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  Stall Street
The Official ewsletter of the Alamo Dressage Association
     The Stall Street Journal is published monthly by, and for, the members of the Alamo Dressage
                       Association. We are on the web at
                                    Spring is just about here and many of you are preparing for our Spring show on
                                    March 20 -21 or perhaps a schooling show. If showing isn’t your cup of tea there
  IN THIS ISSUE                     are other opportunities to “horse around” coming up… ADA had a rare opportunity
      San Antonio Spring Dressage   to rent the Rose Palace at a huge discount so we have scheduled a Junior Play Day in
         Show                       one arena and Open Schooling in the other on March 27! I encourage members to
      Play Day and Open             take advantage of the chance to school in this fine facility. The Play Day includes a
         Schooling Show             costume class – I just can’t wait to see what our juniors come up with! In this issue
      Book Review                   you will notice a new requirement to volunteer in order to be eligible for year end
      Bits and Pieces               awards. A club like ours needs volunteers to survive. Often we rely on the same
      Lendon Gray Clinic report
                                    people year after year and that causes burn out. ADA has a reputation for giving
                                    very fine awards (personalized bridle bag, anyone?) that just giving a few hours of
      ADA February Board Meet-
  ing Minutes                       your time is well worth the reward! Plus you may meet some new people and actu-
      2010 ADA Calendar
                                    ally enjoy yourself! See Cel Cox’s article later in this issue. Until next time!
  End of Year Award Information
                                                          Arlene Gaitan, President

                                               SAN ANTONIO SPRING DRESSAGE I & II
                                             Come on out and support your club’s show. March is a beautiful time of year
here in the Texas Hill Country and a nice time to be showing horses.
The show committee is still looking for some volunteers to help put on this show! Please give Bill Eash, ADA Show
Chair, a call at 830-980-3188 if you can spare a half day, day or two days of your time.
        We need your energy to obtain sponsorship for our club and our upcoming Spring I and II shows. You'll see the
sponsorship levels available - we've got everything from a $50 business card or class sponsor to Gold Sponsor-
ship! We'll take anything and everything in-between.
       Is there a business you frequent? A mechanic, hairdresser, or farrier? Ask them for a donation to our club, your
club. Remind them it's for a non-profit, tax-deductible donation and they're supporting an organization that in turn sup-
ports riders of all ages; promotes good horsemanship; is part of the United States Dressage Federation; and also sponsors
equi-therapy organizations. These equi-therapy organizations in turn, provide horse therapy for children, adults, and
even returning service people from Iraq and Afghanistan. (And all horse people know the "therapy" from horses is
among the best!)
Print out this flier of sponsorship levels and keep it in your car or purse. You can obtain sponsorships all year. There
will be random prizes given away and recognition to those members bringing in sponsorships for 2010. So, get out
there, ask those you patronize to offer their support. See page 5 for the full flyer.

Alamo Dressage Association is a Group Member Organization of the U.S. Dressage Federation. ADA’s members are automatically
USDF group members. For USDF Participating Membership, members must apply directly to USDF. Submissions close the 10th of
the month prior to publication. Please send submissions to Vicki Krebsbach at ADA can be found at
                                 Alamo Dressage Association
                               Spring Fling Play Day
                                  San Antonio Rose Palace
                                      March 27, 2010
                                      “All Fun – All Day”

