Funded Projects by 1XjCa6C


									Drug &           Voluntary               Outline                                                              Contact Details
Alcohol Action   Organisation/ Project
Aberdeen City    Befriend a Child        The BAC Integration Project will allow Befriend a Child to           Duncan Peter
                                         continue to support the existing 68 children in our service who
                                         are effected by substance misuse in the home, and recruit a          01224 210 060
                                         further 30 new volunteers per year for the next three years.
                                         These new volunteers will be recruited specifically to work with
                                         our new partners including Integrated Drugs Service Community
                                         Rehabilitation, Cyrenians and Drug Action.

Aberdeenshire    Aberdeen Foyer          „Lifeshaper‟ in North Aberdeenshire is a project for young people Lorraine Reid
                                         who have had drug problems and are ready to take the next
                                         steps towards education, training and employment.                 01224 261 090


Aberdeenshire    Aberdeen Foyer          Lifeshaper (Banff) is aimed at young people aged 16-25 who           Lorraine Reid
                                         have had substance misuse problems. It consists of various
                                         components to enable young people to work towards a happier,         01224 261 090
                                         healthier future with emphasis on education, training and

Aberdeenshire    Link-Up (Fraserburgh)   The project aims to increase the confidence of, and                  Wilma Winton
                 Ltd: Youth Mentoring    opportunities for, young people aged 8 to 16 in the Fraserburgh
                 Project                 Community School area, who may be affected through living            01346 519 249
                                         with parental drug or alcohol problems, or may have developed
                                         difficulties with substances themselves. These aims will   
                                         hopefully be achieved with the support of the mentors.

Angus            Café Project:           We offer young people in Angus the opportunity to participate in     Lee Crosby
                 Street Sports for All   a variety of street games such as football, basketball, volleyball
                                         and mini hockey using our unique portable pitches. We work           01241 875 200
                                         predominately in socially disadvantaged areas where no leisure
                                         facilities exist and we encourage good behaviour by promoting
                                         Fair Play rules. These include no bad language, no kicking or
                                         elbowing and an insistence that each team includes at least one
                                         girl. At the end of the match points may be awarded or
                                         deducted for good or bad sportsmanship. Our aim is to provide
Drug &           Voluntary               Outline                                                               Contact Details
Alcohol Action   Organisation/ Project
                                         an alternative to alcohol and drugs for young people and
                                         encourage socially acceptable behaviour.

Angus            Tayside Council on      The Angus Connect project is for young people living in Angus         Kathryn Baker
                 Alcohol – Angus         who feel that their use of alcohol or other drugs has become a
                 Connect                 problem in some way. One-2-one and group programmes                   01241 872 989
                                         support young people to make and sustain positive lifestyle

Angus            YMCA Montrose           The Music Group gives young people the opportunity to                 Val Cooper
                                         practice, learn and develop skills in a musical instrument of their
                                         choice which may otherwise be unavailable to them. The group          01674 673 966
                                         promotes a positive diversionary activity for young people to
                                         develop social, education and interaction skills by encouraging
                                         and supporting their development in the planning and running of
                                         the group. As well as the opportunity to learn different aspects
                                         of music the group are encouraged to explore the lyrics of
                                         songs, their meanings and how this relates to their own life e.g.
                                         relationships, drugs and alcohol.

Argyll & Bute    Oban Youth Cafe         Oban Youth Café is an informal drop-in project that offers young      Kirsty McLuckie
                                         people diversionary activities and informal education group
                                         work.                                                                 01631 710 512

                                         We aim through building relationships with young people to            Kirsty.obanyouthcafe@hotmail
                                         improve the quality of their lives; to help them understand the
                                         risks involved with drinking alcohol to excess and to provide
                                         attractive alternative activities to widen their opportunities and

Ayrshire and     Princess Royal Trust    The aim of the project is to provide information, advice and          Jane Smith
Arran            East Ayrshire Carers    support to young carers and their families affected by substance
                 Centre: Young Carers    misuse. To provide weekly activity groups, 1-1 support and            01563 571 533
                 Project                 annual respite holidays for young carers.
Drug &           Voluntary                 Outline                                                              Contact Details
Alcohol Action   Organisation/ Project
Ayrshire and     The Lighthouse            Children‟s Therapy Service – Non directive play therapy for          Kathleen Bryson
Arran            Foundation: Children‟s    children aged 3 – 18 years who are or have been affected by
                 Therapy Service           parental substance misuse                                            01563 521 343


