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									                 New Jersey’s Accessible Fishing Sites For People With Disabilities
        This listing of accessible fishing sites was compiled by the N.J. Division of Fish and Wildlife to assist anglers whose mobility is impaired.
All sites are wheelchair-accessible except for the Musconetcong River in Morris County. The information is as accurate as possible, however, users
are strongly urged to contact the facility listed to check on current conditions and specifics about a particular site.

 County          Water(s)             Facility             Location             Town       Dock   Shore-    Phone                       Notes
Atlantic     Birch Grove Park     Birch Grove Park     Off Burton Ave.       Northyfield   No     Yes      609-       Boardwalk along shoreline
             Lake                                                                                          641-3778
Atlantic     Great Egg Harbor     J.E. Klingener       Rt. 152 - Longport    Egg Harbor    Yes    No       609-
             Inlet                Fishing Pier         Blvd.                 Twp.                          645-5960
Bergen       Ramapo River         Ramapo               Main parking lot on   Mahwah        No     Yes      201-       Specifically designed for wheelchair use.
                                  Reservation          Rt. 202                                             327-3500
Bergen       Rotten Pond          Ramapo State         Off Skyline Drive     Oakland       No     Yes      973-
             (Ramapo Lake)        Forest                                                                   962-7031
Bergen       Woodcliff Lake       United Water Co.     Map provided to       Woodcliff     No     Yes      201-       Call for information on obtaining a fishing
             Reservoir            Watershed            permit holders        Lake                          767-9300   permit.
Burlington   Atsion Lake          Wharton State        Rt. 206               Atsion        Yes    Yes      609-       Boat dock meets ADA guidelines; other
                                  Forest                                                                   561-0024   areas on lake are accessible.
Burlington   Harrisville Lake     Wharton State        Rt. 679               Jenkins       No     Yes      609-
                                  Forest                                                                   561-0024
Burlington   Mullica River        Wharton State        Rt. 542               Green Bank    No     Yes      609-       At public boat ramp at Crowley Landing.
                                  Forest                                                                   561-0024
Burlington   Pemberton Lake       Pemberton Twp.       Magnolia Rd.          Pemberton     Yes    No       609-
Cape May     Lake Nummy &         Belleplain State     Rt. 550               Woodbine      Yes    Yes      609-       Floating dock on Lake Nummy and path
             East Creek Pond      Forest                                                                   861-2404   to East Creek Pond dock pending 12/95.
Cape May     Park Pond            Cape May County      Rt. 9 South           Cape May      No     Yes      609-
                                  Park                                       Court House                   465-5271
Gloucester   Wilson Lake          Gloucester Co.       Fries Mill Rd. and    Clayton       Yes    No       609-
                                  Parks and Rec.       Rt. 610                                             853-0845
Hudson       Hudson River         Castle Point Park    Frank Sinatra Drive   Hoboken       Yes    Yes      201-420-   Railed pier
Hudson       Hudson River &       Liberty State Park   Wolf Drive            Jersey City   No     Yes      201-       Paved walkway along river.
             Morris Canal Basin                                                                            925-3409
Hunterdon    D&R Canal            D&R Canal State      Rt. 29                Varies        No     Yes      732-       Ease of access varies widely from site to
                                  Park                                                                     873-3050   site; call park office for details.
Hunterdon    Round Valley         Round Valley         Off Rts. 22 and 78    Lebanon       No     Yes      908-       At beach impoundment, east picnic area.
             Recreation Lake      Recreation Area                                                          236-6355
 County         Water(s)            Facility             Location              Town         Dock   Shore-    Phone                       Notes
Hunterdon   Spruce Run          Spruce Run           Van Syckel's Rd. off   Clinton         No     Yes      908-       Ease of access varies widely from site to
            Reservoir, Spruce   Recreation Area      Rt. 31                                                 638-8572   site; call park office for details. Surf
            Run Creek                                                                                                  wheelchair available at office.
Mercer      D&R Canal           D&R Canal State      Rt. 29                 Varies          No     Yes      732-       Ease of access varies widely from site to
                                Park                                                                        873-3050   site; call park office for details.
Mercer      Lake Mercer         Mercer County        Off Old Trenton Rd.    West Windsor    Yes    Yes      609-
                                Central Park                                                                989-6530
Middlesex   Hooks Creek Lake    Cheesequake State    Off Garden State       Matawan         No     Yes      732-       Accessible with use of surf wheelchair
                                Park                 Parkway                                                566-2161   available from park office or lifeguards.
Monmouth    Pickerel Pond       Allaire State Park   Off Rt. 524            Farmingdale     No     Yes      732-       Access is near nature center.
Monmouth    Turkey Swamp        Turkey Swamp         Off Georgia Road       Freehold        Yes    Yes      908-       Paved ramp to dock.
            Lake                Park                                        Twp.                            958-2371
Morris      Lake George         Schooleys Mt.        Off Schooleys Mt.      Washington      Yes    Yes      973-       Floating dock and ramps built to ADA
                                Park                 Rd. (old Rt. 24)       Twp.                            326-7600   guidelines.
Morris      Lake Hopatcong      Hopatcong State      Off Rt. 80             Landing         Yes    Yes      973-       Beach wheelchair available; some
                                Park                                                                        398-7010   shoreline cleared for wheelchair access.
Morris      Lake Musconetcong   Hopatcong State      Off Rt. 183            Netcong         No     Yes      973-       Vehicle access to level shoreline.
                                Park                                                                        398-7010
Morris      Park Lake           Hedden Park          Reservoir Ave. and     Randolph        Yes    Yes      973-
                                                     Hawthorne St.                                          326-7600
Morris      Park Pond           Silas Condict Park   Off Kinnelon Rd.       Kinnelon        No     Yes      973-
Morris      Saffin Pond         Mahlon Dickerson     Off Weldon Road        Jefferson       No     Yes      973-       Call ahead for access information.
                                Reservation                                 Twp.                            326-7600
Morris      Sunrise Lake        Lewis Morris Park    Rt. 24 three miles     Morristown      No     Yes      973-
                                                     west of Morristown                                     326-7600
Ocean       Atlantic Ocean &    Island Beach State   Rt. 35                 Seaside Park    No     Yes      732-       Ramp and boardwalk to beach at Area 7;
            Barnegat Bay        Park                                                                        793-0506   beach wheelchairs available in summer.
Ocean       Barnegat Inlet      Barnegat             Off Broadway           Barnegat        No     Yes      609-       1,200 foot concrete walkway with railings
                                Lighthouse State                            Light                           494-2016   adjacent to Barnegat Inlet.
Ocean       Prospertown Lake    Prospertown          Off Rt. 537 south of   Jackson Twp.    Yes    No       609-       Paved ramp to railed pier.
                                Wildlife             I-195                                                  259-2132
                                Management Area
Passaic     Barbour's Pond      Garret Mt.           Off Rifle Camp Rd.     West Paterson   No     Yes      973-
                                Reservation                                                                 881-4832
Passaic     Greenwood Lake      Ringwood State       East Shore Road        West Milford    No     Yes      973-       Near dam access parking lot.
                                Park                                                                        962-7031

