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									10 tips for managing stress

Eve Adamson in his book The Everything Stress Management Book tells us
that we transform our lives into a better direction, in a simple way,
with the 'waste' and 'set' sense of stress in our lives. According to
him, by setting such a sense of stress, our lives will be improved from
days to weeks, months and years. Stress management is not only necessary,
if only we were hit by stress, but can be applied in our daily lives. By
applying it, we will be able to better identify those things that impede
- make us stress - and we will be able to further maximize our potential,
with a focus on our strengths.

There are 10 tips for managing stress that we can use, so we will be more
able to focus ourselves, to things that are more useful, more empowered,
in regulating our lives, and become stronger from day to day:

1. Knowing yourself and knowing the causes of stress. By knowing yourself
and knowing the causes of stress that arises, then we will more easily
find solutions to existing problems. Thus, we will not grope about what
we should do, spend time to contemplate the 'fate', vent excessive to our
friends, and blame the circumstances that befall us. By knowing yourself
better, then we will be easier to handle stress. Moreover, we know
exactly what causes the stress, then the solution will be easier to find.

2. Aware of stress, Realize what's going to happen to us. Conscious,
aware, sane, is it necessary, so that we do not act out of control. let
us equally aware, that the biggest regrets experienced by someone, one of
which is due to act when he was not aware, beyond the control or emotion.
Do not push yourself, slow down .. take a deep breath ....

3. Sharing stories. share stories with people who we believe its
credibility, will greatly help reduce the tension stress arising. Choose
these people carefully, so that we can gain comfort from them. look at
the life of the times you've been through, surely you will find people
who are sincere, ever help you at key moments, in which other people just
stay away from you. Do not choose just anyone, the same golden color with
brass, because if you choose wrong, they will only worsen the situation.

4. Believing in yourself. Believe in your own ability to handle stress,
which is going on. There is no 'load' or problems given to us, if we can
not cope.

5. Look at yourself from a distance. Try to look   at yourself, as an
outsider who watched someone who was distressed.   In this way, we will not
dissolve in prolonged stress, because we 'break'   emotions with 'person'
who is none other, is ourselves. Even be able to   provide solutions, to
'people who are stressed'

6. Do not worry, be happy. Divert your mind is for a moment. Perform
other activities. Exercising, jogging, going to the cafe, enjoy a walk
outside world, as long as we stress that we forget. Enjoy ... enjoy your
life ..!
7. Accept the reality. Accepting the reality requires magnanimity,
because ultimately, we must admit that there are things out there, which
we can not change or that we want, to suit our will. Accepting reality is
one difficult step, which requires understanding and acceptance of the
heart, so that finally we are really sincere accept what happened to us.
Without this attitude, that you bear the burden will still be there.

8. Control the things we can control. Our feelings, our actions, our
wills, are the things that are entirely within our control. Do not let
someone else take over the things that should be in our control. If there
are people that are fishing to make you stress, then you are angry,
they're 'successful' take control of yourself. Be careful.

9. Live, Love, Laugh. Enjoy life, three things will make us be in
balance, and not be stuck in a stressful atmosphere.

10. Keeping yourself. Take care of yourself. It does not have
environmental cleanliness should be maintained is not it? also physical,
mental and spiritual. We are the ones most responsible for ourselves.
Only ourselves alone, most obliged and entitled to love ourselves, no
matter how many flaws we have to be judged by others. If we always keep
this feeling every day, we will be more grateful every day, and will
always be ready for whatever happens.

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