Human Behavior and Sustainability by 9h1Ra4


									Human Behavior and

                           Ismail Said
                     18th August 2010
Wastu (Vastu) = Form giving in its totality

Simpler = more sustainable
                 Research on Human Behavior and Environment
     in Environment and Behavior, Journal of Env Psy, and Energy and Building
                              for 2009 and 2010

Theme and Subject                         Context/Setting
Place attachment and Place making         Neighborhood, Community, City, House
• community harmony
• flood preparedness
• neighborhood integrity
Person-Environment Fit                    City, House, School, Classroom, Office
• sustainable interior design
• seating pattern
• dentist waiting room
Children’s environment                    Rural, City, Open spaces, School
• Friendliness
• Favorite place
• Affordances
• Playscape
• Social interaction

Environmentally responsible behavior      General, City, Community, Building
• Global warming and mitigation
• Climate change
• Travel mode
• Recycling attitude
•Thermal sensory
Participation                             Residential community, City
• Household participation
• UHI mitigation
• Community security
• Cleanliness
   Most-Read Articles in Journal of Environmental

1. Environmental attitudes
2. Household energy use and waste management
3. Emotional benefits experiencing nature
4. Behavior in building
5. Place attachment and homesickness
6. Health and Place
    Research Done by Members of Green
        Innovation Research Group
Previous Studies (n=6)
1. Garden as Restorative Environment for Hospitalized Children
2. Affordances of Streams for Young Children’s Performances
3. Affordances of Fishing Village for Children’s Functioning
4. Affordances of Forest Park for Children’s Functioning (2009)
5. Affordances of Cul-de-sac in Urban Neighborhoods as Play
    Spaces for Middle Childhood Children (2010)
6. Children’s Nomination of Friendly Places in an Urban
    Neighbourhood in Shiraz, Iran
    Research Done by Members of Green
        Innovation Research Group
Ongoing PhD Studies (n=6)
1. Experiential Contacts with Green Infrastructure Network
   Generating Well- being to Residents in a Small Town
2. Padang as Public Place in Historical City in Malaysia
3. Playscapes at home- School Way and Their Influence on
   Children's Preference for Walking to School
4. Factors Affecting Park Visitation in City of Khartoum, Sudan
5. Effects of Legibility and Complexity on Path Choice Behavior
   in Urban Setting
6. Attributes of School Yard for Children’s Outdoor Learning
    Research Done by Members of Green
        Innovation Research Group
Ongoing Collaborative Study with Hiroshima University (Grant
  from Hiroshima University, RM24000)

Developing a participatory workshop method for use with
  children in UHI mitigation strategies in Malaysia

    1. To initiate the awareness of children aged 6-12 years of
       the temperature reduction effect of green spaces.
    2. To develop an educational program for children aged 6-
       12 years on managing green spaces and mitigating the
       effects of UHIs.
Summary of Research on People and Place

• Causal relationship between people and
  environmental factors
• Properties and attributes of environment that affect
  peoples’ sense of belonging, sense of place,
  topophilia, and place attachment
• Design and planning considerations and guidelines to
  built environment pertaining to sustainability of
  physical resource, cultural identity and people’s
  emotional feelings.

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