & Riddle Dowager, Casablanca Smile (CHI)
          Florsheim, Harold M. (2)                                         1969 Alcibiades, Belle Noire                          Green Lantern Stables LLC (Richard D. Masson)
              1960 Lafayette (2nd), Sal’s Beau                        Genter Stable, Frances A. (Frances A. Genter) (4)              2010 Maker’s Mark Mile–G1, Karelian
              1986 Fayette–G3, Harham’s Sizzler                            1984 Fayette–G3, Star Choice                          Greentree Stable (9)
          Floyd, William H. (3)                                            1988 Thoroughbred Club of America–G3, Tappiano            1936 Breeders, Memory Book
              1964 Alcibiades, Fairway Fun                                 1991 Transylvania, Eastern Dude                           1937 Ashland, Drowsy
              1980 Breeders’ Futurity–G2, Fairway Phantom                  1992 Doubledogdare, Jeano                                 1941 Ben Ali, Red Dock
              1986 Alcibiades–G2, Zero Minus                          Genter Stables, Frances A.                                     1941 Breeders’ Futurity, Devil Diver
          Folsom Farm (J. M. Jones Jr.)                               (B. Smith & F. Williams) (2)                                   1941 Phoenix, Cherry Jam
              1971 Spinster, Chou Croute                                   1993 Thoroughbred Club of America–G3, Jeano               1942 Blue Grass, Shut Out
          Ford Inc., Jim (Jim Ford), Deron Pearson                         1994 Doubledogdare–G3, Jeano                              1942 Phoenix, Devil Diver

          and Jack Sweesy

                                                                      Gentry, Tom (4)                                                1950 Breeders’ Futurity, Big Stretch
              2004 Queen Elizabeth II Challenge Cup–G1,                    1982 Thoroughbred Club of America, Excitable Lady         1952 Breeders’ Futurity, Straight Face
                     Ticker Tape (GB)                                      1983 Thoroughbred Club of America, Excitable Lady     Griggs, Brian and Mike Goetz
          Ford Stables                                                     1987 Blue Grass–G1, War                                   2000 Walmac Int’l Alcibiades–G2, She’s A Devil Due
              1964 Breeders’ Futurity, Umbrella Fella                      1987 Lexington–G3, War                                Grimm, Leslie R.
          Forrest, Henry and Elton Gordon                             Gerry, Mrs. Henry A.                                           1998 Vinery First Lady, Witchful Thinking
              1965 Bewitch (2nd), Ole Liz                                  2000 Royal Chase for the Sport of Kings–NSA-1,        Grimm, Peter
          Fortune Jr., Russell                                                  Flat Top                                             1997 Appalachian, Witchful Thinking
              1986 Thoroughbred Club of America,                      Gilmartin, Mrs. S.L.                                       Grissom, Perne L.
                     Zenobia Empress
                                                                           1972 Ashland, Barely Even                                 1959 Spinster, Royal Native
          Fourbrothers Stable
                                                                      Glencrest Farm LLC                                         Grissom, T.A. (3)
              1979 Phoenix, Shelter Half
                                                                           2007 Juddmonte Spinster–G1, Panty Raid                    1958 Breeders’ Futurity, Namon
          Four Fifths Stable (Robert Shapiro)
                                                                      Glencrest Farm and Stewart Madison                             1961 Breeders’ Futurity, Roman Line
              1999 Raven Run, Dreamy Maiden
                                                                           1995 Indian Summer, J. D. and Water                       1961 Phoenix, Eight Again
          Fourth Estate Stable (John S. Knight) (4)
                                                                      Glen Hill Farm (Leonard H. Lavin) (2)                      Grissom, T.A. and J.E. (5)
              1961 Alcibiades, Journalette
                                                                           1988 Phoenix, Carload                                     1968 Ben Ali, Miracle Hill
              1962 Phoenix, Editorialist
                                                                           2008 Buffalo Trace Franklin County, Sly Storm             1968 Phoenix, Miracle Hill
              1963 Phoenix, Editorialist
                                                                      Glenney, Kim (2)                                               1969 Lafayette, Spotted Line
              1964 Ben Ali, Copy Chief
                                                                           2002 Elkhorn–G3, Kim Loves Bucky                          1972 Lafayette, Cari County
          Fowler, Anderson
                                                                           2003 Elkhorn–G3, Kim Loves Bucky                          1972 Phoenix (2nd), Tribal Line
              1990 Ben Ali–G3, Master Speaker
                                                                      Glenney, Kim and John G.                                   Grosfield, E.J.
          Fowler, Elaine
                                                                           2007 Sycamore–G3, Transduction Gold                       1968 Fayette, Yorkville
              1996 Seattle Slew (2nd), Foolish Pole
                                                                      Glen-Teven, Johanna Louise                                 Guiberson, Mrs. Gordon
          Fox Ridge Farm Inc. (Peter G. Schiff) (2)
                                                                           2010 Fifth Third Elkhorn–G2, Musketier (GER)              1953 Blue Grass, Correspondent
              2001 Valley View–G3, Cozzy Corner (dh)
                                                                      Godolphin Racing, Inc.                                     Gunther, John D. (2)
              2002 Queen Elizabeth II Challenge Cup–G1,
                                                                      (Mohammed Al Maktoum, et al)                                   1992 Lafayette–G3, American Chance
                                                                           2008 Perryville–G3 (Presented by Budweiser Select),       2004 Thoroughbred Club of America–G3, Molto Vita
          Franks, John (2)
              1984 Bewitch–G3, Heatherten
                                                                                Hatta Fort (GB)                                  Gushen, Mrs. Irving (3)
                                                                      Goff, M.B.                                                     1957 Ben Ali, Star Rover
              1986 Phoenix, Lucky North
                                                                           1944 Blue Grass, Skytracer                                1957 Lafayette, Bumpy Road
          Franks, John and Brereton C. Jones
                                                                      Goichman, Lawrence                                             1959 Phoenix, Bumpy Road
              1990 Keeneland Breeders’ Cup–G3, Silver Medallion
          French Jr., L.R. and Barry Beal
                                                                           2005 Jessamine, J’ray                                 Haggin II, Louis Lee (5)
                                                                      Golden, Barry (3)                                              1942 Lafayette, Menex
              1987 Spinster–G1, Sacahuista
                                                                           1995 Commonwealth Breeders’ Cup–G2,                       1960 Ashland, Tingle
          French Lick Springs Stable
                                                                                Golden Gear                                          1963 Fayette, Choker
              1937 Breeders, Marica
                                                                           1995 Phoenix, Golden Gear                                 1964 Phoenix, Choker
          Friedberg, Carolyn
                                                                           1997 Sycamore, Gleaming Key                               1975 Breeders’ Futurity–G3, Harbor Springs
              1998 Palisades, Shires Ende
                                                                      Golden Chance Farm (3)                                     Hall, Larry F.
          Friedberg, Hyman
                                                                           1974 Lafayette, Paris Dust                                1999 Nureyev, Howbaddouwantit
              1944 Ashland, Harriet Sue
          Friend, Bert
                                                                           1975 Blue Grass–G1, Master Derby                      Hancock III, Arthur B. (2)
                                                                           1976 Breeders’ Futurity–G2, Run Dusty Run                 2002 WinStar Galaxy–G2, Owsley
              1937 Lexington, Co-Sport
                                                                      Golden Goose Enterprise, LLC (Gary Tolchin)                    2006 Ben Ali–G3, Wanderin Boy
          Fujita, Yoshio
                                                                      and IEAH Stables (Michael A. Iavarone)                     Hancock III, Arthur B. and Catesby W. Clay
              1999 Doubledogdare, Lu Ravi
                                                                           2008 JPMorgan Chase Jessamine, Laragh                     2006 Valley View–G3, Meribel
          Gainesway Farm, Robert Entemann, Stanley M.
                                                                      Golden, Richard L.                                         Hancock III, Arthur B. and James H. Stone
          Hough, Malcolm H. Winfield, et al
                                                                           1998 Queen Elizabeth II Challenge Cup–G1, Tenski          1999 Toyota Blue Grass–G1, Menifee
              1981 Blue Grass–G1, Proud Appeal
                                                                      Goldsmith, Gus                                             Hancock, Seth W.
          Gainsborough Farm (Maktoum Al Maktoum) (3)
                                                                           1999 Warfield, Loon                                       1974 Blue Grass–G1, Judger
              1993 Phoenix Breeders’ Cup, Anjiz
                                                                      Goodwin, Mrs. J.A.                                         Hanger, W. Arnold (2)
              1999 Maker’s Mark Mile–G3, Soviet Line (IRE)
                                                                           1953 Alcibiades, Oil Painting                             1939 Breeders’ Futurity, Roman Flag
              2002 Maker’s Mark Mile–G2, Touch of the Blues (FR)
                                                                      Grace Creek Farm                                               1946 Ashland, Sweet Caprice
          Galbreath, Daniel M.
              1977 Spinster–G1, Cum Laude Laurie
                                                                           1963 Lafayette, Amastar                               Happy Valley Farm (Gary and Steve Wolfson)
                                                                      Grand Prix Stable                                              1986 Forerunner, Autobot
          Galbreath, Mrs. John W.
              1978 Spinster–G1, Tempest Queen
                                                                           1966 Blue Grass, Abe’s Hope                           Harborvale Stable
                                                                                                                                     1951 Breeders’ Futurity, Alladier

