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									             I.B.E.W. – LOCAL UNION 415 NEWSLETTER
                           December 7, 2011
810 FREMONT AVE                                  PHONE: 307/632-5944
CHEYENNE, WY 82001                               FAX: 307/637-7526
                        Email:                             TOLL FREE: 1-877-415-IBEW (4239)

                                                 much better and this coming February
                                                 we will see if we are able to put the
                                                 uncoupled money back on our checks.

                                                        Have    a    Very    Wonderful
Harvey J. Humphrey, Bus. Mgr.                    Thanksgiving, a Merry Christmas and a                  Happy New Year to all your families
                                                 and Please Work Safe.
Dear Brothers & Sisters,
        Here again the Holidays are upon
us, much sooner than most of us would
have liked, but they are here anyway.
The work picture still continues to be                      Doyle E. Eggli
very slow, with not much happening                       Director of Membership
until this spring. We do have some work        
in the Gillette area and hopefully that
will remain steady through the winter.           Greetings Brothers and Sisters,
        The Gillette office has a new            We have recently finished up the
look, with the permission of the owner,          TOLMDS Contract Negotiations. The
Doyle and I removed some walls,                  Members there were able to negotiate an
changed the office arrangement around            adequate raise in wages and some
and now we have a large open space to            changes in benefits. Congratulations to
have our unit meetings. The members              those Members. The new Contract went
seem to like it and it will be much better       into effect on October 1, at the Chadwell
for putting on classes, such as the Code         Dining Hall. Those Members chose to
of Excellence that I.O. Rep. Benny               freeze their wages and benefits for the
Antunes instructed the 10th of                   year because of the drop in the economy.
November.                                        They also have had a change in Facility
                                                 Managers there and we look for good
         By now you should have                  things to happen with this change.
received your letter from the Eighth
District   Electrical   Benefit      Fund        We have taken in some new Members
explaining the changes to the benefits           since the last Newsletter, and I would
under the Health Plan, if you have not           like to welcome them into IBEW Local
received them please call this office. The       415. We have had quite a few people
Pension and Annuity Plans are doing

come in to look at Membership and
Apprenticeship. Unfortunately with
work being slow we are not getting
many takers. NEW Electric in Gillette                      Condolences
has put some CW’s and CE’s to work
there. We are hoping for a good outcome          We are saddened to report the death of
on that project.                                  Brother Darryl Kennedy who passed
                                                    away on October 5. We send our
We are now in the process of starting an          condolences to his wife Irene and his
Organizing Campaign to Organize the             Brother Jim Kennedy and their families.
Plant Workers at the Dry Fork Power                                 *
Plant. There is scheduled to be up to 100                  Our condolences to
workers on that Plant.                          Brother Ryan Scott and his family on the
                                                passing of his Grandmother, LaVetta on
Organizing is the key to survival of our                         Aug. 6.
Union, so we must make every effort to                              *
grow our Membership for the Long term             Brother Freddie Garcia’s sister, Judy
survival of our Pensions, and this can          Fernandez, passed away on Sept. 23. We
only be achieved through Membership               offer him and his family our deepest
growth. So talk with anyone you can                            sympathy.
working in the electrical industry, and                             *
encourage them to join the IBEW. In              Condolences to Brother Zach Mulhern
numbers, there is power.                         and his family on the death of his Aunt
                                                        Janet Fikany on Nov. 6.
In Brotherhood,                                                     *
       Doyle E. Eggli                           Our sympathy to the family of Dave and
       Director of Membership                   Eunice Leinen and their daughter Becky
                                                    Viergets on the death of Becky’s
                                                  husband, Colby Viergets. Colby had
                                                 been a prior member of Local 415. He
                                                         passed away on Nov. 7.
The 2011 NEC Code Books are in they
are $60.00 including tabs. We are still
waiting for the Handbooks. They should                          Births
be arriving any day.                              Adrian Martinez and his girlfriend
                                                Amber Wederski welcomed a daughter,
We have a new color of t-shirt along            Ava Josslin on Sept. 10, weighing in at 6
with all the other styles and other                    lbs. 7 oz. and 18 ½” long.
merchandise so come in and do some                Candy and Erin Izaguirre welcomed
Christmas shopping.                             another daughter, Tayloa Jonette on Oct.
                                                 8. She weighed 6 lbs. 10.6 oz. and was
                                                               19” long.

