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									                                                                        A Publication of the Clinton Parent Teacher Association
                                                                                                          Issue 5, January 2011

I Happy New Year Clinton Community,
                                                               1-31ST             CELEBRATING NEW YEAR’S TRADITIONS MONTH
 A hearty welcome back as we begin the New Year and
 the second half of our school year. Our teachers, staff,      12TH               PTA EXECUTIVE BOARD MEETING, 7:15 PM
 and students wasted no time getting back to teaching                             STATE OF THE DISTRICT REPORT, 7 PM,
 and learning. It was a pleasure returning to school and                          COLUMBIA HIGH SCHOOL LIBRARY
 visiting classrooms where many engaging learning
 experiences captured our students’ attention and inquiry.     13TH               THE PARENTING CENTER PRESENTS A NIGHT OF
 We are looking forward to continuing our work together                           REFLECTION ON THE EARTHQUAKE IN HAITI,
 to improve student achievement and prepare our Clinton                           6:30-8:30 PM, CLINTON CAFETERIA & LIBRARY
 kids for 21st century learning.
                                                               17TH               SCHOOL CLOSED, MARTIN LUTHER KING, JR. DAY
 This month, we will be sending home Progress Reports
 for every student. Your child’s Progress Report will          20TH               STORYTELLING NIGHT, 6:30 - 7:30 PM
 provide you with the overall academic performance of
 your child and the level of independence and                  28TH               CULTURAL ART ASSEMBLY: DINOMAN,
 competence demonstrated by him/her in all areas of                               8:30 AND 9:30 AM
 his/her work. Please review the reports carefully and
 continue the partnership you share with your child’s          31ST               OPEN REGISTRATION FOR KINDERGARTEN BEGINS,
 teacher(s) to answer any questions or address any                                MON.-THURS., 9 AM – 12:45 PM,
 concerns with regard to your child’s overall                                     525 ACADEMY ST., MAPLEWOOD
                                                                                        COMING IN FEBRUARY
 This month we also celebrate the life of Dr. Martin
 Luther King Jr., who eloquently reminded us that:             1-28TH             AFRICAN AMERICAN HERITAGE MONTH
 The ultimate test of a man is not where he stands in          1-11TH             DAVID’S COOKIE DOUGH/CHEESECAKE/AUNT
 moments of comfort and moments of convenience, but                               ANNE’S PRETZELS FUNDRAISER
 where he stands in moments of challenge and moments
 of controversy.
                                                               4TH                SCHOOL PRIDE DAY
 As a community, let’s remember this as we face any
 challenges that may lie ahead. If we look at the world
 the way our Clinton kids do we can focus on options,
 not obstacles, and adjust accordingly.

 Welcome back,


 Our newly-redesigned Clinton T-shirts are available for purchase, so make sure to get one for yourself and your child to wear on
 Clinton School pride days (the first Friday of every month). Our shirts are red and enlivened with our new school motto, “Sharing
 Our Similarities, Celebrating Our Differences.” Prices are $8 for toddler sizes, $12 for all short-sleeved, and $15 for all long-
 sleeved. Shirts are 100 percent cotton, USA-made, and preshrunk. Women’s fit is slightly shaped; men’s fit is regular cut. Sizes
 are S-XL kid/youth sizes, and S-2XL adult sizes. You can order them by calling or emailing Elizabeth Aaron at 973-761-4094 or
 ejmaaron@gmail.com. There will also be some available for purchase at Storytelling Night on January 20 th.
               PTA BOARD 2010-11
President                                                          FROM THE PTA PRESIDENT
Jung A. Lee Masters
973-275-3936 jungleemasters@msn.com            Happy New Year!

