Internship Offer Letter


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									This document contains a template Internship Offer Letter. The user inputs
personalized information in designated spots on the letter such as: the date, the
students name and address, the internship position title, the name and location of the
organization, the number of hours per week the student will work, a description of the
job responsibilities, and the student's supervisors name and their position. This letter
contains standard language, however, the user may input additional information, making
it fully customizable to fit the needs of the user. This letter can be used to formalize an
offer of an internship to a student.
                                       INTERNSHIP OFFER LETTER


[Student’s Name]
[Street Address]
[City, State, Zip]

         Re: [Internship Position Title]

Dear [Student Name]:

[Name of Organization] is pleased to offer you an internship educational opportunity at our [Job
Location] facility. Your schedule will be [Number of Hours] per week, beginning on [Date] and
ending on [Date] (as per the dates of your semester classes). For this position, you will be paid an
[hourly rate of $_____]. This position does not offer any benefits normally afforded to full-time

For this position, your primary responsibilities will include [Brief Description of Job
Responsibilities]. Your supervisor will be [Supervisor’s Name and Position]. His/her phone number
and E-Mail is [Phone Number and E-Mail].

This position is an internship position to be performed within the regular class dates of the semester
and is not meant to be an offer of long-term employment.



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