             110                                                   2011 Fall Keeneland Media Guide | Stakes Winners Statistics                                          Rev. 8/4/11

                                         Owners Who Won Stakes Races at Keeneland
Hardamon, Donald G. and Ray Trisler                     Hiler Jr., A.C.                                            Hunter, Barbara (2)
    1990 Breeders’ Futurity–G2, Sir Bordeaux                 1985 Fayette–G3, Wop Wop                                  1971 Bewitch (1st), Sidle
Hardesty, Wells, Ben P. Walden, Dennis W. Ebert         Hill Stable, R.A. (Raymond A. Hill III)                        2011 Grey Goose Bewitch–G3, Keertana
    1984 Ashland–G2, Enumerating                        and Vic Fontana                                            Hurley, et al, Phillip
Harlequin Ranches (Richard Bonnycastle),                     2010 Commonwealth–G2, Together Indy                       1979 Alcibiades–G2, Salud
Ralph Johnson and Roger Attfield                        Hine, Carolyn H.                                           Hurstleigh Stable (Alfred Nuckols)
    2009 Fifth Third Elkhorn–G2, Spice Route (GB)            1996 Toyota Blue Grass–G2, Skip Away                      1999 Valley View–G3, Gimmeakissee
Hartington, Lord John                                   Hinkle IV, S.D. and D.D. Crater                            Icahn, Carl C. (2)
    1998 Transylvania, Dog Watch (GB)                        1984 Breeders’ Futurity–G2, Crater Fire                   1989 Palisades, Key Flyer
Hartwick, Clarence                                      Hobeau Farm                                                    1997 Doubledogdare, Singing Heart
    1951 Ashland, Sickle’s Image                             1970 Spinster, Taken Aback                            IEAH Stables (Michael A. Iavarone) (2)
Hasty House Farm (8)                                    Hoeweler, Robert and Candie A. Wigginton                       2006 Bryan Station, Kip Deville
    1952 Ben Ali, Seaward                                    1992 Jenny Wiley, Indian Fashion                          2009 First Lady–G1, Diamondrella (GB)
    1953 Breeders’ Futurity, Hasty Road                 Hofmann, Mrs. Philip                                       IEAH Stables (Michael A. Iavarone),
    1954 Ben Ali, Mister Black                               1979 Breeders’ Futurity–G2, Gold Stage                Dan Borislow and Andrew Cohen, et al
    1954 Phoenix, Pomace                                Hoi Toi Stable (J. Ngai Sr.)                                   2007 Maker’s Mark Mile–G2, Kip Deville
    1955 Ben Ali, Sea O Erin                                 1975 Bewitch, Pink Jade                               IEAH Stables (Michael A. Iavarone) and Pegasus
    1955 Phoenix, Sea O Erin                            Holloway Racing Inc., David P.                             Holding Group Stables (James Tagliaferri)
    1956 Phoenix, Sea O Erin                            (David P. Holloway) (3)                                        2008 Stonerside Beaumont–G2, Ariege
    1968 Lafayette (1st), Santiago Road                      1997 Phoenix Breeders’ Cup, Bet On Sunshine           IEAH Stables (Michael A. Iavarone), Pegasus

Hasty House Farm and Mrs. Harry Trotsek                      2001 Phoenix Breeders’ Cup–G3, Bet On Sunshine        Holding Group Stables, J. Roberts and
    1953 Ben Ali, Oil Capitol                                2010 Ben Ali–G3, Dubious Miss                         A. and S. Cohen
Hauer, J.C.                                             Holthus, Robert                                                2008 Maker’s Mark Mile–G1, Kip Deville
    1960 Fayette, Little Fitz                                1976 Lafayette, United Holme                          IEAH Stables (Michael A. Iavarone) and Resolute
Hawn, Mrs. W.R.                                         Holtsinger, George M.                                      Group Stables (John A. Roberts)
    1964 Ashland, Blue Norther                               1972 Bewitch (1st), Gallant Davelle                       2009 Shadwell Turf Mile–G1, Court Vision
Haynes, Alvin D., Bruce Barton and Turf Stable          Homewrecker Stable, LLC                                    Iglebay, Crispin
(Rusty Jones) (2)                                       (Ricki and Ron Rashinski)                                      1940 Special Event, Level Best
    1997 Valley View, Mingling Glances                       2006 Ashland–G1, Bushfire                             Iron County Farms, Inc. (George Middleton)
    1998 Bryan Station, Mingling Glances                Hooper, Fred W. (6)                                        and Miller Trust (Jess Miller)
Head, Mrs. Alec                                              1948 Breeders’ Futurity, Olympia                          2003 Sycamore Breeders’ Cup–G3, Sharbayan (IRE)
    1986 Bewitch–G3, Devalois (FR)                           1965 Breeders’ Futurity, Tinsley                      Irwin, Richard D.
Headley, Duval A.                                            1966 Alcibiades, Teacher’s Art                            1989 Jenny Wiley, Native Mommy
    1951 Lafayette (2nd), Crownlet                           1970 Phoenix, Paderoso                                Jacks or Better Farm, Inc. (Fred Brei)
Headley, Hal Price (8)                                       1973 Spinster–G1, Susan’s Girl                            2001 Fort Springs, Handsome Hunk
    1937 Phoenix, Preeminent                                 1975 Spinster–G1, Susan’s Girl                        Jacobs, Andreas
    1945 Breeders’ Futurity, Pellicle                   Hooper, Mrs. Fred W.                                           2004 Rood & Riddle Dowager, Humaita (GER)
    1946 Keeneland Special, Pellicle                         1946 Breeders’ Futurity, Education                    Jacobs, Mrs. Ethel D.
    1947 Keeneland Special, Letmenow                    Horton, Robert P.                                              1967 Spinster, Straight Deal
    1951 Lafayette (1st), Recover                            1976 Phoenix, Gallant Bob                             Jamgotchian, Jerry
    1952 Lafayette (2nd), Aerolite                      Horton Stable (Willis Horton) (2)                              2009 Lexus Raven Run–G2, Satans Quick Chick
    1959 Alcibiades, Rash Statement                          1998 Fort Springs, Color of Smoke                     Janney III, Stuart S.
    1960 Spinster, Rash Statement                            1998 Phoenix Breeders’ Cup, Partner’s Hero                2011 Transylvania–G3, Air Support
Heerensperger, Jill and David (2)                       Hoskins, George A.                                         Janney III, Stuart S. and Phipps Stables
    2001 Toyota Blue Grass–G1, Millennium Wind               1985 Thoroughbred Club of America, Boldara            (O.M. Phipps) (2)
    2008 Thoroughbred Club of America–G3, Indyanne      Hovelson, Robert                                               2008 Doubledogdare–G3, Carriage Trail
Heider Jr., Charles F.                                       2006 JPMorgan Chase Jessamine, Swingit                    2008 Juddmonte Spinster–G1, Carriage Trail
    1999 Perryville, National Saint                     Howard, Maxwell                                            Jarrell, C.R.
Heiligbrodt, et al, William                                  1937 Blue Grass, Fencing                                  1975 Lafayette, Inca Roca
    1994 Lexington–G2, Southern Rhythm                  Hubbard, R.D.                                              Jayaraman, V.D. and K.K.
Heiligbrodt Racing Stable                                    1989 Elkhorn–G3, Exclusive Partner                        2003 Maker’s Mark Mile–G2, Royal Spy
(L. William and Corrine Heiligbrodt) (4)                Hudson River Farms (Edward P. Swyer)                       Jayeff-B Stable (Richard Santulli) & Barry Weisbord
    2003 Lafayette–G3, Posse                                 2008 Royal Chase for the Sport of Kings–NSA-1,            1990 Thoroughbred Club of America–G3, Safely Kept
    2004 Lafayette–G3, Bwana Charlie                               Sovereign Duty                                  Jeffords Jr., Mrs. Walter M.
    2004 Valley View–G3, Sister Swank                   Huff, Sam                                                      1999 Royal Chase for the Sport of Kings–NSA-1,
    2007 Bryan Station, Inca King                            1999 Bewitch–G3, Bursting Forth                                  Lonesome Glory
Heinlein, Herman & Prestonwood Farm                     Huffman, Robert (3)                                        Jhayare Stables (Jheri Redding) (2)
(Art, Jack & J.R. Preston)                                   1972 Ben Ali, Knight Counter                              1991 Elkhorn–G2, Itsallgreektome
    1991 Lafayette–G3, To Freedom                            1973 Ben Ali–G3, Knight Counter                           1991 Keeneland Breeders’ Cup–G3, Itsallgreektome
Henderson, W.R.                                              1974 Ben Ali–G3, Knight Counter                       Johnson, et al, Joan C.
    1962 Fayette, Blue Croon                            Humphrey Jr., G. Watts (5)                                     1989 Lexington–G2, Notation
Hermitage Farm (Warner L. Jones Jr.) (2)                     1996 Thoroughbred Club of America–G3,                 Johnston Jr., Mrs. S.K., Gene Voss and Paul Dixon
    1990 Appalachian, Super Fan                                    Surprising Fact                                     2007 Fifth Third Elkhorn–G3, Ascertain (IRE)
    1990 Palisades, Super Fan                                1997 Three Chimneys Spinster–G1, Clear Mandate        Jolley, Mrs. Moody, Ernest Woods, John L. Greer
Hickman, Louise J.                                           1999 Spinning World (2nd), Storm Alert                    1962 Blue Grass, Ridan
    1940 Ben Ali, Arabs Arrow                                2004 Bourbon County, Rey de Cafe                      Jones, Aaron U. and Marie D.
Hickory Tree Stables (Jim and Marylea Treptow)               2008 Grey Goose Bewitch–G3, Communique                    2000 Three Chimneys Spinster–G1, Plenty Of Light
    2008 Commonwealth–G2, Rebellion (GB)                Humphrey Jr., G. Watts and Louise I. Humphrey (2)          Jones, Brereton C. (3)
Hidden Creek Farm (Mike Pulaski)                             1999 Dowager, Moments of Magic                            1993 Appalachian, Harlan Honey
    2007 Stonerside Beaumont–G2, Street Sounds               2002 Madison, Victory Ride                                1993 Palisades, Harlan Honey
Hidden Oak Farm (Ben Perkins Sr. and Neil Litten)       Humphrey Jr., G. Watts and Sheila Pierce                       2010 Appalachian–G3, Check the Label
    1988 Beaumont, On to Royalty                             1991 Hopemont, Stress Buster                          Jones, James T.
Highclere (Jeffry Morris)                               Hunt, Nelson Bunker                                            1965 Spinster, Star Maggie
    2002 Dowager, Lapuma                                     1999 Fort Springs, Charlie’s Beau                     Jones, W.W.
Hild, Glenn                                                                                                            1946 Ben Ali, Bull Play
    1973 Ashland–G3, Raging Whirl