  The Alamo Dressage Association recognizes its
                                as the future of dressage.
Alamo Dressage Association is hosting a Spring Fling Play day FREE to all ADA Junior mem-
bers. ot a member? o problem, you can join now ($40)! All you need is a current mem-
                bership with ADA and a horse (bring your school horses!).
#1 Egg and Spoon
#2 Ride-A-Buck (bareback)
#3 Keyhole Race (walk/trot)
#4 Keyhole Race (walk/trot/canter)
#5 “Musical Stalls” (everyone can play this one!)
#6 Leadline (younger brothers and sisters welcome!)
#7 Cone Race (walk/trot)
#8 Poles (walk/trot/canter)
#9 Water Race (walt/trot)
#10 Flag Race (walk/trot/canter)
#11 Costume Contest
Please send entries, current coggins, and membership application (if applicable) to
               Jill Ammann, 25785 Boerne Stage Road, Boerne, Texas 78006
Day Stalls are available for $20 (no shavings included). If you wish to rent a day stall please
attach a check for $20 to Alamo Dressage Association with your entry and coggins.
Classes will begin at 9:00 and there will be an ADA Junior Rider meeting at the lunch break
(don't forget a ASTM approved helmet is required for EVERY rider).
    If you have any questions please feel free to call or email Jill Ammann.
                              (830) 446-9312,
             Alamo Dressage Association Monthly ewsletter March 2010 2
                                          ADA Spring Fling Entry Form

Rider's ame _________________ Horses ame___________________
Address______________________________ City/State_______________
Phone_________________ email_______________Day Stall - Yes o

Please list the classes you wish to enter. A rider may ride more than one horse
and a horse may have more than one rider. Please fill out a separate entry for
each RIDER.

Class number       ame      Division   Horses ame

Riders Release
I acknowledge the risks involved in equestrian activities including, riding and working around horses, which include bodily injury
from using, riding, training, or being in close proximity to horses. In addition, it is my clear understanding that horses, rider, or any
other persons or property can be injured in normal activities as well as during clinics, trail rides, showing and competition.

I herby agree to hold harmless, defend and indemnify the Alamo Dressage Association and do further release them from any and all
liability or responsibility for claim, accident, damage, injury, or illness to any family member or spectator accompanying the under-
signed at this Alamo Dressage Association event.
All youth riders, 17 and under MUST wear an ASTM 1163-90 approved helmet.

Under Texas Law (chapter 87, Civil Practice and Remedies Code) an equine professional is not liable for an in-
jury to or the death of a participant in equine activities resulting from the inherent risks of equine activities.

If rider is under 17 the Parent or Guardian must sign.

Riders Signature (or Parent/Guardian)____________________________
Print ame___________________________________________________

                Alamo Dressage Association Monthly ewsletter March 2010 3
                                            ALAMO DRESSAGE ASSOCIATION
Dear Members
Alamo Dressage Association [ADA] is obtaining sponsors/donations for our Spring I and II Dressage shows and the various activi-
ties we have planned for 2010. We are a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization with the goal of furthering the sport of dressage and good
horsemanship in the San Antonio area. We offer clinics, symposiums, newsletters, shows and other activities related to dressage and
horsemanship. We are a Group Member Organization [GMO] chapter of the United States Dressage Federation [USDF]. Our shows
are USDF and United States Equestrian Federation [USEF] rated shows.
We also support various equine-therapy programs in the San Antonio area, including Triple H Equitherapy . Such programs provide
equine therapy for children and adults (including returning military veterans suffering from physical and/or emotional trauma). We
have a growing membership of young riders and work hard to inspire their riding and education. In the past, our young riders have
worked to give back to their community as well – by locally helping those less fortunate at Christmas time with gifts and groceries.
You will also find a 2010 horse show sponsorship list with this letter. It lists several ways you can become a part of our equestrian
efforts. Sponsoring an ad in our show program is a great way for you to advertise and show your support for ADA. Our shows bring
in about 150-200 riders from all over Texas. Your donations are tax deductible.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me or our sponsorship chair. You will find our contact information fol-
lowing the closing of this letter.
Thank you for your time. We hope you will be able to support ADA in its 2010 endeavors! We look forward to working with you as
a sponsor.
Denise L. Moore, ADA Sponsorship Chair           210 269 8866

   We are a growing non-profit organization whose goal is to improve the sport of dressage in South Texas.
   We offer clinics, horse shows, newsletters, and miscellaneous other activities for our members.
   We donate a portion of our proceeds to therapeutic riding activities to help disabled people exercise and sometimes regain mo-
        bility. Some of the current beneficiaries are war veterans.
Your advertising/sponsorship reaches out to our > 150 members, their families and other competitors in Texas.

