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                                                    Cover story
                                       Discover Karen Travis’
                                     reasons for becoming a
                                             charity speaker
           Lab links up with   Makeover at London     Join Tea for Helen
           support centres       support centre       campaign in 2011
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 The chairman & charity manager
Message from the chairman
                                        Not he who has much is rich,
Over the past few years we have           but he who gives much
been striving towards finding a                 Erich Fromm
suitable site for a new cancer
support centre in Chelmsford.
Our Go for Gold campaign was          Such a building would allow
launched in 2006 and has since        us to substantially expand the
raised £220,000. The YJS Trust        services we offer to those living
has come forward and pledged          with cancer (see below for
£250,000 towards this project, for    more details). It would make a
which we are very grateful.           wonderful landmark building
                                      for the Helen Rollason Cancer          Professor Neville Davidson (chairman)

With £470,000 available, we have      Charity.
                                                                             If you can help us by making a
been searching for the right
                                      However we need a further              significant donation towards this
property. We feel that a building
                                      £500,000 to make this happen           project, please contact me on
which provides suitable facilities
                                      and although this is a tall order, I   01245 516339.
for a centre with integrated office
space for charity staff would be      do believe in miracles.
ideal (such as the one pictured).

More about this opportunity from the charity manager
                                      opportunity to provide
                                      yoga and tai chi
                                      classes and art therapy

                                      This space would also
                                      enable us to hold regular
                                      “Look Good, Feel Better”
                                      workshops for clients who
                                      currently have to travel to
Nicola Douglas (charity manager)      Colchester or London for
                                      these.                                 have a smaller ‘quiet’ lounge
The right building in the right                                              in addition to the main lounge
location would enable us to offer     We would have space to hold            where clients can relax in peace
a full range of services under one    discussion and support groups          after their treatments.
roof:                                 covering a wide range of
                                      cancer related topics such as          All these services would be
It would enable us to increase        lymphoedema advice, diet, pain         available to all clients including
the number of complementary           management and travel.                 those with impaired mobility
therapy, manual lymph drainage                                               thanks to an internal lift to all
and counselling sessions. We          We would like to provide a             floors.
would like to expand our services     place where women who have
to include physiotherapy sessions.    undergone breast surgery can be        The enclosed, private garden
                                      fitted for and purchase specialist     would enable clients to relax
A studio space will give us the       bras. We would have therapists         in tranquil surrounds during the
                                      trained to facilitate this service.    summer months.

                                      Now that lymphoedema                   We have identified demand
                                      compression garments are               for all these additional services
                                      available on prescription,             and a building such as the one
                                      we would offer a service for           pictured above would enable us
                                      measuring clients so they don’t        to provide them. If you would like
                                      have the inconvenience of              to find out more, please contact
                                      having to go to the specialist         me at the charity office on 01245
                                      nurses at Broomfield Hospital.         514325.

                                      The facility would enable us to

 2                                              Moment                                                        Issue 27
                                                                                      National news

Snooker’s pot of luck for charity
A rare snooker exhibition                        battling cancer
featuring Ronnie O’Sullivan                      too. Jimmy and
fetched in excess of £13,000                     Ronnie have
at the end of August in                          always been
Colchester, Essex.                               his favourite
                                                 sportsmen and
Hundreds flocked to the                          he told me over
event organised by 43-year-                      and over how
old breast cancer patient                        I had made his
Jacki Ithier, to see snooker                     lifetime dream
champs Ronnie O’Sullivan                         come true. It was
and Jimmy White fight it                         such a pleasure
out in a bid to boost charity                    to see so many
funds.                                           happy people at
                                                 the arena.          Ronnie O’Sullivan (Courtesy: Newsquest)

100 VIP ticket holders were                                                               absolutely devastated, I have
treated to a question and                        “I’d like to thank everyone              tried to carry on as normal as
answer session, drinks &                         who supported this exhibition, is possible, almost pretending
canapés plus a signed                            which was my first ever                  there is nothing wrong with
photograph of Ronnie and                         charity fundraising event.”              me.”
                                                             Referee Michaela         As promotion for the charity
                                                             Tabb oversaw the         exhibition started, the death
                                                             evening’s event          of snooker’s two-time world
                                                             which saw Jimmy          champion ‘Hurricane’ Alex
                                                             White beat Ronnie        Higgins, hit the headlines.
                                                             O’Sullivan 3 – 1. John   Higgins died of throat cancer
                                                             Virgo showcased his      aged 61 at the end of July.
                                                             trick shots proving a    He was instrumental in raising
                                                             hit with the audience    the popularity of snooker
                                                             and Michael J Fitch      in the 1970s and 1980s and
                                                             hosted the event         was an inspiration to Ronnie
                                                             and captured the         O’Sullivan.
                                                             audience’s attention
From left: Jimmy White, Jacki Ithier, John Virgo, Michaela   with some impressive     O’Sullivan said: “It was a
Tabb and Ronnie O’Sullivan
                                                             magic tricks.            real privilege to work with
                                                                                      Jacki on this event. I don’t
Jacki, who is currently                          Jacki said: “I’ve known              normally do exhibitions or
undergoing chemotherapy,                         Ronnie for a long time               appearances, but I was really
said: “The exhibition was                        and I asked if he would              happy I was able to support
an absolute storm. I have                        do a snooker exhibition. In          her on this.
spoken with some fantastic                       February 2010, my entire
people in the last few                           world fell apart when it             “Jacki and I have known
months. Some of them                             was confirmed I had breast           each other a long time and
introduced themselves to me                      cancer and would have                I think her determination to
on the night, thanking me for                    to undergo immediate                 give something back to the
making their dreams come                         chemotherapy, followed by            charity that is helping her
true. One man who came                           an operation and then more           is wonderful, which is why I
as a VIP is unfortunately now                    chemotherapy. Although,              wanted to help.”                                     Moment                                                  3
 Cancer Research

Supporting research study
 Teaming up the work carried                      understanding of the effects
 out in the Helen Rollason                        reflexology may have on breast
 Research Laboratory with the                     cancer patients, which will in
 services offered in the charity’s                turn allow patients to make more
 support centres is the focus of                  informed decisions regarding the
 a pioneering new study into the                  use of complementary therapies
 effects of reflexology on cancer                 to support their conventional
 patients.                                        cancer treatment.

