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Hand Poem


									                                   Hand Poem


Step 1: The Poem (Due Friday/Monday)

Think about all the things your hands have taught you over the years. Perhaps a
handshake has earned you new respect, crayons have given you new insights on the
world, the jungle gym left you calloused and perhaps bleeding but a little tougher. Maybe
learning how to throw a football has allowed you to combine finesse and roughness or
playing the piano has opened up the Renaissance for you. Hair braiding? Paddling in a
pool? Making sand castles? Ceramic pots?

Decide on a few important experiences and what they have contributed to you becoming
who you are. Make a list of twenty concrete images (using your five senses). AVOID the
big, frilly, judgment words we talked about with fiction writing (“horrible,” “beautiful,”
“wonderful,” etc.) They do not paint the picture and your reader needs to be able to
experience the picture.

You must use alliteration at least twice and assonance at least once. You must also use at
least two similes.

Step Two: The Hand (Due Wednesday/Thursday)

Trace your hand onto construction paper, computer paper, or card stock. Design it
elaborately, with detail, creativity, and a design that communicates the ideas in the poem.
The poem should be written on it in the way you think would make the most sense (in the
middle, around the fingertips, in the fingers . . .). Be neat and use a variety of materials to
show your ideas. Cut out your hand with scissors unless the background is also clearly a
part of your plan. Put your name on it.

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