               Alamo Dressage Association Monthly ewsletter March 2010 4
    Book Review ~ Vicki Luther
    Ride with Your Mind Essentials by Mary Wanless
    (Trafalgar Square Publishing, Vermont, 2002)
    Mary Wanless is a well-know clinician who is also known for her innovative ap-
    proach to riding basics. This publication is a simplified version of her techniques and
    offers 14 chapters that cover every topic from seat bones to shaping the horse. Each chapter includes easy to
    follow guidelines, exercises and even tests to try to see if the rider is applying the technique. Best of all are com-
    ments from riders who are trying something different and share their challenges and successes.
    Body awareness is at the heart of the Wanless method, often termed “ride with your mind”. Each section also
    includes a troubleshooting section that offers the ride a series of questions to consider for increasing body aware-
    ness. She also discusses bio mechanics and the impact of the rider’s body on communication with a horse part-
    ner and how to improve that communication. The Wanless approach combines equestrian knowledge with a
    variety of other disciplines: bodywork, T’ai chi, dance, sports psychology and even kinesiology and physics.
    Wanless is the author of several books and a series of 8 DVDs as well. Her web site www.
    includes quite a few very interesting chapters from her publications. You can also subscribe to a free electronic
    newsletter or read her blog.


                                                                           Editor's note ~ Erika James and Wunderland were
                                                                           omitted from the Second Level Rider Achievement
                                                                                 Award list in February's e-newsletter.
                                                                                   Congratulations to this fine team.
           Region 9 Teaching Excellence
          Nomination period is now open –
                     till July 1st.
                                                       2010 Omnibus Order Form
                  RegionalBusiness/                                                         can be fund at the Region 9
            Reg9TeachingExcellenceA-                                                                 Website:
                      ward.html                                                               www.usdfregion9.0rg
          Donations are needed to support
          this very prestigious award. Any                                                  $15.00 - Hard copy, CD, or
              amount is appreciated !!!                                                             flash drive

                                                                              Victory Lane Farm, LLC
                                                                                         Boerne, Texas

                     Renee L. Hausmann, GRI,                                Full Care Stall & Pasture Boarding
                     ALHS                                                    10 minutes from the Rose Palace
                     Phyllis Browning Company                                  15 minutes from San Antonio
                     210-408-2500 ext. 1248                               Trainers & Instructors always welcome
                     210-408-2525 fax
                     210-386-3115 cell                                             Limited space available!
                                                                       (830) 755-4903 or

           Alamo Dressage Association Monthly ewsletter March 2010 5
            ADA Sponsorship Challenge!
A generous donor has challenged the club members to
  bring in donations or NEW sponsorships for 2010.
For every dollar/donation you bring into the club it will
  be matched dollar for dollar up to a total of $2,500.
 The matched $2,500 will be used for educational pur-
poses only. All donations are tax deductible as ADA is
 a 501 C 3 organization. For more info contact Cindy
 Dix at 830-792-3414 or For a tax
     receipt contact Bill Eash at 830-980-3188 or

