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                                 February 8, 2011

1. The NJ Federation of Chapters held its Quarterly Meeting on February 8, 2011 at the Lakeside
   Manor, Hazlet, NJ. President Michael Demski opened the meeting and welcomed the members in
   attendance. Federation Chaplain Dr. Mary Jane Celli gave the Invocation and Sgt-At-Arms James Ellis
   led the Pledge of Allegiance.

2. ROLL CALL: (Attachment 1)
   President-Mike Demski                       Finance/Budget Chair-Gerald Maguire
   1st VP Steve Anderson                       Sgt-at-Arms/Audit Chair – Jim Ellis
   2nd VP-Ed Gabel                             District 2 VP – Juanita Feaster
   Secretary-Rae Novak                         District 3 VP- Louis Katz
   Treasurer-Bernadette Schoch                 District 5 VP- Larry Bonanni
   Region II Vice-President Ron Bowers         Incentive/Scholarship Programs-Dr. Mary Jane Celli

                                         PAST PRESIDENTS
                         Jim Boyle, Dr. Mary Jane Celli and George Novak

               Past Presidents – Frank Yacabowski, Sam Girson; NARPAC-Steve Nagy;
                                  Legislative Chair – Frank Spatola

3. ROLL CALL OF CHAPTERS: (Attachment 2)

   127 203 319 411 424 476 501 585 631 637 718 858 988 1000 1066 1182 1197 1268
    0 4     4   2 5     1 0     0 0     4 0 1       1    0    0    1    0    2

   1490 1533 1619 1664 2055
     0   15   0     0    4

   CHAPTER REPRESENTATION: 44                TOTAL: 44

4. NOVEMBER QUARTERLY MINTUES: A motion was made that the minutes be accepted as printed
   and distributed; the motion was seconded and accepted.
5. TREASURER’S REPORT: (Attachment 2) Copies of the Treasurer’s Report were furnished to all
   present. Here are the highlights of the report: Checking Account as of Dec. 31. 2010: $6,166.86;
   Money Market Account: $28,049.33; Total Bank Accounts as of Dec. 31, 2010: $34,216.19. A motion
   was made to accept the Treasurer’s Report as stated for audit, the motion was seconded, a vote was
   taken and the motion was passed. ( Attachment 2)

6. BUDGET AND FINANCE REPORT: (Attachment 3 and Attachment 4 – Fiscal Year Highlights)

      a. Our Operating deficit was larger than usual due to the 50 th Anniversary Meeting. The 2008
         Money Market transfer-out was to maintain a cash flow and meet minimum checking
         account requirements. It was reinstated to the Money Market Account on 01-30-2009. 2010
         Money Market transfer out was similar to 2008. It will be reinstated in 2011. National
         Conventions are held every other year in even numbered years.
      b. NJ Federation Conventions were held every year until 2008. They are now held in odd
         number years, in accordance with a 2007 NJ By-Laws Amendment. In even numbered years
         there is an expanded Quarterly meeting in the Spring and a National Convention in the
      c. In 2010 we had a 50th Anniversary Quarterly meeting which had a much larger deficit than a
         normal quarterly meeting. We also provided National Convention stipends. This was the
         major contributor to our 2010 Operating Deficit.
      d. Our FY-2010 Operating deficit was ($3,288.36-12-31-2010; Treasurer’s Report W12 less W44).
         The major contributor to this was the deficit we incurred for the 50 th Anniversary April 2010
         Quarterly Meeting. This meeting generated a ($2,821.65 Deficit – 12-31-10 Treasurer’s
         Report W7 less W20). In Contrast, the average net cost of a Quarterly Meeting in 2010 was
         only ($551.33 – 12-31-2010 Analysis of Quarterly); and Executive Board Meetings – J40; If we
         had a “normal” April 201 Quarterly Meeting, out FY 2010 operating deficit might have been
         down to a manageable deficit of ($1,018.04). ($3,288.36) (Actual FY 2010 Deficit) less
         $2,821.65 (50th Anniversary deficit) plus $551.33 (“normal” Executive Board deficit) =
         $1,018.04). The FY2010 situation was the equivalent of having a Federation Convention in
         the same years as a National Convention; a situation we sought to avoid by a 2007 NJ
         Convention By-Laws Amendment. We do not anticipate a situation like this occurring again.
      e. We made a $5000.00 money market withdrawal to meet cash flow requirements and
         maintain a minimum checking account balance in 2010. These funds will be transferred back
         to the money market account in 2011.
      f. Our total fund balance at the end of FY2010 was $34,216.19 (Summary of all bank accounts
         G49). This was a ($3,176.43) reduction from the FY2009 ending total fund balance of
         $37,392.62 (Summary of all bank accounts G32). The major contributor to this reduction is
         the 50th Anniversary April 2010 Quarterly Meeting deficit discussed above. In addition, our
         10% fund continues to decline, as does our money market account interest rate.