   Rev. 8/4/11                                       2011 Fall Keeneland Media Guide | Stakes Winners Statistics                                               111

                                                   Owners Who Won Stakes Races at Keeneland
          Jordan Jr., Harold                                        Kinsman Stud (George M. Steinbrenner) (2)                   Loblolly Stable (John Ed Anthony) (2)
              1984 Lafayette, Delta Trace                               1991 Alcibiades–G2, Spinning Round                          1991 Jenny Wiley, Foresta
          Juddmonte Farms (Khalid Abdullah) (13)                        1992 Valley View, Spinning Round                            1993 Blue Grass–G2, Prairie Bayou
              1997 Queen Elizabeth II Challenge Cup–G1, Ryafan      Kirkham, Pia                                                Lothenbach Stables, Inc. (Robert J. Lothenbach) (3)
              1999 Shadwell Keeneland Turf Mile–G2,                     2001 Valley View–G3, Chausson Poire (dh)                    2004 Doubledogdare, Mayo On the Side
                    Kirkwall (GB)                                   Klein, Eugene V. (2)                                            2006 Queen Elizabeth II Challenge Cup–G1, Vacare
              2000 Palisades, Velvet Morning                            1988 Alcibiades–G2, Wonders Delight                         2009 Pin Oak Valley View–G3 (1st), Single Solution
              2000 Shakertown, Bold Fact                                1989 Alcibiades–G2, Special Happening                   Lowrance, Everett (2)
              2002 Jenny Wiley–G3, Tates Creek                      Knight, Landon                                                  1953 Lafayette, Everett Jr.
              2002 Raven Run–G3, Sightseek                              1998 Forerunner–G3, Cryptic Rascal                          1965 Lafayette, He Jr.
              2004 Jenny Wiley–G3, Intercontinental (GB)            Kumble, Richard and Michael J. Becker                       Lucas, William F. (2)
              2004 Elkhorn–G3, Epicentre                                1997 Maker’s Mark Mile–G3, Influent                         1983 Phoenix, Shot n’ Missed
              2005 Jenny Wiley–G3, Intercontinental (GB)            LaCombe Stable, Joseph (Joseph LaCombe) (3)                     1984 Blue Grass–G1, Taylor’s Special
              2005 WinStar Galaxy–G2, Intercontinental (GB)             1997 Lane’s End Breeders’ Futurity–G2, Favorite Trick   Lunetta, Joseph R.
              2007 Lexus Raven Run–G2, Jibboom                          1998 Keeneland Breeders’ Cup Mile–G2,                       2003 Woodford County, Joe’s Son Joey
              2008 Vinery Madison–G2, Ventura                                  Favorite Trick                                   Lunsford, W. Bruce (4)
              2010 Abu Dhabi First Lady–G1, Proviso (GB)                2007 Coolmore Lexington–G2, Slew’s Tizzy                    2004 Ashland–G1, Madcap Escapade
          Ju Ju Gen Stable (J. Garsman, M. Scheinman,               Ladiner, Joseph E. and Carson Kimbrough                         2005 Vinery Madison–G3, Madcap Escapade
          H. Carroll) (2)                                               1989 Beaumont, Exquisite Mistress                           2006 Darley Alcibiades–G2, Bel Air Beauty
              1988 Elkhorn–G3, Yankee Affair                        Lael Stables (Roy Jackson)                                      2007 Pin Oak Valley View–G3, Bel Air Beauty

              1989 Fort Harrod, Yankee Affair                           2006 Coolmore Lexington–G2, Showing Up                  Lussky, Clifford (2)
           Kahn, Eliah and Lisa                                     Lane, E.H.                                                      1965 Bewitch (1st), Justakiss
              2005 Queen Elizabeth II Challenge Cup–G1,                 1958 Lafayette (1st), Grand Wizard                          1966 Ashland, Justakiss
                    Sweet Talker                                    Lanni Family Trust (J. Terrence Lanni), Mercedes            Maas, Judy and Philip S.
          K and K Racing Stable (Ronald L. and Thomas Kirby)        Stable, LLC (Ernie Moody) and Bernard C. Schiappa               1989 Phoenix Breeders’ Cup, Momsfurrari
              2003 Doubledogdare, Reason to Talk                        2006 Toyota Blue Grass–G1, Sinister Minister            Magdalena Racing (Susan McPeek, et al)
          Karnak Galactic Racing Stable (Angus Lind)                LaPenta, Robert V.                                              2009 JPMorgan Chase Jessamine, House of Grace
              1999 Shakertown, Prankster                                2004 Toyota Blue Grass–G1, The Cliff’s Edge             Magers, Ron
          Karp, James S.                                            Laue, Brant                                                     1998 A.P. Indy (2nd), Song of Africa
              2000 Transylvania, Field Cat                              2005 Forerunner, Gun Salute                             Maggio, Carl J.
          Karr, Mrs. Irene D.                                       Lauer, Carl (2)                                                 1987 Ben Ali–G3, Intrusion
              1974 Phoenix, Penholder                                   1979 Fayette–G3, Architect                              Magnier, Mrs. John, Michael Tabor, Faisal Salman
          Kaster, Mr. and Mrs. Richard and Mr. and Mrs.                 1980 Ben Ali–G3, Architect                                  2006 Shadwell Turf Mile–G1, Aussie Rules
          Don Propson                                               Laura Leigh Stables (Leslie E. Lunsford Jr.)                Maine Chance Farm (2)
              1997 Walmac Int’l Alcibiades–G2, Countess Diana           1989 Ben Ali–G3, Classic Account                            1946 Blue Grass, Lord Boswell
          Kaster, Nancy and Richard                                 Lavin, Elizabeth S.                                             1954 Alcibiades, Myrtle’s Jet
              1996 Lexington–G2, City by Night                          1992 Indian Summer, Sock City                           Malmuth, Marvin
          Kaster, Nancy and Richard and Nathan Fox (2)              Lazy Lane Farms, Inc. (Joe Allbritton)                          1995 Elkhorn–G2, Marvin’s Faith (IRE)
              1999 Phoenix Breeders’ Cup, Richter Scale                 1991 Lexington–G2, Hansel                               Manhasset Stable
              2000 Commonwealth Breeders’ Cup–G2,                   Lehmann, Frederick E. and John R. Gaines                        1936 Lexington, White Tie
                    Richter Scale                                       1982 Phoenix, Golden Derby                              Manoogian, Jay
          Kaster, Nancy and Richard and Scott Ricker                Lehmann, Robert E. (3)                                          2004 Woodford County, Battle Won
              1996 Appalachian, Dyna Whirl                              1970 Blue Grass, Dust Commander                         Mansell, Frank
          Kelly, Sarah and Jon (2)                                      1972 Phoenix (1st), Honey Jay                               1995 Sycamore, Lindon Lime
              2004 Bewitch–G3, Meridiana (GER)                          1973 Phoenix, Honey Jay                                 Marsch, John
              2007 First Lady–G2, Vacare                            Lehmann, Robert N.                                              1942 Breeders’ Futurity, Occupation
          Kemling, Paul and Orville                                     1977 Fayette, Bob’s Dusty                               Marsh, Hazel B.
              1978 Phoenix, Amadevil                                Levesque, Jean-Louis                                            2005 Buffalo Trace Franklin County, Bright Gold
          Kenis, Charles                                                1977 Alcibiades–G2, L’Alezane                           Martin Racing Stable (Bill Martin) and
              2000 Bewitch–G3, The Seven Seas                       Levy, Robert P. (2)                                         Carl R. Moore Management, LLC (Carl R. Moore)
          Kenneally, Eddie and Peter Kirwin                             1990 Lafayette–G3, Housebuster                              2008 Shakertown–G3, Mr. Nightlinger
              2010 Buffalo Trace Franklin County, Mimi’s Bling          1992 Appalachian, White Corners                         Martin Racing Stable LLC (William and Stephanie
          Kennedy, Mrs. D.J. and Tinkham Veale II                   Lewis, Beverly J. and Robert B. (5)                         Martin) and Dan Morgan (2)
              1959 Lafayette (1st), Vital Force                         1997 Lafayette–G3, Trafalger                                2009 Buffalo Trace Franklin County, Dubai Majesty
          Kennet Valley Thoroughbreds (Nick Robinson) (2)               1999 Lexington–G2, Charismatic                              2010 Thoroughbred Club of America–G2,
              1999 Hopemont, Gateman (GB)                               2002 Commonwealth Breeders’ Cup–G2, Orientate                    Dubai Majesty
              2000 LG&E Energy Forerunner, Gateman (GB)                 2003 Coolmore Lexington–G2, Scrimshaw                   Massey, Betty and Jacob J. Pletcher
          Kerr Stable                                                   2004 Lane’s End Breeders Futurity–G1, Consolidator          1996 Valley View, Turkappeal
              1957 Blue Grass, Round Table                          Lewis, R.A.                                                 Mathis, L. Don
          Keswick Stable                                                1955 Lafayette, First Lap                                   1991 Bewitch–G3, Miss Unnameable
              1981 Thoroughbred Club of America, Gold Treasure      Lewis, Mrs. W.G.                                            May, Mrs. William H.
          King Caledon Farms (Scott Abbott & John Haney)                1945 Blue Grass, Darby Dieppe                               1970 Lafayette, Seen Alot
              1990 Fort Harrod, Charlie Barley                      Linhoss, Charles T.                                         McArthur, Theresa and Carolyn Chapman
          Kinghaven Farms (David S. Willmot)                            1990 Elkhorn–G2, Ten Keys                                   2000 Lafayette–G3, Caller One
              1997 Fayette–G3, Whiskey Wisdom                       Lister, Richard L.                                          McCalmont, Harry
          Kinghaven Farms (Donald G. Willmot) (3)                       2008 Giant’s Causeway, Danceroftherealm (GB)                1994 Queen Elizabeth II Challenge Cup–G1,
              1990 Forerunner–G3, Izvestia                          Live Oak Plantation (Mrs. Charlotte C. Weber) (5)                    Danish (IRE)
              1990 Transylvania, Izvestia                               2005 Stonerside Beaumont–G2, In the Gold                McCarthy, Thomas R.
              1993 Commonwealth Breeders’ Cup–G3, Alydeed               2006 Maker’s Mark Mile–G2, Miesque’s Approval               2009 Toyota Blue Grass–G1, General Quarters
          Kinghaven Farms and Rick Richardson                           2006 Sycamore Breeders’ Cup–G3, Revved Up               McClay, Thomas and Harry Nye
              1992 Fort Harrod–G3, Shudanz                              2007 Jenny Wiley–G3, My Typhoon (IRE)                       2005 Lafayette–G3, More Smoke
          King Ranch                                                    2011 Toyota Blue Grass–G1, Brilliant Speed              McDonald, Jim & Overbrook Farm
              1969 Spinster, Gallant Bloom                          Livin the Dream Racing, LLC (Kelly Colliver)                (William T. Young), et al
          Kinross Farm                                                  2008 Darley Alcibiades–G1, Dream Empress                    1994 Phoenix, Lost Pan
              2006 Royal Chase for the Sport of Kings–NSA-1,        Lloyd Madison Farms IV, LLC (Fred Schwartz, et al)          McIngvale, James
                    Sur La Tete                                         2004 Phoenix Breeders’ Cup–G3, Champali                     1999 Seattle Slew (1st), Some Actor