          Alamo Dressage Association Monthly ewsletter March 2010 6
                       Alamo Minutes of the February 10, 2010 Board of Directors Meeting
President Arlene Gaitan called the meeting to order at Liz Moser’s home at 7:05 p.m.
Board Members: Arlene Gaitan (President), Hilary Harper (Past President), Denise Moore (Vice President/Sponsorship Chairman),
Bill Eash (Treasurer/Horse Show Chairman), Karen Silvers (Secretary), Cecilia Cox (Member at Large), Linda Pedde (Membership
Chairman) and Liz Moser (Education Chairman).
Members: Leigh Olejer, Vicki Krebsbach and Renee Hausmann were present. Jill Ammann was present via conference
Liz moved to move the By-Laws Committee topic up to after the Treasurer's Report, Bill seconded. The motion was unanimously
Karen moved to approve the Agenda with the change, Hilary seconded. The motion was unanimously approved.
Denise moved to approve appointment of Vicki Krebsbach and Jill Amman as Newsletter Editor and Junior/Young Rider Chairman,
respectively, Liz seconded. The motion was unanimously approved.
Minutes of the January 13, 2010 Board of Directors Meeting
Arlene requested approval of the Minutes from the January meeting. Cel corrected that she did not volunteer to check out restaurants
for future meetings. Hilary stated she had volunteered to do this. Liz moved to approve the Minutes as amended, Denise seconded.
The motion was unanimously approved.
Treasurer’s Report
Bill reported that the bank account balance is currently $17,473.00 and the Junior/Young rider account balance is $550.00.
Bill requested approval of the following expenditures:
Vicki Luther spent $69.24 for copying and sending the January Stall Street Journal, but owed $60.00 for her tickets to the banquet,
leaving a balance of $9.24 owed to her.
$170.00 to USDF for membership.
$84.00 to USDF for membership.
$2,266.00 to Biga on the Banks for the banquet.
        Bill reported that he spoke with Robin Whittenbaugh, ADU’s representative, to discuss dissolving the relationship between
ADA and ADU. Bill calculated that ADA owes the ADU $330.00 which is a pro rated amount for ADU members who joined the
ADA for five years. Bill has verbally agreed that the ADA will help sponsor a couple more clinics that the ADU organizes. Bill will
check to see if the ADA doing business as ADU needs to be dissolved.
        1099’s need to be cut by February 15. Bill will have a 2010 budget by the next meeting.
Karen moved to approve the expenditures as presented by Bill, Hilary seconded. The motion was unanimously approved.
                                                                                                                Con't on pg 8

                                                        Quietly nestled at the start of the beautiful Texas Hill
                                                      Country, Liberty Hill Farm is a full service training facility
                                                      specializing in dressage. We offer personalized instruction
                                                        on your horse or ours, training, student boarding and
                                                            showing opportunities both at home and away

             Kitch Simpson
          USDF Bronze Medalist
          A.R.I.A. Certified Instructor                                     Come join us for our
         21 Years Teaching Experience                                   Tenth Annual Spring Dressage
                                                                           Schooling Show Series
              Tim Simpson
                Farm Manager                                                 Sunday March 7, 2010
               28525 Saxet Dr.                                               Sunday April 11, 2010
              Boerne, Tx. 78006                                               Sunday May 9, 2010