Ayrshire and     Unity Enterprise: South   The South Ayrshire Young Carers Initiative provides support to   Karen Queen
Arran            Ayrshire Young Carers     children and young people aged 8-18 years, living in households
                                           affected by illness, disability, drug and/or alcohol dependency. 01292 263 000


Borders          Face2face: 16+ Worker     Face2face provides one-2-one support, advice and education on Michelle Ballantyne
                                           alcohol, drugs and volatile substances for young people
                                           between 11 and 18 years of age in the Scottish Borders.       01896 668811


Borders          Princess Royal Trust      The aim of the project is to provide information, advice and         Jo Glover
                 Borders Carers Centre:    support to young carers affected by a family member‟s drug
                 Young Carers Project      misuse. Support is needs led and takes the form of 1-1 work,         01896 752 431
                                           focus groups and fun time out sessions.

Borders          Up2U                      The group recruits volunteers from 4th, 5th and 6th year pupils at   Pam Graham
                                           Peebles High School, who subsequently deliver an alcohol and
                                           drugs awareness programme to all P7 pupils in Tweeddale.             Project Co-ordinator
                                           Although this is the core function of the group, they also provide
                                           a peer counseling service within the High School and general         01721 721 100
                                           advice on drugs, alcohol and sexual health to the young people
                                           of Tweeddale.                                              

Dumfries and     Aberlour: Crannog         Crannog operates from three bases across Dumfries and                Bryan Evans
Drug &           Voluntary                 Outline                                                               Contact Details
Alcohol Action   Organisation/ Project
Galloway                                   Galloway and works intensively with vulnerable young people
                                           between the ages of 12-18. The majority of the young people           01387 274 038
                                           are Looked After and have significant and complex needs.
                                           These can include educational and social difficulties, offending
                                           behaviour and substance misuse.

Dumfries and     Aberlour: Family          The Family Support Project based in North West Dumfries aims          Amanda McAllister
Galloway         Support Project           to improve the outcomes for young people under 12, who are
                                           affected by problematic parental substance misuse. It will            01387 274 038
                                           support children and work to improve family routines, promote
                                           participation in education and encourage parents/carers to            amanda.mcallister@aberlour.o
                                           become more aware of the impact their substance misuse may  
                                           have on their children and to engage with other services.

Dundee           Tayside Council on        This Project will ensure children & young people in Dundee are        Kathryn Baker
                 Alcohol & Fairbridge in   better supported and equipped to deal with the risks, effects and
                 Dundee Joint Bid          consequences of substance use and make life-enhancing                 01241 872 989
                                           choices in relation to their own use of alcohol (and other drugs).
                                           The initiative will offer targeted intervention to young people who
                                           are at risk of developing problems with alcohol and/ or other
                                           drugs through 3 Dundee schools and the range of courses
                                           delivered at Fairbridge Dundee. This Project is a partnership
                                           with TCA and Fairbridge Dundee.

Dundee           Children 1st              This service aims to improve the health and wellbeing of              Anita Roweth
                                           children affected by parental substance misuse, particularly
                                           those who are not known to children‟s services. Parents will be       01382 349 910
                                           supported to recognize the impact of their substance misuse on
                                           their children and to enhance their parenting skills.       
                                           Through collaborative working between adult and children
                                           services the service will offer a more holistic approach to
                                           families and contribute to best practice in family support.
Drug &           Voluntary                Outline                                                           Contact Details
Alcohol Action   Organisation/ Project
East Lothian     East Lothian Young       The project will provide information, respite and advice to       Sarah Davies
                 Carers                   children and young people who are caring for someone with a
                                          drug or alcohol problem. Respite will be provided by regular      0131 665 8990
                                          attendance at our young carers clubs.

East Lothian     First Step Community     The Outreach Development Project supports families with
                 Project                  children under 8 years old where there is drug and alcohol        Jane Holden
                                          misuse. The support given is either on a one-to-one basis or in
                                          a group. The outreach service aims to address the needs of the    0131 665 0848
                                          children with direct work being carried out with parents around
                                          parenting, self-confidence, and stress management. Where
                                          appropriate respite childcare and or art therapy is provided.