 The study, led by Dr Christina                   A study previously published by
 Greenwood, the scientific                        the Helen Rollason Research
 research fellow in the lab, will                 Laboratory, in collaboration with
 look at the psychological,                       Anglia Ruskin University, showed
 physiological and biochemical                    reflexology had a measurable
 impact of reflexology treatment                  and beneficial impact in
 on breast cancer patients.                       reducing the ‘state of anxiety’        Dr Andrew McVicar
                                                  of healthy individuals. This non-      carried out at the charity’s
                                                  invasive method to investigate         cancer support centre in
                                                  the effectiveness of reflexology       Springfield, Chelmsford, Essex,
                                                  for healthy individuals is now         and will be run and co-ordinated
                                                  being extended into cancer             by the one of the centre’s
                                                  patients.                              therapists: Carol Ellis.
                                                  Co-researcher Dr Andrew                Support centres’ manager
                                                  McVicar in the Faculty of Health       Lorna Ellis said: “I am really
                                                  & Social Care at Anglia Ruskin         pleased this research is being
                                                  University said: “Stress and anxiety   undertaken - we have always
                                                  are increasingly being implicated      been aware of the benefits of
                                                  as contributory factors in a           reflexology but until now, these
                                                  variety of disorders, both physical    have all been anecdotal. It will
                                                  and psychological, and some            be good to be able to relate the
                                                  evidence suggests they also may        actual evidence to clients when
                                                  influence the effectiveness of         explaining the therapy to them.”
                                                  treatments and slow recovery.

                                                  “This study combines research
Lorna Ellis, Dr Chrissy Greenwood & Carol Ellis   with complementary therapy and

 Dr Greenwood said: “Increasingly,
                                                  is an excellent opportunity for
                                                  the charity’s scientists, therapists       Valentines’
 complementary therapies such                     and other researchers within the
 as reflexology, are being used in                Faculty of Health & Social Care to
 health care settings to support                  work together to study the effects
 the treatment of cancer patients                 of reflexology for those living with
 and ease the side effects of                     cancer.”
 conventional treatment. Many
 patients report the treatments                   The study, which is being
 help alleviate pain and the                      supported by funds generated            Saturday February 12, 2011
 anxiety brought on by the                        through the Research Assessment                 Gaynes Park Barns
 disease and subsequent medical                   Exercise (RAE) from the lab’s                   Coopersale, Epping
 treatment, however there is a                    previous publications, will               to include a three course dinner
 lack of scientific evidence to                   recruit patients with recently                  and Rat Pack Tribute
 support these claims.                            diagnosed breast cancer from                 All money raised will go to
                                                  the Chelmsford and Essex Hospital            Helen Rollason Research
 “This research is therefore                      Breast Unit in the new year.                       tickets £60
 essential in gaining greater                     Reflexology treatments will be

 4                                                         Moment                                                   Issue 27
                                                                           Cancer Research

Sunflower ball for Sue
A sunflower ball held in memory          effective way of managing
of Susan Pennick raised in excess        HER2 positive breast cancer and
of £6500 for the charity. But the        was fundamental in paving the
real highlight of the evening was        way for the future of Herceptin
commemorating Sue’s life with            and is the reason it is widely used
her family and friends a year after      today.
she passed away.
                                         Research nurse manager Tracey
Her husband Bob set the ball in          Camburn said: “Sue was a joy
motion for an event in his wife’s        to look after as she was always
memory just after she died. Sue          uncomplaining even when the
battled with cancer for seven            treatments became difficult for
years – six of them she spent on         her with having very few veins
chemotherapy.                            for the treatment to be given.
                                         The most noticeable feature for
Bob said: “She was an amazingly          me, in remembering Sue, is her
strong woman who could always            wonderful smile and her calm
manage a smile even when she             and cheery disposition.
felt very ill. She had breast cancer
and was put on a clinical trial          “Without Sue’s determination and
and given Herceptin for three            generosity in wanting to try new
years. I will be eternally grateful to   treatments, not just for her own      Bob Pennick (front left) with hi daughter and sons
the charity and the way it helped        potential benefit, but for others
Sue.”                                    as well, Herceptin may not have       work Helen Rollason Cancer
                                         reached its target so quickly and     Charity does. He added: “My
Sue Pennick was like Helen               conclusively.”                        family and I would like to say
Rollason in many ways, as they                                                 thank you to everyone involved
were both strong women who               The sunflower ball in her memory      with the charity. We are sure Sue
smiled even when life was tough.         saw the hall decorated out with       is looking down on us today with
Sue took part in one of the              yellow balloons and each guest        that lovely smile.”
pivotal Herceptin trials. The study      was given a sunflower brooch to
involved looking at whether              wear.                                 The sunflower ball in Sue’s
one year, two years or purely just                                             memory was a huge success and
observing patients is the most           Bob is a great supporter of the       a fitting tribute to her life.