  A. Presidents Comments:

     (1) There is a bill on Governor Christie’s to be signed that was passed recently by the Senate and
         Assembly of New Jersey concerning our annuities. This bill would expand the exclusion under
         the gross income tax for pensions, annuities and certain other retirement income for
         qualified taxpayers. At the present time, qualified taxpayers that are at least 62 years of age,
         or by virtue of disability would be eligible to receive social security payments, and have
         $100,000 or less of gross income may exclude $20,000, $15,000 or $10,000 of various pension,
         annuity and retirement benefit income, depending on their tax filing status (i.e. joint, single
         and separate).
         This bill expands the exclusion by removing the $20,000, $15,000 and $10,000 exclusion caps,
         and provides full exclusions for qualified taxpayers with a gross income less than $100,000.
         The bill also provides limited exclusions for qualified taxpayers with a gross income exceeding
         $100,000 but less than $110,000 as a method of phasing out eligibility. The limited exclusion
         for qualified taxpayers with gross income exceeding $100,000 but less than $110,000 reduces
         the exclusion amount in proportion to the amount of the taxpayer’s gross income that is
         above the $100,000.
         President Demski urged members to call the Governor’s office to let Governor Christie know
         that we fully support this bill and urge him to sign it into law – 609-692-6000, or write
         Address: STATE HOUSE, P.O. BOX 001, TRENTON, NJ 08625-0001
         (2) There were many questions from the membership concerning New Jersey Senate Bill
                 How does it affect Joint, Single, etc. filers?
                 From the $100,000-$110,000 – how much tax would you pay on the $10,000?
                 When will the bill take effect?
                 What is the impact if you have an income of over $110,000?
                 Does this impact all income - annuities, stocks/bonds, and other retirement income?
         (3) An article in the Asbury Park Press stated that, “a bill exempting retirees 62 and older
             with annual total earnings of less than $100,000 from paying taxes on any income from a
             pension or deferred compensation plan as done in Pennsylvania and two other States was
             passed in the NJ Senate 39-0 and 65 – 3 with 8 abstentions in the Assembly”.
         (4) President Demski stated that on the surface it does sound good. However there was a
             point brought up that if taxpayers filed jointly it would not be difficult to exceed the
             $100,000-$110,000 and higher.
         (5) Hopefully in the very near future the bill would be signed, the Governor has 45 days from
             the time he receives the bill to sign it into law.
         (6) Dr. Mary Jane Celli (Chapter 411) made a motion that the NJ Federation send a letter to
             Governor Christie urging him to sign the bill, it was seconded by Jerry Rubin (Chapter 424)
             (to include the total NARFE Membership so the Governor is aware of our strength – so to
             speak) after discussions concluded a vote was taken and the motion was accepted.
         (7) President Demski recognized two new Chapter Presidents:
             Chapter 988 – President Larry Tobias
             Chapter 1268 – President Ida Williams Moore

       (8) National Headquarters is doing a re-write of the National By-Laws; the final product will
           be ready this July for the National Executive Board approval as well as the State
           Federation Presidents Meeting. Then it will be taken up at the next National Convention
           in 2012.
       (9) Gene DiSanto suggested that a letter of commendation be written to Legislative Chair
           Frank Spatola for all of his hard work over the years on behalf of the NJ Federation.
           Parliamentarian Nan Coll suggested that at our April Convention we present Frank with a