             112                                                 2011 Fall Keeneland Media Guide | Stakes Winners Statistics                                           Rev. 8/4/11

                                           Owners Who Won Stakes Races at Keeneland
McKellar, Donald M. (2)                                      Murphy, John D.                                            Ozment, Kerry and Linda
    1974 Alcibiades–G3, Hope of Glory                           2001 Perryville, Dream Run                                  1998 Indian Summer, The Happy Hopper
    1976 Alcibiades–G2, Sans Supplement                      My Jo Lee Stable (Robert Firth)                            Pabst, Henry E. (2)
McMakin, Nelson                                                 1999 Palisades, Wild Heart Dancing                          2001 Coolmore Lexington–G2, Keats
    2009 Queen Elizabeth II Challenge Cup–G1,                Natjolee Stable                                                2001 Bewitch–G3, Keemoon (FR)
           Hot Cha Cha                                          1961 Ben Ali, Cactus Tom                                Pacella, William L., Joe Rizza, Ronald T. Schwed
Meadow Stable                                                Neece, Linda                                                   1995 Jenny Wiley–G3, Romy
    1972 Blue Grass, Riva Ridge                                 2001 Appalachian, Bold Answer                           Padua Stables (Satish K. Sanan) (2)
MeLillo, George                                              New Farm (Everett Novak)                                       1998 Dowager, Verinha (BRZ)
    2005 Fifth Third Elkhorn, Macaw (IRE)                       2007 Thoroughbred Club of America–G3, Wild Gams             1999 Lafayette–G3, Yes It’s True
Melnyk Racing Stables, Inc. (Eugene Melnyk) (4)              Newman, Donald                                             Padua Stables (Anne and Satish Sanan)
    2005 Shadwell Turf Mile–G1, Host (CHI)                      1978 Ashland–G3, Mucchina                                   1999 Indian Summer, Mycatcandance
    2006 Doubledogdare, Pool Land                            New Phoenix Stable (Yoshiki Akazawa)                       Padua Stables (Satish K. Sanan) and Jay Manoogian
    2008 Ben Ali–G3, Sterwins                                   1992 Keeneland Breeders’ Cup–G3, Lotus Pool                 2004 Coolmore Lexington–G2, Quintons Gold Rush
    2011 Shakertown–G3, Stratford Hill                       New Phoenix Stable (Gary Drake, et al) (4)                 Padua Stables (Satish K. Sanan), Michael Shustek
Mentzer, Dwight (3)                                             1993 Hopemont, Star of Manila                           and W. Don Stanley
    1998 A.P. Indy (1st), Ayrial Delight                        1993 Valley View, Weekend Madness (IRE)                     2008 Coolmore Lexington–G2, Behindatthebar
    1999 A.P. Indy, Ayrial Delight                              1994 Keeneland Breeders’ Cup–G3, Weekend                Pape, William L. (2)
    1999 Spinning World (1st), Ayrial Delight                         Madness (IRE)                                         2002 Royal Chase for the Sport of Kings–NSA-1,
Merriefield Farm (Charles Noell)                                1994 Transylvania, Star of Manila                                 It’s a Giggle