Pancreatic drug trial
John Spencer is on a clinical            was not                               not increased in size.
drug trial at Broomfield Hospital        getting
looking at adding a vaccine to           better my                             “I have always been a positive
the standard chemotherapy. It            GP sent                               person and with the support of
is hoped this vaccine will benefit       me for a                              family and friends I hope to win
patients’ immune systems with            CT scan                               this new battle. I am still working
inoperable pancreatic cancer.            and this                              and I have always been the
                                         showed                                sort of person to just get on with
 “Ten years ago I was visited            that our                              things and not moan to anyone.
by the disease we all dread; in          old friend
my case this was pancreatic              cancer                                So this is my way of coping with
cancer. I decided to be treated          had                                   the situation. I am also very
with hormone therapy which               returned.                             fortunate to have a good team
worked for me as it helped to            It showed John Spencer                of medical experts are looking
shrink the tumour and I was              a small                               after me. So here’s wishing
back to good health.                     tumour in my pancreas and in          good luck to all of you out there
                                         my liver. After eight weeks of        in a similar position to me - stay
Three months ago I started to            chemo and Telovac, another            positive.”
get bad back ache. When this             scan showed the tumour had                         Moment                                                                  5
 Cancer Support Centres

“A cancer diagnosis is not the end -
support is out there”
Cover story                             receive reflexology and
                                        aromatherapy. It is a place of
Cancer survivor Karen Travis            total relaxation where I had
raised a toast to the 10th              complete time to myself: a
anniversary of being diagnosed          rare treat.”
with the disease.
                                        Karen’s relationship with the
10 years on from the devastating        charity extends beyond the
news, Karen celebrated in style         support centres, as her cancer
by hosting a luncheon with friends      journey led her into taking
and family.                             part in clinical trials and her
                                        tumours being donated to the
Since Karen put her teaching            charity’s laboratory for testing.
career on hold when she was first
diagnosed with breast cancer,           “It’s strange but encouraging
she has been instrumental in the        to know cells from my body
development of the charity.             have been studied by the
                                        charity’s lab team and to           Karen Travis (centre) with her daughters
Despite undergoing five bouts of        have been lucky enough to
chemotherapy and having breast          participate in two clinical trials.        Experience in Ireland which
cancer four times, Karen is now         The first treatment was Herceptin;         operated from 2004 – 2006.
working in a positive way to help       a well-known treatment now                 The Live Well Experience was
more people in her position by          available on the NHS and the               established to give cancer
becoming a charity speaker.             second drug was Tyverb - a                 patients a peaceful five-day
                                        newer option.                              residential retreat in an isolated
Karen helped set up a fundraising                                                  area of Ireland.
group, promoted the charity’s           “To me this charity has been an
first cancer support centre, been       absolute life line and certainly           In a bid to thank the Helen
on clinical drug trials and had         without the opportunity to be on           Rollason Cancer Charity and help
samples of her tumours sent to the      the drug trials I don’t think I would      those living with cancer today,
Helen Rollason Laboratory.              be here today.”                            Karen delivers speeches about
                                                                                   her cancer journey and the work
“I’ve used the support                  She was one of the first people            of the charity. She has touched
centres a number of times to            to try the charity’s Live Well             many people’s lives as a result.

Caring for carers
Karen’s mother Phyllis Little has                                                “The treatments are a marvellous
been using the charity’s support                                                 thing to have – it was lovely to
centre at Broomfield Hospital.                                                   have me-time. I’ve had back
                                                                                 massage and reflexology and
Following Karen’s cancer                                                         both of those treatments have
diagnosis, Phyllis spent time caring                                             opened a door to release all the
for her daughter and her family,                                                 tension and stress I was feeling.
including accompanying Karen                                                     “I was so relaxed afterwards and
to the chemotherapy sessions.                                                    the idea of having someone care
Being caught up in the cancer                                                    for you is wonderful. It’s a very
journey with Karen and taking on                                                 relaxing and welcoming place to
a lot of responsibility, twinned with                                            come when cancer takes over”.
                                        Phyllis Little (left) and Karen Travis
coming from a family who always
                                        recently she discovered the              Phyllis added: “Support is here for
believed in mind over matter,
                                        support offered to carers by the         us carers, so if you can use it, do!”
Phyllis found herself pushing her
                                        Helen Rollason Cancer Charity.
own needs aside. It was only

 6                                                    Moment                                                Issue 27
                                                                   Cancer Support Centres

RBS - Really big supporters                                                             Breast Cancer Support
                                                centre as it hasn’t been fixed up
                                                                                       The Essex (Springfield) Cancer
                                                since it opened in 2004. The team
                                                                                       Support Centre holds a monthly
                                                worked for two days; painting          breast cancer support group
                                                the walls, replacing the furniture     from 7.30pm until 8.30pm.
                                                and replacing the towels used          Although it is aimed towards
                                                for treatments. In addition, the       female breast cancer, we
                                                volunteers added plants to the         welcome men to join in. The next
                                                centre to give it an even more         meeting will be on Wednesday
                                                homely feel.                           October 20.

                                                Centre coordinator Rebecca
                                                Brainerd said: “Visitors have really
                                                noticed a change - it’s made a               Support Group
                                                massive difference. It’s brighter,
                                                cleaner and makes the patients         At the London Cancer Support
                                                feel more at ease.”                        Centre, North Middlesex
                                                                                              University Hospital
                                                The centre played host to the
RBS volunteers turn into painting pros          retirement party of former charity     Advice on & from:
                                                trustee Dr. Naeve in the summer.       • Amoena Life
Volunteers from the Royal Bank
of Scotland helped transform the                By holding it in the support centre,   • Pharmacist
London Cancer Support Centre                    many more people from within           • Physiotherapist
with a makeover.                                the hospital are now aware of
                                                                                       • Manual Lymph Drainage
                                                the charity’s services it offers
A team of 15 volunteers visited                 to cancer patients. We wish Dr
                                                Naeve all the best for the future.     • Dietician
the centre after getting involved
                                                                                       • Pain management
with the Tea for
Helen campaign.                                                                        Forthcoming meetings will
They were offered                                                                      be held on October 29 and
a taster session of                                                                    November 26 from 2pm.
reflexology so they
                                                                                       Refreshments available.
could understand
the types of                                                                           For more information please
treatment the                                                                          contact Rebecca Brainerd on
charity’s support                                                                      020 8887 2408.
centres offer and
what they would be
raising money for.

