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 of Nevada


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                                                                                                         Closing the Workers’ Compensation Case –
                                                                                                         Rating Issues
                                                                                                         Wednesday, October 26 – Lloyd George Federal Courthouse (Las Vegas)
                                                                                                         9:00 a.m. – 12:15 p.m.
                                                                                                         3 CLE Hours
                                                                                                         Tuition - Standard: $129, Paralegal: $69, Student: $25
                                                                                                         Speakers: Virginia Hunt, Dr. Paul Pirruccello, Suhair Susan Sayegh
                                                                                                         and Katherine Godwin
                                                                                                         Seminar Topics Include:
                                                                                                         •		Overview	and	discussion	of	stability	and	ratability	concepts
                                                                                                         •		Disability	ratings
                                                                                                         •		Permanent	partial	disability	exams
                                                                                                         •		The	rating	exam
                                                                                                         •		Procedure	for	contesting	rating	percentages

                                                                                                         Attorney, Heal Thyself
                                                                                                         Friday, November 4 – Gold Coast Hotel & Casino (Las Vegas)
                                                                                                         3:00 – 5:00 p.m.
                                                                                                         2 CLE Ethics Hours
                                                                                                         Tuition - Standard: $89, Paralegal: $49, Student: $25
                                                                                                         Speaker: Sean Carter
                                                                                                         In	this	unique	legal	ethics	seminar,	acclaimed	legal	humorist	
                                                                                                         Sean	Carter	goes	beyond	the	do’s	and	dont’s	of	the	Rules	of	
                                                                                                         Professional	Conduct	to	get	to	the	heart	of	the	matter	–	the	
                                                                                                         common	mindsets	that	result	in	ethical	violations	in	the	first	
                                                                                                         place.		Employing	the	witty	one-liners	and	poignant	stories	that	
                                                                                                         have	made	him	a	favorite	presenter	at	bar	events	across	the	
                                                                                                         country,	Mr.	Carter	demonstrates	the	root	causes	of	our	ethical	
                                                                                                         ills.	Furthermore,	he	will	provide	tips	and	insights	on	how	to	
                                                                                                         heal	ourselves	from	these	mindsets	so	that	the	ethical	canons	
                                                                                                         become	guide	posts	and	not	obstacles	in	our	drive	to	become	

 Read Nevada Lawyer
                                                                                                         successful	lawyers.	
                                                                                                         Seminar Topics Include:

 Articles for CLE Credit                                                                                 •		How	to	avoid	conflicts	of	interest
                                                                                                         •		Communicating	with	clients
                                                                                                         •		Protecting	client	funds
 Nevada Lawyer, the official                                                                             •		Avoiding	excessive	fees
 publication of the State           NE VADA                                              THE OFFICIAL

                                                                                                         •		How	to	always	act	with	complete	candor	and	honesty
                                    LAW YER
                                                                                         OF THE STATE
                                                                                         BAR OF NEVADA

 Bar of Nevada, publishes            COURT RULES AND
                                                                                          APRIL 2010
                                                                                         VOLUME 18
                                                                                         ISSUE 4         •		Observing	strict	confidentiality
 articles for CLE credit. Read                                                                           •		Properly	responding	to	client	complaints
 an informative article and
 complete a brief quiz online.
                                                                                                         Gaming Law Conference
 Articles include: Offers                                                                                Friday, November 4 – Gold Coast Hotel & Casino
 of Judgement, Estate of         MEET THE LEADER

                                 ON PAGE 24
                                                S OF
                                 YOUR LEGAL COMMU
                                                                                                         (Las Vegas)
 Confusion: Federal Real Estate 6    The Death of Mandator
                                     Arbitration in Public y
                                     Disputes: A Better Works
                                                                                                         9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
 Tax “Repeal” and Carryover        10
                                    Claim Preclusion

                                                                                                         6 CLE Hours (including 2 Ethics Hours)
                                    Issue Preclusion            Recent Rules Changes
                                                                in the Federal Courts

 Basis, Comprehensive                                                                                    Tuition – Gaming Law Section Member: $269, Non- Gaming Law
 Changes to the Nevada Rules of Appellate Procedure, The                                                 Section Member: $319, Paralegal: $219, Student: $25
 ABC’s of Practicing in Tribal Court and more.                                                           Speakers: Governor Brian Sandoval, Peter Bernhard, A.G. Burnett,
 You can also download articles from the web!                                                            Sean Carter, Lou Dorn, Allison Gigante, John Krieger, Mark Lerner,
                                                                                                         Glenn Light, Mark Lipparelli, Maren Parry, Jennifer Roberts, Karl
    Visit                                                                      Rutledge, Ellen Whittemore
        to download the articles and quizzes.                                                            Presented by the Gaming Law Section
             And keep reading Nevada Lawyer!                                                             Seminar Topics Include:
                                                                                                         •		Pointers	and	pitfalls	for	the	coordination	of	local	licensing