               Alamo Dressage Association Monthly ewsletter March 2010 7
                                                    Board Minutes
Committee Reports
By-Laws: Leigh Olejer is the chairman of the By-Law
Review Committee. Denise volunteered to be the Board
of Director’s representative on the Committee, and it
was decided that some membership need to be on the
Committee. Membership will be notified via Constant
Contact when the Committee will meet, asking anyone
who is interested in serving on the Committee to attend.
If someone is interested but cannot attend the meeting,
an e-mail should be sent to Leigh to notify her they want
to serve but cannot attend.
  ewsletter: Vicki suggested the Stall Street Journal be
published every other month. In order to do this, a By-
Law change would be required. It was suggested that a
Constant Contact could be put out on the alternating
month and call it the Stall Street Journal e-mail version.
Another suggestion was that ADA start a Yahoo group
exchange forum for exchange of information. The ADA has a Facebook page, and Denise volunteered to try and find out who
started it.
        Vicki thought a “meet our members” column would be interesting to start including in the SSJ, possibly having an adult col-
umn and a junior/young rider column. Survey Monkey could be one way to get this information from members. The deadline for
submissions to the SSJ are due to Vicki by the 10th of the month. It will then be sent to Stefanie who will send the draft by the 20th.
The final draft will be sent to Arlene who will get it back to Vicki by the 25th.
Horse Show: Bill reported that plans for the horse show are coming along very well. He suggested perhaps the Junior/Young Rid-
ers could provide the runners and manage silent auction and get the funds from the silent auction. Veronica Junknies and Linda Sixty
are gatekeeper co-chairmen, Jody Carlson is handling the program and most other positions are filled. Bill suggested some type of
Saturday evening event, and Jill agreed to work with Bill on this.
Membership: Liz reported that there are currently 100 members.
Website: Kurt put up the prize list, calendar page and some other pages last weekend.
Banquet: ADA spent $700.00 on the banquet.
Awards: Hilary inventoried the ribbons and found a lot of championship ribbons. Some 1st and 2nd place ribbons will be needed for
the horse show. Hilary moved to table decisions on awards, Denise seconded. The motion was unanimously approved.
Junior/Young Rider: No report.
Education: A Walter Zettle/Parelli symposium will be held November 13 and 14, using an “East meets West” theme. Demo riders
and auditors will pay fees to participate. Liz envisions bringing back the Cash Back for Education program (with a $1,500.00
budget), having two Ride a Test clinics, a freestyle/quadrille clinic and one big symposium each year. She will write up guidelines
for Cash Back for Education to be voted on at March’s meeting. ADA has the Rose Palace the weekend after the show (March 27
and 28) which can be used how ever we would like. After much discussion, a preliminary decision to use one indoor ring for school-
ing and the other indoor ring for a Junior/Young Rider activity was made. Liz and Jill will discuss options and agree on a plan to-
morrow (Feb. 11).
Sponsorship: We need sponsors for the Spring show, especially so we can take advantage of the 42,500.00 matching funds which
has been offered by a unanimous donor. All members are encouraged to contact businesses they regularly do business with to get
        Karen moved to table Agenda Item VIII (Draft Proposal from the USDF Freestyle Committee) and Item IX (Events for the
Year and Strategic Plan), Vicki seconded. The motion was unanimously approved.
Guidelines for Volunteer Hours Program
       After much discussion on implementing this program to encourage more members to become involved, Karen moved to ap-
prove Cel’s Guidelines for Volunteers (below) for eligibility for end of the year awards, Bill seconded. The motion was unanimously
In order for an ADA member to be eligible for year end awards, they must complete at least three volunteer hours to the
club. This may be done by the competitor or someone else appointed by the competitor in their stead. These hours may
include three hours of volunteer time at shows (ADA rated shows or ADA recognized schooling shows), clinics or other
club-sponsored events. These hours may also be completed by getting sponsorships/ads for the club. Each $50 worth of spon-
sorship/ads equal one volunteer hour. These hours must be completed no later than December 1st of the award year.
Karen moved to approve payment of expenses for Region 9 meeting attendee(s), Hilary seconded. The motion was unanimously
approved. Con’t on pg 9
               Alamo Dressage Association Monthly ewsletter March 2010 8
                                                 Board Minutes
Unfinished Business: None.
  ew Business: Renee Hausman reported on a fundraiser dinner/silent auction being held in Boerne by the Triple H Equitherapy
Center on March 27. The cost is $125.00 per person or $1,250 for a table of 10. For information call 830-510-0515.
The next Board of Directors meeting will be held on March 10, 2010 at Las Palapas restaurant in Leon Springs.
Karen moved to adjourn the meeting, Liz seconded. The motion was unanimously approve and the meeting was adjourned at 9:35

                                    OPE SCHOOLI G at the Rose Palace
Also on March 27th in the other arena ADA will have a regulation dressage arena set up for
schooling. Open to all ADA members, you can schedule a time to school your horse in
the indoor arena at the Rose Palace for $25 per 1/2 hour. If you have a horse that is not quite
ready for a show but you want to get them some exposure in a no pressure environment, this is a
great opportunity. Ride times will be scheduled so there will be no other riders in the arena but
the rider scheduled for that half hour. Warm up and outdoor arenas will be available--weather
permitting. Current Coggins is required. For more information or to schedule a ride time, please
contact Liz Moser or (210) 279-6909