                                                Hang in there, work hard and make
                                                us proud.
         Illnesses and Recoveries
                                                        The retirees had a memorial
  Sean Casey is back at work after two          celebrating the life of deceased
   weeks in the hospital for meningitis.        brother Bill Osborn at our last
                     *                          meeting. It was a good gathering with
Jayson Willson is home recovering after         other brothers and their wives in
              ankle surgery.                    honoring his memory.
                     *                                  The members also offer
   Jesse Roseberry will be undergoing           condolences and love to the family of
              ankle surgery.
                     *                          recently departed brother Darryl
  Dave Barkee is having a double knee           Kennedy.
        replacement in December.                        Brother Jim Anderson and his
                     *                          wife Jeanine continue to work through
    Retired Brother Frank Morrow is             their ordeal, dealing with the arson of
 recovering from spinal surgery and the         their home recently. Jim thanked all
                    flu.                        that have reached out to help them
  Bryan and Lori Averill would like to          during their hardship, they lost all of
thank all those who have donated while          their possessions to the fire. We in the
 their daughter is recovering from a rare       retiree club are planning another fund
                 ailment.                       raiser this spring and will appreciate
                     *                          any help we can get.
  Retired Brother Jim Anderson and his                  Our club continues to grow
wife Jeanine want to express their thanks
  and appreciation for the contributions        slowly and reaches out for any
after their house burned down. They are         suggestions anyone has to help us
    in the process of moving into and           grow and serve our members.
        furnishing their new place.
                                                Happy Thanksgiving to you all.

          Retirees News                         PS
                                                John J Occhipinti
 Greetings from the retired members
        of your Local Union.
                                                         I.O. Dues Increase
       You can take it from a guy
that’s been around for a very long
time, belonging to Local Union 415              The      International     Office     has
and the IBEW and having the                     implemented an increase on it’s portion
privilege of working within this                of dues effective January 1, 2011. Below
Industry and the people who make it             is a quarterly dues chart for your
go is well worth your time and energy.          information.
Being retired is like playing hooky
every day with someone sending you a            Quarterly Dues (3 months)    $ 95.10
check every month so that you and               6 Months Dues                 190.20
your family can continue to enjoy this          9 Months Dues                 285.30
great country and what it has to offer.         12 Months Dues                380.40

Current Calendar of Events                                  Member in Arrears
                                                   This is not meant to embarrass, but to
Regular Body Meeting                                              remind.
      Nov. 3, 2010
      Dec. 1, 2010                                Rod Berg, Jeremiah Collins, Kel
Cheyenne Hall, 5:30 p.m.                          Dishion, Chase Fisher, Dan Freeman,
Gillette Unit Meeting                             Kevin Gose, Steve Hall, Shane Hardy,
        Nov. 9, 2010                              Floyd Harrison, Casey Herrmann, Ricky
        Dec. 14, 2010                             Hopper, Joseph Kane, David Kelley,
Gillette Hall, 6:30 p.m.                          Mike Kercher, Alex Kiser, Loren
                                                  Lambert,     Doug    Lawson,     Moses
Executive Board Meeting                           Martinez, Joel McKee, Chris Mehrer,
       Nov. 16, 2010                              Rick Michon, Kevin Mosher, Cory
       Dec. 21, 2010
Cheyenne Hall, 5:30 p.m.                          O’Bryan, Gilbert Ortiz, Jesse Roseberry,
                                                  James Slagle, Leonard Torres, Gerard
Retirees Meeting                                  Trujillo, Benny Williamson and Dustin
       Jan. 18, 2011                              Zimmerschied.
       10:00 a.m., Local 415 Hall
Solar Technology Class
       SEE INSERT                                    Stocker Applications
        (Dates are subject to change)
                                                  The Spring 2011 Stocker
                                                  Scholarship applications are due
          New Members                             to the Stocker Scholarship
                                                  Executive     Director    before
            Herbert Rothwell
            Adrian Martinez
                                                  December 30, 2010 for the
             Linda Knutson                        January    6,    2011    Stocker
               Eric Dixon                         Scholarship Committee meeting.
            Michael Swanson
             Justin Gregorio                             E-Mail Addresses
              Jason Salazar
                                                  E-mail is up and running so please send
        New Contractors                           your email to, so I
        Ace Electric, Laurel, MT                  can get you into the system. This way
B & B Electrical Contractors, Iron Mtn., MI       we can send you updates and notices
  National Conductors, Brainerd, MN               quicker and it saves on operating costs.
ITC Electrical Technologies, Casper,WY                   Thank-you,
                                                         Truett Thompson
        Congratulations To:                              Recording Secretary
      Brother Scott Bremer on his
 appointment to the Examining Board.
   Jeremy Bridges and Jason Russell
appointments to the Stocker Scholarship