First Vice President                           I hope your winter break was wondrous and that your New Year’s celebration was
Elizabeth Aaron                                joyful. How did you spend your New Year? The display case in the front hall is all
973-761-4094 emaaron@verizon.net               about how other cultures celebrate this holiday, so come take a look!
Vice Presidents                                One of the PTA’s New Year’s resolutions is to increase online readership. You can help
Janet Trzaska                                  by reading the Courier online and choosing to opt out of the hardcopy. There is an opt-
973-762-4884 meyers1113@aol.com                out form on page five of this issue. The Courier is available in a pdf format with links
Assistant, Amy Janay                           that can be emailed to you each month.
973-544-6972 amyjanay@gmail.com
Cultural Arts                                  Have you checked the school website (www.clintonelementary.org) recently? We have
Jackie Lahey                                   added content and we’re always working to update the information. With many links to
973-313-9757 jaclahey@aol.com
Public Relations
                                               teacher sites and school news, it is a great online resource. Clinton Elementary is also
Cecelia Cancellaro                             on Facebook and Twitter. Join the group and get information on the go. Please email me
973-763-1730 ccancellaro@verizon.net           (jungleemasters@msn.com) if you have any suggestions on how we can further
Membership                                     improve online communication.
Rosanna McCrear
973-763-9588 rosanna@mccrear.com               As we move ahead in 2011, let’s take a moment to look back on 2010. The PTA ended
                                               the year with some very successful annual traditions. Thanks to Leah Gomberg, Lindy
Treasurer                                      Romaine, and all the crafty parents and volunteers for making the Winter Craft Fair a
Patty O’Connell                                huge success. Tammy Haynie and Sue Lunde made the Cookie Distribution Day extra
                                               special by packaging treats for all the 5th graders as well as for the teachers and staff.
Recording Secretary
April Umiker                                   Thank you both and all the bakers for a sweet event! Our lunch aides very much
Corresponding Secretary                        appreciated their annual PTA-sponsored breakfast, which we put together to show our
Keli Anthony-Tianga                            appreciation for our lunch staff! Thank you all!

