Notice of Breach of Contract Template

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									This is a notice sent to a breaching party of a contract notifying them they are in breach.
Additionally, the non-breaching party grants the breaching party a specific number of
days to cure the breach pursuant to the original written contract. If the breaching party
fails to cure the breach within the specified number of days, the non-breaching party will
seek those remedies permitted under the contract. This notice should be used by small
businesses or other entities that want to notify a breaching party that they are in breach
while granting them a grace period to cure the breach.
_____ [Instruction: Insert letterhead.]

____ [Instruction: Insert date.]

____ [Instruction: Insert addressee name.]
____ [Instruction: Insert addressee address.]
____ [Instruction: Insert addressee city, state, zip code.]

Re: Notice of Breach of Contract

Dear ____: [Instruction: Insert addressee’s name.]

On or about ____, [Instruction: Insert contract date. If any additional contracts have been
entered into, or any modifications, amendments or other changes made to the original
contract, insert additional information stating the name and date of such modification,
amendment or other change.] ___ [Instruction: Insert name of first party to contract.] and
___ [Instruction: Insert name of second party to contract.] entered into that certain written
contract for _____ [Instruction: Insert brief description of contract.] (the “Contract”). You
are hereby put on notice that pursuant to the obligations set forth in ____ [Instruction: Insert
applicable section or contract paragraph number.] as of ____ [Instruction: Insert date of
breach.] you are in breach of the Contract. The nature of said breach is: _____ [Instruction:
Insert description of breach.]

Pursuant to the terms of the Contract, you have ___ [Instruction: Insert number of days
provided pursuant to Contract in which to cure breach.] days to cure said breach. After such
date, we will seek those remedies permitted as set forth in the Contract.


[Instruction: Insert sender’s signature block.]

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