                                               The entertainment committee will hold a
                                                 Texas Hold-Em tournament the 2nd
  The date has been set starting               Saturday of every month at 1: 00 p.m.
                                                   So come on down to the Hall to
February 21st, 24th, 28th, March 3rd             participate in some friendly poker.
 and 10th, 2011. From 6:00 pm –                       (BYOB and BYOSnacks)
       9:00 pm each night.

Final Classes will be March 12th
and 13th, 2011, for the hands on
session, from 8:00 am – 4:30 pm
each day.

There is a maximum of 25 and we
currently have reached our limit, a                  Holiday Hall Closures
notice will be sent out to those               Thanksgiving
who have signed up. An RSVP                         Closing Nov. 24th at 2:00pm
will be mandatory for this class.                   Closed Nov. 25th
                                                    Closed Nov. 26th
If you wish to leave your name we
  will keep in on a list should we
                                                     Closing Dec. 23rd at 2:00 pm
      have any cancellations.                        Closed Dec. 24th

                                               New Year’s
The fiscal year June 30, 2010 ending                Closed Dec. 31st
IRS Form 990 and the Department of
Labor LM2 reports were filed on time
utilizing the CPA auditors report. As a
member of Local 415, you have the right          Are you interested in
to view these financial reports. You can
                                               having a Code Upgrading
view both of them in person by
contacting Office Manager Chris Conine          Class in Gillette on a
and arranging a time to view these                Saturday? This class
financial documents in person or to view           will be good for 8
just the LM2 report to go to the U.S.            hours of code. If you
Department of Labor web site.                     are, please call the
                                                 Hall to get your name
                                                      on the list.

          Texas Hold-Em
                                                   2011 Scheduled Meetings
                                               Regular Body Meetings
                                                     Jan. 5, 2011

      Feb. 2, 2011                                As 2010 Comes to an end we
      Mar. 2, 2011                                wish to remind you of these
      Apr. 6, 2011
      May 4, 2011                                 passings and achievements.
      June 1, 2011
      July 6, 2011                                             Passings
      Aug. 3, 2011                                  Brother Bill Osborn, May 9, 2010
      Sept. 7, 2011                                Brother Jordan Gose, June 12, 2010
      Oct. 5, 2011                                Brother Darryl Kennedy, Oct. 5, 2010
      Nov. 2, 2011
      Dec. 7, 2011
Cheyenne Hall, 5:30 p.m.

Gillette Unit Meetings
        Jan. 11, 2011
        Feb. 8, 2011                                          Retired
        Mar. 8, 2011                                    Brother Ruben Cortez
        Apr. 12, 2011                                    Brother Leigh Perry
        May 10, 2011                                    Brother Mike McClean
        June 14, 2011                                    Brother Tony Zuniga
        July 12, 2011                                     Brother Jerry Bell
        Aug. 9, 2011                                     Brother Jerry Mann
        Sept. 13, 2011
        Oct. 11, 2011
        Nov. 8, 2011
        Dec. 13, 2011
Gillette Hall, 6:30 p.m.

Executive Board Meetings
       Jan. 18, 2011
       Feb. 15, 2011                                An Old Farmer’s Advice
       Mar. 15, 2011
       Apr. 19, 2011                                 Life is simpler when you
       May 17, 2011                                   plow around the stump.
       June 21, 2011
       July 19, 2011
       Aug. 16, 2011                                 You cannot unsay a cruel
       Sept. 20, 2011                                 word.
       Oct. 18, 2011
       Nov. 15, 2011                                     Author Unknown
       Dec. 20, 2011
Cheyenne Hall, 5:30 p.m.
   (Dates and Times are subject to change.)

    Wishing You
     and Your
     Families a
      Safe and

      From the
    Staff of Local


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