Edinburgh        Crew 2000: Mind          Crew 2000‟s drop-in shop‟s aim is to increase young people‟s      Carla Ellis
                 Altering                 confidence to make informed and safe choices in relation to
                                          substances. They enable young people to make informed             0131 220 3404
                                          choices around alcohol, drugs and sexual health and increase
                                          their awareness of drug and alcohol related harm. The project
                                          also offers crisis intervention, advice sessions, a library of
                                          information and resources and develop new ways to reach
                                          young people accessing the service (e.g. SMS or Bluetooth).
                                          Crew 2000 will also refer and signpost young people onto other
                                          services as appropriate.

Edinburgh        CrossReach: Sunflower Service for children affected by drug/alcohol use. Interventions     Glenn Liddall
                 Garden Project        include: infant massage, one-2-one sessions and children‟s
                                       groups (ages 4-6, 7-10, 10-12). The service will work with           0131 225 1054/6028
                                       parents, carers and grandparents using counselling, groups and
                                       a drop-in (for grandparents) to support and assist the child-
                                       focused work. A crèche facility is also provided. Parent and         k
                                       child work will be further developed along with play therapy, art
                                       therapy, family therapy and work with parents.

Edinburgh        Fast Forward             The purpose of the project is: 1. to engage vulnerable young      Gez Lawson
Drug &           Voluntary                Outline                                                              Contact Details
Alcohol Action   Organisation/ Project
                                          people aged 16-25 years old from Edinburgh as peer educators
                                          and; 2. to provide substance education to young people in rural      0131 554 4300
                                          and isolated communities. The project will provide the young
                                          volunteer peer educators with the opportunity to increase  
                                          confidence whilst gaining skills, knowledge and experience. For
                                          rural communities the project will promote capacity building by
                                          demonstrating peer education as a positive method of
                                          substance misuse education; support volunteering as active
                                          citizenship and provide routes to consultancy and advice to
                                          support the development of both.

Edinburgh        Circle (or Family        The Harbour Project works with families with children affected       Grant Sugden
                 Service Units            by parental drug and alcohol use.
                 Scotland): The Harbour                                                                        0131 552 0305

Edinburgh        Fairbridge: New Moves    Fairbridge Edinburgh works with young people aged 13 – 25            Margaret Murphy
                 in Edinburgh             who are at risk. Through a long-term programme, Fairbridge
                                          offers personal and social skills training alongside individual      0131 554 2568
                                          support. LifeStart will work specifically with young people aged
                                          16 – 25 who have known substance misuse problems. The aim            margaret.murphy@fairbridge.o
                                          of LifeStart is to enable young people to make effective shifts in
                                          their lives away from substance misuse The project will take an
                                          holistic approach, working in a partnership with other agencies
                                          to devise an individually tailored plan of action for each young
                                          person. The Fairbridge training programme is in three stages -
                                          Induction; introductory Access course and Follow-On work.
                                          Young people also receive one-2-one support, and development
                                          in goal setting and action planning.

Edinburgh        NCH: Hype Project        Hype is a therapeutic and treatment service for young people         Paula Gaunt Richardson
                                          aged 18 and under who use drugs, alcohol or volatile
                                          substances and reside in Edinburgh. As well as workers who           0131 466 4600
                                          are dedicated workers who worked with young people who are
Drug &           Voluntary               Outline                                                          Contact Details
Alcohol Action   Organisation/ Project
                                         or have been „looked after or accommodated‟. There is also a     Paula.Gaunt-
                                         Community Mental Health Nurse who is employed by NHS             Richardson@actionforchildren.
                                         Lothian but works from within the project. Lloyds TSB  
                                         Foundation for Scotland recently helped fund a worker who will
                                         be dedicated to working with young homeless people.

Fife             Aberlour: Time 4 U       To develop group work and community based activities for
                                         children under 12 living in Kirkcaldy affected by problematic drug Mary Irvine
                                         or alcohol use.
                                          To develop group work and community based activities for         01592 591 501
                                         parents and carers (including grandparents) of Time 4 U families
                                         with particular emphasis on the impact of physical activity on
                                         mental health and well being.
                                          To provide a throughcare and aftercare service to families
                                         who had previously been in receipt of a service from Time 4 U in
                                         order to support them during relapse or periods of increased
                                         vulnerability to relapse.
                                          To provide education to children under 12 on the risks and
                                         impact of drugs and to promote healthy lifestyles and positive
                                         choices. This would complement educational inputs delivered
                                         within primary schools.