Clinton Courier                                This month, we hit the ground running. The Tricky Tray Committee has been working
Editor, Liz Herring                            tirelessly on collecting prizes and organizing the details of our biggest fundraiser of the
973-378-3099 echerring@verizon.net             year. Reserve your tickets, secure your babysitters, and get ready for this enormously
                                               fun and exciting evening. The producers and directors of the 3rd annual All-School
Cultural Heritage Month Coordinator
                                               Musical have been working feverishly on this year’s production. It promises to be an
Shanta Bryant-Gyan
After School Enrichment Coordinator            entertaining and awe-inspiring show! And, don’t miss Storytelling Night on January
Erica Dussman                                  20th. Wear your pajamas and enjoy book selections read by parents and teachers!
SPED-PTO Liaison
Jenny Lindstrom                                The cold winter months are upon us and our kids would greatly benefit from physical
973-378-8199 jenlindstrom@gmail.com            activity during recess. The school district recently announced new guidelines for
                                               outdoor recess (see page 4). We are looking for Recess Club volunteers to play games,
Members-at-Large                               read, or do an activity during indoor days. Play Simon Says, teach yoga stretches, or
Sharon Geraghty                                challenge kids to a jumping jack contest. They love to see parents in school, so be that
Leah Gomberg                                   special guest! Lastly, I would like to thank the Nasteff family for donating four
Liz Salituri                                   Hullaballoo games for indoor recess. It is a great indoor game for all ages.
President Emeritus
Karen Betheil
                                               As always, thank you for your continued support of Clinton School. I look forward to
Teacher Representatives                        the year ahead, and wish you joy and good health in 2011.
Joe Ferriero (jferrier@somsd.k12.nj.us)
Beth Frascella (bfrascel@somsd.k12.nj.us)      Cheers,
Susan Froelich (sfroelic@somsd.k12.nj.us)      Jung
Stefanie Izzolino (sizzolin@somsd.k12.nj.us)
Jeff Lehman (jlehman@somsd.k12.nj.us)
Janine Poutre (jpoutre@somsd.k12.nj.us)        STORYTELLING NIGHT IS COMING SOON!
                                               Clinton’s Annual Storytelling Night will be held on Thursday, January 20th from
Principal                                      6:30 to 7:30 pm. Admission is free. Like last year, we will be raffling off some great
Patricia O’Neill
                                               books. We will also be collecting your donations of gently used books. There will be a
Assistant to the Principal                     box in the front hall. So join us in the auditorium for an evening of wonderful stories
Ann Bodnar                                     read by an energetic and talented group of Clinton parents. We’ll see you there! For
973-378-7686/abodnar@somsd.k12.nj.us           more information, contact Karen Betheil at 973-762-3474 or kbetheil@verizon.net.-
                                               redesigned Clinton T-shirts are available for purchase, so make sure to        2
CLASSROOM NEWS                                                             A SALUTE TO JAZZ IN FEBRUARY
Classroom News can pretty much be defined as any and all things cool       Clinton School’s display case for the months of
going on in each of the classrooms at Clinton School. Please send          December and January are highlighting New Year’s
information about classroom activities to: bobhugel@gmail.com or
drop a note with your contact information in the PTA mailbox folder        traditions from around the world. The display features
labeled: “Classroom News.” —Bob Hugel                                      vibrant cultural items and traditions from Ethiopia,
                                                                           Korea, Ireland, South Africa as well as family
Kindergarten: The theme for December in Mrs. Shelffo’s class was           traditions here in the United States. New Year’s
“Gingerbread.” Students decorated paper gingerbread people and             traditions that are not celebrated on January 1 such as
displayed their work on the class bulletin board. They played              Rosh Hashanah and Diwali are also included in the
gingerbread games and heard gingerbread poems during center time,          display.
and counted out their book lists with gingerbread men. The class had
lots of fun baking gingerbread together. The children enjoyed reading
different versions of the story The Gingerbread Man, comparing and         In February, for African American Heritage Month, the
contrasting the characters, settings, and endings. They learned about      display case will feature “A Salute to Jazz.” If your
December holidays from around the world, and guest parents visited the     family has jazz musicians, is connected to the jazz
classroom to share their family’s holiday traditions. The class had a      world, or simply loves listening to jazz music, we’d
Winter Tea Party before the break where they drank hot chocolate with      like to hear your story. Please feel free to send in a
mini marshmallows out of tea cups and ate cookies and other treats.        short essay, photos, and other items on the importance
First Grade: Students in Miss Dadaian and Mrs. Muscarella’s class          of jazz in American history. The deadline for accepting
spent the month busily writing and illustrating stories, learning about    items is Monday, January 24. Please send them to
quotation marks and speech bubbles, and thinking about numbers in          Shanta Gyan at sbgyan@hotmail.com.
many different ways.
                                                                           I’d also like to thank all Clinton families who
Ms. Henderson’s class learned about the holidays Eid, Diwali,              contributed to the New Year’s traditions display.
Hanukkah, Las Posadas, Christmas, and Kwanzaa. Students discussed                    —Shanta Gyan,
how they each have or will celebrate with their families. Students made
                                                                                     Cultural Heritage Month Coordinator
“Gifts of Love” for a person whom they would want to give something
special to. They wrote their “Gifts of Love” messages which included
the name of that special someone, what they would give that person,
and why. They covered them with decorative paper and bows. The             Fourth Grade: Jewish students in Mrs. Fleming and
finished gifts are on display outside the classroom. They also learned     Mr. Ferriero’s class performed a fantastic Hanukkah
about animals in winter including how they prepare for winter,             skit. To see photos go to:
hibernation, and migration.                                                http://teachersites.schoolworld.com/webpages/Ferrie
                                                                           ro/pictures.cfm?newSlideID=39521. The entire class
On the last day of school before the break, the class held a New Year’s    wrote letters to Ms. O’Neill asking for permission to
Party and presented Ms. Henderson with a scrapbook of special              build a snow person outside the school this year. These
thoughts and memories and thanks for her great service to the class and    “snow persuasive” letters were posted in the hallway
families while covering for Mrs. Cutrufello during her maternity leave.    along with snow people that students made out of
We wish Ms. Henderson much success in the future and welcome Mrs.          geometric figures. Students also participated in “The
Cutrufello back to the class in January.                                   Great Mail Race.” Each student was assigned a fourth-
                                                                           grade class in a different state. Students mailed their
Mrs. Nolan’s class has been studying what different animals do in the      respective class information about New Jersey and
winter (hibernation, migration, or food gathering). They did an art        asked for information about the other class’s state.
project on winter animals and wrote winter poems. They enjoyed             When the letters and information arrive, students will
learning about different December holidays.                                compare Clinton School and New Jersey to the other
                                                                           schools and states. Finally, the class baked cookies for
Second Grade: Students in Mrs. Frascella’s class enjoyed learning          Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa.
about different winter and holiday traditions celebrated by their
classmates’ families. First, they enjoyed a delightful story, A Parakeet   Fifth Grade: All the fifth-grade classes attended an
Named Dreidel by Isaac Bashevis Singer, which was read by Ms.              assembly on anti-bullying at Columbia High School.
Rosen as she talked to the class about her family’s Hanukkah traditions.   Some topics covered were how to avoid bullies,
The Audet family had the children decorate gingerbread houses to take      choosing to travel in a group of friends to avoid trouble
home and enjoy. When Mrs. Aaron (and Henry!) shared an old-time            from bullies, and why adults can be trusted to help cope
tradition of stringing popcorn and cranberries, each student was able to   with bullying. Students were asked to wear the color
bring home a strand to hang outside to see if the birds would enjoy a      purple as a sign of solidarity against bullying. All
holiday treat as well! The Lee family had students make origami            students completed their Power Point presentations on
flowers. Finally, the class had a real taste of Germany as the Von         Native American cultures, which will be presented
Brachel family shared some stollen bread and talked about the tradition    during the month of January. Mrs. Ceccacci and Mrs.
of hiding a pickle ornament in the branches of their Christmas tree.       Fox’s class celebrated the New Year by drinking hot
                                                                           cocoa and eating snacks with family members.
Students in Mrs. Leach and Mrs. Ortiz’s class closed out 2010 by
learning how to add two-digit numbers and by writing personal              Fifth graders Olivia C. and Amelia L. participated in
narratives. They also celebrated the holidays by playing Hanukkah          the Maplewood Girls on the Run program last fall,
bingo and making sticker menorahs, creating snowflakes, and learning       which culminated in a 5K race on November 21 st. The
about Boxing Day in England. In addition, students baked gingerbread       spring Girls on the Run program will start in March for
cookies and bid farewell to 2010 with a lavish New Year’s Day party.       girls in 3rd through 5th grade who are interested.

