NON-PROFIT ORG.
CARLISLE MOOSE FAMILY CENTER                                                          U.S. POSTAGE
LODGE NO 761                                                                               PAID
25 EAST HIGH STREET                                                                   PERMIT NO. 75
CARLISLE, PA 17013                                                                  CARLISLE, PA 17013

                         October, November, December, 2009

LODGE OFFICERS                                                         WOTM
ADMINISTRATOR Earl Smith                                   SENIOR REGENT          Gina Griffith
GOVERNOR         Richard Wolfe                             JUNIOR GRAD. REGENT Tracee Clepper
JR. GOVERNOR     Greg Miller                               JUNIOR REGENT          Rhonda Koch
PAST GOVERNOR John Quigley                                 CHAPLAIN               Sharon Hershey
TREASURER        Charles Buczeskie                         RECORDER               Robin Weigle
PRELATE          Randy Hays                                SEC/TREASURER          Connie Wiser
3 YR TRUSTEE     Dave Nastelli                             GUIDE                  Bonnie Fraker
2 YR TRUSTEE     Mike Fraker                               ASSISTANT GUIDE        Vacant
1 YR TRUSTEE     Ben Griffith                              SENTINEL               Vacant
SGT AT ARMS      Josh Bear                           

          LODGE HOURS
    Sun.-Thurs. 9 AM-11 PM (Last Call)                                        LODGE MUST
      Fri.-Sat. 9 AM-1 AM (Last Call)                                         BE VACATED
                                                                              ½ HOUR
                                                                              AFTER LAST
                      OFFICE HOURS
                  Monday-Thursday 8:00 AM - 2:00 PM
                       Visit us at
                              “Follow Your Local Moose”
                     Carlisle, PA Lodge 761, Loyal Order of Moose
GOVERNOR SPEAKS                                                 Women of the Moose Corner
   I would like to express my thanks to our volunteers who      Hi all,
help make this Lodge one of the finest.

   We have gotten through another summer and we are into
                                                           Summer is gone and the holidays are coming on fast.
                                                           Please watch the dates in the newsletter and notices on
a very activity filled time as well as looking forward to the
holiday season.                                            the bulletin board for all upcoming events. We have alot
                                                           of great things happening in the next few months. I hope
   Please keep in mind that we can always use more everyone has noticed the nice changes in the lodge as in
volunteer help for our many activities that are coming up. clean drapes, shuffleboard table and a new TV which
                                                           wouldn't have happened without everyone's help in our
   Keep in mind also that the Lodge is going to have a New
Years Eve celebration so make plans to attend.
                                                           fundraisers. We all thank you for your support. As
                                                           always we are looking for help for the events at the
Thank you,                                                 lodge.
Richard Wolfe                                              Hope to see you at the lodge!
                                                                Gina Griffith
                                                                Senior Regent

           Welcome New Members                                              DISTRICT MEETINGS

Steven Fahnestock                Karen D’Alessandro               October 4, 2009-McSherrystown FC #720
Westley Failor                   Rebecca Fahnestock               November 1, 2009-Chambersburg FC #842
George Griffie                   Beverly Failor
                                                                   December 6, 2009-Millerstown FC #925
Stanley Horn                     Rebecca Sheaffer
Benjamin Salisbury
Bruce Sheaffer                                                            Open to all members at 2:00 PM

                 Carl Ed Clugh
                 Gary Knaub

             Children’s Halloween Party                                     Children’s Christmas Party
                  October 17, 2009                                             December 19, 2009
                        12-2                                                     Doors open at 9

There will be a sign up sheet at the Bar September 29th- Age 0-8. Members’ children, grand children, and step
October 13. The WOTM go all out for this party and the only. Sign up at bar starting October 27-November 17.
children always have a great time.                       Only the first 125 children will be accepted due to fire
                                                         occupancy laws. Only 2 adult tickets per family.
                                                                        Calendar of Events
                                                       Sat.   Oct. 3    Picnic                 12:00 - 5:00
       In accordance with the requirements of the                       $5/person-receive raffle entry at
General Laws of the Supreme Lodge of the Loyal                          door
Order of Moose, you are hereby notified that a special
membership meeting of Carlisle Lodge No. 761 will Sat.        Oct. 10   Glass Onion (4)     8:00 - 12:00
be held in the 1st floor meeting room at 5:45 P.M. on                   Power Pop
Tuesday October 27, 2009 at the lodge home located                      Texas Hold Em Tourn 3:30 - ?
at 25 East High Street, Carlisle, PA 17013. The
business to be considered and voted on shall be as Fri.       Oct. 16   Cruise Control         8:00 - 12:00
follows:                                                                Variety Dance Band

       • Vote to amend lodge by-laws to change Sat.           Oct. 17   Kids Halloween Party 12:00 - 2:00
meeting nights to the 1st and 3rd Tuesday at 6:00 PM.
                                                      Sat.    Oct. 31   Free Shotz (5)         8:30 - 12:30
      Under the General Laws, no other business may                     Classic Rock
be considered during this Special Meeting.                              Halloween Party