Fife             Barnardo‟s – Family     Family Matters works with families, in Kirkcaldy with complex    Lynn Gillies
                 Matters                 needs, who have children under 12.
                                         The service provides:                                            01592 644 940
                                             Intensive support to families with complex needs
                                             Integrated assessment of parenting capacity       
                                             Group work for parents
                                         This additional funding will enable us to
                                             Consolidate our work with families affected by substance
                                             Develop and deliver a group work programme to
                                               supplement the above, based on the Mellow Parenting
                                             Appoint a volunteer co-ordinator to develop the role of
                                               volunteers within the service
Drug &           Voluntary               Outline                                                              Contact Details
Alcohol Action   Organisation/ Project
                                               These volunteers will assist the project to divert families
                                                away from the need for more intensive or statutory
                                                services and help families link in with local resources in
                                                the community.

Fife             Benarty Cares T/A The   Substance misuse service working with anyone affected by             Simone Ledraw
                 Zone                    drugs and or alcohol, from the user themselves to family and
                                         friends                                                              01592 862 315


Forth Valley     Artlink Central         „On Track‟ – offering excluded youth at Falkirk Day Unit a           Julie Law
                                         programme of creative music, art and drama workshops
                                         designed to encourage self-esteem, self-advocacy and positive        01563 571 533
                                         decision making by the pupils within an accessible and creative
                                         environment in which each pupil is valued and supported to 
                                         achieve their full potential. The overall aim of the project is to
                                         reduce the impact of exclusion and risk of substance misuse
                                         amongst difficult to reach young people in the Falkirk Council

Forth Valley     Signpost Forth Valley   The project will work with families supporting them to address       Ian McNeigh
                                         their substance use problems, whilst they are also provided with
                                         the support that they need to improve their parenting skills and     01259 726 602
                                         address the needs of their children, by our partners Aberlour
                                         whom are specialist in this area. The work carried out with the
                                         families will be jointly delivered.

Greater          Aberlour: Befriending   The service will cover the South East area of Glasgow, and will      Bruce Thomson
Glasgow &        Scheme                  offer befriending support to children aged between 5 and 13,
Clyde                                    who are affected by problematic parental substance use and at        0141 336 7327
                                         risk of being looked after. The aim is to give them a positive
                                         relationship with an adult outwith the family, and support them to
                                         get involved in activities in the community.

Greater          Aberlour: Youthpoint    The project supports the Early Intervention scheme which aims        Alex Cunningham
Drug &           Voluntary               Outline                                                                Contact Details
Alcohol Action   Organisation/ Project
Glasgow &        Glasgow                 to reduce drug and alcohol misuse within the Greater Pollok
Clyde                                    area of Glasgow and focuses on the 12-18 age range. The                0141 876 4369
                                         main method of engagement is through detached youth work
                                         targeting specifically identified „hot spots‟. This piece of work is   alex.cunningham@aberlour.or
                                         a joint initiative with the police and is supported and part funded
                                         by the Greater Pollok Social Inclusion Partnership.

Greater          Addaction & Children    A unique partnership between Addaction and Children 1ST to             Chris Bermingham
Glasgow &        1ST                     support families affected by substance misuse in the South
Clyde                                    West Glasgow areas. We will offer support and appropriate              0141 425 1800
                                         interventions to children and adults to support them to
                                         reduce/discontinue their substance misuse improve parenting  
                                         skills, increase confidence and resilience and rebuild                 uk

Greater          Alternatives West       This service is targeted at offering a variety of support service to   Donnie McGilveray
Glasgow &        Dumbartonshire –        young people identified as having problematic drug and / or
Clyde            Young persons drugs     alcohol problems. Young people will be able to explore issues
                 and alcohol service     around their substance use, learn strategies for tackling these
                                         difficulties, build expertise through role-play and individual         01389 734500
                                         counseling in dealing with challenging situations and gain
                                         confidence in their own coping skills. The project will also link
                                         young people with complimentary therapies, residential
                                         experiences, college course, needle exchange services and
                                         outdoor activities. One of the main aims of this project is to
                                         encourage and support young people to re-engage with
                                         education and create training and employment opportunities.
                                         This project will also be able to offer holistic health assessments
                                         for all young people, alongside a prescribing and detoxification
                                         service through west Dunbartonshire Addiction service.

