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Videos by dandanhuanghuang


Six examples of Middle School Collaborative Team Teaching       ?
PS 85X in NYC, Kindergarten Collaborative Team Teaching         ?
PS 161 Manhattan, Primary Science Collaborative Team Teaching       10:00:00
PS 75K 3rd Grade Social Studies                                 ?
First Grade Station Teaching PS 186                             ?
Primary Team and Station Teaching                               ?
Johnson School CTT ESL/First Grade                                   4:43:00
Science/SS ELL Co-Teaching NYC Q029                                  7:00:00
Upper Elementary, All 6 types of Co-Teaching                         4:58:00
Co-Taught Elementary Writing Alternative Teaching                    2:02:00
Team Teaching Board Relays Upper Elementary                          1:40:00
Georgia Upper Elementary ELA Alternative Teaching                    2:40:00
One Teach, One Assist Middle School ELA                              1:16:00
One Teach, One Observe Middle School ELA                        ?
Middle School Station Teaching                                       3:35:00
Parallel Teaching Middle School                                      2:48:00
Collaborative Team Teaching Grade 3                                  1:42:00
Station Teaching Grade 7 Writing                                     3:43:00
Secondary Collaborative Team Teaching                                2:21:00
Various Coteaching Model                                             6:41:00
Co-Teaching 5th Grade Math                                           6:00:00
Co-Teaching First Grade Literacy at KIPP AES                         8:35:00
Secondary 6-12 Co-Teaching 1 Teach, 1 Support                        1:39:00
CoTeaching "Inspirational" Video Grade9                         ?
Upper Elementary Co-Teaching at Aspire                               2:58:00
Upper Elementary Co-Teaching at Aspire                               1:30:00
Station Teaching Aspire ELA Upper Elem.                              1:49:00
Shared Teaching Aspire Upper Elem                                    2:50:00
Parallel Teaching Reading Minilesson Primary                         7:09:00
Parallel Teaching Guided Reading Upper Elem                          1:50:00
Primary Math Team Teaching                                          15:00:00
HighSchool Inspriational Video                                       7:00:00
Co Teaching Kindergarten Math
Upper Elementary Math Various Models                                11:11:00
7th Grade CoTeaching with teacher reflection                        11:28:00
Upper Elementary ELA Co Teaching                                     2:22:00
Second Grade Math CoTeaching

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