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					                           QATAR MILITARY LODGE # 210
                           FREE & ACCTEPTED MASONS
                      STATE of OKLAHOMA and its JURISDICTION
                                Fifteenth Masonic District
                                      DOHA, QATAR

A special business communication for Qatar Military Lodge # 210 was open in due form by Worshipful
Master Kevin Lofton on March 20, 2009 at 1920 hrs, Qurm Hall, Education City, Doha, Qatar. The
opening prayer was given by Brother Dixon. WM Lofton read Psalm 133.

I.       Roll Call of Officers:

          Worshipful Master                Kevin Lofton                   Present

           Senior Warden                  John Henderson                  Present

            Junior Warden                Edgardo Edwards                  Present

              Secretary                 Martino Dominguez                 Acting

              Treasurer                    David Moody                    Present

II.      Reading of the Minutes: The reading of the minutes from the previous communication
         was deferred for next communication.

III.     Recognition of Distinguished Members.
        SDDGM Michael McNeill

IV.      Recognition of Visitors:

PM Juanito Del Rosario            Batangas Lodge 35                MWGL of the Philippines
PM Leandro Lubag                  United Service Lodge 1341        MWGL of Hong Kong
Bro. Zoilo Perez                  Batangas Lodge 35                MWGL of the Philippines
Bro. John Del Rosario             Suisun Fairfield Lodge 55        MWGL of California
Bro. Lucas Thomas                 Aberdeen Lodge 149               MWGL of Ohio
Bro. Gaston Baillargeon           Victoria Lodge 16                MWGL of Quebec
Bro. Aman Sheikh                  General Williams Lodge 165       MWGL of India
Bro. Hanny Camba                  Hundred Islands Lodge 201        MWGL of the Philippines
Bro. Oder Camba                   Hundred Islands Lodge 201        MWGL of the Philippines
Bro. Newlito Diaz                         Koronadal Lodge 209        MWGL of the Philippines
Bro. Antonio Rodriguez                    Pilar Lodge 15             MWGL of the Philippines
Bro. Martino Dominguez                    Palanyag Lodge 323         MWGL of the Philippines

V.       Departing Brother:
        Brother Stancil who will be assigned to Saudi Arabia was presented a parting gift by WM

VI.       Reading of the Financial Report:
        The reading of the Treasurer’s financial report was deferred for next communication.

VII.      Reading of incoming Correspondence:

        SDDGM McNeill read the 25 Landmarks of Masonry.
        Demit for Bro. Cummins was moved and seconded for voting and the majority won for

VIII. Reading and Referring of Petitions: NONE

IX.       Reports of Committees:

        SW Henderson was delegated to head committee on Constitution and By-Laws as

X.        Balloting of Candidates: None

XI.       Conferring of Degrees: None

XII.      Sickness and Distress:

        Employment assistance for Bro. Roberson was sounded off to the brethren.

XIII. Old Business: None

XIV. New Business:

        WM Lofton announced that QML#210 was given direction that it could initiate non-
         Americans to the three degrees. Formalities and requirements will be detailed and
         announced further.
        Recognized FCM’s who wish to be raised should obtain communications from their
       mother lodges first.
     Visiting brethren signified petitions for being allowed dual/plural membership with
       QML#210. WM and SDDGM see no particular reason why, and petition will be
       communicated to the MWPHGL of Oklahoma for clearance.
     JW Edwards inquire frequency of special meetings outside QML#210 home lodge, the
       WM Lofton has assigned JW Edwards to take the lead in the scheduling and preparations
       for such special meetings and to advise the WM.
     WM Lofton, assisted by SDDGM McNeill and PM del Rosario presented the following
       MM’s with Certificates of Honorary Membership to QML#210:

        PM Leandro Lubag              Bro. John Del Rosario       Bro. Lucas Thomas
        Bro. Gaston Baillargeon       Bro. Aman Sheikh            Bro. Hanny Camba
        Bro. Oder Camba               Bro. Newlito Diaz           Bro.Martino Dominguez

     SDDGM McNeill presented WM Lofton with a gift for his exemplary effort and
       dedication as WM of the QML#210 and for making this historic Special Business
       Meeting happen.

XV.     Collecting Fraternal Assistance:
     QR 508 was collected.
XVI. Lectures / Good of the Order:

     WM Lofton expressed his warm appreciation to all present and could not avoid noticing
      everyone’s warm smile of brotherly love. The WM admitted being nervous at the
      beginning for taking the great risk of holding this meeting, but like everyone else, all
      went well and the feeling of tense and fear was replaced by peace and love. The WM
      thank the GAOTU for that.
     The WM invited everyone for a fellowship dinner in his residence after the meeting.
     Departing JD Stancil thanked the WM and the officers of QML#210 for the warm
      brotherly affection accorded him as member of the lodge and expressed his enthusiasm
      and excitement for his future Masonic works in Saudi Arabia.

XVII. Closing Comments:
Qatar Military Lodge # 210 was closed in due form by Worshipful Master Kevin Lofton at 2015 hrs
until the next stated regular communication. The closing prayer was given by Brother Dixon.

ATTESTED BY:                                                  APPROVED BY:

\\Original Signed\\                                           \\Original Signed\\

Martino Dominguez                                             Kevin Lofton

Secretary, Acting                                             Worshipful Master

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