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									PowerPoint Presentations
I hate to tell you, but chances are that your PowerPoint slides are lousy and boring.
But don’t take my word for it. Let’s do a little test. Show your slides to someone who
doesn’t speak your language. Now, again, you’re scratching your head. So, what are
you talking about? You know, first they can’t read it. Aha! If you’re expecting someone
to read your PowerPoint, you’re already in big trouble.

PowerPoint is a visual presentation. So, ideally, someone could understand your point
just by looking at the images whether it is a chart, a graph, a picture, a cartoon. They
should be able to understand your message simply by looking at the images. If they
have to read it, guess what? There’s a much better medium for reading – it’s called a
piece of paper. Give them handouts, give them a book, email it to them but don’t stick
all of your words up on a slide.

Think of it this way. Successful action movies. Let’s say the James Bond 007 series. It’s
successful all over the world. It’s not just because of a good translation and it’s a good
dubbs. No. It’s in part because it’s so visual, so much action whether it’s ski chase
scenes, motorcycle scenes, killings. It’s the action that makes it translatable all around
the world. If you want to communicate in the most successful way, in the most powerful
way to your audiences, think of the PowerPoint as a tool for visual communication.
Don’t think of it as a little place for you to put your notes. That’s not effective.

Comprehension questions:

PowerPoint presentations require the use of:

   a.   slides
   b.   handouts
   c.   email messages
   d.   books

PowerPoint presentations are an ideal means for you:

   a.   to put lots of interesting information the audience can read
   b.   to get your message across in a clear and concise way
   c.   to teach English as a foreign language
   d.   to help preserve the environment by saving paper

Action movies are successful because:

   a.   they are shown all over the world
   b.   dubbers can do a great job
   c.   chases and shooting scenes can be translated easily
   d.   they contain scenes that appeal to the sense of sight

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Or you might as well listen to a person talking about how difficult it was for him to
speak in public.

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