Shea Levin, already garnering a reputation for his humor
among his 5th grade students, is new to Clinton but not to
teaching. The Brooklyn native has a Master’s degree in
education from Brooklyn College, and has taught for seven
years, the past two at a Yeshiva middle school in Piscataway. He
currently lives in Passaic. We asked him a few questions:

Where were you before coming to Clinton? This is my seventh           Is there anything about your work here at Clinton
year teaching. The past two years I was teaching at a Yeshiva         that has been particularly rewarding or challenging
called Shaarei Tzion. I was teaching 6th, 7th, and 8th grade math     compared to other schools you have worked at? The
and 8th grade science.                                                teachers I’m with now know so much and Ms. O’Neill
                                                                      has been phenomenally supportive. I’ve learned so much
Why did you decide to come to a public school? It always was          from her. It’s nice to have people you can learn from.
my goal to teach in a public school because there’s so much
learning going on. I’m very into making myself a better person.       Are there any interesting projects you’re working
There are so many experienced people to learn from here.              on? Something I started this year that has been
                                                                      interesting is called past practice. It’s a continuous
Why did you decide to become a teacher? The summers off!              review of whatever we’ve learned from the beginning of
We used to go to the beach a lot, and I wanted a job where I          the year. When you learn something, it’s clear the first
could continue to spend my summers at the beach. But seriously,       time, but over time you forget it or realize you don’t
I always like furthering my education, and teaching is a field in     fully understand it. The point is to continuously come
which you are always learning.                                        back to it, so you have a conceptual understanding of it,
                                                                      and you see it in different ways. We do 10 to 15 minutes
What is your favorite part of teaching? When students feel            of math past practice a day. The kids like it, and it has
good about themselves and can do something that they had              been a tremendous success in terms of them feeling like
trouble with in the past, and I see them glow with pride, I realize   they really know it, and when you know something, you
that I made a difference, I helped them. Also, in education, you      feel good about it.
end up working on your character tremendously. You’re forced to
deal with many different people and you learn how to relate to        Have kids asked you why you wear a yarmulke on
people. It has changed my life, the way I interact with people, the   your head and what have you told them? At first, one
way I speak to my own kids. It teaches you how to be a really         student asked me why I wear a cap on my head, but
nice person.                                                          there are many Jewish kids in the class that know it
                                                                      means that you’re Jewish. It has just become part of my
Who has had the biggest influence on your life? My mother.            dress, and no one notices it. Yarmulke comes from the
She is always helping people whenever she gets a chance, putting      words “fear of heaven.” In Judaism, it’s a humbling
herself last and putting everyone else first. Growing up there was    gesture, to show that there is someone above us. Also, I
a big emphasis on being a good person and doing the right thing.      don’t shake women’s hands. In the Orthodox
                                                                      community, men shake men’s hands and women shake
What motivates you to teach? I really enjoy doing what I do.          women’s hands; it’s a barrier against any wrong.
It’s exciting for me. I sit for hours and prepare lessons and think
about how I’m going to teach them.                                    Have you ever done stand-up comedy? Only at Jewish
How do you motivate the kids? I try to be very funny in the
class, very understanding, and I try to relate to the kids. I         What do you do in your free time? At this point, I’m
motivate them by complimenting them. Motivation comes from            spending time with my family. I have four kids. I also
succeeding. If you’re succeeding, you’re motivated to do more.        study Jewish Law, which is a lifelong pursuit.