After their visit,
they decided they
wanted to help
                              A new bright & airy reception area
redecorate the

 Re-cover girl
 Hertfordshire cancer support                    The centre provides a range of
 centre co-ordinator Linda Bowler                support treatments for cancer
 starred on the front cover of                   patients including reflexology,
 Mwaah magazine after winning a                  massage, aromatherapy, manual
 competition.                                    lymph drainage and counselling.
 The subsequent article featured                 Please call the Hertfordshire
 her cancer journey and the work                 centre 01279 602667 for more
 of the support centre in Herts.                 information.                                   Moment                                                    7
Retail shops

Volunteering in our shops
Calling all energetic fun loving people with time on their hands! We need you!
We are looking for reliable, enthusiastic and active volunteers to join our friendly retail teams
across the Herts, Essex and London area. You’ll meet new people while making a difference
to people living with cancer. The work is physical but fun and extremely rewarding – just
read what our volunteers have to say...

Alex, 18, volunteering in         Terri, Witham shop volunteer     into the store looking for
our Braintree shop                “I love volunteering! I’ve       something in particular
“I was looking for paid           been in this shop since it       and we search to find it,
work during the summer            opened a couple of years         it does give you a buzz.
holidays after coming             ago. I enjoy sorting the         I’d encourage anyone to
home from university but          donations and meeting            volunteer – it gets you out
I was struggling on that          the customers. It’s great        of the house and it doesn’t
front. Instead I looked at        because we have some             matter if you can only offer
volunteering my time at           regulars who we always           a couple of hours a week,
my local charity shop.            have a chat and a laugh          it’s all worth it.”
For students struggling to        with. When someone comes
find work, volunteering is
a great option. Not only
                                  Mary, volunteering in our        experience that time is a
does it give weight to your
                                  Chingford store                  great healer. They often
CV but you feel good
                                  “It’s a challenge but it         leave the shop with a smile
about giving something
                                  keeps me young! I’ve             because they had the
to the local community.
                                  been volunteering in the         chance to talk to someone.
I volunteer up to three
                                  shop for four years now          There’s a blind lady who
times a week – it’s a great
                                  and I really enjoy it. I like    regularly visits the shop – I
opportunity for students
                                  talking to the customers.        get her a chair to sit on,
with not much to do.”
                                  Sometimes people who             we have a little chat and
                                  make the donations are           she often tells me how I’ve
Andy, volunteer driver
                                  upset because they have          made her day. That’s a
"I don’t understand why
                                  recently lost someone – but      wonderful thing to hear. I
more young people don’t
                                  I tell them from my own          love volunteering!”
volunteer because it’s
rewarding and charity            Yvonne, volunteering at our       here I’ve made new friends.
work looks good on a CV.         Burnham-on-Crouch branch          I would say to anyone
I’ve been with the charity       65-year-old Yvonne won            who has lost someone and
for a year now and I really      Volunteer of the Year and         isn’t sure where their life is
enjoy helping out on the         Dedicated Volunteer of the        taking them to join a charity
retail side. I decided to        Year in 2009 in the Maldon &      shop because as I say, it’s
volunteer as I have lost         Burnham Standard.                 given me my life back. It’s
family members to cancer         She said: “Volunteering has       absolutely marvellous.”
and I think its amazing that     really helped me. I have
the money raised through         had cancer twice and my            If you or anyone you
the shops goes directly          husband died suddenly, so          may know is interested
towards funding research         I decided to volunteer for         in volunteering in one
and cancer support               charity and it’s really been       of our charity shops,
centres in my local area.        my life. I now volunteer           please contact us for an
I’d encourage other young        five times a week – I meet         application form on 01245
people to get involved.”         different people all day           514325 or e-mail enquiries@
                                 long and by volunteering 

8                                        Moment                                            Issue 27

Clothing banks
When was the last time you wanted to donate your clothing to the                You have a clear out of
charity shop but realised it was not in saleable condition?                   clothes and fabrics at home
                                      Before chucking your rags in
                                                                             Any fabrics which cannot be
                                      the bin next time, bag them up
                                      and bring them to one of these
                                                                              sold through the shops are
                                      outlets:                                        bagged up

                                      •   Cancer Support Centre, Lawn           Take rags to one of the         
                                          Lane, Springfield, Chelmsford,        charity’s clothing banks

                                          Essex CM1 7TJ
                                          Anglia Ruskin University,
                                                                                  Recycling company             
                                                                              Retrograde collect the rags
                                          Chelmsford, Essex
                                      •   Village Hall, High Easter, Nr          Retrograde pay the             
                                          Chelmsford, Essex                     charity £5000 per tonne

From this year, we are offering
                                      •   The Co-op, 5 Ways Retail Park,
                                          Pear Tree Road, Colchester,        Rags taken to grading depot        
a new way to recycle your rags.
We now have four clothing banks
                                      Is there a convenient place to
                                                                              Rags recycled and broken          
across the area collecting your                                               down to be made into new
                                      house a clothing bank near you?
fabrics which are not quite good                                             products or sent to sent to be
                                      Let us know by calling 01245
enough to be sold through our         514325.
                                                                              used in 3rd world countries
retail shops.

Remembering Helen
Extracts taken from Helen’s                                                writing exactly the same thing on
autobiography ‘Life’s Too                                                  your card.
                                                                           Well, one of the few positive
“A true friend who is someone                                              things about this illness is that
who thinks you are a good egg                                              good intentions are realised and
though he knows you are slightly                                           I do see the people I love much
cracked” – Bernard Meltzer                                                 more frequently.

