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                             This Notice of Assignment is used by one party to a contract to inform the other party of the
                             transfer of rights and obligations under the contract to a third party. After a party assigns its
                             contract rights to a new assignee, the party should provide notice to the other original
                             contracting party. This notice effectively relieves the assigning party of any liability under
                             the contract, unless the contract states otherwise. This document contains the standard
                             information commonly included in a notice of assignment. It should be used by individuals
                             or entities located in South Carolina when assigning their rights and obligations under a
                             contract to a third party.

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                                  NOTICE OF ASSIGNMENT

Date: _____ [Month] _____ [Date], 20____

To: ___________________________________,

[Instruction: Insert the name of person/entity]




[Instruction: Insert the address of person/entity]

Object: Notice of Assignment

Dear ___________________________________,

[Instruction: Insert the name of person/entity]

You are hereby notified that on _____ [Month] _____ [Date], 20____, we have assigned and
transferred to _________________________________ [Instruction: Insert the name of
person/entity] the following ___________________________________________________
[Instruction: Specify what has been transferred and assigned] existing between us:


[Instruction: Describe]

Please direct any further correspondence (or payments, if applicable) to them at the following


[Instruction: Insert the address of person/entity]

Please contact us should you have any questions.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Very truly,

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[Instruction: Insert your name]


[Instruction: Insert your title]


[Instruction: Insert your phone number]


[Instruction: Insert your email address]

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