What’s the biggest challenge you face as a teacher? You have          No summers at the beach? Not since I’ve been
22 students in the classroom with different personalities, and it’s   married. And these days, teachers work summers
challenging trying to work with all of them, to reach every           anyway.
student, and to make every student succeed in the classroom.                           —Laurie Tarkan

RESERVE YOUR TABLE NOW                                                        LET’S BE HEALTHIER IN 2011
As you know the Clinton PTA’s 8th Annual Tricky                               The Clinton School community invites everyone to make
Tray/Silent and Live Auction will be held on Saturday,                        healthy eating and exercise part of your resolutions for 2011!
February 12th at the hall in St. Joseph’s Church in                           The South Orange-Maplewood School District has received
Maplewood. So book your babysitter now! You won’t want to                     national press and awards for its approaches to incorporating
miss this incredibly fun event. The evening consists of basket                health and fitness—and healthier food choices—into its
raffles, a silent auction, and a live auction. Entry fee is $25 per           curriculum and initiatives. Each school now has a walking
person. In addition to beer, wine, and dessert it buys you a                  track, for example, and small changes in the food program such
sheet of tickets for our yellow basket raffle. It is a tremendous             as whole-wheat pasta have taught our children that healthy
amount of fun! Last year we raised $21,000 and this year, of                  foods can also be delicious.
course, we want to do even better!
                                                                              If you are helping with a class celebration or event, please feel
We are now taking reservations for the big night. Reservation                 free to talk to your child’s teacher and/or class parents about
forms will be coming home in backpacks this week, but if you                  how you might make healthier choices part of the day. Of
want to get a head start you can find the reservation form here:              course, we know that birthday celebrations are just that—
http://www.clintonelementary.org/wp-                                          celebrations—but if we keep in mind that a little sweet can go
content/uploads/2009/05/tray-flyer-11-v21.pdf. It’s better to                 a long way, we can have our fun—and eat our cake as well!
reserve early! Last year the event sold out and we had to turn                                   —Elizabeth Aaron
people away. If you get a group of 10 together, we can reserve
a table for you. It must be 10, no more or no less, due to the                Following is a healthy recipe from Clinton School’s cookbook
sizes of the tables at our new venue (St. Joseph’s Church). If                The Melting Pot. This healthy low-cholesterol oatmeal cookie
you want to reserve two tables of 10, we can put them next to                 recipe was contributed by Clinton mom Regina Romanaux.
each other. All payment and names of every guest must
accompany the reservation form. We will be pre-assigning                      ¾ cup all-purpose flour     ½ cup brown sugar
bid numbers this year, so having all the names is essential.                  ¼ tsp. baking soda          1 container egg substitute (equal to
                                                                              2 tsps. Vanilla                      2 eggs)
Remember, we provide beer, wine, and dessert and you are                      2 oz. safflower oil         1 ½ cups 1-minute oatmeal
free to bring whatever food you like. Usually people who will                 ½ cup sugar                 ¼ cup walnuts or pecans or
be sitting together coordinate their food offerings. Also,                                                         1 cup raisins
remember, we can only take CASH OR CHECKS. Checks
should be made out to “Clinton PTA” and should include a                      Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Sift the flour and baking soda
phone number on the front. You can complete the reservation                   together. In a large bowl, blend vanilla, oil, white sugar, and
form and return it to school in your child’s backpack. Be sure                brown sugar, then add egg substitute. Stir in flour and baking
the envelope is marked TRICKY TRAY. If you have any                           soda mixture, oatmeal, and nuts or raisins. Spray a cookie sheet
questions, please contact Cecelia Cancellaro at                               with non-stick cooking spray. Drop dough onto cookie sheet
ccancellaro@verizon.net.                                                      with a teaspoon. Bake for 8 minutes. Yields 72 cookies.