Where would I be without my                                                Whereas previously I might have
friends? I really would never have                                         seen my old friends two or three
got this far. Their unconditional                                          times a year, now it will be every
love and support has carried                                               three or four weeks, and I’ll talk
me through when things looked                                              to them regularly on the phone
bleak. Fun times and laughter                                              in between. They are people
have strengthened me and                                                   with jobs and families who have
                                      together. I’ll give you a call in    put themselves out to quite
helped me to deal with set backs
                                      the next couple of weeks and         a remarkable degree, there
and disappointments. They’ve
                                      we’ll arrange something.’ Then       when I need them, sensitive to
been just great. You know how
                                      suddenly it’s Christmas and you      the situation. They have had to
it is with friends in normal times.
                                      realise with a shock as you write    adjust to life with the disease as
You’re busy with your separate
                                      your cards that months have          I have. It has probably made us
lives, seldom meeting up as often
                                      gone by since you last saw them.     all re-evaluate our lives. I don’t
as you would really like because
                                      So you leap for the phone or         think any of us take anything for
of work or home commitments.
                                      scribble on the card: ‘Must get      granted anymore.
Always a matter of good
                                      together soon. I’ll phone you’.
intentions, a snatched phone
                                      And of course they are busy          Helen Rollason, May 1999.
call, the odd note. ‘We must get                       Moment                                                      9
           Forthcoming events & fundraising news
          Helen Rollason Cancer Charity’s
          Carol Services 2010                                  Forthcoming community events
                                                                                                       Nov 20    Charity Christmas
          1 Dec - 7.30pm
                                                               Oct 16 In the Pink                                Fayre
          St Peter’s & St Paul’s Church,                       7pm – 11pm                              11am – 3pm
          Station Road, Chingford                              Tickets: £15                            Bric-a-brac, Christmas stalls
          4 Dec - 7pm                                          Disco, buffet, raffle, auction          Tel: Kathy Prior 01376 349077
          Salvation Army Carol Concert,                        Tel: Sharon Halvey 07717 246740         Silver Jubilee Hall, Takeley
          Enfield Brass Band Carol Service,                    Writtle Sport & Social Club
          St Andrews Centre, Chelmsford                                                                Dec 5     Santa Fun Run
          Tel: Angela Lodge 01245                                                                      Fee: £20 – includes Santa outfit,
          514325                                               Oct 26 Psychic Night                    goody bag and water
                                                               7pm - 9pm                               Tel: 01245 514325
          6 Dec - 7pm
                                                               Tickets: £5                             Greenwich Park
          St Michael’s & All Angels
                                                               Medium and psychic evening
          Church, Galleywood Common,                           Tel: 01245 514325
          Galleywood, Chelmsford                               Prested Hall, Colchester
          7 Dec - 7.30pm
          St Mary’s Church, Burnham-on-
          Crouch                                               Nov 6     Quiz Night
          9 Dec - 5pm                                          8pm
          Chelmsford Railway Station with                      Tickets: £7.50
          Heligan Folk Group Carol Singing                     Quiz and a ploughmans supper
                                                               Tel: Linda Bowler 01279 602667
          18 Dec - 3pm                                         Sawbridgeworth Cricket Club             For a full list of charity events,
          St James’s Church, High Wych,                                                                please see our website.
          20 Dec - 7pm
          St Andrew's Church, Parsonage,
          Halstead                                                 Bloomin’ Spring for Helen
      Win £100 EVERY
      month                                                     Remember your loved one
               N’S CL                Want your chance to
                                     win £100 a month? Then
                                                               in the Helen Rollason Cancer


                                     why not join our new
                                                                      Charity Garden
Y ou

                                     fundraising initiative



       ce              ev
               n £10 0
          to wi

                                     called Helen’s Club.

      By signing up to a £5 monthly
                                                              Remember your loved one
      direct debit using the form below,
                                                              by joining the Bloomin’ Spring
      you will be given a unique number
                                                              initiative this Autumn. This
      which will be entered into our
      £100 monthly prize draw.                                  Monday November 1, 2010
                                                              scheme, supported by TV
                                                              gardener Christine Walkden and
      Helen’s Club is a new way of                                              Central Park,
                                                              sponsored by Bottle Green, will          Chelmsford
      helping to raise much needed                            see thousands of bulbs planted
      funds for the charity’s services                        in Chelmsford’s Central Park in
      including supporting people living                      memory of those who have died
      with cancer and research into the                           cancer.
                                                              of sponsored by                                                           ported b
      disease.                                                                                                                   su p           y

                                                              By sponsoring £10, 25 bulbs will be
      Helen’s Club winners:
                                                              planted in memory of your loved
      August: Kathryn Cutmore from
                                                              one on November 1, 2010 at the
      Tolleshunt D’Arcy
                                                              park by a team of volunteers. We TV's Christine Walkden
      September: Claire Read from
                                                              will be planting 10,000 daffodils
      Margaretting                                                                                To sponsor bulbs in ’memory lkd       of
                                                              and 18,000 grape hyacinths,


                                                                                                                          h r is
                                                                                                                                 tin Wa
                                                                                                  a loved one, please call e        01245
      Sign up now - turn to                                   which will flower blue and yellow
                                                                      Want to favourite colours. 514325.
                                                              Helen Rollason's be part of the Bloomin’ Spring Campaign?
      back page
                                                                         Pledge £10 and 25 bulbs will be planted
           10                                                           Momentin memory of your loved one.                                  Issue 27
                                                                        For more information call 01245 514325 or visit
                    Forthcoming events & fundraising news

Tea for Helen 2011
Tea for Helen raised in excess                Once again we are being                 To claim your £1 pot of Little
of £25k last year. In 2011 we                 proudly supported by Wilkin             Scarlet, please call into your
ideally want to double that                   & Sons who are providing                nearest outlet from February
figure so we need your help!                  500 jars of Little Scarlet jam          2011:
                                              for just £1 (RRP £3.45) which           - Our charity shops
                                              goes direct to the charity.             - Cancer support centres
                                              Once you’ve eaten your jam,             - Charity office at Broomfield
                                              please fill up the jar with coins       Hospital
                                              and return it to the charity.           Register your interest now!

