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									Colour-coded Orienteering Events 2009/2010 Series No. 2
Tsing Yi 2010-1-10

Event Information
Date                     : 10 January 2010 (Sunday)
Area                     : Tsing Yi
Type                     : Cross-country
Map                      : 1:10,000, 5-metre contour interval with IOF pictorial control
                            description (2009 version)
Co-organising Club       : Akinalliance

Event Officials
Controller    : Mr CHAN Kwok-wai, Kevin (FOC)
Organiser     : Mr LEE Siu-kong
Course Setter : Mr CHUNG Chi-ming

Jury :    Mr. Li Fuk Lung (YAOC)
          Mr. Liang Chi Hang (OS)
          Mr. Yeung Wai Yin (VOC)

Enquiry before the Event       : 2504 8112 (Office Hours)
Enquiry on the Day of Event    : 9687 1126

Event Programme
0900    Event centre opens
0910    Start to pick Number Cloth & E-card
0945    Start opens
1000    First start / Finish opens
1200    Start closes
1400    Finish Closes / All control closes
1410    Announcement of Final Results
1440    Deadline of Appeals
1450    End of event

Event Centre
1.   The Event Centre is located at Liu To Road Playground (GR 50Q KK 011751).
2.   Competitor numbers are available on the OAHK website, and will also be posted at the Event
3.   Competitors should find out their competitor number to collect the number bib at the Event
4.   For competitors use the E-card provided by OAHK, please collect the e-card from the
     Registration and sign the E-card Usage Consent Form. Competitors collecting other
     competitors’ E-card are strictly prohibited. As there are large number of participants in certain
     classes, please pick up your E-card early to avoid late start.
5.   For competitors use own E-cards but forget to bring along them, you can hiring a spare card in
     the Registration. A $50 hiring fee and deposit of $250 will be charged, the deposit will be
     refund during card return. (There are only limited numbers of spare cards and those will be
     served on a first-come-first-serve basis).
6.   Competitors should check their names and E-card numbers printed correct on the Start List.
     Please report any inconsistence.
7.   Pin and backup label can be collected at the Event Centre. Competitors should write down their
     competitors' numbers in the front of their backup labels before compete. If the organiser has
     doubt on a particular punch record of an E-card, records on the backup label might be used to
     validate such punch record.
8.    Toilets are available at the Event Centre. Please keep the place clean.
9.    Physiotherapy and first aid services will be available at the Event Centre.
10.   The official time will be shown at the Event Centre.
11.   Competitors’ belonging might be put at the Event Centre and the organiser undertakes no
      liabilities to any loss of properties.

1.   No transport will be provided by the organiser.
2.   Participants can take the following public transportation to get to the Event Centre:
     (a) By KMB
           42A     Jordan Road Ferry => Cheung Hang Estate
           42C     Lam Tin MTR Station => Cheung Hang Estate
           42M Tsuen Wan (Discovery Park) => Cheung Wang Estate
           43A     Shek Lei => Cheung Wang Estate
           248M Tsing Yi AR Station => Cheung Wang Estate
     (b) By Public Light Bus
           405     Cho Yiu Chuen => Cheung Hang Estate
           405A Tsing Yi Ferry Pier => Cheung Hang Estate
           407     Princess Margaret Hospital => Cheung Wang Estate
           409     Market Street => Cheung Hang Estate
3.   It takes about 2 minutes walk from Cheung Hang Bus Terminal to the Event Centre and 5
     minutes walk from Cheung Wang Bus Terminal to the Event Centre.
4.   Competitors can dial Tel. 27454466 or go to the KMB website www.kmb.com.hk for any

Start and Starting Procedures
1.     It takes about 30 minutes to walk from the Event Centre to the Start Area (distance about
       1200m, climb 30m). Beware of the cars on the way to the start area.
2.     Please proceed to the Start area 5 minutes before your start time zone. Event officials will
       record competitors’ number before competitors enter the Start Area. Please queue up at the
       Start after calling your time zone by the officials.
3.     Please put on number bib in front of your chest and have your compass, whistle and E-card
       ready. Competitors without any of the above items will not be allowed to start. Competitors
       should have their own watch also.
4.     Around 20-30 competitors will start on a “first come first served” basis for each 20-minute
       time zone. Please proceed to the start position and place your E-card onto the “Start Unit” for
       at least 6 second to activate the E-card. Competitors who fail to activate their E-card will be
5.     At the same time, competitors can pick up their map. Competitors are responsible for picking
       up a map with correct class. Organiser is not liable for any complaints arisen from picking up a
       map of other class.
6.     For Family class, all team members should be present before entering the start area. Two maps
       will be given for each team only.
7.     Please do not remain in the aisle between the start and the start triangle after removing your
       E-card from the "Start Control Unit.
8.     Competitors who fail to start at their allocated start time zone will be arranged to start at
       suitable time zone without obstructing others, such as after the last time zone. So please be
9.     The Start Area will close at 1200 hrs.

