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                      HELD ON THURSDAY 7TH OCTOBER 2010
                           COMMENCING AT 2000 HRS

Members in Attendance:           45

Meeting opened by Chairman Mr Bill Pomery

1. Apologises were received from Mr John Graham, Mr Tony Anthony, Mr David Ford Mr Ivor Campion
   and Mrs Tilly Hunt

2. The Chairman reported that our previous AGM meeting notes had been mislaid, so items 2 and 3 of the
   agenda would be excluded.

3. Presidents Report: The President Lt Col (Retd) Robbie Silk MBE reported to the Branch that he
   believed that the Branch was going from strength to strength and a lot of this was down to the
   Chairman and his committee and probably the best supported Branch in the RMPA. He went on to state
   that he believed that the strength of the Branch was also down to the partners of the members, who
   support the meetings with supplying the sandwiches on a monthly basis and taken part in the activities
   that the Branch held, including attending the 3 Branch Members Funerals and an ex members funeral
   this year. He was particularly impressed with the turnout for Mr Henry Swift’s Funeral who was our
   eldest Member. He stated that the Branch’s support for the RMP6 families was still strong and well
   received from the families. He finally stated that he hopes to see the support that the Branch receives
   from the members of 156 Pro Coy RMP continuing and wished the unit members good luck on their
   deployment to Afghanistan on OP Herrick 13.

4. Chairman’s Report: The Chairman Mr Bill Pomery informed the Branch that he would be standing
   down as Chairman next year. He thanked his committee for supporting him through out the last year.
   He stated that he was looking forward to this Years Annual Dinner as we were back in our home the
   WO’s & SGT’s Mess 156 Pro Coy RMP. He also agreed with the Presidents comments and stated that
   the Branch is probably one of the strongest Branch’s in the UK.

5. Hon Secretary’s Report: The Secretary Mr Allan Adam stated that he totally agrees with the
   President and Chairman that this is the best Branch in the RMPA; we have seen an increase in
   numbers, new members and their wives or partners coming along to meetings. He stated that he would
   like to see the Branch visit the Chelsea Pensioners next year as they now have at least 9 RMP members
   there. He also stated that the visit to parliament would also be looked at again. He informed the
   meeting that the Branch’s Weekend away to Gunton Hall in September was again another resounding
   success and was looking to attend there again next year. He is also looking to book more speakers for
   the Branch next year including tying down the SIB. The Secretary then informed the members present
   that the Adopt a Cop scheme was well up and running with only a handful of the Company members
   still to be picked he stated that he had received notice that the Fenlands & District RMPA would also
   like to join the scheme and he would pass them some of the unit members details. He stated that he
   now had the postal address for the unit members deploying to Afghanistan, he stated that all post will
   be sent to Camp Bastion and will then be forwarded on to the unit members where ever they are
   deployed. He added that due to the volume of parcels sent at Christmas time by family members, he
   requested that the Branch members delay sending gifts and Christmas cards until January 2011.
           Branch Members need to send their letters, parcels etc to the following address

                  Number Rank Name (of your Adopt a Cop)
                  156 Pro Coy RMP
                  Theatre provost Group
                  OP Herrick 13
                  BFPO 792
    The Hon Secretary stated that he would have a nominal role of all those that had deployed to
    Afghanistan including their date of births at the next meeting.

    Proposals by the Hon Secretary

                  a. That the AGM be changed from October to September as a request made by the
                     Branch Treasurer to enable him time to have the accounts audited prior to the AGM

   Proposed By: Mr Allan Adam            Seconded By: Mr Ray Hansen         Branch Vote: Carried

                  b. That as of 1st January 2011 the Branch Fees is raised from £5 to £10

   Proposed By: Mr Allan Adam         Seconded By: Mr George Falconer         Branch Vote: Carried

6. Treasurer’s Report : The Treasurer Mr Ray Hansen stated that he was unable to produce any audited
   accounts because the Branch’s Financial year only ended on 30th September 2010 and the accounts
   were still with the auditor and should be ready for the November meeting. He did state that the
   Branch’s current account currently stands at £3031.13. (A statement was produced to this effect). My
   Treasurer then stated that since taking over the accounts last year he had been unhappy with the way
   that the Branch’s accounts were handled by Lloyds TSB Bank. Delays in receiving the statements, not
   providing us with a cheque book for the Business Instant Access Account so money is regularly and
   unnecessarily passing between two accounts

   Proposals by the Treasurer

                  a. That this Branch transfers all monies currently held with Lloyds TSB Bank to
                     HSBC Bank PLC Clacton–On-Sea and that they be requested to open two accounts
                     in the Branch’s name, (i) A treasurers Account and (ii) a Charity Account both of
                     which shall be accessible via Internet Banking and have cheque books

    Proposed By: Mr Ray Hansen           Seconded By: Mr Brian Drake         Branch Vote: Carried

                  b. That from the monthly Branch raffle the sum of £25 be deposited each month into
                     the Charity Account and that a sum of £200 be transferred from the Treasurers
                     Account so set the account up. From which donations are made to charitable causes
                     as approved by the Branch Meetings.