                                               Tea for Helen 2011
                                               Registration Form
                                                                                                   Tea for H ele n
                                               Please complete the details below.                     Suppo
                                                                                                           rted by Wilkin & Sons L

                                               The form should be returned to:
                                               Helen Rollason Cancer Charity,
                                               Woodside, Broomfield Hospital, Chelmsford, Essex CM1 7ET.
TV presenter Andrew Castle supports Tea for
Helen 2011                                     Tea party organiser
                                               Title _____________________   First name_______________________________
We need people like you to
                                               Surname ____________________________________________________________
organise tea parties to raise
awareness and funds for                        Address _____________________________________________________________
the Helen Rollason Cancer                      _____________________________ Postcode ______________________________
Charity so we can continue                     Tel. ____________________________    Mobile no. ________________________
helping cancer patients.                       E-mail _______________________________________________________________
                                               Date of birth ________________________________________________________
Community relations
manager Angela Lodge said:                     Tea party details
“Tea parties can be as big or                  Location of tea party (if different to the details above)
small as you like. Every penny                 _____________________________________________________________________
will really make a difference                  Approximate number of people taking part
to someone living with
cancer. Enjoy a cuppa and
                                               Date and time of tea party
raise funds for us!”

                                              North Essex
                                              Circular Walk
                                              More than 200 people took part
                                              in the NEC walk in Halstead. The
                                              popular walk was handed over
                                              from organiser John Edwards to
                                              the charity to make it a Helen
                                              Rollason event in future years. The
                                              walk comprised a 7, 16 & 25 mile
                                              walk and raised over £5000. Next
Waitrose in South Woodford donated £350                                               Braintree Lions raised £1000 collecting at a
as part of its community scheme               year's event is on May 29.              beer festival                              Moment                                                                           11
  Fundraising news

   Groups' fundraising news                                                Jolly June
                                                                           Youngsters from Sawbridgeworth
                                     Burnham-on-Crouch                     welcomed in the first day of June
                                     A book fayre was organised by a       at a Jolly June party. Budgen’s
                                     team of volunteers from Burnham-      donated the refreshments for
                                     on-Crouch.                            the party as part of its National
                                                                           Cuppa Day.
                                     The event was held at Baptist
                                     Church Hall in the High Street.       The store also handed over a
                                     Youngsters were treated to            £500 cheque to the charity as
                                     children’s stories between 2-4pm      part of its ongoing community
                                     and the event made £250. An           support and fundraising efforts
                                     extra £2000 was raised from a golf    from 2010.
                                     day held the day before.

                                                     A group of
                                                     volunteers from
                                                     Braintree raised
                                                     £646 after walking
                                                     the flitch way in
                                                     Essex earlier this

                                                     In addition the
                                                     team raised £143
                                                     from a collection
                                                     outside Freeport
                                                     Designer Village.     Budgens' staff present cheque to Linda
                                                                           Bowler (Courtesy: Herts & Essex Observer)

Cofunds                                                                   Church unites to help
A bumper cheque for £21k             for the charity this year.
was presented to the charity at
the cancer support centre in         “We hope to be able to continue
Springfield from Cofunds.            our support in the future; our
                                     small contribution to helping
Alastair Conway, sales &             make such a difference to those
marketing director at Cofunds        who suffer from this terrible
said: “Cofunds is thrilled to have   disease. We are privileged to
been able to raise over £20,000      have been able to help.”

                                                                          Charity volunteer Chantelle Lesforis (right)
                                                                          accepts a £580 cheque from Pavola Cabral
                                                                          and Marco Andrade from UCKG Help
                                                                          Centre. UCKG raised the money as a result
                                                                          of a 5km run in London’s Greenwich Park

  12                                            Moment                                                     Issue 27
                                                       Treks and challenges

Mountain                          across moorlands and
                                  glaciers to reach Uhuru Peak
                                  at 5896m. Views from the
                                                                    September 23 – October 2
                                                                    September 30 – October 9

magic                             summit are just reward for
                                  pushing your body physically
                                                                    Registration: £549
                                                                    Minimum sponsorship: £3875
Alex Stewart and Sophie           and mentally. This trek offers
Petersen challenged               the chance to climb one of
themselves to climb               the world’s most impressive
Kilimanjaro, one of the           and well-known mountains in
highest mountains in the          the world.
world, all in the name of
charity. So far the pair has      Why not take on the
raised in excess of £7000.        challenge?
Their 10-day trip took them       February 4 – 13, 2011
to Moshi, Tanzania, trekking      March 11 – 20, 2011
through dense jungle,             August 19 – 28, 2011
camping at Shira caves,                                             Alex Stewart and Sophie Petersen

