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My apron


									                  CHALLENGING WORDS



A true story from Eric Carle’s childhood. When he
visits his aunt and uncle he gets to help his uncle
 work as a plasterer. His aunt makes him a work
       apron of his own just like his uncle’s.
                  --- Conversation Questions---

(1) Name the characters in the book.
(Answer)    The little boy, Aunt Elizabeth, and Uncle Adam.
(Follow Up)   Tell me some of your aunts and uncles names.

(2)   Imagine you were Uncle Adam, how would you like having a
(Answer)      Any logical answer.
(Follow Up)     Share a time you helped someone.

(3) Guess what Uncle Adam and the boy was working on.
(Answer)    Any logical answer; a house; building.
(Follow Up)   Describe something you’ve built.

(4) Compare the little boy’s day off to a day you’ve had off.
(Answer)    Any logical answer.
(Follow Up)   Who do you stay with when your off from school?

(5) Explain what an apron is.
(Answer)    Something you put on while your working to protect your
(Follow Up)    Tell when you would wear an apron.

(6) Describe Uncle Adam’s apron.
(Answer)    White, with a big pocket in front.
(Follow Up)   Who do you like to help?

(7) Recall who made the boy’s apron.
(Answer)    Aunt Elizabeth.
(Follow Up)   Tell about something someone made for you.

(8) Share the first thing they plastered.
(Answer)    A chimney.
(Follow Up)    What do you use a chimney for?

(9)   Explain how the boy helped his uncle.
(Answer)    He carried the plaster up and down the stairs.
(Follow Up)    How else could he have helped?

(10) In the end what did the boy get.
(Answer)    A cap.
(Follow Up)    What kind of cap was it?

1.   Write a thank you note to Aunt Elizabeth and Uncle Adam for
     letting you stay with them. Also thank Aunt Elizabeth for
     the apron.

2.   Draw an apron. Write about a time you helped someone.

3.   Chose one of the pictures in the story. Draw the picture and
     write a sentence telling about it.

4.   Write step by step instructions for making an apron.


1. Bring in an apron. Have the student put it on. Say, “When or
   who wears an apron? Let’s read and find out who wears an
   apron in our story.”

2. Put an apron in a bag. Have the child to guess what it is. Let
   him/her feel in the bag, give hints. Say, “Our book today is My
   Apron let’s read and see what it’s about.

3. Pretend to be gluing something together. Wear an apron. Tell
   students that you re wearing the apron to protect your clothes.
   Say, “Let’s read My Apron and find out what kind of apron is in
   the story.”

Book Title: My Apron
Author: Eric Carle                                Illustrator: Eric Carle
ISBN: 0-590-53524-2                               # of Text Pages: 11                          AR: 1.8 LEX: AD550
                                     Building Oral Vocabulary
 1              plaster            9             chimney
                                       Prediction Questions
 5    What do you think he is going to do with the apron?
14    What will they do next?
20    What do you think happens next?

This resource is provided by THE LEARNING CORPS—Barren County Board of Education, an AmeriCorps project funded in part by the
      Kentucky Commission on Community Volunteerism and Service and the Corporation for National and Community Service.

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