2 / Fall 2011     cle                                                                   RegisteR online at www.nvbaR.oRg/cle/liveseminaRs
•		Compliance	programs                                                Constitutional Law
•		Regulators	roundtable
•		Luncheon	with	keynote	speaker,	Governor	Brian	Sandoval
                                                                      Wednesday, December 14, 2011 –
•		Tournaments,	contests	&	promotions                                   UNLV Moot Court Building
•		Ethics	with	Sean	Carter                                            1:30 p.m. – 4:45 p.m.
                                                                      3 CLE hours
                                                                      Tuition: Standard: $129 (Early Bird: $109), UNLV Faculty: $50,
Basics of Family Law                                                  Paralegal: $69, Law Student: $25
                                                                      Speaker: Professor Erwin Chemerinsky
Thursday, November 17, 2011 – Lloyd George Federal Courthouse
(Las Vegas)                                                           Professor	Erwin	Chemerinsky,	one	of	
9 a.m. – 12:15 p.m.                                                   the	state	bar’s	most	highly	regarded	
3 CLE hours                                                           speakers,	will	discuss	cases	on	the	
Tuition: The cost of seminar attendance is acceptance of one NEW      SCOTUS	docket	that	are	of	great	
pro bono family law case from the Legal Aid Center of Southern        interest	to	Nevada	practitioners.	
Nevada’s Pro Bono Project. Attendees must be a Nevada-licensed
                                                                      Cases scheduled on the October,
attorney (or Emeritus-Certified Pro Bono Attorney) in good standing
                                                                      2011 docket include:
and available to accept a new pro bono case at the time of the CLE.
Faculty: Hon. T. Arthur Ritchie, Ed Kainen, and April Green           •	 The	First	Amendment	discussion	will	
                                                                         include	Mohamed v. Jeppsen	
Presented by Legal Aid Center of Southern Nevada
                                                                      •		A	challenge	to	the	government’s	assertion	
Many	individuals	with	family	law	problems	in	our	community	              of	the	“state	secrets”	privilege	and	Snyder v. Phelps	-	an	
cannot	afford	an	attorney.	These	individuals	are	being	denied	           examination	of	the	role	of	emotional	distress	in	tort	suits.	
access	to	their	children	or	property	and	cannot	navigate	the	         •	 Whistleblowers	“Qui	tam”	lawsuits	will	be	examined	in	
legal	system	themselves	in	order	to	obtain	a	divorce	and/or	             Schindler Elevator Corp. v. United States ex. Rel. Kirk.	
custody	and	child	support.	This	seminar	will	assist	attorneys	in	     •	 The	Fourth	Amendment	warrant	exception	rule	in	Kentucky
helping	these	community	members.                                         v. King	and	the	Civil	rights	cases	of	United States v. Tohono
                                                                         O’dham Nation, as	well	as	cases	questioning	state	tax	credits	
                                                                         for	religious	schools	and	challenges	to	the	death	penalty	are	
Advanced Family Law                                                      all	tentatively	on	the	table	for	discussion.
Thursday, December 1, 2011 –                                            		
Lloyd George Federal Courthouse
(Las Vegas)                                                           Ethics Year in Review
8:45 a.m. – 4:45 p.m.                                                 Thursday, December 15, 2011
7 CLE hours including 1.5 Ethics hours                                Presented live: Las Vegas
Tuition: Standard: $229                                               Simulcast to: Elko and Reno
(Early Bird: $209), Paralegal: $169,                                  1:00 – 4:15 p.m.
Law Student: $25                                                      3 CLE Ethics hours
Seminar registration includes a reception                             Tuition - Standard: $129, Paralegal: $69, Student: $25
immediately following the program
                                                                      Speakers: David Clark, Alan Freer, Joseph Garin, Paul Hejmanowski
Speakers: Hon. Rob Bare, Bob Dickerson, Hon. Howard Ecker, Hon.
                                                                      and Professor Jeffrey Stempel
Charles Hoskin, James Jimmerson, Ed Kainen, Justice Kristina
Pickering, Humberto Rodriguez, Justice Nancy Saitta, Bruce Shapiro,   Seminar Topics Include:
Gary Silverman, Radford Smith, Thomas Standish, Marshal Willick       •	 Nevada Commission on	Ethics v. Carrigan
                                                                      •	 Inadvertent	disclosure	of	privileged/confidential	information
Seminar Topics Include:
                                                                      •	 Lessened	liability	for	lawyers	representing	fiduciaries:	
•		What	you	should	know	about	court	reporters	and	
                                                                         Legislative Limitation of Charleson v. Hardesty
   their	ethical	rules	
                                                                      •	 Ethics	in	jeopardy
•		Litigating	relocation	cases	
                                                                      •	 Client	solicitation:	Know	the	limits
•		Ethical	issues	from	the	bench
•		Cohabitation	agreements
•		Decree	of	divorce	vs.	decree	of	separate	maintenance	
   and	how	to	avoid	malpractice
•		Trial	practice	in	family	court
•		Malpractice	traps	when	preparing	and	reviewing	                      Information contained in this catalog is subject to change.
   prenuptial	agreements
•		The	great	debate	on	current	trends	and	issues	in	
   Nevada	family	law                                                         Seminar Cancellation Policy: Cancellation requests received 48 hours prior
•		Evidentiary	Issues	in	family	court                                        to the start of the seminar will receive a full refund minus a $25 processing fee.
•		Presenting	property	distributions	at	trial                                Seminar no-shows and cancellations received within 48 hours of the seminar
•		Supreme	Court	family	law	update                                           will receive the audio recording in full recognition of tuition paid.
•		Family	court	judges	forum		

RegisteR online at www.nvbaR.oRg/cle/liveseminaRs                                                                                cle        Fall 2011 / 3
                                                                        ETHICS CREDIT
                                                                       Attorney Supervision of Paralegals
                                                                       and Non-Attorney Staff 2011
                                                                        Competent	paralegals	and	non-attorney	staff	are	integral	
                                                                        to	a	smoothly	run	and	successful	practice.	Learn	the	
                                                                       most	important	aspects	of	a	lawyer’s	duties	of	supervision	
                                                                       and	instruction,	when	the	professional	independence	
                                                                      of	a	lawyer	may	be	compromised,	and	guidelines	for	
                                                                     the	utilization	of	paralegal	services.	Includes	several	
                                                                     disciplinary	opinions	with	regards	to	unauthorized	practice	
                                                                    by	paralegals.
                                                                    $40 1 Ethics Credit

                                                               Breach or No Breach: Exploring Ethical
                                                               Quandaries with Bar Counsel 2011	
                                                               Bar	Counsel	presents,	during	the	2011	Annual	Meeting,	unusual	
                                                               scenarios	and	examines	with	the	audience	whether	or	not	the	
                                                               attorney	in	question	violated	the	rules	of	ethics.
                                                               $20       0.5 Ethics Credit

                                                               Client Development Strategies 2010		
                                                               Attracting	new	clients	and	producing	additional	revenue	is	more	
                                                               important-	and	more	difficult-	than	ever.	The	economy	is	un-
                                                               stable;	competition	is	intense.	Attorney	Roy	Ginsburg	discusses	
                                                               key	tactics	to	ramp	up	your	business	development	efforts	to	
                                                               gain	every	possible	advantage.

                                                               $60       1.5 Ethics Credits	

cle PRogRams                                                   Clients: Keeping & Sometimes Controlling the
                                                               Pesky People Who Pay the Bills 2010	
                                                               Attorney	Larry	Rice	discusses	strategic	communication,	
AVAILABLE FORMATS:                                             payment	terms	&	client	confidentiality	tips	that	can	lead	to	a	
                     CLE to Go             Online CLE          smoothly	run	practice.	Provides	numerous	examples	of	written	
    Audio CD |                    |
                   Audio Download         Video Stream         communications-templates.
                                                               $80      2 Ethics Credits
Audio CD:	A	self-study	format	of	CLE	programming	is	
delivered	on	audio	CD	with	accompanying	written	materials	
and	affidavit.	
                                                               Cultural Issues in the Courts 2011	
Audio Download: Purchase	and	download	an	audio	file	from	      In	a	growing	number	of	cases	in	state	and	federal	courts	all	
the	CLE	catalog	for	use	on	any	MP3	player.	Accompanying	       across	the	country,	parties	are	raising	“the	cultural	defense”	
written	materials	and	certificates	are	also	obtained	          –	invoking	the	customs	and	traditions	of	a	diversity	of	cultural	
electronically	with	the	purchase.	                             backgrounds	to	explain	their	actions.	Even	when	these	issues	
                                                               are	not	raised	per	se,	culture	plays	a	role	in	many	cases	–	both	
Video Streaming: Enjoy	the	convenience	of	online	
                                                               civil	and	criminal.	In	this	engaging	presentation	from	the	2011	
streaming	from	the	comfort	of	your	home	or	office	computer.	
                                                               State	Bar	of	Nevada	Annual	Meeting,	Rene	Valladares	examines	
Fulfill	your	CLE	on	your	schedule,	24	hours	a	day,	seven	
                                                               what	“the	rule	of	law”	means	in	today’s	multicultural	society.
days	a	week.	Accompanying	material	is	downloadable	at	the	
time	of	purchase.                                              $60        1.5 Ethics Credits

