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									A partnership agreement sets forth the terms and conditions that govern the relationship
between business partners and their obligations to the partnership. Without a written
partnership agreement, state law may determine the default rules as to the rights of
partners and how partnership assets and liabilities will be distributed. Depending on the
goals and purposes of the partnership, various provisions can be included in the
agreement detailing the rules that will govern the relationship between the partners and
what shall occur if specific contingencies arise. This partnership agreement article on
Initial Contributions may be inserted into a partnership agreement and can be modified
depending on the partners’ specific needs.
                           PARTNERSHIP AGREEMENT ARTICLE
                    RE: INITIAL CONTRIBUTIONS (Cash or Personal Services)

Capital Accounts.

A. The Partners shall make an initial investment of capital or in the Partnership’s discretion, a
Partner may substitute Personal Services in lieu of a cash contribution, contemporaneously with
the execution of this Agreement, as follows:

Partners                              Capital

1. _______________, ________________ Dollars ($__________) ___% (__ percent).

2. _______________, _________________ Dollars ($__________) ___%.(__ percent).

3. _______________, [Insert Nature of Personal Services and Dollar Value] ___% (___ percent).

B.      Each Partner shall be personally liable to the Partnership for the entire amount of
his/her/its initial capital contribution, whether in cash or Personal Services. In addition to each
Partner’s share of the profits and losses of the Partnership, as set forth in Section ____, each
Partner is entitled to an interest in the assets of the Partnership.

C.      The amount credited to the capital account of the Partners at any time shall be such
amount as set forth in this Section ___ in addition to the Partner’s share of the net profits of the
Partnership and any additional capital contributions made by the Partner and less the Partner’s
share of the losses of the Partnership and any distributions to or withdrawals made by the
Partner. For all purposes of this Partnership Agreement, the Partnership net profits and each
Partner’s capital account shall be computed in accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting
Principles, consistently applied, and each Partner’s capital account, as reflected on the
Partnership federal income tax return as of the end of any year, shall be deemed conclusively
correct for all purposes, unless an objection in writing is made by any Partner and delivered to
the accountant or accounting firm preparing the income tax return within one (1) year after the
same has been filed with the Internal Revenue Service. If an objection is so filed, the validity of
the objection shall be conclusively determined by an independent certified public accountant or
accounting firm mutually acceptable to the Partners.

[Comment: The contribution of services to a partnership in exchange for a partnership
interest may be a taxable transaction]

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