                                        Training Level Rider
                                        Achievement Awards:
                                        Cecelia Cox,
                                        Erin Brewer, Morgan
                                        Fowler, Vicki
                                        Sandy Venneman,
                                        Becky Snell

                 Alamo Dressage Association Monthly ewsletter March 2010 9
                   LE DO GREY CLI IC REPORT~ A                                 A CAMPBELL
                                                                                My name is Anna Campbell, and I
                                                                         am a thirteen year old dressage rider who
                                                                         lives near Dallas, Texas. I was selected,
                                                                         along with my quarter horse pony, Chloe,
                                                                         to participate in the USEF Youth/Pony
                                                                         clinic series taught by Olympian Lendon
                                                                         Gray. The clinic was held in mid-
                                                                         December at the Diamond M Ranch near
                                                                         San Antonio. Ms Vera Muckleroy was our
                                                                         host, and she made all of us feel very wel-
                                                                         come and provided our horses with a very
                                                                         nice place to stay.
                                                                                Because the clinic was designed to
                                                                         reach younger kids (age 10 to 17), it was a
                                                                         first clinic experience for a lot of the riders
                                                                         there. I had attended several clinics before,
Lendon Gray, Lauren Fisher, Kassidy Peacock, Hannah Kinkead,             but never ridden in one, so I was a little
Anna Campbell, Allison Cyprus, Katie Conover, Samantha Wise,            nervous.
Lauren Garretson, and Elizabeth Allen on Whispering Wind                        On the first day of the clinic, we had a
                                                                        group lesson with about five riders per
group. For those of us with limited clinic experience and a few nerves, this was a good way to ease into the
activities. Lendon got to know us and our horses a bit before we moved on to the private lessons later in the
day. On the second day each rider had another private lesson and then had the opportunity to ride the dressage
test of their choice. During and after the test, Lendon made suggestions and comments about the good and the
not so good things that were happening in the ride.
       I listened to most of the lessons over the weekend, and a lot of the comments that Lendon made to me
were repeated to others as well. The one point that she emphasized to everyone was that we must do more to
keep our horses moving forward. She didn’t want to see lazy looking horses that didn’t go anywhere. She also
challenged us to work harder and focus on what we need to accomplish as riders.
Going to this clinic was a terrific experience for me. It was exciting to be able to work with a teacher like
                                                       Lendon Gray. I also enjoyed being able to meet and get
                                                       to know other junior riders that I had seen at shows but
                                                       never really talked to. Although dressage is an individual
                                                       sport, it is still fun to have friends to share your love of
                                                       horses with!

                                                                      USDF Certified Dressage Instructor/Trainer
                                                                            Silver and Bronze Medalist

                                                                                           HA COCK
                                                                     Dedication to education and rider achievement
        Lauren Garretson receives instruction
                 from Lendon Gray

             Alamo Dressage Association Monthly ewsletter March 2010 10
    More photos ~ Ride a Test with Bobbi Paulk

       Bobbi instructs Kathleen Reynolds
                                                                                       Cel Cox and Bill Eash

                                             RULE CHANGE! 2010 Awards Program

   NEW! Beginning with the 2010 Awards year, in order for a competitor to be eligible for year end awards they must complete at
  least 3 volunteer hours to the club. This may be done by the competitor or someone else appointed by the competitor in their
  stead. These hours may include 3 hours of volunteer time at ADA horse shows, clinics or other club sponsored events. These
  hours may also be completed by getting sponsorships and/or ads for the club. Each $50 worth of sponsorship and/or ads is equal to
  1 volunteer hour.

  These hours must be completed no later than December 1st of awards year. Thank you in advance for doing your part to support
  our club!
  Cel Cox, Member at Large

FOR SALE: 2000 Oldenburg gelding, 16
hh, bay; dressage or hunter prospect; Pre-
mium Foal at his inspection; 1st level
Champion at his first dressage show.
Friendly, athletic, loads, ties, stands for far-
rier, etc. Special consideration to show
home. $12,000. Contact Barbara (903) 439-
                                                   Award winners
                                                   Lisa Mattson
                                                   and Kassidy
                                                   Peacock with
                                                   Awards Chair,
                                                   Susan Hancock.

