To ensure your application is granted approval and all the necessary
  departments have been consulted, event organisers are required to submit
    this application form to Council at least 2                     months prior to your event.

                      EVENT APPLICATION FORM

Section 1:
Contact Details

Name of Organisation


Nominated Contact Person: _____________________________________

Is this a:

            Community group or not for profit organisation
            Corporate organisation or private business
            Other (specify) __________________________________________


Town:                                                                      Post Code _____________

Phone: BH:                                          AH:                        Mobile: ___________

Mobile No. during event: ________________________________________

Fax No.                                              Email: ___________________________

Q:\Public Services\Events\Event Planner & forms\EventApplicationForm.doc
Section 2:
Event Details

Name of event:

Proposed date(s):

Day ________________ Date _________ Month _________ Year ______

Timing of Event: Start:                                                     Finish ________________

Date/time of event set up?                      Date ___________ Time                  _____________

Date time of event pack up? Date ___________                                    Time _____________

Has this event been conducted previously?

     Yes (If so, please provide a brief history of event)                                     No




Type of event:

          Arts, culture and heritage                                       Community celebrations
          Agricultural and gardens                                         Food and wine
          Signature events                                                 Sport

Other (specify)

Proposed event location(s):



Details of Event: (for event planner & promotional purposes in 50 words
or less)


Q:\Public Services\Events\Event Planner & forms\EventApplicationForm.doc

Do you wish this event to be advertised/listed on the
bawbawshire.vic.gov.au and bawbawcountry.com.au websites?

    Yes                                  No

Will you be using Shire Roads for the event?

     Yes                                 No

Is your event a full road closure or sharing of the road:                       __


(Note: Road sharing is where both general traffic and participants of your
event share use of the road, eg fun runs, cycle races etc).

Time of closure/sharing: Start time ________ Finish time

Event site map/plan

Refer to the Event Planner for details of supplying a site map/plan for your

Expected Crowd:

Expected number of participants:

Expected number of spectators:

Does your event require additional services from Council, other than
those existing at the site? This may include access to power, water,
additional cleaning of public toilets, barricades, witches hats etc.

     Yes (Refer to the Event Planner for details)                          No



Have you thought about who will be affected by your event?
Specify how residents and businesses will be able to gain access to their
property during your event. What arrangements do you intend to have in place
to address issues of public access and residential amenity?




Q:\Public Services\Events\Event Planner & forms\EventApplicationForm.doc

Does the event have a site plan?

          Yes       (Please attach plan to your application)

           No       (A detailed map of the event must be provided before a permit is
                    granted including where structures will be set up on the day
                    (marquees, rides, finish lines etc)

Does your event have a Traffic Management Plan and Risk Assessment?

           Yes (Please attach plan and assessment to your application)

        No (Refer to the Event Planner for details of how to complete your
plan and assessment.

Signs/Barricades - Council has a limited number of signs/barricades which
may be available for your use if required. Also local road
maintenance/construction contractors may have signs and barricades
available. You should contact Council’s Urban Operations Co-ordinator,
Garry Websdale on 5624 2578 in this regard, or local contractors at least 7
days prior to the event.

Arrangements for waste/recycling removal. (All waste and recycling
removal is the responsibility of the event organiser).

The following associated activities may require Council permits:

⇒ Advertising roadside signage - Any signs that are erected must not
cause any obstruction to traffic flow or motorists vision. Road signage being
used for the event, including the use of stop / slow bats will be erected and
used in accordance with Australian Standards 1742.3—2002 and VicRoads
Cycle notes #6 by persons accredited with a “Statement of Attainment” for
Traffic Control, Road Work Signing and Safety.

⇒ Use of music or a PA system – Noise from music sources, noise from
human voices and       activities within the premises that are associated with
the music sources shall not exceed the levels prescribed in State Environment
Protection Policy (Control of Music Noise from Public Premises) No N-2 to the
satisfaction of the Environment Protection Authority.

