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Word 2007: Chapter 5 – Short Answer

Instructions: Fill in the blanks with the appropriate term or phrase.

1. The basic content of a group of _______________ is similar, although items such as

   name and address change from one letter to the next.

2. _______________ is the process of combining the contents of a data source with a

   main document.

3. A(n) ________________ is a graphic that you create using Word.

4. The first row in a data source is called a(n) ________________.

5. Each column in the data source is called a(n) _______________.

6. Each data field must be identified uniquely with a name, called a(n)


7. If you want to edit a particular record and the list of data records is long, you can

   click the ________________ button to locate an item quickly in the list.

8. The fields that combine the main document with the data source are called


9. A(n) _______________ is composed of an expression, followed by a comparison

   operator, followed by a final expression.

10. The instructions of an IF field are called as field _______________.

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