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									Oakland Unified School District
Family & Community Office
District Advisory Committee (DAC)

Administration Building, Hunter Hall
1025, 2nd Avenue, 4th Floor

Minutes of September 16, 2010 Meeting,

I. Welcome: The District Advisory Council meeting was called to order by Clarence Boyd, Chair
Person at 6:37 pm.

      DAC Members present:              Clarence Boyd, Chair Person
                                        Charlene Johnson, Vice Chair
                                        Joe Brownlee, Executive Secretary
                                        Amanda Alston, Recording Secretary

      Staff:                            Gabriel Valenzuela, Ombudsperson
                                        Adrian Kirk, Executive Officer, Family & Community Office
                                        Elaine Tan, Family & Community Office

Members Present:
Burckhalter                             Patricia Blanson
Business Information & Tech             Donna Brown
Carl Munck                              Amanda Alston
Claremont                               Kristofer Brekke
Community United Elementary             Veronica Corral
Dewey Academy                           Kim Shipp
East Oakland Pride                      Elizabeth Torres
Fred T. Koramatsu                       Noel E. Dominguez
Hoover                                  Kathy Emam
Life Academy                            Joe Brownlee
MET WEST                                Charlene Johnson
Montera                                 Wandra & Clarence Boyd
Roosevelt                               Avis Walker
Sobrante Park                           Debra Taylor
Skyline                                 Wandra & Clarence Boyd
Think College Now                       Charlene Johnson
                                        Mr. West

Guests: Trena Wright-George and 1 additional guest.

       If your name is not printed on the DAC roster, Do Not Add your name to the DAC roster
until the principal of your school notifies the Family & Community Office. Your name will then be
added to the roster. Until this happens, please sign in on the Community List. Thank You.

II. Call to Order: Clarence Boyd (CB) calls the meeting to order at 6:37pm and makes a roll call.
The members present are listed above.

III. Establish Quorum: Roll was called for each school site. A quorum was established by a show
of hands of 9 parents and 1 staff being present at this time. There are late arrivals.

IV. Approval of Minutes: The minutes for 5/20/10 were read by the members. Patricia Blanson
(PB) motions to approve the minutes as read and Wandra Boyd (WB) seconds the motion. The vote
was counted with 9 Ayes, O Nays and 0 Abstentions.

V. Chairpersons Report: (CB) welcomes everyone. He opens by explaining how some of the
compensatory allocations such as SLEVIC, GATE, and etc. have been taken away and added to
General Purpose funds which lead into the next agenda item.

VI. The DAC Representative Purpose: Goals and Function: He asks the reps to guarantee that
CAT funds are spent properly. The DAC ensures the following: parent involvement, board advisory,
platform where parents can voice concerns, and reporting to the board (new State mandate DAC

VII. Introduction of Ms. Maria Santos: CB says that Maria Santos is not present yet. He sites her
complete title as Deputy Superintendent of Instruction Equity and Action. Item Tabled until further
notice. He introduces Gabriel Valenzuela.

VIII. Uniform Complaint Procedure & Williams Complaint Procedure: Gabriel Valenzuela opens
by announcing September 16th as Mexican Independence Day. He provides an informative hand-out
with topography of Berkeley, Oakland, and San Leandro showing original ownership.

He provides a handout entailing OUSD chain of commend positions and points out a discrepancy;
his position as Ombudsperson should be switched with that of Deputy Superintendent. (GV)
explains how Network Executive Officers (NEO) are longer over middle schools and now 5 NEO’s are
now Regional Officers (REO). The NEO function is K-8. He says that in order to resolve classroom
concerns, you must take the following steps: teachers 1st, principle, NEO, then the Ombudsperson.

Kristofer Brekke asks if budget cuts effect how elementary feeds into middle school. (VG) says no; it
keeps its perspective regions. Kathy Eman (KE) says the regions are determined by the Police beats.
(GV) concurs. (KB) addresses a concern regarding downsized departments due to budget cuts. He
states that principals should be trained prior to being placed in the position and if CAT funds can
be used for this type of tutoring. WB says that CAT funds are not for training administrators.