    2008 Sycamore–G3, Always First (GB)                      New Phoenix Stable (Gary Drake, et al)                         2007 Royal Chase for the Sport of Kings–NSA-1,
Meyerhoff, Harry C. and Tom O. (5)                           and Alvin Haynes                                                     Mixed Up
    1979 Blue Grass–G1, Spectacular Bid                         1996 Bewitch–G3, Memories (IRE)                         Paraneck Stable (Ernie Paragallo) (3)
           (as Hawksworth Farm)                              Nolan Creek Farm LLC (Diane Connell)                           1996 Indian Summer, High Heeled Hope
    1984 Phoenix, Timeless Native                               1999 Thoroughbred Club of America–G3, Cinemine              1998 Lafayette–G3, Dontlethebigonego
           (as Hawksworth Farm)                              Northcliff Farm (Mike Prentiss)                                2001 Lafayette–G3, Griffinite
    1993 Ben Ali–G3, Sunny Sunrise                              1996 Dowager, Ampulla                                   Parker, Ray
    1994 Fayette–G2, Sunny Sunrise                           Northern Bloodstock (Amelie Ehrnrooth)                         1977 Bewitch, Crystalan
    2009 Commonwealth–G2, Eternal Star                          2008 Rood & Riddle Dowager, Herboriste (GB)             Pastime Stable (G. Watts Humphrey Jr., et al)
Michael Jr., Russell (2)                                     Novogratz, Alyce and Joe                                       1990 Alcibiades–G2, Private Treasure
    1981 Ben Ali–G3, Withholding                                1992 Fort Springs, Antrim Rd.                           Pastorek, John P. and Roger W. Patten
    1982 Ben Ali–G3, Withholding                             Oak, Harry A.                                                  1995 Palisades, Miss Union Avenue
Miles Jr., A. Steven                                            1980 Blue Grass–G1, Rockhill Native                     Patterson, Ann and Charles
    2002 Walmac Int’l Alcibiades–G2, Westerly Breeze         Oaktown Stable (Lewis Burrell Sr., et al)                      1998 Hopemont (2nd), Bold Caleb
Milky Way Farm                                                  1991 Breeders’ Futurity–G2, Dance Floor                 Paulson, Allen E. (11)
    1941 Lafayette–Black Raider                              Oddesa Farms                                                   1991 Fort Harrod–G3, Opening Verse
Miller, Elmer E. (3)                                            1938 Lafayette, Oddesa Beula                                1992 Alcibiades–G2, Eliza
    1984 Alcibiades–G2, Foxy Deen                            Olson, H.,E. and R.D. Prewitt                                  1992 Ben Ali–G3, Loach (dh)
    1993 Elkhorn–G2, Coaxing Matt                               1959 Fayette, Terra Firma                                   1992 Spinster–G1, Fowda
    1993 Keeneland Breeders’ Cup–G3, Coaxing Matt            On Target Racing Stable (R.B. Cerullo & Niki Paulus)           1993 Bewitch–G3, Miss Lenora
Miller, Mrs. Helen                                              2001 Elkhorn–G3, Williams News                              1993 Fort Harrod–G3, Ganges
    1943 Lafayette, Ogham                                    Otto Stables, Inc., Richard (Richard Otto)                     1994 Bryan Station, Vinista
Miller III, Maurice and Thomas F. Van Meter II                  2003 Thoroughbred Club of America–G3,                       1994 Valley View Breeders’ Cup, Pharma
    2006 Lafayette, Likely                                            Summer Mis                                            1995 Dowager, Sudana
Minassian, Zeke                                              Overbrook Farm (William T. Young                               1996 Jenny Wiley–G3, Apolda
    1992 Queen Elizabeth II Challenge Cup–G1,                and William T. Young Jr.) (11)                                 2000 Jenny Wiley–G3, Astra
           Captive Miss                                         1989 Transylvania, Shy Tom                              Paulson Living Trust, Allen E. (Michael Paulson) (2)
Monroe, Joyce and Roy K.                                        1992 Breeders’ Futurity–G2, Mountain Cat                    2001 Shadwell Keeneland Turf Mile–G2, Hap
    1998 Hopemont (1st), Pineaff                                1993 Alcibiades–G2, Stellar Cat                             2004 Overbrook Spinster–G1, Azeri
Monroe, Roy K. (3)                                              1995 Thoroughbred Cub of America–G3, Cat Appeal         Paxson, Mrs. Henry D.
    1992 Green River, Warside                                   1995 Valley View Breeders’ Cup, Country Cat                 1979 Ashland–G2, Candy Eclair
    1994 Breeders’ Futurity–G2, Tejano Run                      1996 Breeders’ Futurity–G2, Boston Harbor               Payson, Virginia Kraft (2)
    1996 Fort Harrod–G3, Tejano Run                             1998 Lane’s End Breeders’ Futurity–G2, Cat Thief            1990 Fayette–G2, Lac Ouimet
Moore Management, LLC, Carl R. (Carl R. Moore)                  2000 Thoroughbred Club of America–G3,                       2008 Jenny Wiley–G2, Rutherienne
    2008 Woodford, Chamberlain Bridge                                 Katz Me If You Can                                Peace, John H.
Moore, Warren N.                                                2001 Jenny Wiley–G3, Penny’s Gold                           1998 Doubledogdare, Top Secret
    1988 Bewitch–G3, Beauty Cream                               2003 Perryville, Clock Stopper                          Peachtree Stable (John Fort) (2)
Moran, Michael J.                                               2005 Commonwealth Breeders’ Cup–G2,                         2005 Coolmore Lexington–G2, Coin Silver
    2003 Royal Chase for the Sport of Kings–NSA-1,                    Clock Stopper                                         2006 Woodford Reserve Bourbon County,
           McDynamo                                          Overbrook Farm (William T. Young)                                    Twilight Meteor
Morrison, Dolphus C.                                         and D. Wayne Lukas                                         Pegram, Michael E. (4)
    2002 Hopemont, Rapid Proof                                  1991 Phoenix Breeders’ Cup, Deposit Ticket                  1998 Walmac Int’l Alcibiades–G2, Silverbulletday
Morven Stud (John Kluge)                                     Overbrook Farm (William T. Young)                              1999 Ashland–G1, Silverbulletday
    1999 Bryan Station (2nd), Mingling Glances               and David Reynolds                                             1999 Lane’s End Breeders’ Futurity–G2, Captain Steve
Moyglare Stud (Walter Haefner) (3)                              1993 Fort Springs, Tabasco Cat                              2000 Doubledogdare, Silverbulletday
    1994 Dowager, Market Booster                             Oxbow Racing, LLC (Art Preston)                            Pegram, Michael E. and Terry Henn
    1995 Bewitch–G3, Market Booster                             2007 Perryville–G3 (Presented by Budweiser Select),         1996 Fayette–G2, Isitingood
    2006 Buffalo Trace Franklin County, Society Hostess               Steve’s Double                                    Peltier, Harvey
M.R.P. Stable (Robert P. Levy, et al)                        Oxley, Debby M. (2)                                            1967 Blue Grass, Diplomat Way
    1994 Thoroughbred Club of America–G3,                       2000 Raven Run, Darling My Darling                      Perdomo, Stella
           Tenacious Tiffany                                    2001 Doubledogdare, Darling My Darling                      2011 Elkhorn–G2, Musketier (GER)
Muckler Stables (Dan C. Muckler)                             Oxley, John C. (3)                                         Perry, William Haggin (3)
    1981 Alcibiades–G2, Apalachee Honey                         2000 Hopemont, Overview                                     1963 Spinster, Lamb Chop
Mulholland, John R. and Martha Jane                             2002 Lane’s End Breeders’ Futurity–G2, Sky Mesa             1965 Ashland (1st), Terentia
    2006 Thoroughbred Club of America–G3, Malibu Mint           2005 Lexus Raven Run, For All We Know                       1989 Breeders’ Futurity–G2, Slavic

   Rev. 8/4/11                                            2011 Fall Keeneland Media Guide | Stakes Winners Statistics                                                 113

                                                  Owners Who Won Stakes Races at Keeneland
          Peterson Jr., George B.                                Ramsey, Kenneth L. and Sarah K. Ramsey (5)                 Rosen, Mrs. Samuel
              1996 Sycamore, Gleaming Key                            2000 Green River, Word Puzzle                              1949 Lafayette, Black Sambo
          Petre, John J.                                             2004 Shadwell Turf Mile–G1, Nothing to Lose            Rosenthal, Mrs. Morton
              1987 Bewitch–G3, Gerrie Singer                         2005 Lane’s End Breeders’ Futurity–G1, Dawn of War         1997 Thoroughbred Club of America–G3,
          Phillips, James W.                                         2011 Giant’s Causeway, Holiday for Kitten                        Sky Blue Pink
              1987 Queen Elizabeth II Challenge Cup–G3,              2011 Coolmore Lexington–G3, Derby Kitten               Rosso, W.P.
                     Graceful Darby                              Rand, Greg                                                     1971 Blue Grass, Impetuosity
          Phillips, James W. and Arthur G. Seelbinder                1998 Valley View, White Beauty                         Roussel III, Louie J.
              1993 Queen Elizabeth II Challenge Cup–G1,          Rand, Greg and Terry J. Brennan                                1989 Lafayette, Belek
                     Tribulation                                     2000 Bryan Station, White Beauty                       Roussel III, Louie J. and Ronnie Lamarque
          Phillips, Joan G. and John Phillips                    Rand, Jeff                                                     1988 Lexington–G2, Risen Star
              1996 Queen Elizabeth II Challenge Cup–G1,              1993 Green River, Fred’s Affair                        Rudd, Mason
                     Memories of Silver                          Rashinski, Ricki and Ron                                       1994 Fort Harrod–G3, First and Only
          Phillips Racing Partnership                                2001 Indian Summer, Vicki Vallencourt                  Ryan, Michael J.
              2011 Appalachian–G3, Winter Memories               Raymond, Terry and Kyle Nagle                                  2000 Appalachian, Impending Bear
          Phipps, Michael G. (5)                                     1993 Indian Summer, Little Shocker                     Ryan, William
              1959 Ben Ali, Greek Chief                          Real Deal Racing (Brook Smith, et al)                          1986 Keeneland Breeders’ Cup, Leprechauns Wish
              1966 Breeders’ Futurity, Gentleman James               2002 Forerunner, Red Masque                            Ryehill Farm (James P. Ryan) (3)
              1967 Ben Ali, Francis U.                           Reddam, John Paul (3)                                          1988 Ben Ali–G3, Homebuilder
              1969 Phoenix, Lithiot                                  2003 Ashland–G1, Elloluv                                   1988 Fayette–G2, Homebuilder