   (1) There was a special National Executive Board Meeting; it was called to deal with three
       proposals that call for the spending of a lot of money. So it was decided to spend alot money.
       As you know we are under some considerable danger of being hurt by measures taken by
       Congress. So we decided to continue with business as usual while we have some money in
       the bank.
       Proposal 1 ($175,000) - was to hire a marketing type organization to come in and deal with
       legislation and messaging on that subject. We agreed to give them a contract for 90 days but
       after 30 days there would be a review by the National Executive Board. I voted against that
       because it appeared to me that there a lot things coming to Federations and Chapters as if
       the Federations and Chapters could do much more than they are doing now.
       Proposal 2 – To give a small contract to another organization to come in a deal with
       membership, there was a committee set up to deal with this. I abstained because there was
       one segment that I was in favor of, the Retention Committee. The other portions of the
       proposal I don’t like because it looks like the preparation of a strategic plan that would not be
       finished for another year.
       Proposal 3, and then there was the third and expensive proposal for advertising program
       from our own Public Relations Office.
   (2) Beginning in March, Headquarters will not be mailing Membership Reports anymore; you
       will be able to get them off the Internet.
   (3) Some Chapters still do not have Direct Deposit; National will start charging a fee for those
       chapters who fail to institute Direct Deposit.
   (4) There is a nice change coming in the next NARFE Magazine. The current Page 4 has only the
       addresses of the National Officers and Regional Vice-Presidents. We are going to put direct
       phone numbers to areas at National to save a lot of us from receiving calls we cannot answer.
   (5) There are two new Membership Committees - Recruitment and Retention.
   (6) There are a total 48,000 members in Region II - Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, District
       of Columbia and Maryland, but only 8,800 are on the Internet. There are only 55,000 on the
       Internet nationally, out of 300,000.

C. 1st VP Steve Anderson – Membership (Attachment 5/NARFE NET Attachment 6):

                                       November 2010-M-112S

New Members        Reinstated        Drop Non-Renewal               Drop – Deceased Changes-E-Mail/Address

     56                 32                          67                        15              54

          Transfer Out       Transfer In            Second Notices Total Membership           Total Vote

               2                 1                        200                 8259                 7570

                                                                Cards Made

          Dropped - Out of State     Replies                Dropped – In State                Replies

                    4                      4                        4                              2

                                     December 2010 M-112S

New Members        Reinstated        Drop Non-Renewal               Drop – Deceased Changes-E-Mail/Address

     57                 22                     55                            17               51

Transfer Out       Transfer In       Second Notices Total Membership                 Total Vote

     3                   1                     195                8269                 7584

                                                                Cards Made

          Dropped - Out of State     Replies                Dropped – In State                Replies

                   7                       0                        5                              0


New Members        Reinstated        Drop Non-Renewal               Drop – Deceased Changes-E-Mail/Address

     113                54                          122                       32              95

          Transfer Out       Transfer In            Second Notices Total Membership           Total Vote

               5                 2                        395                 8259                 7570

                                                   Total Dropped – Cards Made

     Dropped - Out of State         Replies                Dropped – In State           Replies

             11                      4                               4                   2

(1) NARFENET: ( Attachment 6)

                                    NOVEMBER-DECEMBER 2010

                                         NOVEMBER 2010 M-112

   New Members Reinstated Drop-Non-Renewal Drop-Deceased Changes-Email/Address

       24                 4                16                         0            9

              Transfer Out          Transfer In            Bad Phone Number

               0                          1                       5

                                              DECEMBER 2010 M-112

  New Members Reinstated Drop-Non-Renewal Drop-Deceased Changes-Email/Address

       34                 4                21                    3                 5

                           Transfer Out         Transfer In          Bad Phone Number

                      1                   0                       3

                                              JANURARY 2011 M-112

         New Members Reinstated Drop-Non-Renewal Drop-Deceased Changes-Email/Address

                  9             6                    17                    0            22

                          Transfer Out          Transfer In          Bad Phone Number

                      1                   0                       0


            New Members Reinstated Drop-Non-Renewal Drop-Deceased Changes-Email/Address

               67                   14                54                  3             36

                           Transfer Out         Transfer In          Bad Phone Number

                      2                   1                      8

D. 12nd Vice-President Ed Gabel (Attachment 7)
   1. Convention Dates – April12-13, 2011.
   2. We are anticipating 75 people attending the convention; $10.00 per member for registration.