    Proposed By: Mr Ray Hansen           Seconded By: Mr Roy Hutson         Branch Vote: Carried

                 c. That with effect from the 2010 AGM the Branch Financial year be for the period 1st
                 August – 31st July and that the audited accounts be presented to the AGM meeting on
                 the first Thursday of September each year or such date as approved by the Branch, for
                 approval, in order that copies can be provided to Regimental Headquarters by 30th
                 September each year
    Proposed By: Mr Ray Hansen           Seconded By: Mr Allan Adam Branch Vote: Carried
7. Welfare Report: Welfare Officer Mr Ron Holroyd nothing to report apart he had not been called out
   to carry out any welfare duties for that year

8. CENCO Officer Report: CENCO Officer Mr Terry Priest stated that at the last meeting held in
   September 2010; he was informed that copies of the Branch’s audited accounts had to be sent to RHQ
   by May of each year showing the financial accounts as at the 31 December of each year. He stated that
   a proposal had been put forward at the CENCO meeting outlining that the Corps Journal would be cut
   from 3 Journals a year to 2 Journals a year and that a 3rd Journal would be a Provost Marshal’s
   technical journal. Also that entries from Branch’s into the Journal had not be no longer than 500 words
   per issue and that photographs were also to be kept to a minimum and that in future, all births and
   deaths should only include name, date of birth and date of death, no obituaries would be accepted. Mr
   Priest went on to add that a Certificate of Excellence which is produced for members of the
   Association who had been deemed worthy by a committee formed by the CENCO Reps of which our
   CENCO Rep was now one. The PM will no longer sign the Certificates this will now be done by the
   Regimental Secretary. Nominations have to be forwarded by Branch’s to the Regimental Secretary who
   will then pass on to the committee for their approval. The President Lt Col (Retd) Robbie Silk stated
   that he would contact the Regimental Secretary and pass on the feelings of the Branch with regards to
   the Corps Journal.

9. Unit Representative Report: SSgt Andy Cadel stated that the OC and RSM were currently at the
   Training Centre for the Annual PM meeting. He stated that several members of the unit had deployed
   to Afghanistan and that the majority were due to depart for Afghanistan early next week

10. Election of Officer for 2009: No offers of any proposals for any of the chairs, we still need new blood.
    For the following year the following Members will take up the posts

           Chairman:              Mr Bill Pomery
           Vice Chairman:         Mr Brian Drake
           Hon Secretary:         Mr Allan Adam
           Treasurer:             Mr Ray Hansen MBE
           Welfare Officer:       Mr Ron Holroyd
           CENCO Rep:             Mr Terry priest
           Standard Bearer:       Mr Ray Hansen MBE

    President- This is not an elected Office it is appointed by the Branch. Lt Col (Retd) Robbie Silk will
    stand for another year.

11. Voting in of Honorary Members: Mrs Tilly Hunt, Mrs Di Doherty, Mrs Dorothy Williams and Mr
    Dennis Rensch. Show of hands Carried.

12. Voting in of New Honorary Members : The following personnel were proposed by the Hon Secretary
    to be new Honorary Members

           Mrs Doris Falconer                    Show of hands Carried.
           Mrs Joy Fovargue                      Show of hands Carried.
           Mr Steve Gooder                       Show of hands Carried.

    If any member wishes to propose a guest as an Honorary Member to the Branch then they need to
    inform the Hon Secretary prior to the AGM

    Meeting closed at 2114 Hrs
Any Other Business

   Annual Dinner Saturday 16th October 2010
   For those not attending the AGM, but attending the Annual Dinner Please read the following
   information regarding the dinner
   1. The Guest of Honour will be the Lord Lieutenant of Essex John Patrick Lionel Petre, 18th Baron
        Petre of Ingatestone, Essex, England
   2. Dress for the evening for Members are Dinner suits, lounge suits with either regimental bowties or
        the Colchester & East Anglia Branch’ Association tie. If guests served with the Forces it is
        requested that they also wear their Regimental tie. Ladies are invited to wear either long or cocktail
        dresses suitable for the evening.
   3.   The Bar will be open from 1900 hrs
   4. A free glass of Bucks Fizz or Orange juice will be available when you arrive
   5. A photographer will be on hand to take photographs on your arrival
   6. The meal will commence at 2000 hrs
   7. All guests are requested to bring along a Raffle Prize for the evening. Tickets will be sold on the
        night by the Treasurer.
   November Meeting Thursday 04/11/2010

   1. Members are reminded that this meeting is also the Fish & Chip night. The cost will be £5 Per
   2. Names of those requiring Fish & Chips must be given to the Branch Secretary Mr Allan Adam by
      Friday 29th October 2010 so he can then place an order for the food. Either by email or telephone

           b. Home Phone: 01473 414209 (answer Machine only) leave a message

   3. Also to finish off the night there will be a small quiz

   Remembrance Parade Sunday 14th November 2010

   For those Members wishing to attend the Remembrance Parade in Colchester on Sunday 14th
   November 2010 please read the Following

   1. All Members attending must be wearing Berets, Corps Ties, Medals and Poppies
   2. All Members are to parade outside the Town Hall High Street Colchester at 1015 Hrs, where the
      parade will form up prior to marching the short distance to the Memorial outside of the Castle
   3. Lt Col (Retd) Robbie Silk will lay a wreath on behalf on the Branch at the Memorial
   4. Once the service is over the parade will march back to the Town Hall and on dispersal members
      and their guests will attend the Town hall for Drinks with the Mayor
   5. It is hoped that those attending the parade will attend the WO’s & Sgts Mess 156 Pro Coy RMP.
      The meal will be a curry or stroganoff cost per person will be £5. The secretary requires names
      requiring lunch by 04/11/2010

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