              1970 Ashland, Gay Missile                              2006 Lane’s End Breeders’ Futurity–G1, Great Hunter        1996 Forerunner–G3, Rough Opening
          Phipps, Ogden (4)                                          2008 Lane’s End Breeders’ Futurity–G1, Square Eddie    Saland, Richard
              1972 Spinster, Numbered Account                    Reidinger, J.H.                                                2001 Shakertown, Airbourne Command
              1988 Breeders’ Futurity–G2, Fast Play                  1962 Bewitch, Bonnie’s Girl                            Salmen, Donna, Susan Bunning
              1996 Ashland–G1, My Flag                           Reineman Stable, Russell L. (3)                            and Highland Farms (George Hofmeister)
              2001 Thoroughbred Club of America–G3, Cat Cay          1980 Fayette–G3, Hurry Up Blue                             1998 Thoroughbred Club of America–G3,
          Phipps, Ogden Mills (Phipps Stable, et al) (6)             1986 Lexington–G3, Wise Times                                    Bourbon Belle
              1994 Ashland–G1, Inside Information                    1990 Lexington–G2, Home At Last                        Sam-Son Farm (includes Ernest L. Samuel
              1994 Spinster–G1, Dispute                          Reineman Stables Inc., Russell L.                          and Mrs. Elizabeth Samuel) (11)
              1995 Spinster–G1, Inside Information               and Prestonwood Farm (Art, Jack & J.R. Preston)                1987 Forerunner, Blue Finn
              2004 Storm Cat, Good Reward                            1998 Commonwealth Breeders’ Cup–G2,                        1990 Jenny Wiley, Regal Wonder
              2008 Fifth Third Elkhorn–G2, Dancing Forever                 Distorted Humor                                      1991 Appalachian, Radiant Ring
              2009 Ben Ali–G3, Parading                          Respess, J.B. (2)                                              1991 Palisades, Radiant Ring
          Piatt, Thomas                                              1938 Ben Ali, Main Man                                     1991 Spinster–G1, Wilderness Song
              1945 Ashland, Come and Go                              1938 Phoenix, Main Man                                     1996 Seattle Slew (1st), Sealaunch
          Pillar Farm (William du Pont III)                      Reverie Knoll Farm                                             1997 Elkhorn–G3, Chief Bearhart
              1978 Fayette, Silver Series                            1963 Alcibiades, Secret Veil                               2001 Dowager, Only to You
          Pin Oak Stable (Josephine E. Abercrombie) (7)          Reynolds, David P. (2)                                         2002 Doubledogdare, Dancethruthedawn
              1998 Elkhorn–G3, African Dancer                        1994 Fort Springs, Lord Carson                             2004 Shakertown–G3, Soaring Free
              1999 Elkhorn–G3, African Dancer                        1999 Commonwealth Breeders’ Cup–G2,                        2005 Shakertown–G3, Soaring Free
              2000 McConnell Springs, Trajectory                           Good and Tough                                   Sandbar Farms (Barry Buchholz) (2)
              2001 Stravinsky, Confessional                      Rice, Ada L. (4)                                               1993 Ashland–G1, Lunar Spook
              2001 Ben Ali–G3, Broken Vow                            1953 Ashland, Cerise Reine                                 2002 Lafayette–G3, Cashel Castle
              2001 A.P. Indy, Confessional                           1953 Phoenix, Pet Bully                                Sanders, G.E.
              2002 Valley View–G3, Bedanken                          1965 Blue Grass, Lucky Debonair                            1973 Breeders’ Futurity–G3, Provante
          Pin Oak Stable (Josephine E. Abercrombie)                  1973 Alcibiades–G3, City Girl                          Santa Cruz Ranch, Inc. (Juan Rizo)
          and Pastime Stable (G. Watts Humphrey Jr., et al)      Richter, Kristine and John                                     2004 WinStar Galaxy–G2, Stay Forever
              1991 Forerunner–G3, Bewray                             2003 WinStar Galaxy–G2, Bien Nicole                    Sapara, Alice and James
          Pompa Jr., Paul, Stephen Yarbrough                     Rio Aventura Stables (Jose L. DeCamargo)                       1998 Spinning World, Golden Mirage (IRE)
          and Anthony Grey                                       and Thomas F. Van Meter II                                 Saron Stable (Corbin J. Robertson) (4)
              2010 Beaumont–G2, Franny Freud                         2001 Bryan Station, Gino’s Spirits (GB)                    1980 Spinster–G1, Bold ’n Determined
          Porter, Chester, Randy Bloch and Phil Milner           Roban Stable                                                   1981 Bewitch, Bold ’n Determined
              2003 Stonerside Beaumont–G2, My Boston Gal             1968 Ashland, Miss Swapsco                                 1986 Keeneland Gold Cup, Golden Dodger
          Potrykus, Mrs. Julius                                  Roberts, Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. (2)                            1989 Thoroughbred Club of America–G3, Plate Queen
              1965 Ashland (2nd), Bright Bauble                      1968 Alcibiades, Lil’s Bag                             Sassafras I, LLC (Larry Richardson)
          Potter Jr., Edward                                         1968 Lafayette (2nd), Traffic Mark                         2007 Lafayette, Carnacks Choice
              1958 Blue Grass, Plion                             Roberts, Robert H. and Bea (2)                             Scatuorchio, James T. and John Iracane
          Pressley, Michael and Jim Neidig                           1995 Fayette–G2, Judge T C                                 2008 Woodford Reserve Bourbon–G3, Bittel Road
              2004 Raven Run–G2, Josh’s Madelyn                      1999 Appalachian, Tres Coronas                         Scharbauer, Dorothy
          Prestonwood Farm, Inc. (3)                             Robideaux Jr., Larry                                           1987 Commonwealth Breeders’ Cup, Exclusive Enough
              1987 Fayette–G2, Good Command                          1971 Bewitch (2nd), Cautious Bidder                    Schemmer, Jurgen
              1995 Bryan Station, Very Special Lite              Robins, Gerald                                                 1992 Dowager, Green Noble
              1995 Hopemont, Red Shadow                              1977 Blue Grass–G1, For the Moment                     Schneider, George
          Pryor, Thomas and Jones Biven                          Robins, Gerald and Timothy Sams                                1947 Phoenix, George Gains
              1991 Indian Summer, Cadillac Women                     1985 Breeders’ Futurity–G2, Tasso                      Schott, Marcia
          Pucek, John, Brett Setzer, Robert Edwards              Robinson, Jill (2)                                             1974 Bewitch (2nd), Secret’s Out
          and David Fogg                                             1993 Lafayette–G3, Cherokee Run                        Schwartz, Martin S. (6)
              2007 Phoenix–G3, Off Duty                              1993 Transylvania, Proud Shot                              2005 Bewitch–G3, Angara (GB)
          Quinichett, Lorraine                                   Rob Ry Farm (Charles Haynes) and Jayne M. Slysz                2005 Valley View–G3, Asi Siempre
              1988 Ashland–G1, Willa On the Move                     2009 Shakertown–G3, Heros Reward                           2006 Appalachian, Lady of Venice (FR)
          Rafter L Stables (Mary L. Bonham)                      Rogers Red Top Farm and P.J. Flavin                            2006 Juddmonte Spinster–G1, Asi Siempre
              2003 Stravinsky, Repository                            1985 Lafayette, Proudest Hour                              2006 First Lady–G2, Gorella (FR)
          Ramsey, Kenneth L. (2)                                 Rokeby Stable (2)                                              2007 Doubledogdare–G3, Asi Siempre
              1994 Green River (2nd), Bail Out Becky                 1969 Blue Grass, Arts and Letters                      Schwartz, Michael
              1995 Appalachian, Bail Out Becky                       1974 Spinster–G1, Summer Guest                             2000 A.P. Indy, Chris’s Thunder

             114                                              2011 Fall Keeneland Media Guide | Stakes Winners Statistics                                         Rev. 8/4/11

                                           Owners Who Won Stakes Races at Keeneland
Scuderia Sant’Ambroeus                                     Stanley, Mark H. (2)                                       Stronach Stables (Elfriede and Andrew Stronach)
    1997 Dowager, Sagar Pride (IRE)                            1994 Beaumont–G2, Her Temper                           and Wertheimer and Frere (Alain Wertheimer)
Scully, James                                                  1999 Jenny Wiley–G3, Pleasant Temper                       2007 Commonwealth Breeders’ Cup–G2,
    1977 Breeders’ Futurity–G2, Gonquin                    Star Crown Stable (Estate of Carl Rosen)                             Silent Name (JPN)
Seitz, Fred and New Farm (Everett Novak)                   and Three Chimneys Farm (Robert Clay, et al)               Stud Panter (Francisco Cortez)
    1996 Phoenix Breeders’ Cup, Forest Wildcat                 1985 Blue Grass–G1, Chief’s Crown                          1994 Commonwealth Breeders’ Cup–G2, Memo (CHI)
Sekiguchi, Fusao (3)                                       Starlight Partners (Donald Lucarelli, et al)               Sturgis, Roy
    1998 Bewitch–G3, Maxzene                               and C.E. Glasscock                                             1962 Ashland, Windy Miss
    1998 Jenny Wiley–G3, Maxzene                               2010 Lexus Raven Run–G2, Hilda’s Passion               Sukley, E.J.
    2002 Transylvania, Flying Dash (GER)                   Starlight Stable (Jack Wolf)                                   2007 Shadwell Turf Mile–G1, Purim
Select Stable (Feye Bach) (4)                                  2002 Toyota Blue Grass–G1, Harlan’s Holiday            Sullimar Stables (Mary A. Sullivan) (2)
    2001 Walmac Int’l Alcibiades–G2, Take Charge Lady      Starlight Stable, LLC (Jack Wolf), Donald J. Lucarelli         2009 Bryan Station–G3, Get Stormy
    2002 Ashland–G1, Take Charge Lady                      and Paul H. Saylor                                             2011 Maker’s Mark Mile–G1, Get Stormy
    2002 Overbrook Spinster–G1, Take Charge Lady               2008 Toyota Blue Grass–G1, Monba                       Sullivan, Jeff (3)
    2003 Overbrook Spinster–G1, Take Charge Lady           Stavro, Steve A.                                               1990 Commonwealth Breeders’ Cup–G3,
Sepler, David                                                  1988 Blue Grass–G1, Granacus                                     Black Tie Affair (IRE)
    1998 Nureyev, Soldier Field                            STD Racing Stable (Steve and David Kenly), Rafter              1991 Commonwealth Breeders’ Cup–G3,
Shadowlawn Farm (Harry H. Ranier)                          JR Ranch (Jay Schneider) and Peter Moehrke                           Black Tie Affair (IRE)
and Mike Campbell                                              2010 Darley Alcibiades–G1, Wickedly Perfect                1996 Palisades, Clamorosa
    1988 Keeneland Breeders’ Cup–G3, Niccolo Polo          Steinbrenner III, George M.                                Summa Stable (Bruce McNall)