                                                                              LIBRARY NEWS
A GREEN NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTION                                                 The library said good-bye to 2010 with a celebration of the
We would like to begin the New Year with a “green” New                        winter solstice and a lunar eclipse! These two events had not
Year’s resolution. Let’s see how much paper we can save. If                   occurred together since 1638, and thanks to technology, we
you are interested in opting out of receiving the print version               were able to watch the eclipse in class. We also took a “trip” to
                                                                              Alaska using Google Earth and “virtually” experienced 24
of the Courier in your child’s backpack, please fill out the                  hours of darkness.
form below and return it in an envelope marked “Opt Out.”
---------------------------------------------------------------------------   2011 will usher in exciting lessons in technology as the 3rd
                                                                              grade will start typing lessons. We will also kick off “Battle of
                       Opt-Out Form                                           the Books,” a much-anticipated eight-week event that
I would like to opt out of receiving a print version of the                   challenges 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students to read books and
Clinton Courier in my child’s backpack. I would prefer for                    answer questions as a team.
you to send me an email with a link to a PDF of the Courier.
                                                                              On a final note, I have empowered students and their parents to
                                                                              check their library account from home. They need to know
Name: ____________________________________________                            their school ID (5 digit number) and their password. The online
                                                                              catalog (OPAC) can be found at http://destiny.somsd.k12.nj.us
Email: ____________________________________________                           or you may follow the link from www.clintonelementary.org. I
                                                                              hope this helps answer the question, “What books do I have
Oldest Child’s Name &Teacher: _______________________                         checked out?” If you have any other questions, please email me
                                                                              at jlatimer@somsd.k12.nj.us.—Mrs. Latimer
                                                           NEW DISTRICT RECESS GUIDELINES
                                                           Part of our healthy daily routine in the South Orange-
                                                           Maplewood Schools includes outdoor recess at the
                                                           elementary school.

                                                           Research shows that children need fresh air, exercise, and
                                                           sunshine. Physical activity is not only healthy for a child’s
                                                           body, but it also stimulates brain activity. Play—whether
                                                           vigorous or sedentary—can provide intense skill learning.
                                                           Physical activity is known to lessen the symptoms of mild
                                                           attention deficit disorder, and is associated with much lower
                                                           incidences of childhood obesity. A daily break of fifteen
                                                           minutes or more in the school day plays a role in improving
                                                           learning, social development, and health in elementary
                                                           school children.

                                                           All six elementary schools strive for standardizing the
                                                           decision-making for outdoor recess based on weather
                                                           conditions, and elementary principals use the following
                                                           guidelines to determine whether it is appropriate for students
                                                           to go outdoors:

                                                              Students have the appropriate clothing
                                                              The temperature, including the wind-chill, is no lower
                                                               than 20 degrees Fahrenheit.
                                                              It is not raining heavily
                                                              The wind is not excessive
10 % OFF ON YOUR NEXT ELECTRICAL JOB                          Playground safety is a factor at each individual school
         Clean Energy Electric & Solar LLC –                              o There are no icy conditions on the play
                Electrical Contractor                                          surfaces
                                                                          o Steps and walkways are cleared of snow
     468 Irvington Ave., South Orange, NJ 07079                           o There is no heavy ice on branches or
          973-763-5509 (O) 973-763-5281 (F)                                    power lines in or near the play area
                                                                          o Metallic playground equipment is not too
              Mention this discount when                                       hot to the touch
              you call for an appointment                     There are a sufficient number of staff members to
                                                               supervise children both indoors and on the playground
                                                               in the event it is necessary that a group of children need
HAVE NO FEAR,                                                  to remain indoors.

DINOMAN IS HERE!                                           Keeping active everyday will help make children less
Who knew that dinosaur tracks lead right to our school?    vulnerable to illnesses in cold weather. Children are usually
You can find out all about this at the end of this month   thrilled to go outside when the snow begins to fly. To ensure
when the PTA welcomes Dinoman to the Clinton               that children have a safe and fun winter at school, the
Elementary School stage on Friday, January 28th, at 8:30   following clothing is recommended: a winter jacket, a warm
and 9:30 am. With magic, merry mayhem, and                 hat, warm mittens or gloves, and boots. This will ensure a
magnificent props, Dinoman takes the audience on a         comfortable recess for all. Dressing in layers helps to keep
journey through the Mesozoic era. How do we know           children comfortable during fluctuations in the temperature
dinosaurs were here? What is a fossil? How are they        both indoors and outdoors.
made? This fun and informative program will answer these
questions and many more.                                   Since children who have recess behave better and are likely
                                                           to learn more, they should not be excused from outdoor
Thanks to the Clinton School PTA for funding another       recess without a written medical reason from a physician.
wonderful cultural experience for our kids.                Further, a child should not miss his or her entire recess
                                                           period as a consequence for work missed in the classroom or
        —Jackie Lahey, Vice President, Cultural Arts       as a consequence for an infraction.


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