                Alamo Dressage Association Monthly ewsletter March 2010 11

March                                     II, Texarkana, AR                           25-26 Windy Knoll Farm Fall Dressage
                                          22-23 Dressage Across the Lake III and             Show, Magnolia, TX
7   Liberty Hill Farm Schooling how,             IV, Folsom, LA                       9/25-10/10 Alltech FEI World Eques-
      San Antonio, TX                     June                                        trian Games, Lexington, KY
10 ADA Board Meeting, 6:30 pm, Las        9    ADA Board Meeting, Time and            October
    Palapas, Leon Springs                       Location TBA                          13     ADA Board Meeting, Time and
20-21 San Antonio Spring Dressage I and   12-13 Houston Dressage Society Summer              Location TBA
      II                                        Show I and II. Katy, TX               17     Liberty Hill Farm, Schooling Show,
20-21 USDF/Region 9 Adult Clinic, Her     19-20 Green Country Dressage Classic I             San Antonio, TX
      nando, Mississippi                        and II, Claremore, OK                     ovember
27-28 Dressage Across the Lake I, Fol     19    BACH/Topsider Dressage Series         4-7  GAIG/USDF Regional Champion
      som, LA                                   Schooling College Station                  ships/SWDC & HDS Dressage
27    HDS Recog. Schooling Show                 Ginni Cifeli               Show, Katy, TX
      Hearthstone Riding Stable Rebekah   19    CTDS Mini Show" Heat Wave”            10   ADA Board Meeting, Time and
27    ADA Open SchoolingPlay Day at             Silver Hills Stables,                      Location TBA
      the Rose Palace, see pgs 2 & 3 of          21 Liberty Hill Farm Schooling Show,
      this issue for more details.        July                                             San Antonio, TX
28   Topsider Farm Dressage I, College    14    ADA Board Meeting, Time and           December
      Station, TX                               Location TBA                          8      ADA Board Meeting, Time and
April                                     17-18 Windy Knoll Farm Summer                      Location TBA
7     ADA Board Meeting, 6:30pm.                Dressage, Magnolia, TX
      Location TBA                        31-1 Lemonade Daze I and II, Athens,
10-11 Bunny Hop, Hernando, MS                   TX
10-11 Reiterhof Presents Spring Fling I   August
      and II, Austin, TX                  11    ADA Board Meeting, Time and
10   Walter Zettl Clinic ,Silver Oaks           Location TBA
      Farm Kerrville, TX                  28-29 San Antonio Fall Dressage I and II,                           San Antonio, TX
11    Liberty Hill Farm Schooling         September
      Show, San Antonio, TX               4-5   Houston Dressage Laborious Day
16-18 Texas Dressage Classic I and II,          Show I and II, Conroe, TX
      Tyler, TX                           8     ADA Board Meeting, Time and
17    CTDS Mini Show" Earth Day”                Location TBA
      Silver Hills Stables Manor, TX      11-12 Reiterhof Presents Silver Hill Dres
23-25 Houston Dressage Society Spring           sage III and IV, Austin, TX
      Classic I and II, Katy, TX          12    Topsider Farm Dressage Two
May                                             College Station, TX
1-2   Oklahoma Dressage Society           18-19 DDC Yellow Rose Festival I and II,
      Spring I and II, Shawnee, OK              Irving, TX
1-2   Memphis in Springtime I and II,     21    Liberty Hill Farm Schooling Show,
      Tunica, MS                                San Antonio, TX
1-2   Bluebonnet Classic I & II Silver
      Hills Stable Manor, TX
2     Freestyle Farm Schooling Show
      Fulshear , TX
8    Hearthstone Schooling Show
      Houston, TX Rebekah Wesatz
      ke 281-398-1665
9     Liberty Hill Farm Schooling
      Show, San Antonio, TX
12   ADA Board Meeting, Time and
      Location TBA
13-16 Alamo Arabian Spring Fiesta, San
      Antonio, TX
15-16 Dallas Dressage Club Spring I and
      II, Irving, TX
22-23 Four States Dressage Festival I and
                          Alamo Dressage Association Monthly ewsletter March 2010                12
          2010 Alamo Dressage Association

