Marketing SWOT Analysis

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									This short-form Marketing SWOT Analysis template can help a company or marketing
officer perform a SWOT analysis. A company can use this form to outline and analyze
existing strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats to develop an effective
marketing strategy. This template offers certain categories of factors that a company
should consider when performing a SWOT analysis. This analysis can be included in a
business plan, marketing plan, or as a standalone document. Companies, product
managers, or marketing officers should use this document to prepare and present a
professional and succinct SWOT analysis.
                                           SWOT ANALYSIS

The SWOT analysis below depicts the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of
[Company Name]. Our Company’s strategy will be to pursue opportunities based on existing
strengths and to prepare a proactive plan for overcoming weaknesses and mitigating threats.

                                                               o    BRANDING
                                                               o    INNOVATION
                                                               o    STRATEGIC PARTNERSHIPS
             STREN                                             o    RAPID INDUSTRY GROWTH
              GTHS                                             o    MANAGEMENT TEAM
                                                               o    OTHER
                                                               o    OTHER

                                                               o    CAPITALIZATION
     WEAKNESSES                                                o    LOW CUSTOMER RETENTION
                                                               o    LIMITED ACCESS TO DISTRIBUTION CHANNELS
                                                               o    OTHER
                                                               o    OTHER

                                                               o    TECHNOLOGICAL ADVANCEMENTS
                                                               o    MANAGEMENT TEAM
                                                               o    EXPANSION TO NEW TERRITORIES
             OPPOR                                             o    OTHER
             TUNITI                                            o    OTHER

                                                               o    COMPETITION
          THREATS                                              o    REGULATORY CHANGES
                                                               o    OTHER
                                                               o    OTHER

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                                               SWOT ANALYSIS

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