   3. Total Cost of Room - $84.10
              4. Food – Breakfast: $16.00; Lunch: $25.00; Banquet: $55.00 Total-$96.00
              5. Cutoff Date for Hotel Reservations is – March 21, 2011 – CODE; HNARF11.
              6. Parking Fees: Self-Park$5.00; Valet-$10.00 (unlimited in and out).
              7. Guest Speakers – (Luncheon) Dr. Paul Carew, National Vice-President and
                  (Banquet)Region II Vice-President – Ron Bowers.
              All of the Chapter Presidents have received copies of the Convention Packages.

E. Audit Report/Nominating Committee Report – James Ellis: (Attachment 8)
   (1) There will be no Audit Report until the convention.
   (2) These members all submitted Nomination Forms for the following offices:
       President – Rae Novak
       1st Vice-President – Ed Gabel
       2nd Vice-President – Louis Katz
       Treasurer – Bernadette Schoch

   E. Dr. Mary Jane Celli –Incentive Program/Scholarship Program

   (1) Incentive Program (Attachment 9) – 2010 Final Incentive Program Report
       Active-66; Retiree-58; Spouse-3; Total-127 Dues Withholding-23
       Chapters: 127-3, 203-17, 319-3, 411-4, 424-66, 637-1, 858-1, 1268-2, 1490-1,
                  1533-2, 1664-27: Total-127
   (2) Scholarship Program (Attachment 10) –Applications are in the February, March and April
       NARFE Magazine or you can download it off the NARFE Website. The deadline for
       submissions is April 30, 2011.
       (1) I just received a report from the Alzheimer’s Association about our total contributions –
           Nationally our goal is $9M by September of 2011, as of the first of the year we are just
           $32,000 short of $9M. Region II – ranks third on total contributions; New Jersey for the
           last seven years has ranked tenth in the Nation for total contributions on an annual basis.
           We have good people at the Chapter level pushing the program.

   (2) News that I have recently is that one of our researchers has applied to the FDA for
       approval to continue testing a new system which will spot plaque in a person’s brain by
       testing their blood, hopefully if this test proves to be good we will be able to spot the
       disease much earlier.


(1) District 2 – Juanita Feaster :
   I went to all my chapters November meetings, a lot of groups are trying to think of other
   ways to keep their membership because membership is falling off, they are trying to think of
   different social events to entice their members to participate at the meetings. I have not
   seen any results as yet. Most of the Chapter meetings for January were postponed due to
   inclement weather. I have a meeting in a couple of days at the Bayonne Chapter 1490 and
   that will kick off the 2011 District 2 meetings.

(2) District 3 – Louis Katz – Attachment 11
PATERSON CHAPTER 319 - The Paterson Chapter does not met during the months
of December, January February. Attendance has been sparse, hopefully attendance
will pick up in March.

WILLIAM J. RYAN CHAPTER 424 - Chapter 424 remains active all year round. The
Chapter celebrated the holidays with a fabulous luncheon meeting featuring
speeches and lots of dancing. There is a lot of enthusiasm among the members.

SUBURBAN ESSEX CHAPTER 476 - Chapter 476 continues to meet monthly. Attendance did not
normally exceed fifteen members except for the meetings in June when the chapters have an
indoor “picnic” and when the chapter celebrates the December holidays. I have spoken with a
member who is willing to arrange programs of interest to seniors; he believes he can get
speakers at no cost.

BERGEN PASSAIC CHAPTER 858 - The Bergen – Passaic Chapter celebrated the
December holidays with its traditional holiday party luncheon. About forty people attended.
The chapter does not meet in January and February.

BERGEN COUNTY CHAPTER 988 – The chapter met in November and did meet in January. The
President is going to attempt to set up a schedule of presentation topics for the next several
months regarding benefits for federal employees.

