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          Pre-Installation Checklist

The details provided in this document will help in the initial setup of Studywiz on your server.

Note: Studywiz servers must be dedicated to serving Studywiz. Installation is not available
on any servers used for other purposes.

Server Access
Please specify the details necessary to log into the Studywiz server:

        External IP address:

        Administrator user name:

        Administrator password:

Will Studywiz be accessible from any network ("internal and external access"), or only the
server's internal network?

        Internal and external access (recommended)               or           Internal access only

What DNS name will be used to access Studywiz? (This is the name that users will enter into a web
browser in order to use Studywiz, such as ''. Please ensure that the DNS name has
been configured to point to the Studywiz server.)

        DNS name:                   http://

Ensure the following ports are open on the firewall:
(For example, an OS X server must have ports 22, 80, 443, 3283, 5900 and 56789 open.)

                                                    OS X              Linux           Windows
                                    TCP 22

                                    TCP 80

                                  TCP 443

                         TCP/UDP 3283
                       Apple Remote Desktop

                                 TCP 3389
                    Windows Remote Desktop

                         TCP/UDP 5900
                       Apple Remote Desktop

                               TCP 56789
                        Studywiz WO monitor

Please restrict all ports except 80 and 443 to the Studywiz Site IP addresses below, for
security:                                1 of 2                      
To confirm that the necessary ports are open and accessible by us, please use our Port
Access Check page:

Server Hardware and Software
Please specify the details of the hardware and OS used on the Studywiz server:

       RAM count (GB):                      Processor:

       HD size (GB):                        OS:

OS Support:      Linux (Red Hat Enterprise Linux or CentOS 4 - 5)
                 Windows Server (2003 - 2008 R2)
                 Mac OS X Server (10.5 - 10.6)

A full list of System Requirements is available at:

SSL Approver email address
You can skip this section if you will be using a Studywiz based address as we will approve the
order for you. For example
During Installation we will order and Install your SSL certificate. In order to complete the
order process the SSL supplier will send an email to this address that will contain a web link
that needs to be clicked on to approve the order. As a security measure this email can only
go to a select few address at your domain. Accepted addresses. admin, administrator,
hostmaster, root, webmaster, postmaster.
For example to secure the URL, acceptable addresses would
be admin@, administrator@ etc.
We like to match the SSL duration to the Studywiz licence term where possible, so if you
know the licence term, please indicate that below.

              Approver email address
               Studywiz Licence term

Other Information
Please list any important notes about the server or other relevant information:

Returning this Checklist
Please return the completed document by email (in a password-secured ZIP file), or by fax.
If you fax this back to us, please send an email for confirmation purposes.

Email:                     Fax: +61 3 6270 6299                          2 of 2                  

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