Your attendance at this meeting is extremely Sat.             Nov. 14   Hicktown (5)         8:00 - 12:00
important. Please attend!                                               Classic Rock/Country
                                                                        Texas Hold Em Tourn 3:30-?
Earl F. Smith
Administrator                                         Sat.    Nov. 21   Holey Board Tourn       4:30 - 9:00
                                                                        DJ " Still the One"     9:00 - 1:00

                                                      Wed. Nov. 25      DJ "Still the One"     8:00 -12:00
     Moose Lodge 761 Golf Outing
      October 24, 2009 1:00 PM                        Fri.    Dec. 4    Comedy                 9:00 - 11:00
       Rich Valley Golf Course
                                                      Sat.    Dec. 19   Children's Christmas Party
       See Lee Koch for details
                                                      Thurs. Dec. 24    Adult Christmas Party 9:00 - 3:00
                                                                        DJ                  11:00 - 3:00
                                                                        Must vacate by 3:30

                 LINDA JUMPER                                   New Year’s Eve Celebration
                 RICK STARNER                            $10 buffet will be served from 5:30-8:00.
                SHERRY JUMPER                             Hot dogs and sauerkraut at 11:00 PM.
                JOHN HERSHEY                                  DJ “Still the One” 7 PM – 1 AM.
                  RALPH NACE                             Champagne toast at midnight along with
                                                                         party favors.
                                                         This is a ticket only (after 7:00 PM) event.
                                                               Tickets go on sale October 1st.
                                                                       See a bartender.
The WOTM will once again be creating                           Administrators Note:

Caitlin's Smiles bags with the children.                       Since my last message you’ve seen a price increase at
Donations are always needed. Below are                         the bar. This is something that the House Committee
                                                               struggled with for nearly a year but with all of our
item suggestions based on age groups                           operating costs increasing, the decision could not be put
and craft kit ideas. Items can be dropped                      off anymore. The Committee kept the increase as low as
                                                               possible and hopefully it will be enough for the
off at the Moose.                                              foreseeable future. We hope that you understand and will
                                                               continue to support the lodge with your continued
                                           TEEN BAG
     BAG                 BAG
                                                               There has been no change with our agreement to sell the
                                                               golf course property.       As mentioned in an earlier
 Coloring Book/    Coloring Book/                              newsletter the Board of Officers agreed to a request to
                                        Drawing Pad
 Drawing Pad       Drawing Pad
                                                               extend the existing agreement through mid-2010. With
                                                               the continuing work being done by Penn DOT to rebuild
 Crayons           Crayons/Markers      Crayons/Markers
                                                               the interchange, we are hopeful the purchaser will finally
 Notebook with     Journal/Diary with   Journal/Diary with     agree to settle on the land purchase before this extension
 Stickers          pen                  pen                    runs out.

                   Play Doh or          Modeling Clay or            Each lodge is given a yearly quota by Moose International
 Play Doh
                   Modeling Clay        Model Magic                 to increase our membership numbers. We met our goal
                                                                    last year for the 1st time since anyone can remember.
  *2 craft kit        *2 craft kit          *2 craft kit            Our goal this year, which runs from May 1st thru April
  activities          activities            activities              30th, is 119 new lodge members (about 10 per month).
                                                                    As of mid-September we only have 14 individuals signed
  Homemade card Homemade card               Homemade card           up toward that goal. There are many incentives from the
                                                                    PA Moose Association (PMA) and from Moose
  Plush stuffed       Plush stuffed         Plush stuffed
  animal              animal                animal                  International (MI) to sponsor new members, but they don’t
                                                                    kick in until you have signed up several new members in
                                                                    the same lodge year (for details take a look at the PMA
Craft kits could include: Necklace kits, Door hanger kits, Key and MI posters found in or near both mens rooms). At the
chain kits, Book marker kits, Puzzle kits, Mask kits, Pencil topper local level, the Lodge voted to give the sponsor of a newly
kits, Popsicle stick ornaments, Pom pom crafts, Friendship pin enrolled lodge member a beer chip for each member
kits, Foam magnets.
                                                                    sponsored. An envelope will be left at the bar as soon as
                                                                    the person is enrolled. While this isn’t a big incentive, we
                                                                    want to encourage you to consider those friends, relatives
                                                                    and associates that you think will make good members
     The WOTM will be supporting                                    and ask them to join.          Please help us with this
    Project Share at Thanksgiving.                                  membership drive!
 Please see the bulletin board for                             Fraternally,
   the list of food items that are                             Earl Smith, Administrator
     needed. As always, your
donations are greatly appreciated
and help our lodge to continue to                                                  FOR SALE
                                                                         STUDIO 3511 COLOR COPIER
       assist our community.                                                 $1500 OR BEST OFFER
                                                                             CALL 717-249-5521 OR
          Country Store is coming back                                  EMAIL
     Third Thursday in January and February                           WORKS GREAT-WE ARE UPGRADING
     Please come out and support this effort                         PLEASE RESPOND BY OCTOBER 15, 2009

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