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Create cover with your name class period date and title


									10 steps to an analytical
* Create a cover page with your
  name, class period, date and
     title of the document.
        “The Border Dispute between
___________ & ______________”

                  Wally the World Traveler
                  B Block
                  Due date: Aug. 24th
* Type the paper (Use 12 point
 Times New Roman Font) Do
      not use bold type!
 The first painters ….
 The first painters …
 The first painters…

 The first painters…
 * Double-space (no character
spacing, no extra spacing at the
top or bottom of your papers, no
     extra spacing between
* Use 1” margins on the sides,
       top and bottom.
   This is an example of using 1”
margins in your papers. Go to the File
menu and select “Page Set-Up”. Then
change the settings to 1.00 on top/
bottom/ left and right indent. Always
5 spaces when you begin a paragraph.
 * Write the first paragraph or
thesis statement. In your own
words, write approximately 100
 words about the basis of the
 paper…formal papers do not
   begin with “This paper is
 * Write the second paragraph.
 This paragraph is roughly 100
words (I’m not going to count…)
     What is the basis of the
historical dispute or event that is
      causing controversy?
  * Write the third paragraph.
Using approximately 100 words,
   write What is the basis of
current disposition (outcome) of
        the controversy.
  * Write the fourth paragraph.
Using approximately 100 words
 what recommendations would
     you suggest to solve the
political boundary dispute (if the
    problem is on-going, if the
  problem has been solved, do
 you agree or disagree with the
Write your fifth paragraph…this is
your conclusion paragraph. In this
paragraph you will express your
opinion on the subject matter or
any other related topic.
 * Proof read and spell check for any
  mistakes. Watch your use of weak
words including…says, a lot, very, got,
  get, there is, there are, there were,
really, good, bad, quite, things, never,
forever talks about, speaks of, tells of,
            about, this paper
  discusses…remember that a paper
               cannot talk!
       Action words to use…
The author (not the paper)
 contends, asserts, illustrates the point,
 examines, infers, states, concludes etc…
Make certain that you are writing the paper
 on the issues that caused the conflict.

Monday, August   24th

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