       District 5 - Larry Bonanni - Attachment 12
       Chapter 1533-Middletown: I attended all regular and board meetings. On Dec. 15
       the chapter held its annual Holiday Luncheon. No meetings were held in January.

       Chapter 411-Monmouth County: My wife and I attended this Chapter’s Holiday Party at the
       Branches Restaurant in Long Branch. I was not able to attend their January meeting.

       Chapter 637-Lakewood: I attended their November meeting; a member of the local library gave
       a lecture on the history of Thanksgiving. I attended this chapters December Holiday Party and
       installed the officers for 2011. I attended their January meeting at their new meeting facility in
       Brick Twp. There was group discussion on the Entitlement Commission. Alice Tulecki led the
       discussion and did not outstanding jot.

       Chapter 1619 Lakehurst: I attended this chapters December Holiday Party and installed their
       2011 Officers. They did not meet in January.

       Chapter 1182-So. Ocean County: My wife and I attended their Holiday Party on November 22.
       They did not meet in December. I attended their regular meeting on January 24 th. At that
       meeting a representative of the Tuckerton Seaport discussed the seaport with its many varied
       activities and attractions.

        (a) Open positions – we still need a Newsletter Editor; we have an open position for a
        (b) Consolidation of Districts 6 and 7 – we sent out a letter to all chapters concerned, bringing
            of the fact that no one from those chapters was interested in taking over the DVP. 1 st VP
            Steve Anderson said that he was not running for any other state office and would be
            willing to take over the District VP position for both Districts 6 and 7. Therefore Steve
            Anderson will take over this position.
        (c) Chapter 1000 – we cannot get anyone to take over the President position or for that
            matter any other officer position except for Secretary and Treasurer. Therefore we will
            start the process to unfortunately close Chapter 1000. District 2 VP Juanita Feaster and I
            will work with the chapter officers about getting out notification to the membership.
     a. April 2011 NJ Federation Convention – to date we have no candidates for Federation
        Secretary, District 3 and 4 District VP. We have had someone who might be interested in the
        District 3 VP but he has not submitted his paperwork as yet.
     b. President Demski acknowledged the passing of Dorothy Goldfarb in August of 2010. A long-
        time member of the Executive Board from Chapter 1000.


       (a) For all Executive Board Members – there will be an Executive Board Meeting on Wednesday,
           April 6, 2011, same place, and same time.

       (b) For NJ Tax purposes – NJ never recognized the Thrift Savings Plans, so the money you put in you
           already paid tax on, for those taking money out of their Thrift Savings remember to use IRA
           Booklet (Form C) for calculating what you will need to pay tax on (if you take money out), you
           will have to get a statement of your Thrift Savings in order to accomplish this action.

       (c) Also, if you were a first time home buyer in 2008 and took the $7500 tax credit when buying that
           house, you have to start paying it back at $500.00 a year starting this year (Form 5405).

       (d) Chapter 424 will have Congressman Frelinghuysen at their April 21, 2011 meeting.

   11. 50/50 :

       $25.00 Joe Salerno – Chapter 2055

       $25.00 Judy Feltman – Chapter 858

       $25.00 Larry Bonanni – Chapter 1533

       $15.00 Bernadette Schoch – Chapter 637

   12. BENEDICTION: Chaplain Dr. Mary Jane Celli

   13. ADJOURNMENT: A motion was made that the meeting be adjourned, the motion was seconded, a
      vote was taken and accepted. The meeting was adjourned at approximately 1:30 PM.

Respectfully Submitted,

Rae Novak
Rae Novak
NJ Federation Secretary

Attachment 1 – wd
Attachment 2 – Treasurers Report
Attachment 3 – Budget and Finance Report
Attachment 4 – Fiscal Year 2010 Highlights
Attachment 5 – Membership Report
Attachment 6 - NARFENET
Attachment 7 – Convention Report

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Attachment 8 - Nomination Committee Report
Attachment 9 - Incentive Report
Attachment 10 – Scholarship Report
Attachment 11 – District 3 Report
Attachment 12 – District 5 Report

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