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					Welcome to facebook

-A Social Networking Website
Chintan Bhavsar [06CE03(03)] Vikrant Maniar[06CE15(13)] Munish Nanavati[06CE18(16)]

Internal Guide:
 Mr. Priyank B. Thakkar  Mr. Hitesh R. Chhinkaniwala

What is facebook?
 Facebook is a Social Networking Web Application ,Developed for being

Connected with friends & family. Also to make new friends, Knowing them better and Communicating with them.

 To provide an entertaining, attractive and useful service in terms of social

networking for a particular institution.  Fast and efficient messaging.  Provide unique Registration, Logging in, browsing through other’s profile.  Searching Members.  Adding them as friends.  To provide highly interactive Environment.

 Our sole intention is to facilitate users for communicating with like minded people

which can benefit them in academic as well as social relationships with others.  This Project on Facebook is a Web Application ,Developed for being Connected with friends, Make new friends, Knowing them better and Communicating with them in Facebook any one can register himself/herself and his/her profile is created. Which includes several personal details along with photographs, birthdates etc.  Also functionalities like “Searching”, ”Messaging”, “Personalized themes”, “Friend Request and acceptance” and “Photo & video uploading” makes Facebook even more Interesting and Entertaining.

Tools & Technologies :
 Front End: Microsoft ASP. Net 2008  Operating system:: Windows XP , Vista  Back End:: Microsoft SQL Server 2005

Page Layouts

Registration Page:
A new person can register himself by providing the necessary details . Clicking on submit, the person will be a user of the website.

Status :
 We have completed following functions :

--- Login --- Sign Up --- Edit Profile --- Search Friends --- Advertisement

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