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									This is an agreement between a public relations agent and a client for the provision of
public relations services. The agreement provides that the public relations agent can in
its sole discretion determine and provide public relations opportunities to the client. The
client is not bound by these opportunities and reserves the rights to accept or reject any
activity proposed by the agent. This document should be used by small businesses that
want to hire a public relations agent to provide marketing and advertising opportunities.
This Public Relations Agency Agreement is made this ____ day of ___________, 20 _____,
between ________________ (hereinafter "Client"), and ________________ (hereinafter

In consideration of the mutual promises hereinafter contained, the parties hereto agree as

1. Duties. Agent shall be responsible for the public relations of Client, by whatever means and
methods Agent shall, in its sole discretion, determine. Agent shall establish his work schedule
and/or the schedule of his employees. Agent will perform the specific tasks, including
___________________________ [Instruction: insert the specific tasks of Agent] at the
direction of Client within the area of public relations. At Client’s discretion, Client may confirm
the tasks in writing to Agent. Agent will maintain accurate records of every task that is
performed by Agent. Further Agent will produce such records to Client upon request.

2. Public relations activities. Client reserves the right to accept or reject any public relations
activities proposed by Agent, as well as the right to establish the terms and conditions under
which any such activity shall be executed. At its option and at its own expense, Client may
conduct a verification of each proposed activity created by Agent without first notifying him.
This verification is intended to gauge the potential effectiveness of a proposed activity. Upon
Client's approval of each proposed activity, Agent shall notify the appropriate media. He shall
then notify Client of the terms extended to Client by the media. Client shall possess full
responsibility for payment of all media bills in connection with its advertising campaign(s).

3. Independent contractor status. It is understood that Agent is an independent contractor and is
not an employee, agent, partner or representative of Client, and shall not hold himself out to the
public as an employee, agent, partner or representative of Client. As an independent contractor,
Agent is responsible to secure, at his sole cost, workers' compensation insurance, disability
benefits insurance, and any other insurance as may be required by law.

Client will not provide, nor will it be responsible to pay for, any benefits for Agent. Agent shall
secure and pay for all such benefits for himself and/or his staff, including, but not limited to,
health insurance, paid vacation, paid holidays, sick leave or disability insurance coverage of
whatever nature.

4. Tax duties and responsibilities. Agent is responsible for the payment of all required payroll
taxes, whether federal, state or local in nature, including, but not limited to, income taxes, Social
Security taxes, unemployment compensation taxes, and any other fees, charges or licenses
required by law.

5. Employees of independent contractor. Agent may employ as many employees as he requires.
This matter solely lies within Agent’s discretion. Client need not be advised of the employment
of such persons, who will be deemed employees of Agent. Agent shall be solely responsible for
all necessary insurance and payroll deductions for such persons, including, but not limited to,
federal, state, and local income taxes, Social Security taxes, unemployment compensation taxes,
and workers' compensation coverage.

6. Indemnification. If a court or administrative agency finds that Agent is an employee of Client,
Agent shall indemnify and hold Client harmless and shall pay all of Client's related fines,
damages, assessments, benefits and attorneys' fees.

7. Business of independent contractor. Agent may engage in any other business and is not
required to devote all of Agent’s energies exclusively for the benefit of Client.

8. Supervision. Agent shall not be subject to the provisions of any personnel handbook or other
rules and regulations applicable to Client's employees, since Agent shall fulfill Agent’s
responsibilities independent of, and without supervisory control by, Client.

9. Advertisement. Agent is free to advertise Agent’s services without restriction. He shall pay for
any advertisement or materials utilized for advertising or publicity purposes. Agent may not use
the name of Client, or any variation thereof, for advertising or publicity purposes, without first
obtaining Client's written consent, which, if granted, may be revoked at any time.

10. Vehicle and equipment. Agent shall supply Agent’s own equipment, including, but not
limited to, an automobile or other vehicle. He shall be solely responsible for the maintenance of
the vehicle and for any and all fees incidental to the operation of it, including, but not limited to,
insurance premiums, fuel, maintenance, repairs and parking fees.

11. Compensation. Agent's compensation hereunder is limited to the formula set forth below.
Client will pay to Agent _____________________ [Insert: compensation arrangement].

12. Assignment. Agent shall not sell, assign or transfer this Agreement without the prior written
consent of Client.

13. Governing law. This Agreement shall be subject to and governed by the laws of the State of

14. Termination of agreement. This Agreement may be terminated at will by either party, either
by telegram or by written notification via certified mail, return receipt requested, sent to the
address of the party designated in this Agreement, or such other address as Agent may furnish in
writing to Client.

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15. Waiver. The waiver by either party of a breach of any provision of this Agreement shall not
operate as, or be construed as, a waiver of any subsequent breach.

16. Modification. No change, modification or waiver of any term of this Agreement shall be
valid unless it is in writing and signed by both parties.

17. Entire agreement. This Agreement constitutes the entire agreement between the parties and
supersedes all prior agreements or understandings between Client and Agent.

18. Headings. The headings are inserted for convenience only and shall not be considered when
interpreting any of the provisions or terms hereof.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties have executed this Agreement this ___ day of
___________, 20 _____.

By: _________________
______________________________ [address]

By: _________________
______________________________ [address]

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