Cease and Desist Form Letter - Trade Libel


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									This letter sets forth a template to be sent by a company to an individual or company
requesting that such individual or company cease and desist from making libelous
statements regarding the sender’s goods and/or business character. This document
contains standard language but has opportunities for customization, such as including a
list of the comment which have been made, and the damage those comments have
made to the sender’s reputation. This document is useful to a small business who
believe its goods, services, or business character has been defamed.
_____ [Instruction: Insert company letterhead.]

____ [Instruction: Insert date.]

____ [Instruction: Insert addressee name.]
____ [Instruction: Insert addressee address.]
____ [Instruction: Insert addressee city, state, zip code.]

Re: Demand to Cease and Desist

Dear ____: [Instruction: Insert addressee’s name.]

I am the ____ [Instruction: Insert author’s company title.], an authorized representative of
_____ [Instruction: Insert company name.] (the “Company”). It has come to our attention
that you, or a person or entity under your dominion and control have been making and/or
publishing statements about the Company that are false and/or misleading statements of fact or
opinion regarding the nature, characteristics or qualities of our goods, services or business
character. These statements defame the Company’s reputation and cause the Company monetary
damage and are therefore libelous.

Therefore, I demand that you immediately cease and desist from making and/or publishing such
libelous statements, which include but are not limited to the following: ______ [Instruction:
Insert bullet point list of comments which have been made, where and in what manner
such comments were made and state how same are untrue and/or misleading and further
describe how each damages your reputation.]

Please be advised that, unless you immediately cease and desist from making such statements, or
continued publication of such statements, the Company will have no choice but to take all
appropriate legal courses of action to protect its reputation, including but not limited to, all
remedies available in law or in equity, including seeking monetary damages.


[Instruction: Insert sender’s signature block.]

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