Cease and Desist Form Letter - Patent Infringement

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									This letter sets forth a template by which an individual can request that another
individual discontinue from infringing on a patent. This letter serves the purpose of
providing notice to the other party that a valid patent exists. This document contains
standard language but has opportunities for customization, such as attaching pertinent
patent information and providing a statement as to whether or not the other party would
like to enter into a license for use of the patent.
_____ [Instruction: Insert Company letterhead.]

____ [Instruction: Insert date.]

____ [Instruction: Insert addressee name.]
____ [Instruction: Insert addressee address.]
____ [Instruction: Insert addressee city, state, zip code.]

Re: Notice of Possible Infringement of _____. [Instruction: Insert patent registration number
of patented item allegedly being infringed.]

Dear Sir or Madam:

Please be advised that _____ [Instruction: Insert company name of patent owner.] is the legal
owner of U.S. Patent No. _____ [Instruction: Insert patent registration number.], a copy of
which is attached hereto and such patent information is made a part hereof by reference
[Instruction: Ensure a copy of all the pertinent patent information is included with the
letter when sent.] (the “Patent”) and that it is our belief that your products, identified as ____,
[Instruction: Insert item believed to be infringing patent.] may be covered by the Patent and
therefore may potentially be infringing the Patent. At this point, we have not assessed whether
we intend to enforce this Patent and, therefore, you should not be concerned that a lawsuit may
be filed against you.

This letter is strictly for purposes of providing notice of potential infringement pursuant to 35
U.S.C. § 287(a) and that it does not give rise to a cause of action pursuant to 28 U.S.C. § 2201.

Optional Language: We would like to discuss the possibility of entering into a license for
your use of the Patent. If such an arrangement would suit you, please contact me at your
earliest convenience at the above-referenced contact information so that we may begin to
discuss such matters.


[Instruction: Insert party’s signature block.]

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