Shadwell Farm (Sheikh Hamdan Al Maktoum/                       1980 Lafayette, Firm Boss                                  1982 Spinster–G1, Track Robbery
Rick Nichols, Lessee) (7)                                  Stephens, Woodford C.                                      Summerplace Farm, LLC (John Lally)
    1990 Phoenix Breeders’ Cup, Hadif                          1954 Breeders’ Futurity, Brother Tex                       2006 Phoenix Breeders’ Cup–G3, Kelly’s Landing
    1995 Keeneland Breeders’ Cup–G3, Dumaani               Stepp Jr., W. Harley                                       Sybon Racing (Bonnie and Sy Baskin) (2)
    1996 Keeneland Breeders’ Cup Mile–G3, Dumaani              1995 Forerunner–G3, Dixie Dynasty                          2002 Green River, Ocean Drive
    2000 Shadwell Keeneland Turf Mile–G2, Altibr           Sterling Stud (Andrena and Paul Van Doren)                     2003 Appalachian, Ocean Drive
    2004 Sycamore Breeders’ Cup–G3, Mustanfar                  2000 Fayette Breeders’ Cup–G3, Jadada                  Tabor, Michael (4)
    2008 Appalachian–G3, Alwajeeha                         Stevens, Lowell T.                                             1995 Breeders’ Futurity–G2, Honour and Glory
    2008 Queen Elizabeth II Challenge Cup–G1,                  1986 Elkhorn, Lieutenant’s Lark                            2002 Ben Ali–G3, Duckhorn
          Alwajeeha                                        Stevenson, Joe and Ray Stump                                   2003 Commonwealth Breeders’ Cup–G2,
Shaffer, Mrs. E.E.D.                                           1975 Ben Ali–G3, Navajo                                          Smooth Jazz
    1952 Alcibiades, Sweet Patootie                        Stone, James H. (3)                                            2004 Commonwealth Breeders’ Cup–G2, Lion Tamer
Shandon Farm                                                   1976 Bewitch (1st), Olden                              Tabor, Michael, Robert and Beverly Lewis,
    1939 Ben Ali, Burning Star                                 1998 Sycamore, Royal Strand (IRE)                      Mrs. John Magnier
Shannon, Bradley M.                                            1999 Sycamore, Royal Strand (IRE)                          2000 Toyota Blue Grass–G1, High Yield
    1987 Elkhorn, Manila                                   Stonehaven Farm (David Coia)                               Tabor, Michael and Mrs. John Magnier (2)
Sharenow, Joel                                                 2004 Jessamine County, Paddy’s Daisy                       1998 Ashland–G1, Well Chosen
    1986 Lafayette, Numero Uno Pass                        Stonereath Farm (Darrell and Lendy F. Brown)                   2002 Shadwell Keeneland Turf Mile–G1, Landseer (GB)
Sharp, Bayard A.                                               1982 Ashland–G2, Blush With Pride                      Tabor, Michael and Derrick Smith (2)
    1996 Elkhorn–G3, Vladivostok                           Stonerside Stable, LLC                                         2005 Toyota Blue Grass–G1, Bandini
Sher, Jacob                                                (Janice and Robert C. McNair) (6)                              2008 Fayette–G3, Ball Four
    1961 Blue Grass, Sherluck                                  2000 Dowager, Illiquidity                              Tafel, James B. (5)
Siegel, Jan, Mace and Samantha (4)                             2000 Indian Summer, Freefourracing                         1989 Queen Elizabeth II Challenge Cup–G2, Coolawin
    1991 Beaumont–G3, Ifyoucouldseemenow                       2000 Stonerside Beaumont–G2, Sahara Gold                   1990 Bewitch–G3, Coolawin
    1992 Beaumont–G3, Fluttery Danseur                         2000 WinStar Galaxy–G3, Tout Charmant                      1995 The Minstrel, Cinch
    1992 Thoroughbred Club of America–G3,                      2007 Darley Alcibiades–G1, Country Star                    1998 Three Chimneys Spinster–G1, Banshee Breeze
          Ifyoucouldseemenow                                   2008 Bryan Station–G3, Cowboy Cal                          2000 Coolmore Lexington–G2, Unshaded
    1995 Ashland–G1, Urbane                                Stonerside Stable LLC (Janice and Robert C.                Tanaka, Gary A. (4)
Silverton Hill, LLC (Bonnie and Tommy Hamilton)            McNair) and Robert E. Sangster                                 2003 Bewitch–G3, Lilac Queen (GER)
    2007 Toyota Blue Grass–G1, Dominican                       1999 Fayette Breeders’ Cup–G3, Social Charter              2006 Bewitch–G3, Noble Stella (GER)
Simi Stable (Peter Bradley)                                Stonerside Stable, LLC (Janice and Robert C.                   2006 Fifth Third Elkhorn–G3, Pellegrino (BRZ)
    1997 A.P. Indy (1st), Affair With Aflair               McNair), Sanford Goldfarb, Joe Torre, Michael                  2006 Fayette–G3, Eccentric (GB)
Singer, Craig B. (2)                                       Dubb and Ira Davis                                         Tanikawa, Koichiro
    1993 Dowager, Navarra                                      2005 Ashland–G1, Sis City                                  1987 Keeneland Breeders’ Cup, Storm On the Loose
    2007 JPMorgan Chase Jessamine, Wind in My Wings        Stoneway Farm (James Stone)                                Tanner, C.C. (2)
S J Stables, LLC (Shirley and Jerrold Schwartz)                2002 Stonerside Beaumont–G2, Proper Gamble                 1945 Phoenix, Best Effort
    2009 Sycamore–G3, Cloudy’s Knight                      Stony Oak Farm, LLC (G. James Phelps)                          1946 Lafayette, Colonel O’F
Smith, Bentley L.                                              2005 Phoenix Breeders’ Cup–G3, Elusive Jazz            Tate, Mrs. Lloyd P. (2)
    1999 Green River, Solvig                               Strapro Stable (J.R. Straus and Izzie Proler)                  1958 Alcibiades, Fiji
Smith, Clarence and Rob Roberts                                1980 Ashland (1st)–G2, Flos Florum                         1960 Phoenix, Court Affair
    1997 Transylvania, Near the Bank                       Stronach, Frank                                            Taylor, et al, Kenneth (2)
Smith, J.F.                                                    1993 Forerunner–G3, Explosive Red                          2001 Stonerside Beaumont–G2, Xtra Heat
    1974 Bewitch (1st), Dancing Home                       Stronach, Frank and Nelson Bunker Hunt                         2002 Phoenix Breeders’ Cup–G3, Xtra Heat
Smith, Ted and Bill Marko                                      1981 Spinster–G1, Glorious Song                        Team Block (David, Patricia and Ryan Block) (2)
    1983 Fayette–G3, Frost King (dh)                       Stronach, Frank and Stonerside Ltd.                            2007 Woodford, Fort Prado
Smith, Mrs. V.E.                                           (Janice and Robert C. McNair)                                  2011 Jenny Wiley–G2, Never Retreat
    1946 Phoenix, Sirius                                       1997 Lexington–G2, Touch Gold                          Team Power Play Racing
Sovereign Stable (Matthew Gatsas)                          Stronach Stables (Elfriede Stronach) (3)                       2005 Woodford Reserve Bourbon, Yankee Master
    2009 Darley Alcibiades–G1, Negligee                        1998 Green River, Perfect Sting                        Team Solaris Stable (John Ball)
Spears, Lockhart                                               1999 Queen Elizabeth II Challenge Cup–G1,                  2004 Appalachian, Lucifer’s Stone
    1979 Bewitch, Miss Baja                                          Perfect Sting                                    Team Valor Stable (Barry Irwin and Jeff Siegel)
Spence, James C. (2)                                           2000 Queen Elizabeth II Challenge Cup–G1,                  1993 Jenny Wiley, Lady Blessington (FR)
    1994 Indian Summer, Lilly Capote                                 Collect the Cash                                 Team Valor (Barry Irwin, et al) and Dream With Me
    1998 Beaumont–G2, Star of Broadway                                                                                Stable (Jean Pierre Dubois) (2)
                                                                                                                          2001 Green River, Stylelistick
                                                                                                                          2002 Appalachian, Stylelistick

   Rev. 8/4/11                                          2011 Fall Keeneland Media Guide | Stakes Winners Statistics                                                115