Finish and Finishing Procedures
1.    All competitors must report to the finish within 120 minutes after start or before the close of all
      controls, whether or not they have completed the course or have lost their E-cards.
2.    Finishing time is the moment when the competitor crosses the finish line and places his/her
      E-card on the finish control unit. (Family team must cross the finish line together)
3.    Maps will not be collected. Competitors must not disclose the map to others who has not yet
      started or they will be disqualified.
4.     Competitors must report to result point and download the e-card data as soon as possible. It is
       competitors’ responsibility to safe-keep their personal e-cards.
5.     The result point locates at the event centre and it takes about 15 minute-walk from the finish.
       The distance is about 760 metre with 30 metre climb. Please follow the directional signs.
6.     Every competitor has to download the result at result processing counter. Any competitors who
       forget to download result before the event closing time will be regarded as disqualified (DISQ).

1.   All complaints about the event or results must be made to the organiser in writing within 15
     minutes after the announcement of final results. The organiser will handle the complaint and
     once and record the decisions made.
2.   All protests about the organiser’s decisions on a complaint must be made to the organiser or
     Jury in writing in 30 minutes. The Jury will handle protests according to the Competition

Electronic punching system and E-card
1.    All courses shall use the EMIT punching and timing system (enclosed in this event information,
      please read carefully).
2.    Competitors should take the number cloth by themselves (safety pins available at the Event
      Centre). In case competitors forget to bring their own electronic control cards, a $50 hiring fee
      and deposit of $250 will be charged, which the deposit will be refundable when cards are
      returned. (Spare cards are limited and will be served on a first-come-first-serve basis).
3.    Competitors who use E-card provided by the organiser have to report to Event Centre for
      collection of E-card by completing the borrow form. Please note that competitors must
      reimburse HK$300 .00 to OAHK for Lost or Damage of e-cards.
4.    Competitors must check and ensure the E-cards and all details are correct, and inform the
      organiser immediately for correction.
5.    Ex-change of E-cards with other competitors is not allowed.
6.    Competitors must write his/her competition number at the front of the back-up tag.

1.    The Technical Standards and Competition By-laws for Open Orienteering Event of the OAHK
      shall apply to this competition.
2.    No other maps or aids other than those provided or mentioned by the organiser may be used.
3.    Lost of E-card will treat as DISQ and report to the finish is still required.
4.    Competitors who remove/destroy any properties of the organiser will be disqualified. The
      organiser will claim compensation from them.
5.    The organiser reserves the right to add or amend the rules. All amendments, if any, will be
      displayed at the event centre on the day of competition.
6.    For the sake of safety, all competitors must report to the finish within 120 minutes after start or
      before the close of all controls.
7.    Substitute participation was prohibited. Results of both parties in OAHK events for the whole
      season would be cancelled in case of finding.

Information about the competition area
1.    Some parts of the competition area are with steep and slippery slopes. Please be careful!
2.    There are various types of vegetation in the competition area. Some parts of vegetation might
      be denser the indication on the map after raining season. The runnability of some parts of the
      terrain become higher after trimming of the trees and grasses and some areas are quite stony.
      Be careful.
3.    Some slopes and re-entrants become slippery after trimming of grasses.
4.    Some paths being covered by fallen leaves may become indistinctive.
5.    Most of the low fences along the paths and man-made water channels are not shown on the
6.    Water point is provided and its location will be shown on map. As the supply is limited, you are
      strongly advised to carry with your own drinking water during competition.
7.    The area is very popular for hikers during Holidays. Be careful when running along the hiking
      paths and do not bump into the hikers.

Course Information
1.   Time limit is 120 minutes for all courses.
2.   The length and difficulty of each class may not be in direct proportion.
3.   The length and climb of each class are as follow:
       Class Length (m) Climb (m)
        Brown 5000           240
        Blue    4400         220
        Green 3200           200
        Red     2700         200
        Orange 2100          150
        Yellow 1900          150
               1800         150
4.    Control descriptions will be displayed at Event Centre.
5.    Every family team will only get 2 maps.

