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									Vitamins And Minerals

The body depends on vitamins and minerals to function; diet is the main source for nutrients with the
condition to consume foods from all major categories. Most nutritional supplements contain a balanced
combination of vitamins and minerals, with the mention that some products are more specialized than
others. Thus, there are supplements that only include one essential mineral and a vitamin that helps to its
metabolism. Thus, calcium depends on vitamin D while magnesium works in combination with vitamin B6,
to give just two relevant examples here.

A balanced diet is more than enough for you to take all the vitamins and minerals if your body mechanisms
are working properly. Supplementation is usually necessary fro mal-absorption and for people who have to
recover after illness. When you've been diagnosed with osteoporosis you will need more than just a diet rich
in dairy products. You will most certainly need a calcium supplement combined with vitamins D and C to
assist to the absorption of the mineral.

Then, eye problems can often be treated or improved by the administration of the right combination of
vitamins and minerals. Antioxidants like vitamin A, C and E together with zinc and selenium improve
vision, prevent macular degeneration, cataract and glaucoma formation. They are also known to improve the
condition of people who suffer from the dry eye syndrome. Do not use vitamin supplements without talking
to your doctor first. It usually takes medical expertise to recognize and treat vitamin or mineral deficiencies.

A complex combination of vitamins and minerals is used for the treatment of anemia. Yet, you cannot self-
diagnose for anemia. The following examples show where you could go wrong with self-administration and
not even know it.

The administration of certain vitamins and supplements are absolutely necessary or forbidden for some
health conditions.

-Pregnant women should be careful with the vitamin A intake because it can cause baby malformations.

-Smokers {who take vision supplements may have problems with the same vitamin A (beta-carotene)|also
have problems with the administration of beta-carotene (vitamin A).

-Be careful with calcium supplements if you suffer from kidney stones.

-Vitamin K should not be administered in parallel with blood thinning medication.

-Iron causes constipation.

The list of problems that may accompany the random use of vitamins and minerals is much longer than this.
Yet, with the above mentions, we are trying to send an alarm message to all those who self-treat and use
vitamin supplements by the 'ear'.

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