Greater          Barnardo‟s: Safer       Barnardo‟s Street Team have been operating for the last 10             Daljeet Dagon
Glasgow &        Choices                 years working with young people at risk who frequent Glasgow
Clyde                                    city centre. Due to their increased vulnerability to                   0141 243 2393
                                         homelessness, rooflessness, sexual exploitation/ prostitution
                                         and substance use, this group of young people is amongst the 
Drug &           Voluntary                 Outline                                                               Contact Details
Alcohol Action   Organisation/ Project
                                           hardest group of young people to reach. This project will enable      uk
                                           us to develop this work further so that we can target vulnerable
                                           groups of young people and facilitate their involvement in
                                           workshops on how they can keep themselves safer as well as
                                           providing drugs education/ awareness.

Greater          Barnardo‟s: Youth         Barnardo‟s Youth Involvement Project work with children, young        Frank Connelly
Glasgow &        involvement Project       people, their parents/carers and their families (in some cases
Clyde                                      where parental substance use is a concern) to strengthen              0141 773 4297
                                           protective factors associated with resilience and reduce risk
                                           factors                                                               Frank.connelly@barnardo‟s.or

Greater          BEET Ltd: FUSE            To develop and operate a „youth pub‟ for young people residing        Marie Cooke
Glasgow &                                  in the east end of Glasgow. The premises will offer a wide
Clyde                                      range variety of social, recreational and educational activities by   01415641515
                                           its core team and in conjunction with local and city wide
                                           partners. Additionally we will employ a youth alcohol worker
                                           who will have responsibility for designing and implementing a         m
                                           system for brief interventions to impact upon alcohol misuse by
                                           the project‟s patrons.

Greater          Glasgow Council on        To provide a personal, confidential counseling service to young       Meg Wright
Glasgow &        Alcohol – Young           people with alcohol problems as well as seeking to work with
Clyde            Persons‟ Counselling      young people who are suffering a range of problems as a               0141 353 1800
                 Service                   consequence of others drinking.

Greater          Creative Therapies: Art   ART BEAT will offer arts based therapy to vulnerable young         Sheena McGregor
Glasgow &        Beat                      people who are affected by drug and alcohol misuse. The
Clyde                                      young people will attend weekly arts sessions at Kilmardinny       0141 342 4444
                                           Arts Centre – a friendly, safe and non-threatening environment –
                                           to explore different kinds of art forms, for example, painting and
                                           drawing, photography, digital media.
Drug &           Voluntary                Outline                                                               Contact Details
Alcohol Action   Organisation/ Project
Greater          Dumbarton Area           To sustain and further develop the Young Person‟s Alcohol             Judy Quinn
Glasgow &        Council on Alcohol:      Project which targets 9 – 25 year olds who are at risk of
Clyde            Ontrack @ daca           becoming involved in substance misuse or already experiencing         0141 952 6266
                                          problems. We will also work with young people whose parents
                                          or carers are experiencing problems with alcohol and/or drugs.
                                          With the addition of providing alcohol education and awareness
                                          in all schools and youth settings.

                 Greater Easterhouse      Working with local partners the arts project will use creative        James Dean
Greater          Arts Company             activity as a vehicle for change at individual level and within the
Glasgow &                                 community. Focusing on children and young people across               0141 781 2030
Clyde                                     Greater Easterhouse who are developing or who have a
                                          drugs/alcohol misuse problem as well as young people whose  
                                          lives have been affected to some degree through parental
                                          misuse of drugs. This project will provide opportunities to do
                                          something, learn new skills in a fun way at a high level. It is
                                          essentially a diversionary based project, but will engage local
                                          young people with professional artists across various mediums
                                          including video, visual arts, animation, music and dance.
                                          Therefore, mentoring possibilities are huge, with information and
                                          guidance where relevant to further training opportunities.

Greater          : Health Spot            Health Spot has been operating for a number of years and has
Glasgow &                                 developed to recognise the need to concentrate on specific            Gary O‟Connor
Clyde                                     issues for young people including; mental health, sexual health
                                          and substance misuse. This project is looking to support young        0141 560 3035
                                          people who are at risk/or have developed substance misuse
                                          problems and are not accessing existing services by delivering a
                                          detached service to identify and build relationships with the
                                          targeted young people. Through the detached service and
                                          developing trusting relationships workers will be able to provide
                                          information and advice in relation to drugs and alcohol, and
                                          support and encourage these young people to engage with
                                          group work, diversionary activities or access other services.