 For a complete selection of recorded CLE
 programs, visit

  4 / Fall 2011    cle                           RegisteR online at www.nvbaR.oRg/cle/liveseminaRs
Ethical Day at the Movies 2009	                   	                      National Security & Civil Liberties:
Expect	to	be	entertained,	as	this	program	encourages	you	to	             The Backstory of Korematsu v. U.S. 2011
think	about	how	your	dealings	with	clients	and	others	are	affected	      This	presentation	from	the	2011	State	Bar	of	Nevada	Annual	
by	media	images.	Learn	what	you	can	do	to	improve	not	just	your	         Meeting,	sheds	light	on	the	backstory	of		Korematsu	v.	U.S.	
own	dealings	with	others	but	the	profession’s	image	in	general.	         (both	the	WWII	Supreme	Court	decision	and	the	successful	
A	fun	way	to	explore	ethics	and	professionalism,	especially	in	the	      coram	nobis	reopening	in	1983),	and	its	significance	to	the	post-
context	of	the	public’s	view	of	law	and	lawyering.		                     9/11	role	of	courts	in	national	security	and	civil	liberties	contro-
$100      2.5 Ethics Credits	                                            versies.	Professor	Yamamoto	was	co-counsel	to	Fred	Korematsu	
                                                                         for	his	coram	nobis	reopening.	Prepare	yourself	for	this	fascinat-
	                                                                        ing	story	with	strong	present-day	implications.	
Ethical Day at the Movies 2010	                   	                      $40       1 Ethics Credit
Larry	Cohen	entertains	while	taking	you	on	an	exploration	
of	ethics	and	professionalism	in	the	context	of	the	public’s	            	
view	of	law	and	lawyering.	Covers	topics	such	as:	tenets	of	             Never Enough: Ethics and Addiction 2010	 	
professionalism,	ten	tips	on	civility	and	professionalism,	legal	        Author	Michael	Burke	shares	his	hard-earned	knowledge	
ethics	portrayed	on	film	and	ethics	and	professionalism	issues	in	       regarding	the	signs	of	problem	gambling,	the	phases	of	
labor	and	employment	cases.		                                            addiction,	the	populations	most	likely	to	develop	this	problem	
$80       2 Ethics Credits	                                              and	the	appropriate	prevention	and	treatment	options	available.		
                                                                         Whether	you	already	know	a	loved	one	or	colleague	struggling	
	                                                                        with	addiction	or	simply	wish	to	prepare	yourself	with	useful	
Ethics and Malpractice 2011                       	                      knowledge,	this	program	was	a	keynote	address	at	the	2010	
David	Clark	of	the	State	Bar’s	Office	of	the	Bar	Counsel	outlines	       Annual	Meeting	and	is	a	must.
the	rules	of	professional	conduct.	Presentation	and	evaluation	of	       $80       2 Ethics Credits
ethical	scenarios.	                                                      	
$80       2 Ethics Credits                                               	
	                                                                        Robert E. Rose Judicial Symposium
                                                                         on Drug & Alcohol Abuse 2010	     	
Ethics Year in Review 2010	 	                                            Alcohol	and	drug	abuse	continues	to	be	a	problem	in	the	
The	State	Bar	Standing	Committee	on	Ethics	and	Professional	             legal	community.	Listen	to	members	of	the	judiciary	as	they	
Responsibility	presents	an	overview	of	Nevada	legal	ethics	for	          discuss	what	the	judge’s	role	is	when	it	comes	to	substance	
the	year.	                                                               abuse,	how	the	state	bar	addresses	this	issue	and	what	type	of	
$120      3 Ethics Credits                                               assistance	is	available.	
	                                                                        $120     3 Ethics Credits
In Defense of the Noble Lawyer 2010	                      	              	
Tired	of	all	the	lawyer	bashing?	In	this	program	recorded	from	          State Domestic Violence 2011	                   	
the	2010	Annual	Meeting,	William	J.	Chriss	shares	his	insights	          Explore	the	potential	impact	on	child	development	with	
regarding	the	public	perception	of	lawyers	as	well	as	the	entire	        exposure	to	domestic	violence.	Discuss	injunctions	of	Chapter	
judicial	system,	and	addresses	how	you	can	contribute	to	                33,	the	components	of	a	healthy	relationship,	and	the	power	
changing	these	perceptions.	                                             and	control	wheel.	Panel	of	experts	include	Attorney	General	
$40        1 Ethics Credit	                                              Catherine	Cortez	Masto	and	Honorable	Linda	Garner.	
                                                                         $40       1 Ethics Credit	
Legal and Ethical Role of Securities
Intermediaries in the Current                                            This is Your Brain on Prescription Drugs 2011
                                                                         Dr.	Broadhead	discusses	the	factors	which	have	led	to	the	
Regulatory Environment 2011	         	                                   increased	use	of	prescription	narcotics,	the	basic	process	of	
The	buck	stops	where?	Attorney	Anthony	Santos	explains	the	role	         dependency	on	such	drugs	and	the	overall	consequences	to	the	
and	function	of	the	gatekeepers	of	the	securities	markets.	Know	         individual	and	society.		Special	attention	is	be	paid	to	addicted	
the	role	of	an	attorney	engaged	in	the	practice	of	securities	law	       professionals	and	treatment	options.	
and	the	legal	and	ethical	expectations	of	attorneys.	Discussion	of	      $40       1 Ethics Credit	
several	FINRA	and	SEC	articles	regarding	unregistered	resales	of	
restricted	securities,	distribution	by	broker-dealers	of	unregistered	   	
securities,	and	more.
$20        0.5 Ethics Credits	

RegisteR online at www.nvbaR.oRg/cle/liveseminaRs                                                                   cle     Fall 2011 / 5
                                                                       Advanced Finanical Statement Analysis 2011
                   GENERAL                                             Learn	to	think	like	a	“seasoned”	banker	and	get	way	beyond	
                                                                       the	numbers!	Techniques	provided	on	how	to	determine	a	

