Sign-On Bonus Agreement


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									This is an agreement between a company and a new employee outlining the details and
terms of a recruitment bonus. This agreement provides for the bonus amount, number
of payouts, date of payouts, payment effective dates, and annual salary. Additionally,
this agreement can be customized to provide for any additional industry specific
language that may be necessary. This agreement can be used by small businesses or
other entities that want to provide a signing bonus to newly hired employees.

Employee Name:_________________________________________________
Employee ID: ___________________________________________________
Department: ____________________________________________________
Working Title, Title Code and Pay Grade: _____________________________
Requisition Number of Position Filled: ________________________________
Starting Annual Salary: $____________
Total Bonus Amount: $___________ Percentage of Annual Salary: _________%
Number of Payouts: ________
Payment Effective Dates and Amounts:       ______________________________

Hiring Manager’s Name: _________________________

The first payment of $________ will be made when the employee reports to work on
__________________, 201____. The subsequent payments of $ __________ will be
made upon completion of______ months of satisfactory or above service. This signing
bonus is not part of base pay but is considered taxable income. The employee
understands that the signing bonus is forfeited if the employee fails to report to work.
The subsequent payments are forfeited if the employee is no longer in the position to
which hired or if their performance is not satisfactory. The employee understands that a
sign-on bonus is not included in salary calculations for retirement. The employee
understands and agrees to these terms and conditions:

I Certify my agreement to the terms outlined above by signing below:

Employee Name and Signature                           Date

Hiring Manager’s Name and Signature                   Date

 Human Resources-- Name and Signature                 Date

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