Jumpin’ June
June 2011 is your chance                                            Individuals:
to get involved with our                                            £80 registration
promotional month of                                                £100 sponsorship
skydives! Don’t stop reading
just yet though, because                                            Groups (up to 5 people):
even if you are scared of                                           £140 registration
the idea of jumping out of a                                        £500 sponsorship
plane, we’ve the ideal thing
for you!                                                            Where:
                                                                    Milton Keynes, Bucks
Jumpin’June is a brand new
fundraising initiative aiming                                       EXTREME:
to get as many people as                                            By taking the traditional route
possible signed up to do                                            and freefalling through the
a skydive...however there                                           air in a tandem jump, you’ll
are two options for budding       Take the plunge!                  be joining others such as
fundraisers.                                                        paralympian Danny Crates,
                                  We are the first and only         who will be kick starting the
INDOOR THRILLS:                   charity in the country to offer   skydiving month on June 4 by
If you’ve ever wanted to do       indoor skydives at Milton         doing his very own skydive.
a skydive but don’t like the      Keynes with Air Kix.              Why not join Danny in making
idea of falling out of a plane,                                     Jumpin’ June a real success?
then why not try our new
brand of skydives – indoors!      By joining up to an indoor        Cost:
Dr John Booth will be teaming     skydive, you have the             £70 registration
up with 4 members of his          opportunity to do a group         £395 sponsorship
family and friends to take        or individual skydive and an
part in this event and will be    indoor skydive lasts twice the    Where:
calling themselves the Flying     time of a normal flight.          Maidstone, Kent
Doctors.                                                            Chatteris, Cambridgeshire                    Moment                                                     13
                                                                         Fundraising news
Vibrant vintage fayre
Thousands of people flocked to        style on the day really got into the
the vintage fayre organised by        spirit of things. It was a wonderful
the charity at the end of June.       event with great community
Sponsored by Barratt Homes and        support.”
David Wilson Homes, the fayre
raised in excess of £12,000.          People brought along their
                                      treasures to be valued by
The fayre boasted more than           Reeman Dansie, who have
100 vintage vehicles, live            previously appeared on BBC’s
entertainment from A2 Jive,           Flog It, while others sampled ‘a
singing by Colne Harmony and          most curious party’ staged by
the sounds of Chelmsford Silver       Rebecca Hoh-Hale with vintage
Band.                                 tea ware and homemade cakes.

Youngsters enjoyed donkey rides,      Rebecca Littler, sales and
a display by the Suffolk punch        marketing director from Barratt
horses and meeting Harry Potter       Homes, said: “What a fantastic
owls.                                 day - we all thoroughly enjoyed
                                                                             Rebecca Hoh-Hale (centre) with her ‘A Most
Community fundraiser Anne             ourselves. It’s been a pleasure to     Curious Party’ employees
Brown said: “Not only did the         work with this very worthy charity
vintage cars look amazing,            and we’re delighted to have
people who dressed up vintage         played our part in supporting this

                                      With such a great response from
                                      the community, the charity is
                                      making this an annual event.

                                      Next year’s Vintage Fayre is on
                                      Sunday July 24, 2011.
                                      To register your interest in
                                      the event or to book a stall,
                                      contact the fundraising team
                                      on 01245 514325 or enquiries@
Classic cars were a huge attraction                   Café Tabac enjoys the vintage fayre

 Tea and tunes
 Chris Kirvan decided to hold the                                            chemotherapy, radiotherapy
 ‘Tea and Tunes for Helen’ event in                                          and surgery.” In an unfortunate
 her garden for her 60th birthday.                                           turn of events, Chris’ husband
                                                                             John was diagnosed with
 More than 110 guests were                                                   prostate cancer just a day after
 treated to afternoon tea and                                                her own diagnosis with breast
 a live music programme which                                                cancer.
 raised £1060 for the charity.
                                                                             Chris added: “We decided to
 Chris decided to hold the event                                             write off 2008 after that as we
 after using the cancer support                                              would both have a lot to deal
 centre in Springfield, Chelmsford,                                          with. I used the Helen Rollason
 while undergoing treatment for                                              Cancer Charity’s support centre
 breast cancer.                                                              for hand massage while I was
                                                                             undergoing treatment.”
 “I was diagnosed with breast
 cancer in February 2008 and as                                              Chris was delighted with the
                                      Chris Kirvan ready for tea party
 a result I had to have                                                      amount of money she raised.                         Moment                                                            14
                                                                                    Fundraising news

 Sisters are doing it for themselves
 A team of women took
 part in the ladies’ driving
 challenge in Suffolk and
 turned their hands to test
 driving anything from
 tractors, JCB diggers, golf
 buggies, off-road jeeps,
 quad bikes, go-karts and
 sports cars.

 Mal Beckly, who took
 part, said: “We also got a
 ride in a stretch limo and
 an opportunity to try on
 firemen’s helmets, uniforms,
 use the hose and have a
 fireman’s lift before having a
 ride in the engine.”
                                    Fundraising team posing in front of fire engines at the challenge
 The team raised £3600.

Tractor Attention                          Lawnet challenge
                                                                                            after splitting into two groups.
                                          Eight employees from Mullis &                     Solicitor Denise Shelton added:
                                          Peake LLP took part in the 2010                   “We have been overwhelmed by
                                          Lawnet Challenge by climbing                      the generosity and support of our
                                          the 950m tall Helvellyn, situated in              sponsors. Their support gave us
                                          the Lake District.                                the boost we needed to conquer
                                                                                            Striding Edge so we must say a
                                          The team of solicitors, Ashley Avis,              huge thank you to everyone who
                                          Debbie Latham, Denise Shelton,                    has supported us in this venture.”
                                          Genevieve Gallagher, Helen
                                          Beach, Holly Nichols, Jade Oxley                  To donate to their challenge visit
                                          and Sarah Beney have raised             
                                          £4800. They completed the                         Peake-LLP
                                          challenge in 5h20m and 8h30m
Carol Markham on her pink tractor

