Television Commercial Production Contract


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									This is an agreement between a production company and a client for the creation of a
commercial. All of the essential terms of the agreement can be customized to ensure
the understandings of the parties are properly set forth. Customizable clauses include
the commercial specifications, job description, schedule for production, necessary
materials and elements, costs, and payment. This agreement can be used by small
businesses that want to hire a production company to develop a commercial, or by
production companies that want to provide their clients with a clear and thorough
                        Television Commercial Production Contract

Client: _______________________________________

Production Company: _______________________________________

Product: _______________________________________

Production Contact: _______________________________________

Client Producer: _______________________________________

Director: _______________________________________

Client Business Mgr.: _______________________________________

Editorial Sub-Production Company: _______________________________________

Special Sub-Production Company_______________________________________

This agreement is entered into between _________________________ (hereinafter referred to as
the "Client") and ______________________ ("Production Company"), for Production Company
to produce a commercial(s) ("Film") under the following terms and conditions:

1.    Commercial Specifications: __________________________ [Instruction: insert
     number(s), title(s) and length(s)]

2.     Job Description: __________________________ [Instruction: insert description of job
     including fees, costs, and bids]

3.    Schedule for Production:
     A. Date for shooting the Film: __________________________
     B. Number of days on location: __________________________
     C. Number of days in studio: __________________________
     D. Dates for pre-production:   __________________________
     E. _________________________ [Instruction: insert any additional information related
        to the production schedule]
4. Photography Specifications
   A. The Film will be shot in _________________________ [Instruction: insert any
      additional information related to the production schedule. i.e. Color, B&W, 35mm,
   B. The Video Film will be shot in _________________________ [Instruction: insert any
      additional information related to the production schedule. i.e. Color, B&W, 1", 2",
   C. The Production Company shall only use the following Sub-Production company, which
      has been approved by the Client: _________________________ [Instruction: insert the
      name of the approved company].

5. Necessary Materials and Elements
Client and Production Company shall provide the following material as indicated:

        A. Casting                  [ ] Client       [   ] Production Company
        B. Extra Payments           [ ] Client       [   ] Production Company
        C. Make-up                  [ ] Client       [   ] Production Company
        D. Hairstyle                [ ] Client       [   ] Production Company
        E. Stock Footage            [ ] Client       [   ] Production Company
        F. Stylists                 [ ] Client       [   ] Production Company
        G. Wardrobe                 [ ] Client       [   ] Production Company
        H. Sets & Props             [ ] Client       [   ] Production Company
        I. Location                 [ ] Client       [   ] Production Company
        J. SFX                      [ ] Client       [   ] Production Company
        K. Titles & Art             [ ] Client       [   ] Production Company
        L. Products                 [ ] Client       [   ] Production Company
        M. Payment to Talent        [ ] Client       [   ] Production Company
        N. Music Company            [ ] Client       [   ] Production Company
        O. Insurance                [ ] Client       [   ] Production Company
        P. _________________        [ ] Client       [   ] Production Company
[Instruction: insert any additional materials]

6.      Costs: The total costs for the film, inclusive of any payment to any Sub-Production
     company, shall be __________________ dollars ($____________).

7.       Payment: Client shall pay Production Company a total of $_______________ for all
     work performed hereunder. Payment shall be made as follows: fifty (50) percent upon
     execution of this agreement; thirty (30) percent upon completion of the shooting; twenty (20)
     percent upon completion of the Film. [Comment: user may adjust the payment schedule to
     reflect the agreement of the parties]

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8. Execution: This Agreement may be executed in several counterparts, each of which shall be
   considered an original when executed by the Partners.

9. Governing law: This Agreement and the rights of all parties hereunder shall be construed in
   accordance with the laws of the State of ___________________ [Instruction: insert state]

10. Binding effect: This Agreement shall inure to the benefit of, and be binding upon, the parties
    hereto and their respective next of kin, legatees, administrators, executors, legal
    representatives, nominees, successors and permitted assigns.

11. Notice: All notices, consents and other instruments hereunder shall be in writing and shall be
    delivered or mailed by certified mail, return receipt requested, postage prepaid. The aforesaid
    shall be directed to the parties hereto at the addresses herein set forth or at the last addresses
    of the parties furnished by them in writing to the Partnership, and to the Partnership at its
    principal office.

12. Reimbursement of expenses: Client shall not be liable to the Production Company for any
    expenses he pays or incurs unless otherwise agreed to in writing by the Client.

13. Federal, state and local payroll taxes: Client will not withhold or pay on behalf of the
    Production Company or any of his employees: (a) federal and local income taxes; or (b) any
    other payroll tax of any kind.

14. Insurance: The Production Company shall maintain insurance of the types and in the
    amounts typically maintained by businesses of the same type as the Production Company,
    including, but not limited to, comprehensive general liability insurance in the minimum
    amount of $_______________ per occurrence, all with insurance companies reasonably
    satisfactory to the Client. The Production Company agrees to indemnify and hold harmless
    the Client, its successors and assigns, from and against any and all loss, damage, cost, or
    expense, including attorneys' fees, by reason of the Production Company’s performance of its
    services for the Client.

15. No authority to bind client: Production Company has no authority to enter into contracts or
    agreements on behalf of the Client. This Agreement does not create a partnership between
    the parties.

16. Modification: No change, modification or waiver of any term of this Agreement shall be
    valid unless it is in writing and signed by both the Client and the Production Company.

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17. Headings: The headings have been inserted for convenience only and are not to be
    considered when interpreting the provisions of this Agreement.


By:      ______________________________

Its:     ______________________________

Date: ______________________________

Production Company

By:      ______________________________

Its:     ______________________________

Date: ______________________________

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