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					                           University of North Dakota
                                School of Law
                            RECORDS REQUEST

Name: _______________________________________________________________
            Last                          First                   M.

__________year of graduation

I hereby request:

__________an official transcript (for students graduating before 2007, after 2007 please
order your transcript through Campus Connection)

__________a certificate of class rank
__________a copy of my application

__________a good standing letter

__________a Certificate of Graduation

__________verification of enrollment
__________ a copy of my LSAT Score to be sent to the UND Graduate School

       Signature                                                             Date

_________I will pick up the information needed

_________I would like my unofficial transcript emailed to:_____________@_________

_________I would like the certified transcript or letter to be mailed out.

                       Send to: _____________________________



Please return by mail to UND Law School, P.O. Box 9003, Grand Forks, ND 58202 or by
fax to 701-777-6447