                   Membership Application

Benefits of membership in ADA includes:
 USDF Membership Card                                       Monthly ADA Newsletter
  Subscription to ‘USDF Connections’                        ADA Membership List
  Eligible to Compete in USDF Recognized                    Eligibility for Rider Awards Programs
  Member Discount Rates for USDF Events                     Meetings and Educational Programs
  Eligibility to Earn USDF University Credits

Application                                                  Level of Membership

Name________________________________                                O   $ 40 Individual
Address______________________________                               O   $ 95 Family
City_______________ State_____ Zip_____                             O   $155 Five Year
Email _______________________________                               O   $400 Lifetime
Primary Phone ________________________
Alternate Phone _______________________
Birth Date _________________
USDF Membership # ___________________

O Put just my name in the membership directory.
O I want my newsletter mailed to me, not emailed.
Alamo Dressage Association is a USDF Group Member Organization (GMO) and all members are
automatically USDF Group Members (GMs).
For USDF Participating Membership, members must apply directly to USDF.

Under Texas Law (Chapter 87, Civil practice and remedies code) an equine professional or livestock show sponsor is not
liable for an injury to or, the death of a participant in equine activities resulting from the inherent risk of equine activities.

I hereby release the Alamo Dressage Association, its directors, officers, members, employees and agents from liability or
claims of every kind (including costs, expenses, and attorney’s fees) that might result from damages, injury or losses to
my person or property during or in connection with any show, seminar, function, whether or not damages, injuries, or
losses resulted directly or indirectly from the negligent act or commission of the directors, officers, members, employees
or agents of the Alamo Dressage Association.

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              Alamo Dressage Association Monthly ewsletter March 2010 13
2009 ADA Officers                             ewsletter Committee:                   Horse Show Manager: Ed Lavallee
Voting Members                              Local Editor – Vicki Krebsbach,
President :Arlene Gaitan 830-751-2151       210 698-0479                             Horse Show Chairman: Bill Eash 830 980                          Stefanie Foster 819-777-0892             3188
Vice President : Denise Moore 210 269                 Membership: Linda Pedde,
8866,                   Junior/ Young Riders Chairperson: 210 658 7090
Secretary: Karen Silvers 210 408 6354       Jill Ammann 830-446-9312   Web site: Laurinda Norwood                                                   
Treasurer: Bill Eash 830 980 3188                                                    Banquet : Doug Christensen, 830-885-                                 on-Voting Members                      7302,
Member-at-large: Celia Cox, 210-273-        Membership Secretary: Linda              Sponsorship: Denise Moore, 210 269 8866
2501,                Pedde 210-658-7090
Education: Liz Moser 210-279-6909,          Awards: Susan Hancock 830-779-2899,      Calendar: Renee Hausmann, 210-386-                                     3115,

Advertising Information                                   The March Board meeting will be held on
Classifieds: Members: 8 lines free/2 issues;              March 10, 2010 at Las Palapas restaurant in
nonmembers: $5/1-5 lines; $10/6-10 lines for 2 issues.    Leon Springs beginning at 6:30 p.m. Board
Commercial Advertisements
Full page:         $30
                                                          meetings are generally held on the second
Half page:        $15                                     Wednesday of the month. Dates, times and
Quarter page:     $10                                     locations for future meetings can be found on
Business cards:     $5                                    the Calendar of Event page of the Stall Street
ADA recognized schooling show prize list: $10             Journal, and will also be published on the
Make cheques payable to ADA                               back page as a separate item.
Contacts: Vicki Luther 830-792-3240 or

Karen Silvers
1303 Hawks Meadow
San Antonio. TX, 78248

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