Greater          Impact Arts (Projects)   Art in Action has been developed to complement Fab Pad, our           Rachael Arnold
Drug &           Voluntary                Outline                                                                 Contact Details
Alcohol Action   Organisation/ Project
Glasgow &        Ltd                      interior design project which works with over 100 vulnerable
Clyde                                     young people each year who have experienced homelessness.               0141 575 3001
                                          Each year, it will offer up to 80, 16 – 25 year olds, with identified
                                          housing and addiction problems, therapeutic art taster sessions
                                          and art therapy sessions on a group work basis. Access to
                                          intensive one-2-one sessions with an experienced art therapist
                                          as required. This opportunity will offer prevention and early
                                          intervention for those vulnerable young people who are at risk of
                                          developing or have already established substance misuse. This
                                          intensive support will aim these more chaotic clients to develop
                                          personal skills, increase their confidence, reduce isolation and
                                          consider progressing on to the main Fab Pad programme or
                                          other opportunities.

Greater          Quarriers: Befriending   The aim is to get them a positive relationship with an adult            Mary Glasgow
Glasgow &        Initiative               outwith the family, and support them to get involved in activities
Clyde                                     in the community.                                                       0141 774 8202


Greater          Rosemount Lifelong       Rosemount Family Links service will provide group activities for        Fiona Forsyth
Glasgow &        Learning: Family Links   children, nursery, afterschool care, holiday programmes and
Clyde            Service                  parenting groups. We will encourage parents to take up                  0141 552 3090
                                          guidance, literacy, personal developments and volunteering

Greater          Ruchill Youth Project    The project provides a needs led, holistic approach to the              Jill Mckay
Glasgow &                                 intervention of drug/alcohol and other risk taking behaviours in
Clyde                                     young people aged 14-20 in Ruchill and Possil through                   0141 945 1540
                                          streetwork, group work, individual support, sports, arts, drama
                                          and outdoor education in collaboration with a wide range of   

Greater          Ruchill Youth Project    The project will offer advocacy, group work and an early                Jill Mckay
Drug &           Voluntary                 Outline                                                           Contact Details
Alcohol Action   Organisation/ Project
Glasgow &                                  intervention service to further education and employment
Clyde                                      opportunities for young people at a transitional point in their   0141 945 1540/1461
                                           lives, in the months before and after they leave school. In
                                           partnership with local agencies including schools, and  
                                           employment and training initiatives we will work with young
                                           people to engage with services and give them the skills and
                                           confidence to access support, education and training and
                                           employment opportunities.

Greater          Ruchill Youth Project –   The project will provide essential youth and family services in   Jill Mackay
Glasgow &        Making Positive           the communities of Wyndford/ Summerston and Cadder. These
Clyde            Choices                   will provide educational group work and one to one support on     0141 945 1450
                                           drug and alcohol awareness and prevention work.

Greater          Scottish Sports Futures   Twilight Basketball is an “Education through Sport” programme     Emma Reid
Glasgow &        Twilight Basketball       which seeks to engage young people who are “at risk” in their
Clyde                                      own neighbourhoods. Activities are scheduled for twilight hours   0141 534 7944
                                           on Friday evenings in Glasgow SIP areas.

Greater          Tullochan Trust: Head‟s The aim of the project is to raise the educational aspirations of   Ellie Bound
Glasgow &        Up                      the pupils, reduce exclusions and punishment exercises and
Clyde                                    educate the youngsters on the drug/alcohol misuse. The project
                                         works with 80 referred 2nd year pupils in two local High Schools,
                                         40 in each school, two periods per week school time. We
                                         deliver issue based workshops on drugs/alcohol, personal
                                         presentation, careers, puberty and sexual health to name a few.
                                         We provide an after school eighteen week vocational taster
                                         course at Clydebank College, a sport course after school.
                                         During school breaks we provide an outdoor activity and
                                         residential programme.

