Pennsylvania Motor Vehicle Bill of Sale - Without Warranty

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					                                                              Motor Vehicle Bill of Sale
                                                              Without Warranty

                          This Motor Vehicle Bill Of Sale without Warranty is intended to ensure that
                          sale of your Vehicle is conducted in a legally secure and sound manner.
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                          This document provides provision for a situation whereby buyer refuses to buy
                          the Vehicle at a later time. It contains proper disclaimers to secure the interests
                          of both parties.

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                              MOTOR VEHICLE BILL OF SALE

                                    WITHOUT WARRANTY

BE IT KNOWN, that for payment in the sum of ________________($_____) [Instruction:
Insert the sale amount of the motor vehicle, e.g., ten thousand dollars ($10,000)], the full
receipt of which is acknowledged, the undersigned ________________________________
[Instruction: Insert the Seller name] (“Seller”), of ___________________________________
[Instruction: Insert the Seller's address] hereby sells and transfers to
________________________________ [Instruction: Insert the Buyer name] (“Buyer”), of
___________________________________ [Instruction: Insert the Buyer's address], (the
words “Seller” and “Buyer” include their respective heirs, successors, and assigns where the
context requires or permits), the following described motor vehicle (the “Vehicle”):

 Particulars                                    Description


 Model or series

 Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)




 Odometer reading


The sale is subject to the following conditions and representations:

a. Seller acknowledges receipt of ________________($_____) [Instruction: Insert the down
   payment amount of the purchase price, e.g., two thousand dollars ($2,000)] in down
   payment for the Vehicle, full payment from Buyer and title transfer to take place within
   ___________ (___) [◊ Fourteen (14)] days.

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b. Seller allows Buyer ___________ (___) [Four (4)] days to have the Vehicle inspected by an
   independent mechanic, and agrees to cancel the sale if the inspection is reasonably
   unsatisfactory to Buyer.

c. If the sale is not completed, Seller will retain ________________ ($_____) [◊ one thousand
   dollars ($1,000)] of the down payment to cover costs and effort in re-advertising.

d. Seller certifies to the best of Seller's knowledge that the odometer reading listed in the
   vehicle description above reflects the actual mileage of the Vehicle. The Vehicle's odomet
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Description: This Motor Vehicle Bill of Sale is a written acknowledgement of the transfer of ownership of a motor vehicle. The document sets forth the terms and conditions of the sale including the price, a description of the vehicle and the amount of the down payment. This bill of sale warrants that the seller has full authority to transfer title, but contains no other warranties, and the buyer agrees to take the vehicle "as is." It contains both standard clauses and opportunities for the use of optional terms, and conditions making it fully customizable to fit the needs of the contracting parties. This document should be used by individuals located in Pennsylvania when buying or selling a motor vehicle without warranties.
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