1.   If there are changes for the content of this Event Information, the announcement of the
     organiser on the competition day will be conclusive.
2.   All competitors must respect other country park users.Neither Organiser nor competitors have
     priority in using the competition area.
3.   All competitors entering this competition are at their own risk. The organiser undertakes no
     liabilities to any personal injuries or loss of properties during and as a consequence to the
4.   Competitors should follow the rule of the country park and keep the country park area clean.
5.   Beware of the cars while the competitors walking around the event centre.
6.   If Typhoon Signal No. 3 or above is hoisted, or the Thunderstorm/ Amber Rainstorm Warning
     or above is announced by the HK Observatory at 0600 hours on the day of competition, the
     competition will be cancelled. The event will not be rescheduled and competition fee will not
     be refunded.
7.   In case of injury or under emergency situations, please use the whistle. The distress signal is 6
     bleeps repeated every minute. Keep calm and wait for the help of event officials.
8.   The weather may be hot on the day of event. Competitors should pay attention to the weather
     condition. Competitors should bring enough drink.

Orienteering Association of Hong Kong (OAHK)
Address: Room 1014, Olympic House, 1 Stadium Path, Causeway Bay, HONG KONG
Tel:2504 8112                   Fax:2577 5595
Email:info@oahk.org.hk          Website:http://www.oahk.org.hk

Hong Kong Physiotherapy Association
St. John Ambulance
Staff of OAHK
Essential Information for Electronic Punching and Timing System
1.      This Event will use the “Emit” Electronic Punching and Timing System.
2.      No Competitor may refuse to use the “electronic punching and timing system” unless the
        organiser has issued the Notice of Malfunction of the aforesaid system.
3.      The running time will be calculated based on the records in the e-cards. If the organiser has
        doubt on a particular punch record of an e-card, records of the backup label will be considered
        as a valid counter-check tool. In case both of them have no record, that particular punch record
        will be deemed voided.

1.      At least 6 seconds before start, competitors must activate their e-cards by placing them on the
        “Start Unit” until the red light flashes, and otherwise no running time will be recorded.
        Competitors should activate their e-cards by placing them on the “Start Unit” at the right hand
2.      Competitors must remove the e-cards from the “Start Unit” when the starter gives a long beep
        signal for starting.

During competition
1.      It is the competitors’ own responsibility to insert the e-card into the e-punch correctly. In fact,
        e-cards can only be inserted into the e-punch in one direction. If both the e-card and backup
        label cannot record a particular punch record, system malfunction will not be considered as a
        valid reason for appeal.

1.     As soon as competitors arrive at the Finish, please place the e-cards at the Finish Control, the
       time-count will stop accordingly.
2.     After that, please follow the signposts/indication cards to return to the Event Centre and report
       to the Result Processing Station. After our officials have collected your backup label and have
       downloaded the records from your e-card, you may obtain your result slip from the mini-time
       recorder for reference.

Result Processing and Display
1.    Please do not insert your e-card into any Start Unit or e-punch after the completion of your
      race. By not doing so, your punch records will be retained for counter-check purpose.
2.    The final results displayed by the organiser will be conclusive; results from the mini-time
      recorder are for reference only.

Safety Tips of Hillfire
Safety Guidelines
1.      Hill fire advances rapidly upward and windward on a steep grass slope in dry weather. Never
        underestimate its devastating power.
2.      Listen to the weather bulletin. If the fire danger warning is red, handle kindling materials with
        great care. Except at designated barbecue sites or campsites, never light a fire within country
        parks. Smokers must refrain from smoking in Event Centre & competition area.
3.      Hill fire is difficult to detect in daytime. Always pay attention to flying ashes or burnt smell. If
        a hill fire is spotted, leave the fire scene right away.
4.      It is difficult to assess the spreading of hillfire. Don't risk continuing your competition in case
        of a fire nearby or you may get trapped in the fire. Go back to the Event Centre immediately!
Emergency Measures
1.   Don't panic and keep calm.
2.   Note the following for a quick evacuation from the scene of fire:
     a. The direction in which the fire spreads - avoid escaping in the same direction of the
            prevailing wind.
     b. The gradient of the paths nearby - Choose the one which is easiest for escape.
     c. The height and density of the vegetation nearby - Find a place with less vegetation (Dark
            Yellow on the map) for escape.
3.   It is easier and quicker to escape through existing paths.
4.   If the fire is imminent and there is no way out, you should cover your exposed skin with wet
     clothing and then make for the burnt area. This can minimize the chance of getting injured.
     Never run uphill if the situation permits.
5.   Don't run into shrubs or grassgrown area (White & Green on the map), fire usually spreads
     rapidly and the temperature may soar in these areas.

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