(GV) explains that Complaint Procedures are gears towards (1) violation of State/ Federal programs,
(2) discrimination, and (3) explosion. He mentions that Clarence and Wandra Boyd brought a
complaint addressing the higher percentage of African American student suspensions. The Williams
complaints resembles 3Ts, in that, it involves textbooks, teachers, and toilet cleanliness. (PB) ask
for the definition of a Qualified Teacher. (GV) says to be Highly Qualified by the Sate purports
taking classes and having credentials in one subject like math in elementary and multiple subjects
for middle school. You may reference credentials at www.teachercred.ctc.ca.gov. A parent inquires
about the deadline for having books. (GV) says the 1st day of instruction. He also adds that
Williams is monitored/ reviewed by County officers that require toilets to be cleaned at least 3 times
daily. You can dial (510) 879-8400 for facility repairs but adds that the principle normally places
the call and handles the work order.

(KB) asks how long teacher vacancies should exist. (VG) says 1 day. Charlene Johnson (CJ) says
she is aware of an instance where HR prolonged placement with credential review. (GV) Yes, but you
can see that they are working on background clearances. (PB) asks if a teacher quits within two (2)
weeks is considered a vacancy. (GV) Yes.

He adds that CAHSEE was added to the Williams Complaint because students felt they were not
taught the subject matter. (KB) inquires into the resolution timeframe. (GV) says 30 days but notes
that complaints can be taken directly to State.

(GV) announces the College Information Day on Sat., 10/16/10, at Wheeler Hall on the UC Berkeley
campus form 8:30-1pm.

IX. DAC 2009-2010 Budget: CB announces a budget of $29k for 2010-2011 which excludes fixed
allocations such as Administrative/ overtime, duplication, mailings and Vendor cost. He requests
that budgetary decisions be made regarding how the DAC funds are to be spent. He lists vendor
rotation for meeting refreshments, fixed administrative cost, City-wide conference, and duplication/
mailings as items for vote.

Kathy Eman (KE) motions for approval of administrative or fixed expenses, City-wide conferences,
and $5.5k for vendor rotation as 2010-2011 budget expenditures and (AA) seconds. The motion
passed unanimously.

X. Bylaw Subcommittee Amendments: CB informs members of some necessary bylaw changes
proposed by the subcommittee which require member approval. He sites issues surrounding board
member participation and clarification of the term parent as items for voter approval. CB says he
consulted Edgar for clarification and will consult legal on the appropriate wording.

      Page 8, Article 6, Section 2: The wording will be amended to read as DAC board participation
       requires one (1) year of membership and 50% attendance.

Avis Walker (AW) motions for approval of the bylaw amendment contingency for DAC officers as one
(1) year of membership and 50% attendance and (PB) seconds. The motion passed unanimously.

      Page7, Section 5(d): The wording will be amended to read if you are a parent of a child or
       parent representative of the DAC then you qualify as a parent.

(KE) motions for approval of the bylaw amendment contingency for DAC officers as one (1) year of
membership and 50% attendance and (PB) seconds. The motion passed unanimously.

XI. Monthly DAC Report to Board of Education: CB requests a volunteer to represent the DAC
and report to the board. He also requests if Elaine Tan (ET) can request a monthly guess slot from
Edgar. (KB) volunteers and asked if the topics will be relative to the DAC meetings subject matter.

XII. Announcements: CB congratulates Lincoln Elementary as the Nation Blue Ribbon School
award winner. CB also informs parents that sample Exit Exam test from last year are available in
October at www.cde.ca.gov. (PB) announces a 50 point increase in the Burckhalter Elementary API.

X. Adjournment: (JB) motions that we adjourn the meeting at 9:00 pm and (KB) seconds the
motion. The motion is passed with a vote of 19 Ayes, 0 Nays and 0 Abstentions.

Minutes respectfully submitted by Amanda Alston, Recording Secretary.

September 18, 2010


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