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					                                       LESSON PLAN NUMBER _1____

Teacher Education Candidate                   Supervising Teacher                     UWG Supervisor

____Sara Manning_________                _______Ms. Butts__________           ________________________

School ______________________________        Date of Implemented Lesson Plan _____9/29/2010__________

Block No. __1__     Subject: ___Personal Health__________________________        Grade Level: __Second_____

Teaching Skills Focus for This Lesson: Germs and personal hygiene

                                                      Stage 1 The Desired Results
Standards                  Standard 1: Students will comprehend concepts related to health promotion
                           and disease prevention to enhance health.

Specific Learning          When asked by the teacher, the student will be able to describe how to wash
Objective(s)               their hand properly and how to prevent the spreading of germs.

                                                      Stage 2 Assessment Evidence
 Assessment                Share pictures of where germs can be found with the class and ways to
Instrument                 prevent them from spreading.
(Ex. Test, Poster,
Presentation, Picture,
 Evaluation (Grading)      Hand washing worksheet.
Instrument                 link:
(Ex. Point System,
Rubric, Checklist, etc.)
                                                        Stage 3 Learning Plans
Materials                  Glitter (for teacher), glue stick, colored pencils, construction paper, pictures
                           of places germs can be found, copies of worksheet for class.
Sequence of Teacher        I will start be sprinkling glitter on my hands. Then I will shake hand with one
Actions                    other student and have them shake hand s with two other classmates. In the
                           end they will shake hand with at least five other kids spreading the glitter. I
Getter/Motivator           will then explain that the glitter represented germs. Then I will pass out
                           pictures of different places germs can be found so the students can identify
*Tie to Previous           how to prevent spreading germs.

*Significant Actions to
                           The students can tie this to what they might already know about germs and
  Introduce and            hygiene and how washing your hands should be a daily habit.
  Guide Lesson
                           Showing the students the glitter, or so called germs on my hands is a
                           significant way to introducing the lesson.

Sequence of Student

*Explain How Students
                           Students will understand the spreading of germs (glitter) by shaking hands
  Are Engaged During       with each other or using someone else’s pencil. They will understand how
  Lesson                   germs can be spread even without direct contact.
* Explain How              Students will use the pictures of where germs can be found in order to share
  Students Discuss or
                           how to prevent the spreading of germs. They will glue the pictures to a piece
  Present Results of      of construction paper in the front of the classroom and explain why germs are
  What They Did           found there. Then they will use the hand washing worksheet to show how to
  During the Lesson
                          wash your hands in the appropriate order.

Teacher’s Lesson          Have students come together as large group and share one thing they learned
Closure/Wrap-             about germs and what they can do to protect themselves from spreading
                          germs before the teacher moves on to a new topic.

Adaptations for           For students who have trouble writing numbers they can use this as practice
Exceptional Students      or they can just color each picture on the worksheet to familiarize with the
(Anyone who requires
modifications for their
                          motions of what needs to be done.
Related                   Students who need more can create a list of ways to avoid the spreading of
Activities/Extensions     germs. Students could also list other ways than by directly touching another
(What can students do
who need more than is
                          person of how germs are spread.
in the lesson? Should
be related to lesson.)    Other sources to use:
                              Book: Germs Make Me Sick, By Melvin Berger
                              Website for parents/teachers:
                              Interactive website:
                              Extra resource:

Connections to Other      This can be connected to a science experiment because the students have to
Disciplines               observe what happens with the glitter. They also are required to share where
                          germs are found in our environment.

Candidate’s Reflection After the Lesson:
Submit Lesson Plan Agenda with this Lesson Plan
Essential Question: How will I protect myself and others from spreading

Health Education Standard: Students will comprehend concepts related
  to health promotion and disease prevention to enhance health. They
  will also describe ways to prevent the spreading of germs and other
  communicable diseases.

     Spreading Germs
     Vocabulary: Germs
     Where are germs found?
     Hand washing worksheet
      Dirty Hands            Dirty Animals
                                              Raw/Uncooked Foods

    Dirty Vegetables

                       Half-Eaten Foods      Sneezing and Coughing
Picking Nose   Dirty Tissues

Possible Germ Locations and prevention suggestions:

      Dirty Hands: wash them, whether you can see dirt or not.
      Animals: Wash hands after touching or playing with them.
      Raw/Uncooked meat and eggs: always cook food before eating.
      Dirty Vegetables: wash before eating them.
      Blood: Do not touch.
      Toothbrushes: saliva and germs, never share.
      Hairbrushes: spread lice, do not share.
      Half-eaten food: its gross, and it spreads saliva.( same for spoons and forks)
      Sneezing/coughing: releases germs into the air, always cover your mouth.
      Picking/wiping nose: touching others spread objects and spreads germs, wash your hands.
      Dirty Tissues: Don’t touch other people’s tissues; always throw away your own.
      Toilet: Germs all over, always wash hands after using the bathroom.

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