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Contractor Invoice and Account Statement

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This Contractor Invoice and Account Statement provides a template worksheet that serves as a professional, easy-to-use resource for billing customers. This document allows the user to include a company logo and information, pertinent customer details, a job or project description, billing details, and an automatic invoice/account statement calculator. Businesses that need to send invoices or account statements to customers should use this form to ensure that labor and materials are properly and accurately billed to customers.

More Info

Your Company Name                                       Customer Name:
Your Company Address                                    Customer Address:
Your Company City, State, Zip                           Customer City, State, Zip:
                                    Your Company Logo
Your Phone #                                            Customer Phone #:
Your Website                                            Job Order Date:
Your Email Address                                      Job Order #:

Invoice #:                                              Invoice Date:

                                          PROJECT DESCRIPTION

Description                                               Hours           Rate                  Total
Building Demolition                                        15              75                  1,125
Total Labor                                                     15                75           1,125

Description                                              Qty            Unit Cost               Total
Large Poly Bags                                          25                20                    500
Total Materials                                                 25                20             500


                                                                     Labor             $       1,125

                                                                     Materials         $        500
                  THANK YOU FOR YOUR BUSINESS!
                                                                     Tax @ 6.5%        $        106

                                                                     Total             $       1,731
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