                   CREDIT                   (may	include	some	
                                            ethics	hours)
                                                                       company’s	“true”	cash	flow	position,	a	personal	cash	flow	
                                                                       approach,	and	a	real	estate	cash	flow	scenario.	Find	out	how	
                                                                       banks	and	other	commercial	creditors	make	business	credit	
                                                                       decisions	using	established	analytical	techniques	including	
Accessing Student Records                                              specialized	spreadsheets	and	industry	comparisons.	Concludes	
and School District                                                    with	important	issues	in	financial	statement	analysis	including	
Information 2010                                                       the	sustainable	growth	and	the	Z-score	(bankruptcy	predictor)	
Originally	presented	at	the	                                           models.
2010	Family	Law	Conference,	                                           $120      3 Credits
Washoe	County	School	
District	Lead	General	Counsel	
Randy	Drake	discusses	student	
                                                                       Appellate Procedures 2011
                                                                       This	session	from	the	2011	State	Bar	of	Nevada	Annual	
educational	records,	FERPA,	parental	
                                                                       Meeting,	provides	appellate	practice	pointers,	pitfalls	and	best	
access	rights	and	consent,	rights	of	step-parents	and	domestic	
                                                                       practices	from	both	a	practitioner’s	perspective	and	a	bench	
partners,	and	consent	exceptions.
                                                                       perspective.	Updates	on	recent	decisions	and	rule	changes	and	
$40        1 Credit	
                                                                       recommendations	specifically	for	trial	attorneys	on	preserving	
                                                                       issues	for	appeal	are	included.	
Administrative Law: Where Do I Begin? 2011                             $40       1 Credit
Highlights	finding	applicable	law	and	procedure	for	both	small	
and	large	Nevada	agencies,	and	includes	an	ethical	discussion	
about	holding	the	Trier	of	Fact	accountable.	Identify	and	
                                                                       Attorney-CPA Teamwork in the
compare	procedures	available	for	regulations	or	contested	             Registration Process 2011	
cases	under	the	Federal	and	Nevada	Acts,	choose	the	tools	             The	importance	of	an	effective	relationship	between	accountants	
necessary	for	representing	your	client	from	either	Act,	identify	      and	attorneys	in	performing	registration	work	cannot	be	
various	procedures	and	preferences	for	a	variety	of	Nevada	            overlooked.	Know	how	to	account	for	transactions;	the	auditor	
agencies,	and	identify	procedures	for	requesting	advisory	             cannot	do	your	accounting	for	you!	Discuss	significant	
opinions,	regulations	or	legislation.	                                 changes	to	multiple-deliverable	revenue	arrangements,	variable	
$160     4 Credits (1 Ethics Credit)	                                  interest	entities,	derivatives	accounting,	and	other	financial	
                                                                       reporting	issues.
                                                                       $40       1 Credit
Advanced Evidence: Expert Testimony in
Criminal Cases 2010	                                                   Avoiding the Deadly Sins of E-Discovery 2011
Professor	Kate	Kruse	from	William	S.	Boyd	School	of	Law	leads	
                                                                       Attorneys	are	faced	with	a	changing	format	of	evidence	-	
discussions	on	the	National	Academy	of	Science	Critique	of	
                                                                       evidence	created	and	stored	electronically.	Emails,	metadata,	
Forensic	Science	and	Perspectives	from	Practice	and	the	Judiciary.
                                                                       text	messaging,	word	processing	documents,	spreadsheets,	
$100      2.5 Credits
                                                                       social	networking	sites,	and	other	electronic	files	are	the	
                                                                       “smoking	guns”	of	evidence.	The	ability	to	request	and/or	
Advanced Family Law Financial Strategies 2009                          produce	electronic	evidence,	including	issuing	a	legal	hold,	
This	fast-paced,	advanced	family	law	program	features	eight	top	       can	mean	the	difference	between	winning	and	losing	your	next	
family	law	practitioners,	two	respected	business	experts,	two	         case,	and	avoiding	court	imposed	sanctions	and	disciplinary	
family	court	judges	and	state	bar	counsel.	Topics	include	what	        actions.	Successfully	handle	the	myriad	of	issues	surrounding	
family	law	lawyers	need	to	know	about	bankruptcy,	nuances	of	          the	discovery	of	electronically	stored	information	(ESI).	
alimony,	business	evaluation,	obtaining	attorney	fees	and	post-        $120      3 Credits (0.5 Ethics Credit)
nuptial	agreements.
$240      6 Credits (2 Ethics Credits)	
                                                                       Bankruptcy 2009
                                                                       Current	issues	for	serious	practitioners.	Bankruptcy	judges,	
Advanced Family Law 2010	                                              experts	and	trustees	discuss	single	asset	real	estate	cases,	
This	seminar	features	advanced	topics	including	enforcement	of	        ethics,	consumer	issues,	the	Clear	Channel	decision	and	more.
judgments,	bankruptcy	in	Family	Court,	low-tech	and	high-tech	         $220      5.5 Credits (2 Ethics Credits)
tools	for	alimony	and	asset	division	issues,	tax	issues	in	divorce,	
same	sex	marriages…and	divorces,	personal	v.	enterprise	
goodwill	in	businesses,	evidence	and	trial	practice	in	Family	
                                                                       Bankruptcy 2011
                                                                       Discussion	of	when	the	Bankruptcy	Court	and	Family	Court	
Court,	employment	law,	law	office	management,	ethical	trends,	
                                                                       collide,	bankruptcy	discharge,	short	sales	versus	foreclosures,	
and	recent	Nevada	Supreme	Court	decisions	in	family	law.
                                                                       the	ABCs	of	Chapters	7,	11,	and	13,	and	pre-bankruptcy	planning	
$280       7 Credits (1 Ethics Credit)	
                                                                       and	Nevada	exemptions.	Panel	of	experts	include	Judge	Beesley,	

6 / Fall 2011      cle                                      PURcHase online at www.nvbaR.oRg/cle/catalog
U.S.	Bankruptcy	Judge	for	the	District	of	Nevada,	and	Judge	Peck	      Business Valuations:
of	the	Second	Judicial	District	Court.		
$80       2 Credits                                                    Exorcising the Voodoo 2010
                                                                       Todd	Torvinen,	Bob	Dickerson	and	Jim	Procter	
                                                                       discuss	how	to	avoid	guessing,	wishing	and	just	plain	
Bankruptcy –Top Ten Decisions from                                     voodoo	while	determining	your	clients’	financial	worth.	
                                                                       This	amusing	seminar	will	lead	you	through	the	mind	path	of	
the Past Twelve Months 2010	                                           spreadsheets,	flow	charts,	manuals,	and	deposits.	
Leading	Nevada	Bankruptcy	attorneys	discuss	recent	U.S.	
                                                                       $140     3 Credits (1 Ethics Credit)	
Supreme	Court	bankruptcy	cases	including	Milavetz, Gallop
& Milavetz v. United States; United Student Aid Funds, Inc. v.
Espinosa; Schwab v. Reilly; Hamilton, Chapter 13 Trustee v.            Case Law Updates for the Family
Lanning; and Ransom v. MBNA, America Bank.	Bankruptcy	
columnist	and	editor-at-large	for	Bloomberg	News,	Bill	Rochelle,	      Law Practitioner 2010	
discusses	how	to	talk	to	the	press	without	infuriating	your	clients	   Attorney	Ed	Kainen	presents	case	updates,	new	rules	of	
or	your	firm.                                                          appellate	procedure,	and	non-family	law	cases	the	family	law	
$120       3 Credits (1 Ethics Credit)                                 practitioner	should	know.	Originally	presented	at	the	2010	
                                                                       Family	Law	Conference.	
                                                                       $40       1 Credit	
Bankruptcy – What Every Lawyer
Should Know 2010	                                                      Changes in Mechanic’s Liens
In	this	economy,	every	lawyer	should	know	how	bankruptcy	may	
impact	a	pending	litigation	or	a	transaction.		Designed	for	the	non-   Case Law in Nevada 2011
bankruptcy	lawyer	to	understand	core	concepts	in	bankruptcy	           This	timely	presentation	summarizes	recent	changes	in	the	
and	learn	some	practice	tips	for	avoiding	pitfalls	created	by	a	       scope	and	requirements	of	a	construction	lien,	also	known	as	
party’s	bankruptcy	filing.                                             a	mechanic’s	lien.	Includes	discussion	of	a	case	law	granting	
$120       3 Credits (0.5 Ethics Credit)                               summary	judgment	in	a	mechanic’s	lien	priority	action.		
                                                                       $40       1 Credit

