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									                              Evans Operating LLP
                                            Platform Checklist


Weekly:                                                                        Date Completed:
101   Glycol Dehydration Report
102D Diesel Generator Report
102G Gas Generator Report
103   Compressor Report
104   Safety Meeting Report
105   Fire Water Pump
106   Crane Inspection (Due Monthly for Un-Manned Platforms)
107   Updated MSDS
108   Cargo Manifest
109   Visitor’s Log
110   Accident Reports

Monthly:                                                                                Completed   Due Date
201   MMS Inspection
201A Well Information
201B Pressure Vessels
201C Atmospheric Vessels
201D Pipeline
201E Pumps
201G PSV
202   Oil and Grease (Sample to be taken on 1st)               (THIRD PARTY)
203   Tracking Manifest (Oil & Grease and Toxicity)            (THIRD PARTY)
204   Wellhead Inspection and Casing Report
205   NPDES
206   Meter Proving Report (Gas)                               (THIRD PARTY)
207   Meter Proving Report (Condensate/Oil)                    (THIRD PARTY)
208   Nav-Aid Inspection
209   Fire-Fighting Equipment Inspection
210   Life-Saving Equipment Inspection
211   Chemical Inventory
212   Run Tickets                                              (SEPARATE FORM)
213   Emergency Drill (One each crew)
214   Flare and Vent Report
215   Pipeline Leakage Report
216   Garbage Record Log
217   Well Test
218   Pollution Inspection Report

Quarterly:                                                                              Completed   Due Date
301    Gas Detectionand Third Party Nav-Aids Inspection        (THIRD PARTY)
302    B. O. D. 5 (State Waters)
303    Non-Sales Gas Meter Reports                             (THIRD PARTY)

Six Month:                                                                              Completed   Due Date
401   Third Party Nav-Aid Inspection (Spring and Fall)         (THIRD PARTY)
402   SCSSSV’S and Plugs
403   TSH (Compressor)                                         (MMS PAPERWORK)

Annual:                                                                                 Completed   Due Date
501   PSV Test
502   SSCSSSV (Storm Choke) Inspection
503   Crane Annual                                             (THIRD PARTY)
504   Platform and Pipeline Cathodic Protection Survey         (THIRD PARTY)
505   Third Party Coast Guard Inspection                       (FIELD GENERATED)
506   Atmospheric Pipeline Corrosion Report                    (THIRD PARTY)
507   Pipeline Patrol
508   Pipeline Valve Inspection                                (THIRD PARTY)
509   Third Party Firefighting Inspection                      (THIRD PARTY)
510   Toxicity Report                                          (THIRD PARTY)

5 Year:                                                                                 Completed   Due Date
601     Underwater Platform Inspection                         (THIRD PARTY)
602     Toxicity Report                                        (THIRD PARTY)


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