                                                      Owners Who Won Stakes Races at Keeneland
          Team Valor Stables, LLC (Barry Irwin, et al)                  Vegso, Peter                                               Willmott, Peter S.
          and Margaux Farm, LLC (Steve Johnson)                             2007 Fayette–G3, Go Between                                1993 Bryan Station, Gray Cashmere
              2005 Stravinsky, Tara’s Touch                             V.H.W. Stable Inc. (Verne H. Winchell)                     Willmott Stables, Inc.
          Team Valor Stables, LLC (Barry Irwin, et al)                      2001 Ashland–G1, Fleet Renee                               1995 Fort Springs, Ide
          and Never Tell Farm (Audrey Haisfield)                        Viar, C.O.                                                 Wilson, Roger W. and T.P. Hull Jr.
              2007 Appalachian, Audacious Chloe                             1966 Phoenix, Bay Phantom                                  1967 Bewitch, Jet to Market
          Thomas, Mrs. E.K.                                             Vinery Stables                                             Wilson Jr., Sam E.
              1966 Bewitch (2nd), Furl Sail                                 2006 Forerunner, Up an Octave                              1952 Blue Grass, Gushing Oil
          Thompson, L.H.                                                Vision Racing, LLC (Brandon Perry)                         Wilton Stable
              1958 Phoenix, Ezgo                                            2008 Lafayette, Keep Laughing                              1954 Lafayette, Royal Note
          Thornton, Carter                                              Vitello, Joseph V.                                         Wimborne Farm (Diane L. Perkins) (5)
              1969 Bewitch, Little Tudor                                    2002 Fayette–G3, Tenpins                                   1991 Queen Elizabeth II Challenge Cup–G1,
          Thoroughbred Corp., The (Ahmed bin Salman) (3)                Warren Jr., W.K.                                                    La Gueriere
              2000 Lane’s End Breeders’ Futurity–G2, Arabian Light          1996 Ben Ali–G3, Knockadoon                                1991 Valley View, La Gueriere
              2002 Storm Cat, February Storm                            Waterfield, Richard A. and Jack A. Tafel                       1992 Bewitch–G3, La Gueriere
              2003 Forerunner, Californian (GB)                             1986 Blue Grass–G1, Bachelor Beau                          1997 Seattle Slew, Lasting Approval
          Thrash, Ike                                                   Watson and Weitman Performances, LLC (Karl                     1998 Maker’s Mark Mile–G3, Lasting Approval
              2006 Central Bank Transylvania–G3, Chin High              Watson and Paul Weitman) and Mike Pegram                   Windfields Farm (2)
          Timber Bay Farm (William Entenmann)                               2006 Perryville–G3 (Presented by Budweiser Select),        1964 Blue Grass, Northern Dancer
          and Mrs. Thomas J. Walsh                                                 Midnight Lute                                       1981 Ashland–G2, Truly Bound

              2005 Maker’s Mark Mile–G1, Artie Schiller                 Webber Jr., W. Temple                                      Windways Farm (Jeff Begg) (2)
          TNT Stud (Gonzalo B. Torrealba) (2)                               2003 Shakertown–G3, No Jacket Required                     1997 Commonwealth Breeders’ Cup–G2,
              1995 Alcibiades–G2, Cara Rafaela                          Weil, J. D.                                                         Victor Cooley
              2005 Appalachian, Melhor Ainda                                1937 Keen, Double B                                        2009 Perryville–G3 (Presented by Budweiser Select),
          Torrealba, Gonzalo B.                                         Welsch, Larry                                                       El Brujo
              1992 Hopemont, The Real Vaslav                                1967 Ashland, Dun-Cee                                  Winkler, Rodney J.
          Torrealba, Jacqueline and Miguel                              Wertheimer and Frere (Alain and Gerard                         2007 Shakertown–G3, The Nth Degree
              1986 Ben Ali–G3, Czar Nijinsky                            Wertheimer) (5)                                            WinStar Farm, LLC (Bill Casner, et al) (5)
          Tri Honors Stable (W.S. Farish, et al)                            2005 Doubledogdare, Colony Band                            2002 Stravinsky, Dianehill (IRE)
              1993 Beaumont–G2, Roamin Rachel                               2009 Bourbon–G3, Interactif                                2003 Valley View–G3, Dyna Da Wyna
          Trout, C. R.                                                      2010 Giant’s Causeway, West Ocean                          2004 Stravinsky, Dyna Da Wyna
              2011 Vinery Madison–G1, Shotgun Gulch                         2010 Coolmore Lexington–G2, Exhi                           2004 Clark County, Dyna Da Wyna
          Tucker, Paula (2)                                                 2011 Ben Ali–G3, Exhi                                      2009 Coolmore Lexington–G2, Advice
              1983 Ashland–G2, Princess Rooney                          West, Gary and Mary                                        WinStar Farm, LLC (Bill Casner and Kenny Troutt),
              1984 Spinster–G1, Princess Rooney                             2001 Transylvania, Baptize                             Richard Nip and Gloria Gaines Callen
          Turf Side Stables (Joseph D. Kowal)                           Whitham, Mr. and Mrs. Frank E. (2)                             2001 Hopemont, Stage Call (IRE)
              2000 Ashland–G1, Rings a Chime                                1989 Spinster–G1, Bayakoa (ARG)                        Woodlynn Farm (Robert Hoeweler) (2)
          Turner Jr., Mr. and Mrs. Fred                                     1990 Spinster–G1, Bayakoa (ARG)                            1998 Ben Ali–G3, Storm Broker
              1959 Blue Grass, Tomy Lee                                 Whitham, Janis R.                                              2003 Clark County, On the Fritz
          Turner, Joan                                                      2001 Queen Elizabeth II Challenge Cup–G1, Affluent     Woodlynn Farm (Robert Hoeweler, et al, Lessee)
              1972 Bewitch (2nd), Bosuns Strike                         Whitney, C.V. (11)                                             1995 Ben Ali–G3, Wildly Joyous
          Tutt, L.J.                                                        1950 Ben Ali, Mount Marcy                              Woods Stable, C.K. (Carolyn Kapioltas)
              1954 Ashland, Jenjay                                          1950 Blue Grass, Mr. Trouble                               2004 Transylvania–G3, Timo
          Uptown Racing, LLC (Marc Winston                                  1950 Phoenix, Mount Marcy                              Woodvale Farm (4)
          and Robert Levy)                                                  1951 Blue Grass (1st), Mameluke                            1941 Blue Grass, Our Boots
              2008 Central Bank Transylvania–G3, Boss Lafitte               1951 Phoenix, Mount Marcy                                  1949 Ashland, Tall Weeds
          Valdina Farm (2)                                                  1960 Blue Grass, Tompion                                   1949 Blue Grass, Halt
              1941 Ashland, Valdina Myth                                    1960 Lafayette (1st), Bright Silver                        1954 Blue Grass, Goyamo
              1943 Ashland, Valdina Marl                                    1969 Ben Ali, Court Recess                             Wooten, Norman and Bryant Wells
          Van Deren and Deming (2)                                          1971 Ashland, You All                                      1993 Doubledogdare, How Rare
              1956 Blue Grass, Toby B.                                      1975 Ashland–G3, Sun and Snow                          Wright, Ed and Miles Childers
              1959 Breeders’ Futurity, Toby’s Brother                       1976 Fayette (1st), Silver Badge                           2000 Warfield, Double Affair
          Vanier, Nancy                                                 Whitney, John Hay (2)                                      Wygod, Martin, Emily and Pam
              1996 Alcibiades–G2, Southern Playgirl                         1939 Blue Grass, Heather Broom                             2010 Queen Elizabeth II Challenge Cup–G1,
          Vanier, Nancy and Raymond Roncari                                 1942 Ashland, The Swallow                                       Harmonious
              1989 Blue Grass–G1, Western Playboy                       Widener, George D.                                         Young, Joyce B. and Gerald McManis
          Vanier, Nancy, Carl Lauer and Robert Victor                       1970 Alcibiades, Patelin                                   2007 Queen Elizabeth II Challenge Cup–G1,
              1983 Blue Grass–G1, Play Fellow                           Widener, J.E. (3)                                                   Bit of Whimsy
          Van Meter II, Thomas F. (3)                                       1939 Lafayette, Roman                                  Zayat Stables, LLC (Ahmed Zayat) (3)
              2000 Seattle Slew, Brahms                                     1940 Lafayette, Misty Isle                                 2007 Central Bank Transylvania–G3, Marcavelly
              2003 Darley Alcibiades–G2, Be Gentle                          1942 Special Event, Fair Weather                           2007 Forerunner, Moudez (IRE)
              2004 Stonerside Beaumont–G2, Victory U.S.A.               Wildenstein Stable (Daniel Wildenstein)                        2008 Shadwell Turf Mile–G1, Thorn Song
          Vass, Mr. and Mrs. John                                           1989 Fayette–G2, Drapeau Tricolore                     Zimmerman, G.A. and E.J. Zwiesler
              1978 Lafayette, Spy Charger                               Wildenstein Stables (Daniel Wildenstein, Lessee)               1974 Fayette, Jesta Dream Away
          Veeneman, William H. (3)                                          1989 Keeneland Breeders’ Cup–G3, Steinlen              Zuckerman, Mary
              1947 Lafayette, Phar Mon                                  Willis Family Stables, Inc. (Sheldon Willis) (2)               1997 Beaumont–G2, Screamer (dh)
              1948 Lafayette, Irish Sun                                     1992 Blue Grass–G2, Pistols and Roses                  Zuppardo, Anthony L. (2)
              1952 Lafayette (1st), Happy Carrier                           1994 Ben Ali–G3, Pistols and Roses                         1980 Phoenix, Zuppardo’s Prince
                                                                                                                                       1981 Phoenix (2nd), Zuppardo’s Prince

              116                                                    2011 Fall Keeneland Media Guide | Stakes Winners Statistics                                            Rev. 8/4/11


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