Basics of Landlord-Tenant Law 2011	
Current	issues	on	self-help	evictions	and	the	formal	eviction	         Changes to Nevada Rules of
process.	Get	the	view	from	the	Bench-	Hon.	Conrad	Hafen	               Appellate Procedure 2009	
speaks	on	hearings,	applicable	legal	standards,	and	practical	         Presenter	Beau	Sterling	discusses	the	major	changes	and	
considerations	in	seeking	or	defending	evictions.	Analysis	            pitfalls	to	avoid	during	your	appeal.	Includes	notice	of	appeal,	
of	other	landlord	tenant	issues	such	as	eviction	appeals	and	          cross-appeals,	the	case	appeal	statement,	form	and	content	of	
eviction	after	foreclosure.		                                          appellate	briefs,	new	rules	for	filing	and	service,	Supreme	Court	
$120       3 Credits                                                   motion	practice	and	much	more.		
                                                                       $100        2.5 Credits	

Brief Focused Assessments 2010	
Hon.	Chuck	Weller	explains	brief	focused	assessments,	their	           Collections and Judgments 2011	
advantages,	and	how	they	differ	from	child	custody	evaluations.        Do	you	know	the	two	distinct	types	of	attorney’s	liens	in	
$40     1 Credit                                                       Nevada?	Learn	what	happens	when	a	judgment	by	confession	
                                                                       may	be	entered	without	action,	the	enforcement	of	judgments,	
                                                                       and	proceedings	supplementary	to	execution.	Summary	of	Fair	
Broker-Dealer Obligations in                                           Debt	Collection	Act	and	writ	of	execution	statutes.	
Private Placements 2011	                                               $60      1.5 Credits
A	presentation	on	the	evolution	of	private-placement	rule	making,	
regulatory	notices,	and	the	development	of	regulatory	enforcement	
actions.	Firms	have	a	duty	to	recognize	reasonable	diligence	at	the	   Commercial Leases and Foreclosure
onset	of	the	broker-customer	relationship.	Know	the	FINRA	rules	       Issues 2010
concerning	suitability	regarding	an	investment	strategy.               Professor	Roger	Bernhardt	focuses	on	issues	involving	
 $40       1 Credit                                                    lenders,	tenants	and	junior	encumbrances	in	the	commercial	
                                                                       foreclosure	context.		The	program	will	address	general	rules	
                                                                       of	priority,	the	effect	of	foreclosure	on	junior	leases	and	other	
Business and Legal Negotiation Strategies 2011                         junior	encumbrances,	provisions	that	affect	priority,	and	post-
In	this	session	from	the	2011	State	Bar	of	Nevada	Annual	              foreclosure	rights	and	liabilities	of	lenders	under	leases.		
Meeting,	Jim	Rogers	discusses	the	strategies	of	business	and	          $80        2 Credits
legal	negotiations.	Rogers	fields	audience	questions	at	the	
$40        1 Credit

PURcHase online at www.nvbaR.oRg/cle/catalog                                                                       cle      Fall 2011 / 7
                 Common But Avoidable Mistakes:                        interest	development	cases,	economic	waste	doctrine,	
                                                                       extrapolation,	destructive	testing,	defects	without	damage	and	
                IP Issue Spotting for the General                      case	management	orders.	The	second	half	of	the	seminar	
               Practitioner 2011	                                      highlights	rules	of	policy	interpretation,	AI	endorsements,	
              This	informative	session	provides	insight	for	general	   certificates	of	insurance,	supplementary	payments	coverage,	
            practitioners	on	how	to	avoid	common	mistakes	             coverage	for	indemnity	agreements	and	more.
        regarding	intellectual	property	issues.	Using	short,	          $280       7 Credits (1 Ethics Credit)
    understandable	and	realistic	hypotheticals,	the	presenters	
address	common	mistakes	involving	intellectual	property	issues	
that	arise	in	both	the	transactional	and	litigation	contexts.          Criminal Law: Defending the Accused
$40        1 Credit                                                    in These Troubled Times 2010	
                                                                       Moderator	Mace	Yampolsky	brings	in	attorneys	from	across	
Common Interest Communities                                            the	U.S.	with	perspectives	that	help	the	seasoned	trial	lawyer	
This	seminar	is	designed	for	those	real	estate	attorneys	and	          or	novice	deal	with	day	to	day	issues	inside	and	outside	the	
legal	assistants,	Association	Board	members	and	Community	             courtroom.	Topics	covered:	Big	Bill	Haywood’s	Revenge:	The	
Association	members	living	in	or	working	with	condominiums	or	         Original	Intent	of	the	Exclusionary	Rule,	Come	to	Fight,	Fight	
planned	communities	wishing	to	get	the	latest	legislative	update.      to	Win:	Effective	Use	of	the	Computer	Trial	Notebook,	Ethic	
$100      2.5 Credits                                                  and	Integrity,	Framing	the	Issue	in	the	Criminal	Case,	Whose	
                                                                       Courtroom	is	it	Anyway:	Keeping	the	Jury	and	the	Prosecutor	in	
                                                                       their	Place,	and	Recent	Supreme	Court	decision	on	
Common Mistakes Transactional Attorneys                                Padilla v. Kentucky.		
                                                                       $240       6 Credits (1 Ethics Credit)
Make in Real Estate Transactions
Three	experienced	practitioners	discuss	common	mistakes	
in	real	estate	transactions	that	primarily	manifest	themselves	        Current Issues in Domestic & International
in	a	bankruptcy	proceeding,	in	a	non-bankruptcy	workout,	or	
enforcement	scenario.	Includes	hot	tips	for	avoiding	pitfalls	or	      Wildlife & Hunting Law 2011	
traps	in	documenting	real	estate	transactions.	                        Presented	by	Safari	Club	International,	this	program	provides	
$60        1.5 Credits                                                 an	update	on	wildlife	law,	domestic	issues	and	controversies,	as	
                                                                       well	as	international	law	issues	and	controversies.	
                                                                       $140      3 Credits
Constitutional Law with Professor
Erwin Chemerinksy 2009                                                 Discovery (North & South) 2010	
Professor	Erwin	Chemerinsky	discusses	numerous	hot	topics	
                                                                       This	program	answers	all	the	questions	you’ve	always	wanted	
relating	to	constitutional	law	including	the	New	Haven	firefighters	
                                                                       to	ask.	Civil	Discovery	Commissioners	Wes	Ayres	and	Bonnie	
decision,	student	body	search	and	the	Fourth	Amendment,	
                                                                       Bulla	answer	ten	of	the	most	common	questions	about	the	Civil	
overturning	the	District	of	Columbia’s	Ban	on	Handguns,	
                                                                       Discovery	Processes	in	the	North	and	the	South.	Moderated	by	
the	right	of	a	convicted	felon	to	gain	access	to	evidence	so	
                                                                       Michael	Sullivan.	
that	it	can	be	subjected	to	current	DNA	testing	methods,	
                                                                       $120      3 Credits
elected	judges	and	campaign	contributions,	tougher	evidence	
requirements	for	plaintiffs	in	lawsuits	and	legal	protection	
against	age	discrimination.	                                           Domestic Partnership Recognition in Nevada:
$100       2.5 Credits
                                                                       Issues & Answers 2010	
                                                                       This	program	debuted	at	the	2010	Family	Law	Conference	and	
Constitutional Law with Professor                                      examines	the	context	and	multitude	of	legal	issues	surrounding	
                                                                       Nevada’s	recent	legislation	recognizing	Domestic	Partnerships.		
Erwin Chemerinksy 2010                                                 Speakers	discuss	the	levels	of	relationship	recognition,	tax	
Professor	Erwin	Chemerinsky	returns	and	guides	listeners	through	
                                                                       implications,	and	factors	that	make	Nevada	unique	when	it	
an	in-depth	look	at	how	the	Court’s	ideological	balance	will	be	
                                                                       comes	to	Domestic	Partnerships.
affected	by	new	Supreme	Court	Justices,	as	well	as	discusses	the	
                                                                       $100      2.5 Credits
First	Amendment,	criminal	procedure,	immigration,	and	civil	rights.	
$120      3 Credits
                                                                       Earth, Wind & Fire: Legal Issues Associated
Consruction Defect Litigation &                                        with the Development of Nevada’s Geothermal,
Related Insurance Coverage                                             Wind & Solar Resources 2011	
Issues 2010	                                                           This	timely	session	addresses	the	numerous	legal	issues	that	
Presented	by	the	state	bar’s	                                          arise	as	Nevada	pursues	rapid	development	of	solar	photovoltaic	
Construction	Law	Section,	this	                                        (PV),	and	geothermal	and	wind	power	plants.	The	presenters	
timely	program	begins	with	a	panel	                                    explain	the	important	relationship	between	power	and	water,	and	
discussion	on	current	issues	in	                                       why	this	matters	for	large-scale	development	of	various	renewable	
construction	defect	litigation	including	                              resources	throughout	Nevada.	A	summary	of	2011	legislative	
single	family	home	versus	common	                                      changes	affecting	renewable	energy	are	also	presented.	
                                                                       $60       1.5 Credits