Greater          Who Cares? Scotland       The Drug & Alcohol Project is a 2 year Peer Education Drugs &     Kirsten McManus
Drug &           Voluntary                 Outline                                                             Contact Details
Alcohol Action   Organisation/ Project
Glasgow &                                  Alcohol Training Project for young people Looked After &
Clyde                                      Accommodated in residential care in Glasgow. The project            0141 226 4441
                                           seeks to reduce the impact of drug & alcohol misuse amongst
                                           the young people by delivering training specifically tailored to    k.andrews@whocaresscotland
                                           young people in all Residential Units in the city.                  .org

Greater          Yoker Resource            The Dumbarton Road Corridor Youth Health project offers offer       Jason Wylie
Glasgow &        Centre: Youth Health      advice, support and activities for young people aged 10 -25.
Clyde            Project                   The project is developing a male only project to help provide       0141 952 6485
                                           support and advice to young men (15 – 18) who are not
                                           currently accessing any services and offer them support in
                                           relation to drugs, alcohol as well as issues including health and

Greater          Youth Counselling         The aim of the project is both educational and preventative and     Anwari Din
Glasgow &        Services Agency:          involves detached work which takes place three evenings a
Clyde            Direct Action             week in the south side of Glasgow.                                  0141 420 6600


Highland         Action for Children:      The Mentoring Project works with young people between the           Mike Mawby
                 Gael Og Mentoring         ages of 14 and 18 who have experienced difficulties with
                 Project                   substance misuse and offending in their communities. We aim         01463 717227
                                           to provide support to young people to realise their goals whilst
                                           making the transition away from intensive supports.                 mike.mawby@actionforchildre

Highland         Action for Children:      We aim to provide a holistic service which meets the needs of       Liz Taylor or Jon Cox
                 Families in Partnership   families with young children who are experiencing significant
                                           difficulties due to parental substance misuse.
                                                                                                               01463 717227


Drug &           Voluntary                  Outline                                                            Contact Details
Alcohol Action   Organisation/ Project

Lanarkshire      Circle (or Family          Circle Scotland in partnership with South Lanarkshire Council      Grant Sugden or Anna
                 Service Units              are about to develop a new service that will enable the            Flaherty
                 Scotland): South           development and expansion of family support services to:
                 Lanarkshire Project        Children who are affected by parental substance use                0131 552 0305
                                            Children and young people who are at risk of developing a          grant.sugden@circlescotland.o
                                            substance misuse problem.                                          rg

                                                                                                               01698 459053

Lanarkshire      Circle (or Family          Circle will provide a family support service for families with     Anna Flaherty
                 Service Units              children affected by parental drug and alcohol use. This service
                 Scotland): North           will be provided in partnership with North Lanarkshire and will    01698 459053
                 Lanarkshire Project        complement existing family support services provided by the
                                            council.                                                           anna.flaherty@circlescotland.o

Lanarkshire      Landed                     Landed is a pan Lanarkshire Peer education service focusing on     Jacqueline Flannigan
                                            drug and alcohol education for young people.
                                                                                                               01698 829 222


Lanarkshire      Liber8: Youth Service      The mission of Liber8‟s Youth Services, is to limit the damaging   Margaret Halbert
                                            effects of alcohol/substance misuse on the individual, families
                                            and the community by providing a range of services. Our aim is     01698 825 114
                                            to promote and encourage safe and sensible attitudes towards
                                            alcohol consumption and or substance use, linked to healthier
                                            lifestyles for all and thus reduce alcohol/substance misuse
                                            related harm.

Midlothian       Children 1st: Midlothian   The Midlothian Young Carers Project exists to provide respite to   Evelyn Freeman
Drug &           Voluntary               Outline                                                               Contact Details
Alcohol Action   Organisation/ Project
                 Young Carers            young people from their caring situation. PDI funding has been
                                         used to expand the project to provide a service to young carers       0131 654 9540
                                         who are experiencing the impact of living with parents who have
                                         drug or alcohol problems.                                             evalyn.freeman@children1st.o

Midlothian       Children 1st: Family    The project will work with children and young people affected by      Evelyn Freeman
                 Support Service         parental substance misuse, who are in need but not at such risk
                                         as would require intervention from child protection services.         0131 319 8060
                                         Working closely with the Substance Misuse Service (SMS) a
                                         multi-agency service for adult substance misusers, it will identify   Evelyn.Freeman@children1st.
                                         these children, assess needs and ensure that they are met   
                                         through direct work or appropriate referral.

