Cease and Desist Form Letter - Debt Collection Practices


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									This letter sets forth a template by which a consumer can advise a debt collection
agency to cease and desist from communicating with the consumer. The letter contains
standard language, including reference to the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, and
notifies the debt collection agency that the consumer will file a Federal Trade
Commission complaint if the debt collection agency does not comply with this cease and
desist request. This document can be customized to fit the needs of an individual or
small business writing to a debt collection agency.
Title _____ [Instruction: Insert your letterhead here.
Via Certified Mail, Return Receipt Requested

_____ [Instruction: Insert Date.]

_____ [Instruction: Insert Debt Collector’s name.]
_____ [Instruction: Insert Debt Collector’s address.]
_____ [Instruction: Insert Debt Collector’s city, state and zip code.]

                   Re: Collection of Account Number: ______ [Instruction: Insert information
                   about debt being collected.]

Dear Debt Collector:

Pursuant to my rights under applicable provisions of federal debt collection laws including
Public Law 95-109, Section 805-C of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Action, I am requesting
that you immediately cease and desist communication with me, my family, friends and employer
regarding any and all attempts to collect the above-referenced debt and all other alleged debts
you claim I owe.

You are hereby notified that if you do not comply with this request, I will immediately file a
complaint with the Federal Trade Commission and the _____ [Instruction: Insert your state.]
Attorney General’s Office.

This letter shall also serve as notice that I may utilize telephone recording devices in order to
document any future telephone conversations between us. Please be advised I retain any and all
rights to seek any and all rights available to me at law or in equity with respect to any negative
information placed on my credit bureau reports by your agency after receipt of this notice.


[Instruction: Insert Debtor signature block.]

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