Solano County BASN/PSN Monthly Team Meeting by 1XjCa6C


									    Solano County BASN/Parolee Services Network
            Monthly Team Meeting Minutes

                            August 7, 2007
1. Welcome and introductions were made by Raquel Rodriguez, Solano County
   coordinator for the BASN/Parolee Services Network program. Those in
   attendance were the following:

   Raquel Rodriguez, Solano County             Cindy Smith, ADP Liaison
   Arnold Fitt, Fairfield Parole               Al Croft, Center Point CSC
   Tomi Seon, Center Point                     Lloyd Gieg, Genesis House
   Louis Wright, Katargeo                      Angelika Stanley, Rec. Connection
   Sherena Baptiste, House of Acts             Shawn Bartlett, Pharmatox
   Carol Roberts, SSAC Detox/John’s Place      Robin Weidman, Princess House
   Timothy Purvis, Medmark

   Not in Attendance: Shamia Women’s Residential Program, Healthy Partnerships
   were not in attendance at this meeting. Mary Borchers, CSC who had been
   assigned to Solano County left Center Point. Her last day was July 28th. Al Croft,
   CSC from Center Point will be assuming Solano County’s case management
   (screenings/referrals/placements) of parolees. Tomi Seon, Center Point was also
   present at this meeting.

2. The minutes from the July 3, 2007 were reviewed. There was one correction by
   Carol Roberts, SSAC. The reported numbers for Detox and John’s Place/SLE
   were reversed. The correct information was 106 bed days for John’s Place and 50
   bed days for detox. Correction noted.

3. There was no representation from the BASN Alumni Association. Raquel will
   contact them and invite them back to our meetings. She has also contacted
   Fighting Back Partnership and left a message with John Allen, Health Advocates
   Project with an invitation to come to the September 4th monthly team meeting to
   present on the project and how we can interface with one another to enhance
   treatment services to parolees in Solano County. Fighting Back Partnerships
   phone number is (707)648-5230.

4. Provider Reports:
      a.     Genesis House – 2 beds available – 1 full – can take two more
             House of Acts – 11 beds full
             SSAC – Detox – 13 admits, 14 discharges – 75 bed days total
     John’s Place/SLE – 1 successful discharge – 1 other discharge that was
     readmitted after 5 days and working w/the parole agent.
     Pharmatox – 3 slots full
     Katargeo – 11 slots full. 5 admits/4 discharges – 12 total
     Shamia – 1 discharge – Carol has a referral for this bed
     Healthy Partnerships – 5 slots full. 2 in Vacaville, 2 in Dixon/1 FF
     Recovery Connection – 3 admits, 3 in program-not receiving referrals

b.   Case Management – Al Croft introduced himself as the Community
     Services Coordinator (CSC) assigned now to handle Solano County’s
     case management, screenings, referrals, and placements of BASN/PSN
     parolees. Mary Borchers last day with Center Point was July 28th. Al
     has responsibility for Marin and Solano County’s. He will be holding
     the same schedule in the Fairfield and Vallejo Parole Units as before.
     He does not anticipate and disruption in the transition. Tomi Seon,
     Center Point Program Supervisor was also in attendance to introduce
     him to the team. Mr. Seon emphasized the importance of parole
     agents faxing over the 1502 Activity Report to Center Point and the
     treatment providers. It is imperative that Center Point receive the 1502
     as this is required by the State and is used for auditing expenditures
     and compliance. Arnold Fitt stated that the Fairfield Parole Unit has
     established a new protocol for insuring the 1502 Activity Report is

c.   Parole – Arnold Fitt, Assistant Unit Supervisor – Stan Hicks has
     assigned Arnold to represent the Fairfield Parole Office on a regular
     basis. Stan Hicks does and will attend as his schedule allows. Arnold
     explained that the newly implemented protocol to insure that the 1502
     Activity Report that has been established in Fairfield. They have a file
     set up which includes the referral/schedule for appointments with the
     case manager. The 1502 Activity Report is right there with a reminder
     to the parole agents to fill it out, sign and send right away.

d.   ADP – Cindy Smith – Cindy reiterated the new policy guidelines
     concerning PSN Letter No. 07-02. There will no longer be
     unannounced visits by ADP to treatment providers for site
     reviews/monitoring visits. July 16, 2007 memo from Millicent
     Gomes, Deputy Director, OCJC was attached to the July 3, 2007
     Solano County Monthly Team Meeting minutes. She reminded the
     providers to please forward and share any success stories to her for
     posting on the PSN website. Cindy mentioned that the Solano County
     work plan for 2007-2008 needed a few corrections and that she would
     be sending those to Raquel soon.

e.   County – Raquel reminded providers that the monthly reports are due
     by the third of every month. She emailed templates of the reports to
              all providers and asked that they send them to her electronically
              (email) if at all possible. She also reminded providers that she would
              be diligent (as should they) about gauging and maintaining a consistent
              capacity in their programs, so as NOT to over utilize/spend. The
              County will no longer continue to bail-out the BASN program. During
              fiscal year 2006-2007, Solano County Substance Abuse Services spent
              well over $90,000 for BASN eligible clients/parolees.

              Raquel announced that Solano County Substance Abuse Program is
              currently recruiting for a Clinical Services Associate (CSA) bilingual
              preferred and a Mental Health Clinician. Jorge Argumedo is leaving
              to go to the Mental Health Program in Vallejo on Broadway. Hal has
              also left.

5. Annoucements. – Timothy Purvis, Program Director was present and shared
   information on MedMark Methadone Treatment Services. Thy have 200 slots for
   the Narcotic Replacement Therapy Program. 140 slots are being utilized and they
   have 60 slots open. They took over this Program from Pharmatox. It is located at
   1143 Missouri Street, Fairfield, CA 94533. Phone number is (707)435-9911.
   You can also email Tim at

   Robin Weidman, Princess House Sober Living Environment House was in
   attendance to share information on her newly established SLE transitional house
   for women coming out of prison. The SLE is located in Suisun. It is Faith-based
   and provides a safe, affordable and supportive home for women. There is 24 hr.
   day oversight and they focus on teaching the residence basic living skills, i.e.;
   financial/budgeting, meal preparation, healthy living. They have been in contact
   with Danny Ramirez, Center Point and submitted their application to the State and
   interest in becoming a SASCA contractor, in addition to other programs as well.
   You can contact Robin at (707)631-0624. Fax no. is (707) 427-2502.

   Lloyd Gieg announced the 6th Annual Recovery Rally that will take place on
   September 15, 2007 in Vallejo. The rally will take place at the City Park in
   Vallejo, CA from 11 a.m. to 4 pm (Sacramento & Alabama Streets). This year’s
   theme is “Join the Voices for Recovery: Saving Lives, Saving Dollars. It’s a
   family affair with live music by Watersign and fun for the whole family with a
   FREE BARBEQUE!!! Each year the rally has been held in Fairfield, CA. This
   year it will be in Vallejo in honor of the National Alcohol & rug Addiction
   Recovery Month. Come One…Come All!!! Come out and show your support.
   Noreen Evans will be one of the guest speakers.

   6. The meeting was adjourned at 12 noon. Next meeting is scheduled for
   September 4, 2007.

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