8 / Fall 2011       cle                                      PURcHase online at www.nvbaR.oRg/cle/catalog
Effective Judicial Settlement Conferences 2011                       Family Law Judges Panel 2011	
This	session	from	the	2011	State	Bar	of	Nevada	Annual	Meeting	       Explore	the	role	of	the	“neutral”	mental	health	
is	a	must	for	any	judge	or	attorney	interested	in	improving	         professional	in	child	custody	evaluations.		Family	
effectiveness	in	judicial	settlement	conferences.	Judges	Marren	     law	judges	discuss	cases	of	domestic	violence	
and	Wiese	examines	the	role	of	the	judge,	the	role	of	attorney	      allegations	by	state,	the	process	of	double	dipping	
and	role	of	the	client	and	discuss	non-argumentative	framing	of	     in	Nevada,	valuation	of	goodwill,	the	use	and	abuse	of	
settlement	conference	issues.                                        court	minutes,	and	judicial	approaches	to	fees.	Find	out	
$60       1.5 Credits (0.5 Ethics Credit)                            what	lawyers	consistently	do	incorrectly,	and	how	to	submit	
                                                                     the	Brunzell	factors	to	the	court.		
                                                                     $60       1.5 Credits	
Emotional Impact: What Attorneys Can Learn
from Filmmakers & Social Psychologists	
Learn	to	communicate	more	effectively	with	this	practical,	in-       FINRA as a Gatekeeper 2011	
depth	session.	Jeffrey	Zeig	demonstrates	how	you	can	empower	        This	program	discusses	FINRA	and	the	unlisted	equities	
your	communication	with	clients,	employees	and	peers	by	             market	overview.	Topics	include;	origins	of	securities	market	
studying	the	non-verbal	techniques	used	in	movies	and	other	         self-regulation,	FINRA	and	its	role	in	the	marketplace,	FINRA	
arts.		He	will	deconstruct	a	scene	from	a	movie	and	then	extract	    transparency	services,	exchange	listed	and	OTC	market	
principles	that	can	be	applied	in	the	law	office	or	courtroom.	      comparison,	and	more.		
Regardless	of	professional	orientation	and	level	of	experience,	     $40       1 Credit
attendees	will	find	ways	to	implement	these	concepts	by	using	
previously	untapped	possibilities	in	communication.	
$60       1.5 Credits	
                                                                     Financial Statement Analysis for the
                                                                     Legal Practitioner 2010	
                                                                     Gain	an	understanding	of	how	bankers	analyze	financial	
Environmental Law Part I 2010	                                       statements	and	make	credit	decisions.		Presenter	David	Osburn	
Presented	by	the	Environmental	and	Natural	Resource	Law	             emphasizes	financial	statement	analysis	using	a	practical	
section,	this	program	discusses	Nevada	water	law	basics,	state	      approach	to	reading	financial	information.	This	program	will	
and	federal	public	lands	issues	such	as	the	Federal	Land	Policy	     review	basic	financial	ratio	analysis	techniques,	introduce	
Management	Act	(FLPMA),	the	permitting	process,	permitted	           various	cash	flow	analyses,	and	review	specialized	issues	in	
uses,	considerations	in	siting	a	project	on	public	lands,	and	       financing	small-	to	mid-market	companies.	
advanced	regulatory	considerations.	                                 $120      3 Credits
$240      6 Credits (1 Ethics Credit)	

