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					                         SCUBA WORLD
                                        5167 East Colonial Drive
                                           Orlando, Fl. 32803
                                         Phone: 407-273-3373
                                             SINCE 1967
                      Nitrox Diver Certification
                            Course Overview
Nitrox is one of the greatest improvements in the enjoyment of scuba diving since the introduction of
                          the weight integrated Buoyancy Compensator (BC).
                  With Nitrox you can usually double your allowable time underwater.
This course is a continuing education course for certified scuba divers who are at least 15 years old. It is an
enjoyable instructor supervised program of instruction conducted in both the classroom and the open water
setting. This course is designed to introduce scuba divers to the benefits of diving with oxygen-enriched air.
           This is a great course to take in conjunction with the Basic or Advanced course.

                                           Cost $99.00
Price includes: lectures and lake dives. Price does not include: Books, Ocean or Spring dives,
equipment ((scuba cylinder w/Nitrox, regulator, buoyancy compensator, dive instruments to include
compass, dive lights and your basic equipment (mask, fins, snorkel, weight belt w/weights and exposure
suit)), travel expenses, lodging or meals. **Course may be rescheduled when less than 4 students are
enrolled or scheduled anytime 4 students are available.

                                     Course Curriculum
   Class: Wednesday (6pm-10pm): Chapters 1 through 7 and the examination. Knowledge reviews must
    be completed prior to class.
   Dives: Saturday afternoon/night or Sunday morning. Two-tank ocean dive, location to be decided
    (TBD) by the class and boat availability.

                 Course Dates (September-December 2007)
    Class:                                                            Dives:
   Sept. 19th                                                        Sept 22nd or 23rd (Ocean)
   Oct. 17th                                                         Oct. 20th or 21st (Ocean)
   Nov. 14th                                                         Nov. 17th or 18th (Ocean)
   Dec. 12th                                                         Dec. 15th or 16th (Ocean)

    Special Offers for the Nitrox Student (some restrictions apply)
         Buy an air integrated Nitrox Computer at MSRP and the course is free ($99)
        Buy any non-integrated Nitrox Computer at MSRP and the bookset is free ($69)
                  Or 10% off the computer MSRP (which ever is greater)

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