A woman who was diagnosed
with breast cancer two years
ago has been touring the Essex
                                            Donations in memory
countryside this summer armed               Joyce Mary Bailey                                Terry Howell
only with her pink tractor.                 Sandra Bateman                                   Carol Marshall
Carol Markham has been gaining              June Mary Cadey                                  Sylvia Marshall
plenty of attention with her                Sally Carpenter                                  Aileen McInnes
shocking pink tractor as she aims           Pauline Rosemary Chapman                         Kim Murphy
to raise money for the charity.             Ron Cheek                                        Donald Poppy
                                            Michael Christofi Kissias                        Jacqueline Potts
“Staff at the charity’s cancer              John Denton                                      Hilda Powell
support centre at Broomfield                Ivan Dicker                                      David Lorne Punt
Hospital were very helpful and              Keith Dransfield                                 Eunice Read
friendly to me, so I decided to             Violet Emin                                      Kenneth Frederick Roberts
support the charity by fundraising          Tammy Ford                                       Barrie Swankie
a little differently.”                      Lorriane Frost                                   Sheila Mary Turner
                                            Peter Henry Gower                                Christine Wicks
So far Carol has raised £1500.              Elaine Hallett                                   Pauline Anne Wilkinson                             Moment                                                               15
    How you can help us...
Name _____________________________________________                    Telephone __________________________________________
Address ____________________________________________                  Mobile ______________________________________________
_________________________Postcode _________________                   E-mail _______________________________________________

    DONATIONS                                                         HELEN’S CLUB STANDING ORDER                             LE
                                                                                                                                   N’S CL
       As a UK tax payer I would like to gift aid my                 Bank name __________________________


    donations to the charity (by ticking this box, we                 Address ______________________________

                                                                                                                    Y ou
    collect 25p per £1 you give at no extra cost to you)              _______________________________________



                                                                                                                           ce              ev
                                                                                                                                   n £10 0
                                                                                                                              to wi
                                                                      Postcode _____________________________
    Please tick one:
       I wish to make a ONE-OFF DONATION
    Amount £ _________________________                                             
                                                                      Account number
    • Cheques made payable to HRHCC                                   Sort code //
        and sent to the address below
    • Credit card (please call the office on                          One entry per month  (please tick)
        01245 514325)                                                 Regular payment of £5 to continue until further notice
     I wish to make REGULAR DONATIONS                                Two entries per month  (please tick)
    Bank name ________________________________________                Regular payment of £10 to continue until further
    Address ____________________________________________              notice
    _________________________Postcode _________________
                                                                      Date of first payment:   //
    Account number
                                                                      Signature __________________________________________
    Sort code //                                                Date ______________________________________________
    Regular payment amount £ _________________________                Beneficiary Details: Barclays Bank, Romford Branch
    Amount in words ___________________________________               Sort code: 20-72-91
    Signature __________________________________________              Account No. 70733059
    Date ______________________________________________               Credit: Helen Rollason Cancer Charity Ltd (HRHCC)
    Beneficiary Details: Barclays Bank, Romford Branch               Please send your completed donation or standing
    Sort code: 20-72-91                                              order form to:
    Account No. 00696293                                             Helen Rollason Cancer Charity, Woodside,
    Credit: Helen Rollason Cancer Charity Ltd (HRHCC)                Broomfield Hospital, Chelmsford, Essex CM1 7ET
How to contact us                              Cancer Support Centres                     Retail Shops
Chairman                                       Tel: 01245 463633                          Administration – 01245 515242
Professor Neville Davidson                     E-mail:   Distribution & collections – 07723
Lyndsay Johnson (PA) Tel: 01245 516339                                                    382581
                                               Essex (Springfield)                        27 High Street, Barkingside IG6 2AW.
Office                                                                                    Tel: 020 8550 0303
                                               Rochelle House, Lawn Lane, Springfield,
Woodside, Broomfield Hospital,                 Chelmsford, Essex CM1 7TJ                  57 High Street, Braintree CM7 1JX.
Chelmsford, Essex CM1 7ET                      Tel: 01245 463633                          Tel: 01376 346721
E-mail:                                                    5 High Street, Burnham-on-Crouch CM0
                                               Essex (Broomfield)
Tel: 01245 514325                                                                         8AG. Tel: 01621 786699
                                               5 Dame Elizabeth Court,
                                               Broomfield Hospital, Chelmsford,           23 Old Church Road, Chingford E4 6SJ.
                                               Essex CM1 7WE                              Tel: 0208 524 0111
Cancer Research                                Tel: 07943 056995                          17 Clock House Lane, Collier Row,
Research Laboratory                                                                       Romford RM5 3PH. Tel: 01708 737272
                                               London                                     14 Maldon Road, Danbury, Essex CM3
SAW 106, Anglia Ruskin University,
Bishop Hall Lane, Chelmsford, Essex            Radiotherapy Department, Ground            4QQ. Tel: 01245 223246
CM1 1SQ                                        Floor - Podium Building, North             137 High Street, Ongar CM5 9JA.
                                               Middlesex University Hospital, Sterling    Tel: 01277 365800
E-mail:           Way, Edmonton, London N18 1QX
Tel: 08451 963570                                                                         24 Bell Street, Sawbridgeworth CM21 9AN.
                                               Tel: 020 8887 2408                         Tel: 01279 306 062
Clinical Trials/Research Nurses                                                           136 George Lane, South Woodford
Ground Floor, West Wing, Broomfield            Thomas Rivers Wing, The Rivers Hospital,   E18 1AY. Tel: 020 8989 9897
Hospital, Chelmsford, Essex CM1 7ET            High Wych Road, Sawbridgeworth,            8 High Street, Wickford SS12 9AZ.
E-mail:             Hertfordshire CM21 0HH                     Tel: 01268 730423
Tel: 01245 516599                              Tel: 01279 602667                          72 Newland Street, Witham CM8 1AH.
                                                                                          Tel: 01376 503485
Helen Rollason Cancer Charity is the trading name of Helen Rollason Heal Cancer Charity           Registered charity number: 1052861

    16                                                    Moment                                                                   Issue 27

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