 County         Water(s)            Facility            Location              Town        Dock Shore-    Phone                       Notes
Passaic     Monksville          Long Pond           Rt. 511, Greenwood     Ringwood       Yes   Yes     973-       Access is from north boat ramp and Beech
            Reservoir           Ironworks State     Lake Tpk.                                           962-7031   Rd.
Passaic     Shepherd Lake       Shepherd Lake       Off Sloatsburg Road    Ringwood       Yes   Yes     973-       Boat house docks and grounds are
                                Recreation Area                                                         962-7031   wheelchair accessible.
Salem       Delaware River      Fort Mott State     Off Rt. 49             Pennsville     No    Yes     609-       Park bulkhead and adjacent gravel road
                                Park                                       Twp.                         935-3218   along Delaware are wheelchair-accessible.
Salem       Parvin Lake         Parvin State Park   Off Rt. 540            Pittsgrove     Yes   No      609-       Ramp to floating dock with bumpers.
Somerset    D&R Canal           D&R Canal State     Varies                 Varies         No    Yes     732-       Ease of access varies widely from site to
                                Park                                                                    873-3050   site; call park office for details.
Sussex      Big Flatbrook       Flatbrook-Roy       At parking lot off     Sandyston      No    Yes     973-       Crushed stone site along 28-foot long
                                Wildlife            Three Bridges Rd.      Twp. near                    383-0918   retaining wall with split rail fence. In
                                Management Area     off Rt. 615            Layton                                  special regulation (fly fishing) area.
Sussex      Lake Aeroflex       Kittatinny Valley   Off Rt. 669            Andover        Yes   Yes     973-       Facility has wheelchair-accessible floating
                                State Park          (Limecrest Road)                                    786-6445   dock; other areas may also be accessed.
Sussex      Lake Marcia,        High Point State    Off Rt. 23             Sussex         No    Yes     973-       Vehicle access to level shoreline.
            Sawmill Lake,       Park                                                                    875-4800
            Steeny Kill Lake,
            Red Barn Pond &
Sussex      Wawayanda Lake      Wawayanda State     Warwick Tpk.           Vernon         Yes   No      973-       Two handicap-accessible fishing docks.
                                Park                                                                    853-4462
Union       Echo Lake           Echo Lake Park      Mountain Ave. off      Mountainside   Yes   Yes     908-       Dock designed for wheelchair use.
                                                    Rt. 22                                              527-4900
Union       Warinanco Lake      Warinanco Park      Off Rt. 27 or Jersey   Roselle        No    Yes     908-
                                                    Ave.                                                527-4900
Warren      Merrill Creek       Merrill Creek       Off Fox Farm Road      Harmony        Yes   No      908-       Floating dock designed for wheelchair
            Reservoir           Reservoir                                  Twp.                         454-1213   use.
Warren      Pequest River       Pequest Wildlife    Angler’s parking lot   Liberty Twp.   No    Yes     908-       Gravel path leads to two sites. Within
                                Management Area     off Rt. 46                                          637-4125   Seasonal Trout Conservation Area.
        This list is provided for informational purposes only. The Division of Fish and Wildlife neither endorses nor is responsible for conditions at
any sites other than those within property under its own jurisdiction. To provide information regarding accessible fishing sites please call 908-637-
4125 or write the Division of Fish and Wildlife at 605 Pequest Road, Oxford, NJ 07863. To view an “on-line” version of the list, or for information
about sites outside New Jersey, visit the the Division’s Website at
                                                           N.J. Dept.of Environmental Protection                 Updated 2/06
                                                                Division of Fish and Wildlife


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