                                                                     Foreclosures and Short Sales 2011	
Environmental Law Part II 2010	                                      Learn	the	mechanics	of	foreclosure,	deeds	in	lieu,	short	sales,	
Part	II	of	this	program	discusses	federal	environmental	             and	foreclosure	alternatives	in	Nevada.	Know	the	“foreclosure	
law,	the	National	Environmental	Policy	Act,	the	California	          flowchart”,	tax	and	credit	impacts,	rentals,	and	exemptions.
Environmental	Quality	Act,	an	overview	of	state	environmental	       $60      1.5 Credits
laws	and	regulations	including	proposed	changes,	and	green	
building	basics.	
$220       5.5 Credits (1 Ethics Credit)                             Foreclosure Law in Lean Times 2009	
                                                                     This	timely	program	presented	by	members	of	the	State	Bar	of	
                                                                     Nevada’s	Real	Property	Section	is	designed	for	attorneys	and	
Estate and Probate 2009	                                             assistants	practicing	in	this	volatile	area	of	Nevada	law.			
Members	of	the	Estate	and	Probate	Section	identify,	analyze	         $120      3 Credits	
and	explain	how	several	laws	passed	in	the	2009	Nevada	
Legislative	Session	will	impact	upon	your	trust,	estate	and/or	
guardianship	practices.                                              Gaming Law Conference 2009	
$100      2.5 Credits                                                This	yearly	conference	features	presentations	on	rebuilding	the	
                                                                     workforce	in	a	time	of	change,	legal	and	regulatory	challenges	in	
                                                                     a	down	economy,	recent	Nevada	law	changes	and	technology	
Estate Planning in Light of Recent                                   issues,	NV	gaming	experts,	regulatory	issues,	a	gaming	regulator	
Tax Law Changes 2011	                                                panel,	law	humorist	Sean	Carter	and	a	keynote	with	President	&	
                                                                     CEO	of	the	American	Gaming	Association,	Frank	Fahrenkopf.
The	Tax	Relief	Act	of	2010	was	signed	into	law	by	President	
                                                                     $240      6 Credits (2 Ethics Credits)	
Obama	on	December	17,	2010.		This	act	extends	for	two	more	
years	and	relaxes	certain	tax	features	that	were	set	to	expire	at	
the	end	of	2010.		In	general,	these	extensions	seem	to	be	good	      Gaming Law Conference 2010	
news	and	provide	the	estate	planning	attorney	some	unique	           Explore	current	issues	facing	the	Gaming	Control	Board,	a	
planning	opportunities.		This	recent	change	also	provides	a	         gaming	regulators	roundtable,	bankruptcies	in	the	gaming	
great	opportunity	to	review	a	client’s	existing	estate	planning	     industry,	and	the	challenges	of	legalization	and	regulation	of	
documents	to	ensure	that	they	are	current	and	provides	the	          internet	gambling.	This	program	also	features	a	keynote	address	
most	flexibility	for	the	client.	                                    from	Las	Vegas	Sun’s	Jon	Ralston	and	Larry	Cohen’s	‘Ethical	
$40       1 Credit	                                                  Day	at	the	Movies’.	
                                                                     $240      6 Credits (2 Ethics Credits)

PURcHase online at www.nvbaR.oRg/cle/catalog                                                                   cle     Fall 2011 / 9
                   Hot Discovery Topics in the Tropics	              Jury Selection 2009
                  At	the	2011	Annual	Meeting,	the	Commissioners	     A	systematic	approach	to	jury	“de-selection”	in	civil	cases.	
                discuss	current	discovery	topics:	Under	what	        Explore	topics	such	as	deliberation,	opinion	leadership,	strategy,	
              circumstances	sanctions	are	appropriate	in	light	of	   juror	demographics,	attitudes	and	experiences,	and	the	holistic	
            Bahena	I	and	II,		Why	the	meet	and	confer	requirement	   approach	to	case	strategy	and	jury	selection.	
       is	important,		The	importance	of	timely	disclosure	of	        $160     4 Credits
 expert	witnesses,		When	extension	of	time	to	disclose	should	
be	considered,		Ethical	considerations	and	concerns	in	dealing	
with	the	Pro	Se	litigant,		The	impact	of	the	Moon	decision,		What	
                                                                     Juvenile Sex Offender Training 2011	
                                                                     Presented	by	the	Family	Courts	and	Services	Center,	this	
litigants	can	do	to	protect	themselves.	
                                                                     seminar	introduces	juvenile	sex	offender	specialization,	issues	
$60         1.5 Credits
                                                                     regarding	lack	of	NRS	requirements	or	licensing	standards,	
                                                                     evaluations,	approaches	to		treatment,	and	residential	treatment	
Hot Topics in Municipal Law: Group Homes,                            centers	and	treatment	homes.	Know	when	and	why	polygraphs,	
                                                                     ables,	and	PPGs	come	into	play	and	how	to	read	results	
Municipal Authority and Open Meeting Law 2011                        and	reports.	Discussion	of	mental	health	issues	affecting	low	
During	the	2011	State	Bar	of	Nevada	Annual	Meeting,	Jim	             functioning	clients,	and	the	sexual	assault	exam	process	and	
Lewis		discusses	authority	issues	and	who	really	has	the	power	      interpreting	the	results.		
to	make	laws	–	the	State	legislature	or	the	local	governments?	      $240       6 Credits
Discussion	will	include	a	historical	look	at	local	government	
authority	in	the	U.S.	and	recent	legislative	changes	to	Common	
Law	Dillon’s	Rule.	Lewis	examines	open	meeting	law	and	why	          Mediation Advocacy 2011
this	law	is	important	to	the	average	practitioner,	as	well	as	the	   The	State	Bar	of	Nevada’s	Alternative	Dispute	Resolution	section	
average	Joe.	Lastly,	Lewis		provides	an	overview	on	group	           explores	mediation	in	Nevada,	including	representing	your	client	
homes	in	your	neighborhood	and	the	land	use	protections	             in	mediation,	ethics	in	mediation,	and	more.	
provided	by	federal	law,	in	addition	to	state	legislative	changes.   $120      3 Credits (1 Ethics Credit)	
$60        1.5 Credits	

                                                                     Nevada’s Foreclosure Mediation Program:
Immigration Law: Theory, Practice, Padilla,                          What it Means for Attorneys &
& the Courtroom 2010                                                 Their Clients 2010
This	program	provides	a	
                                                                     This	timely	program	provides	an	overview	of	the	State	of	
historical	view	of	Federal	
                                                                     Nevada’s	Foreclosure	Mediation	Program,	examines	the	FHA’s	
law	and	State	court	
                                                                     Loss	Mitigation	Program,	discusses	alternatives	to	foreclosure,	
interpretations,	updates	
                                                                     and	features	a	panel	discussion	on	best-practices	for	avoiding	
on	current	immigration	
                                                                     common	ethical	and	communication	pitfalls	during	the	
law	including	Padilla v.
                                                                     foreclosure	mediation	process.	
Kentucky,	and	a	live	mock	
                                                                     $220      5.5 Credits (1 Ethics Credit)
Immigration	Court	trial	using	case	law.
$180       4.5 Credits (1 Ethics Credit)
                                                                     Nevada Supreme Court Update 2011
Intellectual Property 2010	                                          Justice	Nancy	Saitta	moderates	a	discussion	between	Justices	
Be	aware	of	ethical	issues	that	arise	when	conducting	               Hardesty,	Gibbons	and	Cherry	on	matters	of	interest	from	
undercover	investigations,	an	introduction	to	trademarks	and	        the	Nevada	Supreme	Court	at	the	2011	State	Bar	of	Nevada	
the	Trademark	Trial	and	Appeal	Board	(TTAB),	advanced	issues	        Annual	Meeting.	
relating	to	the	U.S.	Patent	and	Trademark	Office	(USPTO),	a	year	    $20      0.5 Credit	
in	review	and	patent	rules	discussion	identifying	interesting	IP	
cases	focusing	on	new	issues	or	those	that	have	national	appeal	
as	it	relates	to	Nevada,	an	in-house	counsel	panel	discussing	the	   Overview of Foreclosure, Collection,
effect	of	the	economy	on	decisions	pertaining	to	IP,	and	more.       and Bankruptcy 2011	
$300        7.5 Credits (1 Ethics Credit)                            Presented	by	the	Nevada	Paralegal	Association	and	the	Legal	
                                                                     Assistant	Division	of	the	State	Bar.	Know	the	advantages	of	non	
                                                                     judicial	foreclosure,	judgments,	collections	remedies,	and	an	
It’s Not All About Love:                                             overview	of	current	bankruptcy	laws.		
The Business Side of Marriage 2011	                                  $20        0.5 Credit	
This	engaging	session,	presented	during	the	2011	State	Bar	
of	Nevada	Annual	Meeting,	provides	an	overview	and	explain	
the	difference	between	prenuptial	agreements,	postnuptial	           Pro Bono Trainings: Children’s Attorneys Project
agreements,	and	martial	settlement	agreements,	as	well	as	           and Mortgage Foreclosure Mediation 2011
highlight	the	malpractice	traps	one	should	be	aware	of.	             Help	a	child	get	adopted	and	change	his	or	her	life	forever.	
$60        1.5 Credits	                                              The	Legal	Aid	Center	of	Southern	Nevada	(LACSN)	attorneys	
                                                                     provide	counsel,	advice	and	representation	to	abused	and	