Midlothian       Midlothian Young        The aim of the project is to work with young people on the            Paul Hunter
                 Peoples Advice          issues of substance misuse and sexual health as a means of
                 Service: The Smashed    raising awareness and negotiating behaviour change.                   0131 454 0757

Midlothian       Midlothian Young        MYPAS is a community health project for young people living in        Paul Hunter
                 Peoples Advice          Midlothian. The overall aim of MYPAS is to improve the health
                 Service: Connected      and wellbeing of young people ages 12-25 years. The design of         0131 454 0757
                                         the new substance misuse service has been informed by
                                         research including a consultation exercise specially        
                                         commissioned by MDAAT. The service will develop 5 inter-
                                         linked programmes including 1:1 support, community
                                         development, and support for parents.

Moray            Aberlour: Moray Youth   A Drug and Alcohol Mentoring Project that has been developed          Anne Grant
                 Action                  in Partnership between Aberlour Child Care Trust (Moray Youth
                                         Action), Moray DAAT and the Local Community Networks                  01343 546 214
                                         (LCN). The project will work towards supporting Young People
                                         who are at risk of/or who currently have a substance misuse 
                                         problem. The project worker will support and supervise a pool
                                         of 8 mentors who will work with 1-2 young people per week for a
Drug &           Voluntary                Outline                                                                Contact Details
Alcohol Action   Organisation/ Project
                                          period of approximately six months.

Orkney           Orkney Alcohol           Aim of the project is to assist young people (10-20) who through Simon Gordon
                 Counselling and          substance misuse have come to the attention of statutory
                 Advisory Service         authorities. Originally conceived as “rapid intervention group   01856 874 738
                                          educative work” the project has developed into more intensive 1-
                                          1 work with “disengaged” young people.                           orkneyyouthcounselling@tcon

Perth and        Tayside Council on       The Project provides an early intervention/ prevention service for Kathryn Baker
Kinross          Alcohol: Perth Connect   young people living within Perth and Kinross. Programmes are
                                          delivered using both one to one and groupwork approaches, and 01738 580336
                                          there is a strong emphasis on parental involvement. There is a
                                          specific focus on developing services for young people living
                                          within the rural areas of Perthshire and to providing timely and
                                          appropriate diversionary options to prevent young people
                                          requiring involvement from statutory agencies. The Project
                                          works in close partnership with Education and Social Work and
                                          with other statutory bodies such as the Children‟s Reporter.

Shetland         Shetland Community       To work in partnership with a wide rage of other partner               Gill Hession
                 Drugs Project            agencies to develop and deliver drug/alcohol education
                                          packages, harm prevention and harm minimization support and,           01595 743 925
                                          where appropriate, treatment services to young people affected
                                          by drug and/or alcohol misuse in Shetland.                   

West Lothian     Edinburgh Cyrenians:     The Drugs Outreach Project offers one-to-one support and               Kevin Callaghan
                 Drugs Outreach Project   group activities for those whose drug use is affecting their ability   Amy Hutton
                                          to access and sustain accommodation, and make positive
                                          progression in their lives.                                            01506 204 765


West Lothian     Circle (or Family        The Hearth Project works with families with children affected by       Grant Sugden
Drug &           Voluntary                 Outline                                                           Contact Details
Alcohol Action   Organisation/ Project
                 Service Units             parental drug and alcohol use.
                 Scotland): Hearth                                                                           0131 552 0305

Western Isles    Voluntary Action Barra    Barra Youth Café is the only youth provision on the island and    Jessie McNeil
                 & Vatersay: Barra         offers a range of activities for young people including a Youth
                 Youth Café                Committee. The Youth Committee are keen to develop the Café       01871 810 401
                                           and are looking to offer a range of informal workshops for
                                           themselves and other young people on topics such as drugs,

Western Isles    Harris Voluntary          Harris Youth Café aims to provide an alcohol, drugs and           Morag Munro
                 Service: Harris Youth     smoking free environment in which young people can meet and
                 Cafes                     socialize and where they can receive information with regard to   01859 502 171
                                           drugs and alcohol.

Western Isles    Voluntary Action Lewis:   Comhla is a supportive project providing mentoring, personal      Iain Mackenzie
                 Comhla Project            development and alternatives to young people who may be at
                                           risk from drugs and alcohol.                                      01851 720 2630


Western Isles    Sgailean Western Isles    Project provides housing support and advice for 16 – 25 year      Donald MacSween
                 Foyer                     olds who are homeless or in housing need, and helps them
                                           address lifestyle, training and employment issues.                01851 707 804/5


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