⇒ Sale and/or consumption of liquor

⇒ Sale of food – All stall holders at your event must have either a
Commercial Food Act Registration (Commercial Vendors) or a Temporary
Food Premises Permit. Please fill out the Food Stall Holders Details and
application for a Temporary Food Premises and attach them to this
application to sent to the Health Department to issue a Temporary Food
Premises Permit.

Q:\Public Services\Events\Event Planner & forms\EventApplicationForm.doc
⇒ Use of Fireworks – Only a licensed pyrotechnician can discharge
fireworks on public or private land. For further information please contact
Worksafe on 1800136089. A public notice MUST be placed in the Warragul
Gazette at least 7 days prior to the event. The public notice must notify the
community of the time, date and location of the fireworks. All signage
associated with the event must include the words “Fireworks”.

(Please detail):


You are required to submit your application form to Council at least 2 months
ahead of your event for the following reasons:

     To enable time for consideration of traffic management plans and risk
     assessments to be checked by Council.

     To enable adequate time to advise VicRoads and Victoria Police of an
     acceptable traffic management plan and obtain their approval.

     To enable adequate time to advise other emergency agencies and
     authorities of the event.

     A planning permit may be required. If there are objections, the hearings
     can take a considerable time, which may affect the outcome of your event.

     To ensure that your preferred site is available.

     To enable adequate time to apply for liquor permits (if applicable).

Q:\Public Services\Events\Event Planner & forms\EventApplicationForm.doc
Section 3:

I have read and completed the event application form in good faith and have
adhered to all requirements specified by the Baw Baw Shire. All details
provided are accurate and true and this event will be organised and managed
as I have described unless advised otherwise by the Baw Baw Shire.

Print your full name:

On behalf of (Organisation)

Signature: ____________________                                Date:       _______________________

In order for your application to be processed, please include with this
application the following:

a. Copy of your current public liability insurance to cover this event (if
   available at this early stage).
b. Copies of Certificate of Currency for Public Liability of all other primate
   companies/groups at your event, but not included on your Public Liability
c. Detailed site map, with marquees, rides etc located on map.
d. Any other associated maps, including traffic management plan and risk
e. Additional information if other permits are required to conduct the event
   and associated activities.

If you are unable to provide any of these details applicable to your event at
the time of submitting your application, you must submit these details as soon
as possible as your permit cannot be issued without them.

Please DO NOT assume your event is approved until you receive written

Please return completed application to:

Infrastructure & Environment Department
Baw Baw Shire Council
P O Box 304
Warragul 3820
The information collected on this form is required by Council to ensure measures are in place for events
management within the Baw Baw Shire. Council is required to notify various parties (eg. authorities, and emergency
services) of upcoming events and may disclose this information to these parties. If this information is not collected the
application cannot be processed. For enquiries regarding Council's privacy policies please contact the Privacy Officer
by phone on 56 242411

Q:\Public Services\Events\Event Planner & forms\EventApplicationForm.doc

For further information on specific requirements please contact:

Event Coordinator: (Information & Support)

     ⇒ Vicky Keane                       03 5624 2539

Infrastructure & Environment Department (Traffic management, Road closures)

     ⇒ Janice Hawkey                     03 5624 2465
     ⇒ Lyn Smith                         03 5624 2445

Urban Maintenance (Public toilet cleaning, Barricades):

     ⇒ Garry Websdale                    03 5624 2576

Community Compliance: (Signage, Liquor, Temporary Structures, Temporary
Seating, Fireworks, Noise, Street Trading and Busking):

     ⇒ 03 5624 2447

Planning Department: (Occupancy Permits)

     ⇒ 03 5624 2479
     ⇒ 03 5624 2493

Environmental Health Services: (Temporary Food Permits/Waste/Infection)

     ⇒ Robyn Duffy                       03 5624 2452

Risk Management Coordinator: (Risk Assessment/Insurance)

     ⇒ Gary Dore                         03 5624 2524

Q:\Public Services\Events\Event Planner & forms\EventApplicationForm.doc

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