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									This template is designed specifically for businesses in need of assistance in creating a
formal professional development policy for its employees. Professional development
policies are established to provide an opportunity for employees to obtain additional
education or training. This template contains the following sections: professional
development statement, eligibility, qualifying development activities, request process,
and approval process. This document is ideal for small businesses or other entities that
want to create a customized professional development policy for their employees.
                           PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT POLICY

[Organization/Company Name] supports and encourages both career and job-related
professional development activities for its employees. The professional development program
is designed to provide an opportunity for employees to obtain additional education or training
in order to increase their competence in their present jobs and to prepare for future
advancements within the organization.

[Organization/Company Name] will support an employee's request to participate in the
professional development program by offering:

       Flexible or alternate work schedules
       Leave without pay
       Leave with full or partial pay
       Full or partial payment of fees and expenses
       Temporary or part-time reassignment to another department


All full-time, part-time, exempt, and non-exempt employees are eligible for the professional
development program based on:

       Completion of [# of days/months] probationary period
       Satisfactory work performance of employee


Professional development activities include, but are not limited to:

     Continuing education courses, workshops, seminars, conferences, institutes, lectures,
       and meetings
     On-the-job training programs
     Cross-training
     Coaching
     Internships
     Participation in professional and technical associations.

Mandatory Training or Development

Mandatory training and development activities required for an employee’s current position will
be treated as time worked. All fees and related costs, including materials, travel, and per diem,
will be reimbursed.

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                           PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT POLICY

License and Certification Renewals

Fees related to license/certification renewals required for the employee's current position
[Do/Do not] qualify for reimbursement.


An employee who wishes to request professional development benefits must submit a plan in
accordance with [List policies/guidelines] to [list submission instructions] [# of days] prior to the
requested leave start date.

The professional development plan must include the following:

       A description or copy of the professional development activities/coursework
       An official statement of costs from the provider or institution
       An activities/course schedule (include dates, times, and/or number of hours)
       The duration of leave (include dates, times, and/or number of hours), if applicable
       The benefits to the employee, the employee’s current position, and the organization
       How the activity may assist the employee's transition into future advancements within
        the organization
       A justification for the institution chosen and its accreditation status, if applicable
       The relevance of the activities to the organization’s needs, mission, and goals
       The impact, if any, on employee workload and other employees within the department
       Employee signature and date


Once the professional development plan has been submitted, the [list the names/positions of
approvers] will review the request in accordance with [List policies/guidelines].

Approvals will be based on the following criteria:

       Duration of the leave, if applicable
       Impact on scheduling and staffing
       Costs/available funds
       Relevance of activities to job and future advancements
       Number of requests
       [Insert other criteria here]

Decisions will be communicate by [describe method] within [# days] from submission.

A copy of the professional development plan will be filed [describe the filing process].

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                                    PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT POLICY

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