10 / Fall 2011       cle                                   PURcHase online at www.nvbaR.oRg/cle/catalog
neglected	children	who	have	never	before	had	representation.		         Types of Entities Under
Nevada	Legal	Services	outlines	the	Nevada	Foreclosure	
Mediation	Program,	including	recent	rule	changes;	an	overview	         Nevada Law, Tax Elections, and
of	foreclosure	law	in	Nevada;	government-sponsored	loss	               Documentation 2011	
mitigation	options,	including	the	Making	Home	Affordable	              This	program	discusses	corporate	law	choice	of	
program;	FHA	loss	mitigation	options;	and	the	Nevada	Hardest	          entity	considerations	and	its	purpose	to	evaluate	
Hit	Funds	program.	                                                    client	risk	exposure	and	asset	protection.	Highlights	
$40       1 Credit                                                     incorporation	procedure,	tax	classification,	and	
                                                                       other	formalities	affecting	clients	who	want	to	establish	an	LLC	
                                                                       or	a	corporation.	
Qualified Domestic Relations Orders (QDRO’s)                           $40        1 Credit
Under ERISA & Nevada PERS 2010
Originally	presented	at	the	2010	Family	Law	Conference,	
attorneys	Marshall	Willick	and	Barbara	DiFranza	discuss	Qualified	     Update on Recent Significant
Domestic	Relations	Orders	as	it	relates	to	ERISA	and	Nevada	           Securities Decisions 2011	
Public	Employees’	Retirement	System.		Additional	topics	include	       This	workshop	discusses	recent	developments	in	securities	
hot	issues	in	retirement	plans,	early	retirement	subsidy,	problems	    litigation.	Discussion	of	cases	involving	federal	and	state	securities	
in	waiving	and	transferring	non-participant	benefits,	and	practical	   laws,	securities	class	action	lawsuits,	and	securities	fraud.	
litigation	strategies.	                                                $40         1 Credit
$120        3 Credits	

                                                                       What Every Attorney Needs to Know
Rivero v. Rivero Panel Discussion:                                     About Health Care Reform 2011
Academics v Realists 2010	                                             Since	President	Obama’s	election,	the	issue	of	health	care	
Originally	presented	at	the	2010	Family	Law	Conference,	this	          reform	has	dominated	the	headlines.	For	attorneys	and	
program	features	a	panel	of	Academics	and	Realists	discussing	         their	clients,	the	changes	made	by	the	Patient	Protection	
various		topics	related	to	the	Rivero v. Rivero	case	including	        and	Affordable	Care	Act	and	the	Health	Care	and	Education	
equal	footing	for	unresolved	issues,	death	of	sole	physical	           Reconciliation	Act	(ACA)	are	not	just	a	topic	for	debate	on	the	
custody,	joint	physical	custody,	how	to	calculate	the	40%	rule,	       evening	news.		Rather,	the	act	has	real	consequences	that	
and	custody	modifications.	                                            will	affect	every	day	decisions.	This	CLE	session,	presented	at	
$40       1 Credit	                                                    the	2011	State	Bar	of	Nevada	Annual	Meeting,	examines	the	
                                                                       insurance	market	reforms	that	have	already	gone	into	effect	and	
                                                                       changes	mandated	for	the	future.	
Supreme Court Review with Hon. Jay Bybee 2011                          $40        1 Credit
Ninth	Circuit	Court	of	Appeals	Judge	Jay	Bybee	presents	a	
review	of	the	2010-2011	Supreme	Court	term,	reviewing	not	
only	high-profile	cases,	but	also	those	likely	to	affect	courts	and	
practitioners.	He		discusses	both	cases	already	decided	and	
                                                                       Wildlife Law 2010 	
                                                                       Review	of	Recent	Rulings,	Filings,	Legislation,	Regulations	and	
those	still	pending.	
                                                                       Policies	Related	to	Wildlife	and	Outdoor	Recreation	Law.	
$40        1 Credit
                                                                       $140      3 Credits

The Many Faces of Gaming
Bankruptcy Today 2011                                                  Working as a Team in Torts of Emotional
In	this	session	from	the	2011	State	Bar	of	Nevada	Annual	              Distress or Brain Injury 2011
Meeting,	bankruptcy	and	gaming	experts	address	the	unique	             Expert	neuropsychologist	Dr.	Lewis	Etcoff	explains	the	role	and	
aspects	of	casino	bankruptcies	for	a	general	audience.		They	          responsibilities	of	the	forensic	practitioner,	the	paralegal,	and	the	
discuss	how	the	gaming	regulatory	aspects	interplay	with	the	          attorney	in	trials,	depositions,	and	case	consultations.	
federal	bankruptcy	code	and	also	address	vendor	claims.                $40       1 Credit
$40        1 Credit

                                                                       Worth the Gamble? A Lawyer’s Perspective on
Top 10 Unnoticed Real Estate                                           the Risks and Rewards of Social Media 2011
Developments 2010                                                      This	program,	from	the	2011	State	Bar	of	Nevada	Annual	
Professor	Pat	Randolph	has	brought	his	“Top	Ten”	presentation	         Meeting,	focuses	on	the	healthy	tension	between	complying	
to	real	estate	groups	in	more	than	30	states.		In	this	seminar,	       with	applicable	laws	and	regulations	and	using	social	media	
Randolph	addresses	commercial	brokerage,	lease	options,	               technology	to	network	and	market.	Participants	will	better	
modification	of	easements	(a	Nevada	case),	guarantors	and	             understand	some	key	legal	issues	and	come	away	with	practical	
“bad	boy”	clauses,	challenges	to	MERS	operating	model,	both	           solutions	for	themselves,	clients,	and	friends.
in	and	out	of	the	foreclosure	context,	and	other	items	sufficient	     $40       1 Credit
to	make	ten.			
$80       2 Credits

PURcHase online at www.nvbaR.oRg/cle/catalog                                                                       cle      Fall 2011 / 11
                2012 State Ba
                 NUAL M f Nevada
            AJNe 28-30
              un      , 2012 E E
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